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Thread: What new games are "immersive sims"

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    I am sure there are games out there that are all about twiddling MacGyver, and I'm sure some people would find those plenty immersive.

    I have to say that I keep coming back to henke's definition on page 1, which I find pretty elegant and useful. It won't cover all games for all people, but I'm not sure we'll get a definition that does that.

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    That definition thing is kind of complicated, like, if you think about it, there's no real Electronic Role Playing Games, all of them are too limitating to actually be real RPGs, like tabletops are. Being an RPG isn't about the numbers, stats, story, not even about options I would say, as options can't convey every possible thing imaginable, which is bound to Role Playing and that can be done in tabletop games. It's kind of funny 'cause the label "Immersive Sim" is a better description of everything we call Electronic RPGs than actaully calling those RPGs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phasma View Post
    Now, why I feel the latest Zelda can be considered an Immersive Sim...
    I know what you're saying, I really do, but my brain just balks at calling BotW an immersive sim. On the surface, yes, it shares a lot in common with games that have been given that label. Emergent gameplay, an open world that can be approached in any order you want, and multiple solutions to many scenarios.

    But I can't regard it as an immersive sim, no matter how hard I try. And this make me think about why, which is really hard to define, but I'll try anyway.

    It comes down to suspension of disbelief and world building.

    At no point while paying Breath of the Wild have I forgotten that the world is built around the game's systems. The map exists for the game. when stood on top of a mountain looking down on the environment, gameplay is writ large on the terrain, with features laid out in such a fashion as to shout their purpose in defining it.
    The map doesn't look like one that is lived in, but more a playground to play in. And for that reason, I am always aware, first and foremost, that BotW is a game.

    Does that make sense?

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    It makes perfect sense as far as I'm concerned, although perhaps it then also makes sense to say that it is an immersive sim but one that does certain key elements less well. What you said also applies to all Deus Ex games to some extent; there's always an element of overt design to the levels, for instance, so that vents are exactly the right size and in exactly the right place to allow you to circumvent this laser grid or that guard post. All of the various dimensions and criteria of what makes an immersive sim only make sense on a sliding scale, and the moment you include the question of where on the sliding scale a game sits, you invite arguments along the lines of "Game x isn't *enough* y to qualify as an immersive sim." "Well, it's *y* enough for me!" Better perhaps to say that it is close to an immersive sim or it is an immersive sim that is less successful with respect to this or that criterion.

    (For me it's like the discussion of what is art and what isn't. I'd always exclude questions of quality from the definition, because quality is a matter of interpretation. Better to say that something is art, but it's not particularly good art for this or that reason.)

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    Every genre of every media is like that. You have core examples, and everything else kinda dances around the edges. The new Zelda is an action-adventure game with open world RPG and immersive sim elements, and who gives a shit really.

    Operation Wolf is an FPS because it's first-person and you shoot stuff m i rite.

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    Operation Wolf is a point-and-click operating system with a very limited set of functions. Obvs.

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