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Thread: What new games are "immersive sims"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyrian View Post
    You can kill someone with a candy bar in DX1? Sweet.

    With an upgraded microfibral muscle aug, I've taken enemies out by throwing boxes at them. But apparently any physics object will do. Somewhere there is a video of somebody taking out an enemy by throwing a candy bar at the top of their head.

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    Yup, I'd agree that emergence is a happenstance of a systems-based approach. Most successful game designs would have to account for things that could break the design, though -- for instance, giving every wall or door in a game a damage threshold beyond which it would break -- if I had a foot-thick titanium door that resisted all efforts to crack it open, I'd just blast a nearby concrete wall until it fell down. To account for that, the designer would have to make the room beyond the door also encased in something unbreakable.

    Unpredictability isn't a successful criterion either -- once something happens often enough, it becomes predictable. A game can't have an infinite number of system interactions or outcomes (yet).

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