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Thread: Concerning New Dark

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    Concerning New Dark

    Don't get me wrong. I love new dark and all this taffer patch and Tfix stuff but updates and explanations about what is what could be one hell of a lot more clear. I've been here since '01 released numerous Fan Missions and I still get a bit confused.

    Just as an dark 1.25 links to the following....

    TafferPatcher v. 2.0.18
    On Google Drive

    Now if I'm just arriving to this Thief thing, I get a bit nervous with the whole "beta" deal. As far as I've found. Each new dark (from 1.19 If I recall correctly) is not a beta version as I think of beta versions. When I beta test a FM , I expect numerous changes and then a re-test after a relatively short period of time.

    With some research we find that new dark also runs T1 missions. But it's not quite that simple.

    I'll close for now that we as a community have done for the most part and utterly fantastic job of presenting what we are about and making things pretty straight forward for even the computer noob to navigate. I submit my self circa October of 2001 as an example. I could barely operate a computer then but with a tiny bit of help from my wife I was able to install darkloader and get doall's "Mystery Man" up a running in about an hour. I think the whole GOG, New Dark, Mission Installer, plus texture and water packs and their explanations etc. part of our site could be greatly improved. A nice "history of how things evolved" along with a "just what you need to know now" would be great.

    Now I'm willing to educate myself with the help of others who really know all this stuff. I'm willing to do the real work but there has to be somebody here who could pull this FAQ/sticky stuff faster and better than me. There is just so much for a Thief noob to digest. I truly believe we could bring more people into the fold if we streamlined the process. And if so...perhaps the next Purah or Lady Rowena or even yes , the next SlyFoxx get inspired to bring us their talents and push this pokey little stealth game into the 20's of this century.

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    Yeah, that's been on my list of things to do for awhile now. I've just been too busy with real life stuff. It's noted though, and maybe some of the other mods and I can get to it soon.

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    The never ending to-do list.

    fortuni has done some work on the FM FAQ, Sly, and if you are interested in having a look over where we are with everything to either help out or make suggestions, let me know and I'll pm you.

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