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Thread: Using Custom Sounds and Cutscenes in DromEd

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    Using Custom Sounds and Cutscenes in DromEd

    Hello Everyone,

    Throughout the years I've always loved creating maps and campaigns for games. Since Thief 2 is one of my favourite games of all time I thought I'd create a campaign for it. Better late than never.

    So for the past fortnight I've been working with DromEd for the first time and I've found it pretty easy to pick up. Thus far I've been able to do anything I wanted to except for importing custom sounds. Since this campaign features a different protagonist than Garrett he's going to have a different voice, and I want to be able to import sounds so that they'll trigger at the right times in the maps. I've read many tutorials on this issue but none of them have helped, I think because they're for older versions of DromEd (I'm using 1.25).

    Also, while I know what I'm doing in terms of video production for the cutscenes, I'm not sure how to get the game to recognise the existence of a cutscene and to play it before a mission starts. I had read that the mission simply checks for a cutscene of the appropriate name, so what I tried doing as an experiment was swapping around the names of the official campaign's cutscenes to see if I could get them to play for the wrong missions, but it didn't work—the game just ignored them.

    Any help on these matters would be greatly appreciated. It's also wonderful to see such a strong community still going here. It's hard to be inspired when you're making maps for games that almost no-one plays any more as I often am.

    EDIT: Sorry mods I just noticed that there's a separate forum for DromEd outside of the Thief one. Can't figure out a way to delete this post so I can re-post there.
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    In this case, the old tutorials are still working.
    1. For custom sound, you need to write your own schemas - or just replace the original sound.
    2. For cutscenes, you need to edit the missflag.str. Look into RES/strings/missflag.str -the original missflag. For cutscenes in the mission, there's NVCutsceneTrap, a NVScript.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidMcMurdo View Post
    Can't figure out a way to delete this post so I can re-post there.
    No worries, it's easy enough to move. And welcome.

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    Welcome to the forum! Always great to see new authors.

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    1. You need the original schemas to begin from and refer to, then learn how to write your own. Hijacking LGS schemas is also an option but it has drawbacks, and if you get serious about making missions you need to learn how to write your own. It's not all that complicated.

    2. As Unna mentioned, you have to tell the engine there's a movie to play for your mission based on mission number by editing missflag.str. Also, understand the three kinds of movies. A briefing is played before it mission, so b20.avi is played before mission 20 starts. A cutscene is played after the mission is complete, and must be named csNN where NN is the mission number. Finally, using NVCutsceneTrap you can play a movie with any filename at any time in the middle of a mission.

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    New author, welcome!

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