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Thread: Camera parameters reset when Dromed closes

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    Camera parameters reset when Dromed closes

    I'm trying to adjust the parameters of my security cameras - specifically, turning. I want the following things:

    -Cameras that do not turn until suspicious.
    -Cameras with that turn normally.
    -Cameras that have a wider sweep than usual.
    -Cameras that turn in a circle.

    I've tried adjusting some properties to make the first three happen, and it seems to work, until I close dromed and open it again, then the cameras all seem to reset.

    I don't understand what's causing this? Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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    Presumably you're modifying the archetype and not the concrete camera objects, and not saving your gamesys. You can either save the gamesys using these steps:
    1. Save Gamesys as mygam.gam (whatever name you want)
    2. In the console enter set_gamesys mygam.gam (or whatever you named it)
    3. Save your mission
    Or, the easier way is to just save it as a .cow file instead, which includes both the .mis and .gam contents in a single file. Then you only have to do the above steps to create the .mis and .gam files when you're packaging up a ZIP file to give to testers or release.

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