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Thread: Shodan's ethical restraints

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    Shodan's ethical restraints


    I am currently trying to put together a sort of "fan fiction based puzzle" about TriOptimum in the CLI based hacker game "Hackmud", a game where we as players are encouraged to create content that confuses and entertains other players.

    Existing lore in Hackmud establishes a sketchy timeline from 2056 to 2061, after which details are hazy because apparently all humans went away due to some unknown event, while "the internet of things" slowly decays. I'm trying to spin a tale that suggests that the events on Citadel station may have had something to do with this. According to SS1, the hacker was caught breaking into the TriOptimum corporate network on April 7th, 2072 and in my puzzle the player (who, according to Hackmud lore, is a sentient machine) will come across the same security flaw and discover the same things the hacker did before he was transported to Citadel Station. This means anything beyond that point will be up to the player to discover outside the game.

    I have also been toying with the idea that Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics, according to WikiPedia, first appeared in the "Handbook of Robotics, 56th Edition, 2058 A.D." but I'm really more of a programmer/parrot than a writer so I'm wondering if anyone has written anything about how the hacker removed Shodan's ethical restraints and how these were designed?

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    Nothing canon that I've ever come across has explained the details of the hacker's work on SHODAN.

    There does exist a pretty awesome fanfic by Seamus Young called Free Radical, which, though taking many creative liberties with SS1's story, does go into a bit of detail in chapters 5 and 6 about how SHODAN's ethical constraints might have worked and how a hacker might have bypassed them. The whole story's a great read and I recommend it highly.

    I do want to reiterate that it IS a different story to the canon one in many ways, though the chronology is broadly the same and many of the same names appear. For this reason it may be unusable for your game.

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    Fantastic, that was more than I had dared to hope for!
    Thank you :-)

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