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Thread: Snake Pass

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    Snake Pass

    The path of the unique physics-based platformer is a tricky one to tread. Many who attempt to introduce new gameplay concepts end up half-assing it and simply passing it off as a joke(I should know, right? ). Few actually polish and refine the gameplay until it's more than a novelty, but rather a proper, honest-to-God video game. Snake Pass stays on the right side of this divide. It's less I Am Bread, more Grow Home. The new concepts introduced aren't just here for "the lulz", instead what we have here is something truly new. Truly fresh.

    Not many games where you control animals really think about how these beasts move, instead simplifying controls down to the most standard basics. Press forward to go forward. Press X to jump. Snake Pass instead aims to simulate what it's like to be a snake. You can't just press forward to go forward, you gotta slither. To climb branches you need to wrap yourself around. Tightening. Reaching. When you first start up the game it feels awkward, but after a while it clicks. You learn how to move like a snake. Think like a snake.

    I've been blazing through this since picking it up yesterday. Currently I'm about halfway through it and I've managed to 100% most of the levels so far. What trinkets I've missed I'll go back and seek out later on, and I suspect there might even be secrets in these levels I've yet to discover.

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    I loved Snake Pass, though I only ended up getting about halfway through it before getting distracted by something else.

    One day soon, I'll reinstall it, and finish it up like I should. That, or pick it up again on the Switch when I finally get around to grabbing one.

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