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Thread: Farcry 5: Because Everything Is Political!

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    The reason I came to here in the first place was that I couldn't have interesting discussions with the people I knew about the subjects I cared about. Because they simply weren't interested in the stuff. A kind of loneliness.
    What I'm saying is: It may be Facebook but it may also be that your friends suck. Sad face.
    As for the guy wishing for a blaxploitation GTA4RE5HALO: It doesn't get much more inoffensive than ironically watching blaxploitation flicks nowadays. The Arena with Pam Grier anyone? Bushes a guy could hide in!
    And no, not all video games are political unless you put on your extra ideological goggles. Sure a lot are in some marginal way, but where is the politics in Duskers, NaissancE, Typhoon2001, or any shootemup, any sports game, any turret defense?

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    My friends suck? How funny that you should say that to me right now, when I'm given the best support a person could have by my friends and family, as I'm currently going through a tragic event now (which I might post about in due time). Piss off, Kolya.

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    I don't think that was meant to be taken so literally. I mean Kolya was basically saying that his friends on FB suck, so he came here instead.

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    In that case, I was mistaken and I apologize Kolya, and withdraw my comment. Even if it was directed at me, you have no way of knowing I can't handle such comments right now. Thing is, I just lost my wife, she passed away. I'm not myself right now. I think it's wise I just read TTLG for the time being and not post too much, before I make more mistakes.

    EDIT: dear Facebook friends of mine on TTLG, please don't post anything about my wife's passing on Facebook, unless it's a direct message on Messenger. I want to announce it myself when I'm ready for it.

    FINAL EDIT: also, this thread shouldn't turn into a condolence message thread about my wife's death. Please keep posting about the actual topic. Send me a PM if you want to say something to me.
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    Sent you a PM.

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