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Thread: Updated Tutorials for Replacing AI Speech?

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    Updated Tutorials for Replacing AI Speech?

    I have read the few tutorials that are still out there.

    They are vague when it comes to replacing AI Schema.

    I want 2 of my AIs to have their own voice.

    I have broken my speech.spc file about 100 times already.


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    They seem to focus on basic things like ambient sounds.

    It's much easier when the voice has its own schema file, so I'll use a Dromed Deluxe voice as an example.

    First, you need to get a set of original schema files. I think this is the best set of files to start with:

    Put them in the 'schema' folder for your FM.

    Go to the Dedx schema folder and look for the .sch file that matches the voice (mojo.sch, ogre.sch etc), and copy that to your FM's schema folder.

    In the DedX folder, open, and look for a folder matching the voice. There's no requirement for each voice to be in its own folder, but most of us do follow this practice. Put that folder in your FM's snd folder.

    Open up the .sch file you copied and make a note of the schema_voice parameter, e.g. schema_voice vmojo

    Open up speech.spc (the one in you FM's schema folder) and at the end you'll see all existing voices defined. Add one that matches the schema_voice value from the new sch file e.g. voice vmojo

    All the file management is done now. Load your FM in Dromed, and use the reload_schemas command (or find it in the menus). Remember to save/set your gamesys, or save in .cow format.

    You can now give your AI the speech voice property, with vmojo being correct for this example.

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    WOW! Great explanation.

    Thank you very much!

    I have one working and I will go create the second one now.

    FYI for others following this tutorial.
    I was receiving an error after typing reload_schemas. It was index 124 out of range.........

    The fix for me was to move where I placed "voice vmojo" in speech.spc. I placed it in the guards section, which was the problem. I moved it under voice vtest //TEST VOICE TO TEST SCHEMA CONCEPTS and it fixed it.

    Thanks again, R Soul!

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