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Thread: How to adjust textures at secret-doors ?

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    How to adjust textures at secret-doors ?


    I texture an secret door via "Shape->TextRepl rx".

    This works. But how can I adjust that texture ? Scaling and rotating ?

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    Outside of DromEd in your texture editor.

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    Not to sound rude, but all these questions you're asking have been asked and answered (some many times over) here in this forum, if you will just search for them.

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    Ive made the same question not long time ago, since i never new how to do it via that dromed editor i had to edit the texture in question in photoshop, i made a square selection in the center of the image and croped it, adjusted its resolution and then in game mode the texture looks to have a decent scale.

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    Three way to do that:

    1] As Larry said, you can just edit the texture until it looks good
    2] Converting the .bin file into 3ds and edit the UV of the models via a 3D modelizer such as anim8tor, blender or 3DSMax
    3] Create a .mtl file named like your texture and set the appropriate parameters to change the scale, UV or rotation of your texture
    (Warning : the mtl will be applied to all textures with that name, you should do it from some copy)

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    Thanks for the answers.

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    The best method I've found is to export WR from DromEd into Obj format.

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    I prefer to cover secret doorways with a cabinet, a painting, or some other object that doesn't need to perfectly match the surrounding texture.

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    I agree with Robin, or you can use square columns flush with the wall on either side of the door to obscure the edges.

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    Yes, you shouldn't avoid the annoying problem with incorrect lighting then.

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