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Thread: RIP Adam West - Batman

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    RIP Adam West - Batman

    Adam West died at the age of 88. I loved that show and was a little tyke when it first aired. I remember the first run showings.

    Unfortunately for him, he was typecast as Batman and did not get other work for a long time. He learned to embrace the legacy that was the campy Batman series and made some good coin while doing it. Since the late 1990s he was Mayor West on Family Guy. He was well liked and respected. He will be missed. RIP Adam West.

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    I too remember him as batman as a kid. It was reruns of course as I never saw it in prime time. But I tried to never miss an episode and I have his book. Adam West will be missed. RIP Batman!

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    Yeah I loved the show as a kid too. I was too young to realize how tongue-in-cheek and camp it was. I just thought it was awesome! Then I became a jaded teen and thought it was silly because it wasn't as dark and cool as Burton's Batman movies. Then I grew up, caught it on TV one day and realized, oh wait, no, this is AMAZING! Re-watched the whole series a few years back, it still holds up.

    He was frequently hilarious as Mayor Adam West on Family Guy, but it's a shame he never got any meatier roles in his later days.

    R.I.P. Adam West.

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    I really liked Batman as a kid. I did realise it was bonkers though and it's got better with age.

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    Everything in the sixties was bonkers. Have you tried watching H.R. Puffinstuff? But yeah, Batman was played for laughs and WTF. Neither me or my cousin Rodney, who watched it with rapt attention so that we could replay the roles later, noticed how nuts it was. POW BAM ZOW! West was a bit too stiff for most roles that would have required depth if we are honest. But he will always be a memory to link a seven year old with his cousin in the days of cray innocence before the world went a dark sort of cray.

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    R.I.P., Batman of my childhood.

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