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Thread: Lighting a candle

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    Lighting a candle

    I'm trying to light this candle, but not sure where to go for the properties:

    And is there a megathread for Dromed questions? I'm experimenting and will likely have more, but don't want to spam the forums with threads...

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    Just use the search function. This whole forum is a megathread for dromed questions. There will be very few that haven't already been asked, usually many times. I did a quick search for "lit candle", for example, and came up with this thread. There is also the Tutorials thread for future reference, though there is nothing about lit candles there that I could find.

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    Queue's method in that thread works just fine. The only thing I would add is on step 4, in the Renderer>AnimLight property, be sure to add a radius. Something between 5 to 10 seems about right to me, though others may have different preferences.

    Also, instead of replacing the model name with "candle1" as he states, just use the model name for the candle you've chosen, the one in that picture. You may have to play with the Z Min/Max in the flame's bounding box also, since he used a setting that worked for the "candle1" model.

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    Thanks! Managed to get most of it right, but the flame is burning at the base of the candle. It's showing up fine in the preview, but in game mode it's wrong

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    I'm not sure of the cause, but the things that spring to mind are the dimensions of the candle object. Did you resize it at all? If so, did you add the Model > Dimensions property and change them to the match your resized model? Or, it could be the Z values in the flames bounding box, in the SFX > Particle Lauch Info property. Maybe someone else will have a better idea.

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    It looks like the light source is dead center of the candle. What type of light setting do you have on it? Also, does the candle have a vhot?

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    maybe check the TFix candle setup.

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    Attach it to the candle's vhot if it has one. If it does not, then adjust the Z values of the flame's SFX > Particle Launch Info.

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    Thanks everyone. Unfortunately, the candle reverted back to a torch eventually. I'm not sure where to check the Vhot...
    I tried a little workaround before attempting the Tfix setup, using a candlestick with a TorchFlameYellow on top of it, but now I just need to add some kind of glow to it, it doesn't emit any light

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    the torch revert happens with outdated scripts, afaik. anyway, pretty sure the TFix setup can be ported to T2 with minimal effort, as I've tested it with T2 OM1 - it took me literally five minutes (set up the gamesys stubs, fixed the candle concretes, relit, plugged the dml in and everything was working).

    //added a T2 friendly test package, requires the included NVscript. the only edit to the gamesys is the addition of the SmallCandleFlame and LargeCandleFlame archetypes, the dml will handle the rest. animlight still needs to be set up on the candle concretes (appropriately modified map included), but other required values are handled by the included mission dml.
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    I hate these unrealistic kinds of flame and always (re)placed the following objects in my map:

    Candle1 (-182) ---------------- candle1.bin --- candle1l.bin
    Candle2 (-183) ---------------- candle2.bin --- candle2l.bin
    Candle+Stick1 (-184) -------- canstick.bin -- cansticl.bin
    Candle+Stick2 (-185) -------- canstic2.bin -- cansti2l.bin
    HangingLamp (-470) --------- hlamp.bin ----- hlampl.bin

    I replaced the original GIFs Flame2_.gif, Flame2_1.gif, Flame2_2.gif, Flame2_3.gif [...] for a more realistic flame, this looks like this:

    Well, the arrow points to a clue, not to the candle which is the hanging lamp but taking this pic from the walkthrough was the fastest way to show the effect, the flame is animated and looks better than those sticks of dynamite in several FMs.

    The (re)lighting procedure should be similar, one has only to change the object.
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    while unrealistic, it is visually consistent with the torch effects.

    anyway yeah, I have assumed that he wants interactivity for some reason, and looking at the first post, that actually might not be the case - if so, setting up a simple light/particle effect on any object should be easy enough, and can be done in quite a few ways.

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    Masque of Red Death and Living Nightmare have candles that can be turned on and off by frobbing the candle.

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    Maybe a real animated flame but covered with a single disk particle so that it stylized it a bit more to blend with torch. If not, go full sliptip with torches:

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