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Thread: Dead Cells

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    Dead Cells

    Hollow Knight and Dead Cells. It's funny how two games I had absolutely no interest in somehow ended up becoming some of my favorite games ever. Thanks to Henke, I've been wondering which of the two I like better. Hollow Knight excels in atmosphere and exploration, and the fighting mechanics are pretty fun too, once you start filling out your various powers.

    ...but I think I might have to give the nod to Dead Cells. Unfinished though it may be, there's already so much in the game, so many weapons, so many items, so many tricks, traps, and places to explore, the variety is endless. And the way all the various weapons and items complement each other. It has the smoothest, most responsive, most entertaining combat imaginable. There is seemingly no end to the amount of ways you can mix and match things to deal death. While Hollow Knight is great, I think Dead Cells has it beat on pure entertainment and replay value.

    I could gush on, but I think it'd be better to show off one of my runs through the game. Don't worry about spoilers. I took the easy path, the first you go through, and didn't get too far. Quit fretting, and watch it!

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    Oh man, that does look amazing. :U

    I am gonna wait till release before picking it up tho.

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    Dead Cells is awesome and definitely worth playing.

    The only reason to hold off on it (if you like the genre) is to wait for the release.

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    What's weird is that the game doesn't even feel like it's early access. I haven't experienced a single bug or any other negative niggle you'd usually associate with a beta. When a patch comes out, they feel more like little expansion packs, adding in new effects, levels, weapons, and monsters to fight, with only the occasional tweak to what's already there.

    I think the only thing you're really missing out on are the story bits, which I don't think the devs are planning on putting into the game until it's almost finished.

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