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Thread: Multiplayer mode

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    Multiplayer mode

    hey guys not sure if this should be posted here, if not please redirect me thank you!.

    i have been a lurker for nearly 5 yrs since registering TTLG in 2012 and this is my first post. always loved thief and recently reinstalled thief gold and thief 2 again and installed multiplayer mode, wish to play with my friend.

    however everywhere i looked I can't seem to find a way to play thief1/gold OM on thief2 multiplayer, my understanding is that i'd need to convert them? i have seen youtube vids of multiplayer beta video 1 where players played in "bafford's manor, down in the boneyard, the sword and maybe 1 more thief gold OM in muliplayer thief2. where can I get these converted mission and play in multiplayer thief2? i wish to show my friend the story of thief 1 is so amazingly done despite of the crappy graphics..

    please help

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    The Multiplayer thread is here
    search for "NewDark" and you'll get the answer: ND isn't ready for MP yet.

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    Yep. Can't do MP with NewDark. And just for laughs, I even tried to use the ThiefMP.dll file as the FM selector. It brought up the console window for about a second and then crashed.

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    Welcome to the forum. Glad you finally came out of the shadows. I moved your post to a new thread.

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    thanks guys. anyone have ideas where someone converted them and where to download them?

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