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Thread: 8bit and 10bit monitors

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    8bit and 10bit monitors

    Are they supported in Thief games? I mean, if the games were created with less colors then I doubt there will be any improvements from having monitors that show more colors? Or does it simply add to better color accuracy?

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    A 6-bit monitor is a cheap panel (probably TN) that can't reproduce the full range of 16m colours (256 shades each of red, green, blue) that most graphics use.
    Thief was originally made for analogue monitors, which didn't have that limitation, so yes, it supports 8 bit.
    Pretty much all computer graphics use 8-bits per colour.
    (That's a slight bit confusing, "8-bit colour" usually means 8 bits in total, e.g. a total of only 256 colours. 8 bits per colour is termed 24-bit colour - but an 8-bit monitor can properly display 24-bit colour, because the 8 bits in the monitor spec are for each colour, not for all the colours.)

    I don't think 10 bit will make any difference.

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    Thank you!
    So those analog monitors that were used before - what was their hypothetical color range?

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    also is there any way to find out if my monitor is 6+2 or 8 bit? My monitors manual doesn't say, only mentions it can show 16,7m colors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kristijonas View Post
    My monitors manual doesn't say, only mentions it can show 16,7m colors.
    That's 24 bits, so yeah, 8 bits per color.

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    Look up the monitor model on a reliable screen review site, it should have the specs.
    Many monitors these days use 6 bits+FRC instead of actually supporting a full 8-bits.
    Whether or not that matters or you can even see the difference is another question entirely.

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    Thanks for the replies! Yeah my monitor is probably 6+2 though I couldn't find any real info about it. I'm wanting to buy a dreamcolor screen for my hp elitebook 8730w now. It's an old true 8bit TN panel that's supposedly very high quality and supports full adobe rgb range and has great contrast etc. Curious how Thief will look on it!
    Also sorry for posting in the wrong forum area!

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