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Thread: Unfinished FM from 2008

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    Unfinished FM from 2008

    Here's a video of my mothballed fan mission for thief 3 - deadly shadows I never finished. started in 2006 or 2007 ended in 2008. I sent the mission to a user on TTLG forums named Cracked Gear, and He or She never spent a minute to finish it.

    It's a bit long and I never thought my mouse sensitivity was so high, so I slowed it down with a filter, so it's up to you to watch or download. Its 480p 16:9 and 35 minutes long. It ends where I stopped working on it at the front entrace, never added AI to the front map either.

    The FM was supposed to be a called Back to Basics, here's the Mission Breifing:

    "Well it seems that Lord Bafford has decided to start collecting rare art again. Despite his run in with me a while back. However he has taken precautions with his new items by building an estate up the coast with a fancy security system that supposedly cannot be breached. He also has an impressive amount of guards patrolling the entire establishment

    This may keep him from worrying to much about theft, but to me it's just a challenge. I have been informed that his treasures are in a hidden room somewhere in the manor. So I will have to snoop around the estate for clues to where it is located.

    I will unfortunately have to tread through the sewers again to gain entrance to the estate. It seems some things never change, but if my source is right, this job will be well worth it. My source of information on Bafford Manor let me know of a secret entrance to the estate from the sewers. It is a secret door that is controlled by a torch lever. The torch to look for is the only one that is burned out, so it should be no problem to find. One more thing, I have heard that Lord Bafford has built a series of secret rooms and doors all over the estate; this may help to get me where I need to go, without being noticed. I consider this mission a chance to brush up on my skills as a professional thief. I have had nothing but trouble when dealing with the Hammerites and Pagans and all the other fanatical groups that I have run across in my career. Looks like my old friend Lord Bafford has not seen the last of me."

    The story:

    Garret is tired of his run arounds with the factions of the Hammerites an the Pagans, so he hears of one of his biggest scores “Lord Bafford”, is collecting again and he gets a tip that he is out of town with some associates with new dealings in the art trade.
    So cue the mission briefing and:

    Garret finds that there is a treasure room in bafford’s bedroom somewhere from one of his nieces. She has made plans to find this room with her cousin.
    She writes in her diary about a way to shut off the alarm and get the key to the master bedroom.

    Garret would have to find this alarm switch as well as the key to the master bedroom which cannot be picked. These item are in the front section in the guards quarters, [which unfortunately needed to be in a separate map as I went beyond the poly count for T3edit] he may also read that the two nieces have not been heard from for a few days and has let Captain Smithy of this.

    When Garret finds his way to the front quarters, he will have to deal with many guards in the guard quarters. Garret also finds that the Blood Opel has been sold to bafford, of which in thief 3 was already stolen by garret and sold to his front [as I remember it in the actual game], he also sees a reminder that the two nieces have been missing

    Garret has to take care of the guards and a lot of guests in this part, so getting by them is going to be hard to do, even when the secret passage ways, the guards also have alarm systems and are patrolling the halls of the front quarters.

    When garret gets back [now thinking about it the guards should be on high alert if any front quarter alarms have been triggered] with the needed key and shuts down the alarm, he makes his way to the master bedroom. Once in the bedroom he will find a switch that open up a passage to the treasure room.

    Then finds that the two nieces have been killed at the front of the chamber, and finds the reason why, there is a golem that Bafford has kept in his treasure room to protect his treasure. So garret must find a way to kill or distract the golem to get at the Opel.

    He may or may not read the notes in bafford’s ledger about the golem, and realize that Bafford will have a lot of explain to do about his dead nieces.

    Then he must return to the sewers to leave the mission.

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    Sorry I just recently seen the title typo. Can any Moderator or Moderator's please change my title to "Unfinished FM from 2008".

    If not, can anyone tell me how to edit this. This is ancient I know but I had to show my hard work somehow and Cracked Gear did not do a thing with it. I do praise GOG for this, because I tried to use VMware workstation 12.5 with a Windows XP install and the frame rate was too low.

    Here is the post from 2008:

    I have seen a couple of imperfect things in the mission part 1 (the second level was not finished so back in 2008 it was a work in progress).

    If you notice there is a gap between the courtyard walkway border before I moved in with the the moss arrow. The sound of machinery should not exist at all in courtyard or anywhere the sewer does not have a large machine, I believe it is the turbine machine in the start when I throw the bottle through the window opening. These should not be heard and back then it was as easy as adding sound to the portals where I add sound. The portals keep from drawing more on the screen than need be, so instead of rendering the two great halls and the courtyard which would take a 1060 GPU even now, they are not drawn until visited. If was going to try and work on it seeing the all the lovely comments that I have been given, I would fix these and also the hanging fire sconce that is tilted also.
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    You shold check your geometry and fix the Zone Portal sheets. If everything is allright there try with reducing the radius (or feet?) of the sound in the Schema Browser, only if this is a new sound. If this is an original sound the only reason I can think of it's wrong assignations of the zone portals.

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