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Thread: Taffer's Sound Library (SFX for fan mission authors)

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    Keyla the Otter
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    Taffer's Sound Library (SFX for fan mission authors)

    You guys have done incredible work with Thief in general over the years, so I decided it's finally time to give back to the community. Inside this pack is a bunch of sound effects I made which fan mission authors may use in their projects. Inside is the Terms of Use (I did my best :P) which explains what it can and can't be used for.

    FenPhoenix, this is a also a little gift for you because you've worked tirelessly to promote and spread awareness for the Thief games and community-made levels (which you'll find in the ReadMe).

    I do ask that if you use these sounds in anything you make, please let people know where they came from and who made them. :3 If that's an issue (and there are times where it is), you can always send me a message on TTLG or contact me using the e-mail in the ReadMe.

    Please excuse the hodgepodge naming system of these sounds; I had them that way so I can easily recall which sounds I added into the pack because I'm a messy taffer

    Can't wait to see what you guys make with these sounds! (Which I may add more of in the future)

    Download Link

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    That's very kind of you! Thanks!

    Edit: Just listened to a few. These are great! Nice work. I'll definitely be using some of these.

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    great sounds

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    Keyla the Otter
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    Thank you two!

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