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Thread: Posters!

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    Sadly no. I have seen it a few times but there were always cooler ones on sale at the same time and I try to limit myself to only so much a week. I'm sure I will eventually. I also have the shelves of books and some board games. In addition I have old wooden trunks (a collection in itself) full of old horror comics and pulps from the thirties, forties, and fifties. Some are framed on my walls but most are without daylight. I need a mansion to display my stuff. I also collect hats, canes, antique bottles (which became collecting miniature antique bottles when I ran low on space), various action figures of my youth and monster models, crystal balls, and anything horror.

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    Ghibli has some nice posters on their merch channel (read: FB).

    But instead of linking those, which you already know of if you're a fan, I discovered these:

    I'm not a poster fan, but I wouldn't mind hanging a few of those up at all.
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    My latest. Not a particularly hard one to get or exceptional artwork but I like this one as a movie. Everyone talks about reanimator but this one stomps it as an inspired Lovecraft adaption.

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    I just found this site the other day. It's got some really good looking prints, among other things.

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    The Minneapolis College of Art and Design has taken its Art of the Poster collection from the Golden Age of graphic design (late 1800s through the early 1900s) and put it up on the web for anyone to share.

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    The one on the left is from Vietnam; it says something like, "A country connected is on one ribbon." The right one is the Soviet machine, done by a local guy.

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    I love those old posters, particularly when they feature women. Women have always been the absolute pinnacle of art. Nothing has even approached them.

    I'm currently looking for this one though-
    for sentimental reasons. I had it on my wall as a teen. One of the few black light posters I had.

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