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Thread: Lovecraft's: Call of Cthulhu 2017

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    Lovecraft's: Call of Cthulhu 2017

    This looks interesting:

    Done by the same guys that made Styx although this looks is closer to:

    I really enjoyed that game but a lot of people called it below mediocre. Just found it trying to find a video review of Styx.

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    Good to see this thing taking shape. It's come a long way I think since I first heard about late last year (or was that earlier this year; can't remember).

    Looking forward to it. Call of Cthulu was pretty awesome despite it's many bugs and some flaws.

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    That new trailer really looks nice. I hope they will focus on investigation and atmosphere, and not too much on action.
    I hated Styx, but for now this one looks promising, with a touch of "Amnesia" in it, good, good.

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