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Thread: He wont be ignored...

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    He wont be ignored...

    With Cornell, it really sucked.... We might have even expected Scott. but.. Fuck.

    Chester helped me make that transition from angsty teen into young adulthood. I haven't always had Linkin Park oh high rotation, but when I was graduating HS, Hybrid Theory was probably one of the discs that never left the 5 disc changer.

    I have friends whom this hits harder than me, but I can't help feel really fucking down about this. 41 years is not very far away for me.
    Some of the songs were a bit clumsy with their execution, but you have to admit they helped a lot of kids galvanize themselves and start working toward something better.


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    I've been a fan of Linkin Park essentially since the beginning and throughout all of their records (with the exception of One More Light). This news is really terrible. I guess from now on none of the Chesters lyrics will sound the same. :/

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    Well put it this way - he is immortalised by his recorded work.

    I briefly liked Linkin Park although it seems a bit tame compared to the metally flavoured music I listen to these days. However I think at the time he was the only vocalist in the "nu-metal" scene who could actually sing.

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    Oh man, did not see that coming.

    Hybrid Theory and Meteora got a lot of play from me back then. Listening to it now reminds me of my early days on TTLG.

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