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Thread: The Fighting TTLGers present: Arma 3 (a TTLG Coop Saturdays spin-off)

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    Registered: Apr 2001
    Location: Switzerland
    Yay! Sounds like we’ll be enough for some Special Forces-style mayhem next Saturday.

    By the way, I’d suggest we only add CUP for the first session in 2018; I wouldn’t want to risk the Christmas coop session to be marred by potential mod installation issues, so let’s stick to what we know works for 23/12.

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    Registered: Apr 2001
    Location: Switzerland
    Fun last session before the holidays tonight. Unfortunately Piglick didn't make it (did Australia go dark?), but Jeshibu and Lord Penney made sure that it wasn't just me failing to hit the side of a barn.

    The first mission was a complete massacre; it was called "Ambush" - which was ironic, because on our way to the ambush we were ambushed. I would say it didn't help that the radio mod got screwed up at my end, but other than me going, "Guys... Guys? Can you hear me?" I don't think it made much of a difference to how quickly we got killed... Things looked up after that, with relatively few Arma-typical bugs, and we even won the final mission! Huzzah!

    The Arma coop sessions will make their grand return in the new year, probably only in the second half of January. More info will follow soonish. Till then, have a merry Christmas and don't get shot in the back by your own team!

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    haha no I fell asleep in front of the computer, pretty hardcore I know

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    Well fuck. I completely forgot about this, but in my defense I've been dealing with some issues relating to the pregnancy (no worries, everything's fine just more complicated than we'd like).

    Someone lock down a date and time for the next session and I'll go so far as to put it in my outlook calendar.

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    Registered: Apr 2001
    Location: Switzerland
    I expect it'll be Saturday 20 January, though I'll have to confirm later. The time is always the same: 4-6pm UK time. Don't forget the mods (TFAR needs a small amount of additional fiddling and TS3.

    PigLick: shame you couldn't make it. Some other time! *fingers crossed*

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    Registered: Apr 2001
    Location: Switzerland
    Welcome to a New Year of blood, sweat, tears and accidentally shooting your squadmates while clearing buildings!

    The next Arma 3 coop session:

    Date: Sat, 20 January 2018
    Time: 4-6pm UK time

    As always, I'll be online a bit before 4pm to set up the server and check who's on Steam. I'll try to launch the server with a lobby mission 15 minutes before the session starts, and I'll post the IP and password on the Steam group, under the Events tab.
    Please note that we've expanded the modset to include the CUP mods, which bring the terrains, units and equipment from all the Arma games starting with Operation Flashpoint to Arma 3. The complete mod set is listed here:

    Also, if you haven't played with us yet, make sure to check out the first post in the thread, as it'll give you all the relevant information on mods and any additional programs you might need.

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