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Thread: Selling old PC "big box" games?

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    Registered: Jun 2003
    Location: Sweden

    Selling old PC "big box" games?

    Where's the best place to sell (apart from ebay)?

    Love my old boxes.. but im living in a rather small apartment, and the boxes do take up some valuable space here.

    Might & Magic VI is really a piece of art imo:

    Any suggestions are welcome

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    Registered: Jul 2014

    Why don't you like eBay?

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    Registered: Jun 2003
    Location: Sweden
    Never used craigslist, is it international like ebay? ebay (which means also PayPal) has quite high fees, but as a last resort ebay works quite well.

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    Registered: Jul 2014
    Ah. Craigslist is the states only - but then again just about every country has local classifieds, whether in print or online.

    If there was an alternative site to eBay without the fees people would flock to it .

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    eBay and Paypal fees work out to about 15%, which is pretty standard for auctions whether on or offline.

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