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Thread: Selling old PC "big box" games?

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    Selling old PC "big box" games?

    Where's the best place to sell (apart from ebay)?

    Love my old boxes.. but im living in a rather small apartment, and the boxes do take up some valuable space here.

    Might & Magic VI is really a piece of art imo:

    Any suggestions are welcome

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    Why don't you like eBay?

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    Never used craigslist, is it international like ebay? ebay (which means also PayPal) has quite high fees, but as a last resort ebay works quite well.

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    Ah. Craigslist is the states only - but then again just about every country has local classifieds, whether in print or online.

    If there was an alternative site to eBay without the fees people would flock to it .

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    eBay and Paypal fees work out to about 15%, which is pretty standard for auctions whether on or offline.

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    Can you contact me please on this thread, if you are still selling some of them ?

    Many thanks (and great tastes by the way !)

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    Probably too late for this (I somehow seem to have missed the thread at the time), vurt, but a) do you still have Serpent Isle, b) is it the version with a cloth map and c) what would you want for it?

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    Facebook Marketplace is another one, and it has no fees of any kind.

    The catch is that it's item flagging system (of flagging an item your selling as prohibited) is ridiculously stupid. It flagged a Sonic The Hedgehog game I was selling as a prohibited item (presumably it thought I was trying to sell a real Hedgehog). Combine this with the fact that Facebook never replies to your appeal requests to have the flag removed. Get enough of these flags and you'll suddenly not be able to post new listings anymore. There are tricks around that though.

    So on one hand it's good, but on the other it's COMPLETELY broken, and it is clear that Facebook slapped it together then didn't allocate any staff to maintaining it. Compare that to Ebay which has the fees sure, but it has a mostly excellent customer service side of things with super fast response times. So this is one of those "you get what you pay for" type things.

    Over here in Australia we have Gumtree which is similar to your Craigslist. Gumtree has optional extras for listings which does cost money, but the standard listings themselves are free and you can have up as many listings up as you like. Exposure though, nothing else comes close to Ebay as your reaching a worldwide audience. I've been running an Ebay business (of selling retro video games) for about 4 years now, and about 80% of my sales come from Ebay and the rest from Gumtree and Facebook.

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    most of the games are sold by now, sorry..

    I do have these ones left: unlimited adventures, twilight 2000, 1869, xwing vs tie fighter

    Yes facebook groups is pretty good, i've started using it (not for games so far though).

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    I'm not surprised at all that they sold fast.

    I put all of mine up a year ago, and about 3/4 of them sold within the first month. Even after increasing the price on em.

    My list was:

    * Crusader No Remorse
    * Crusader No Regret
    * Deus Ex
    * Diablo
    * Diablo 2
    * Diablo 2 - Lord of Destruction
    * Half-Life - Blue Shift
    * Half-Life - Opposing Force
    * Heavy Gear 2
    * Heroes of Might and Magic 3
    * Hexen 2
    * Magic Carpet
    * Might and Magic 7
    * Might and Magic 8
    * Quake Mission Pack 1 - Scourge of Armagon
    * Quake Mission Pack 2 - Dissolution of Eternity
    * Red Alert
    * Sim City 2000
    * Starcraft
    * Starcraft Broodwar
    * Terra Nova
    * The 11th Hour
    * The Complete Ultima 7
    * The Settlers 2
    * Ultima 9 Ascension
    * Ultima Online
    * Ultima Underworld 1 & 2
    * Warcraft 2
    * Wing Commander 3 - Heart of The Tiger
    * Wing Commander 4 - The Price of Freedom
    * Wing Commander Prophesy

    Of those only Heavy Gear 2 remains.

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    Do these games sell well?
    I might sell my big box games if I thought they were worth a decent amount.

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    Depends on the game really. Even then, prices compared to retro console games does not even come close.

    At best your usually looking at $50 AUD ($38.82 US) for the more in-demand stuff. $30 AUD ($23.29 US) for the less popular.

    To compare, Secret of Mana on the Super Nintendo is worth about $120. And that's just for the cartridge.

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    I got around $45-95 for mine. Uncharted Waters being the most rare and also the one that happened to be in best overall shape (manual and poster was completely unused/untouched).. It did take quite a while to sell though, some took 2 months, i did not use auction but a fixed price.

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    I burned all my big game boxes a few years back, in a ritual to grant me amazing gamer skills. AND IT WORKED!

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    Practically all my remaining gamer boxes are RPG ones, in particular Ultima IV (which I bought after the fact, since I got started with U5) to Ultima IX. As sad as it is, I cherish those, though the ginormous Ultima IX - Dragon Edition is mainly there for completeness' sake. I do still have a few shelves' worth of DVD cases, but at some point I'll go through those, see which ones I've got on Steam and probably chuck most of the others.

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    DVD movies are worth bugger all. $5 max. Still worth selling rather than just throwing out though. For TV show DVDs you can usually get away with charging $10.

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    Not movies, games. DVD cases.

    Anyway, any DVDs I know I won't be watching again I pass on to others; the ones I keep are the ones I might rewatch.

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    I think the most 'valuable' game I have is a sealed Ultima Underworld 2 big box. I've got lots of games from that era, but mostly ones I played the hell out of.
    Are they worth selling in lots or should they be sold individually?

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    I dumped a load of big box stuff years ago and wish I hadn't now. I didn't even keep my Thief 2 box, which I recall was quite nice.

    All I've got left is the Oblivion special edition box with the map and coin.

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    The one I was most surprised to see sell super fast was my Ultima Online box. This came with the cloth map, cds, large manual and the games first expansion. Considering that game is far more advanced than that nowdays, I was quite surprised that anyone would even want it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by icemann View Post
    Depends on how well they sell. If he has a game that goes for $50-$60 still in the box, I'd sell it individually. For games that aren't worth much, I'd bundle them together to make buying them more tempting.

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    Well you tend to get people asking for that anyway. I did that for the vast majority. Had them up individually, but you can setup your auctions (on eBay) to allow for combined postage for when someone wants to do a bundle type thing. The customer then sends a payment total request, you get their postcode + work out the combined weight of the packages and run it through a postage calculator and hey presto. Postage total worked out. Or you can forgo that entirely and just have it as local pickup only.

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