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Thread: Look who's backlog reducin' now!

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    Look who's backlog reducin' now!

    I've been clearing out my Steam backlog for the past 3 weeks, and now you can too! Just follow the patented H.E.N.K.E. SYSTEM!

    Have a good look at your backlog and pick out 2 games to play this week.
    Entertain yourself by playing each game for 1 hour! That should be enough time to get a good feel for what the game is like.
    No compromises: Decide whether to uninstall the game FOREVER, or keep playing UNTIL COMPLETION, or just maybe don't do either but keep it around anyway. Whatever.
    Kindly come back here and let us know what your thought about these games.
    Eh, maybe don't take these rules too seriously. Go ahead and tweak them or do whatever you want to really.

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    I already posted the last 3 weeks in the megathread, but I'll repost here, for posterity.

    Zombie Army Trilogy

    Yeah it's pretty much just Sniper Elite but with zombies. Sniping is as pleasant as ever, but I dunno if I can be bothered continuing with this. I'd absolutely be up for co-opping it though. The structure is really just an imitation of L4D: level, safehouse, level, safehouse, but some of the situations, like when you have to defend a position against an onslaught of zombies might be more fun in co-op, with players coordinating to cover the different entrances.

    FATE: Uninstall if I don't feel like playing it again in the next few days.

    UPDATE: Ended up playing a couple co-op sessions with Jesh and Sulphur. It's good fun.



    FATE: Uninstall

    Moon Hunters

    I got icemann's spare Steam key of this back when it released(thanks again!), but only got around to giving it a proper go now. It's an action-RPG with gameplay that feels like a middle-ground to Hammerwatch and Hyper Light Drifter. The campaign plays out over 5 days, during which time you have to find out what has happened to the moon(it's missing). I did make it all the way through my first campaign, but apparently there's a whole bunch of different endings, and I'm pretty sure I got the "bad" one. Things you unlock in this playthrough can be used again in later campaigns though, so that's cool.

    Overall, it's ok, but I'm not sure I can be bothered playing it again.

    FATE: Probably uninstall


    I'd only poked at this a bit after the full release came out, but I'm glad I sat down for a longer session. It was a bit hard to get into at first, with the game throwing about a half-dozen different plot-strands at you, making it feel overwhelming and exhausting. But I'm 2 hours in now and it's got me hooked. I'm focusing one on plot-strand at a time and enjoying the progress. I'm reminded strongly of Firewatch, which I played last summer around this time. Kona is a broader game, gameplay-wise, not just adventure, but also survival game and horror/mystery. There's more fun hands-on gamey stuff, like being able to shoot guns and drive a truck. But it does share Firewatch's shape-shifting story. You never really know what kind of story it is.

    I also wanna give props to this game's cool style. I love the text displays on things. And I love the narrator. When most games attempt humor, it's crap. Whenever Kona's narrator attempts humor, it's crap, but it's crap in a very endearing "dad joke" kind of way. Instead of making you roll your eyes it makes you smile and shake your head.

    I'm currently at the part where I have to open the electric-lock to get the keys for the snowmobile.

    FATE: I'm finishing this for sure!

    UPDATE: I finished it. The ending is a real mess, reeking of the development running out of funds or inspiration, and corners being cut. Even so, I enjoyed my time with Kona.

    Rogue Stormers

    Previously titled DieselStörmers, this is by the Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams devs, and Jesh gifted it to me(thanks again!) back when it was in Early Access. It's a sidescrolling twin-stick shootey thing, where you controll a character through procedurally-generated levels and unlock upgrades and whatnot. The visual style is very busy and kinda ugly I gotta say, but it plays ok. Still, it's not gonna keep my interest.

    FATE: Uninstall

    The Beginner's Guide

    Walking sim from the Stanley Parable dev. A narrator guides your through the creations of a game developer friend of his, and a narrative emerges. I'd actually watched the Errant Signal vid on this before I started so I had it pretty much spoiled for me, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I'd say it's even better than the Stanley Parable.

    FATE: Uninstall, because I already finished it!

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    Aaaaand this weeks games:


    Colorful and slick metroidvania from Double Fine where the twist is that you can knock the heads off of enemies/NPCs and put your own head there instead and thusly take control over that unit. It's got a bit of a 70's sci-fi flavour. It's got a bit of a comedy thing going on that's not really doing much for me. It's ok, y'know. I don't know if I can be bothered going on with this. Probably not.

    FATE: Probably uninstall


    Underwater survival-game. Really quite engrossing, at least early on. I liked diving around, exploring, trying not to die, trying to build things to help me not die, etc. Also has a quite barebones VR mode, which I suspect would have me feeling very queezy if I spent more than a few minutes with it. Didn't stick around to find out, switched back to monitor-o-vision. This is not bad, y'know. It's early acces tho, so I'm not feeling the compunction to keep playing because of that.

    FATE: Uninstall. Reinstall when the full version is released.

    Next week: Guts and Glory, Technobabylon

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    Backlog Reduction Challenge - Week 5

    Guts and Glory

    Arcadey racing game that seems very youtuber-baity with it's gory hijinks. Plays so-so.

    FATE: Uninstall.


    Hmm, not sure what to think of this one yet. The first puzzle it presented me with I figured out the logical solution to in 5 minutes, then spent another 30 minutes trying to figure out the wacky game-logic that would actually let me carry out that solution. Second scene felt more straightforward and logical though.

    FATE: Not giving up on this yet. Will play a bit further and see how it feels.

    Next week: Renowned Explorers, Overgrowth

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    Technobabylon's pretty great if you like cyberpunk and good writing. I've played to about 3/4ths of the way in at which point some other shiny thing caught my eye, and then another thing, and so on until it was just shiny things all the way down. Dragon or magpie in my previous life, I don't know.

    Anyway, getting back to the point, 95% of the puzzles are fair and logical, and nothing ever stumped me for long. This is in marked contrast to the moon logic in other games of this ilk I can't really stand (Full Throttle does this, for instance, even though it's a supposedly more grounded experience), so if I can do it - and we both finished Portal 2 together somehow - you should be fine.

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    FATE seemed pretty awesome when it came out, but it's kinda pointless when you can play either of the Torchlight games.

    Did I miss this thread when it was made somehow or was it pulled out of the megathread? In any case, once I get through the 4 games I currently have in my queue (Ys VI, Spirits Of Xanadu, Crimzon Clover, and Tacoma) I'll join in.

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    I made this thread last week, you haven't missed much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Moyer View Post
    FATE seemed pretty awesome when it came out, but it's kinda pointless when you can play either of the Torchlight games.
    henke just can't make up his mind about it, either -- it's constantly being uninstalled, reinstalled, completed, set aside until the game is finished. One thing is for sure, though -- henke can't spend more than a day or so with anything else before going back to this one. I think that speaks volumes...

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    I could not play games this way. Well not in this decade anyway. Majority of my backlog games are the huge time investment style stuff, so I'd end up with all these games that I'd barely got a taste of and not got to properly experience. Gah.

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    Week 6

    Renowned Explorers: International Society

    (Check out that 4x3 aspect ratio! I played this on my old computer while visiting my parents.)

    This is the kinda thing I suspected I might end up getting really into, so I've been kinda dreading even starting it up. I'm somewhat relieved and disappointed to find that after my first hour with it, having completed the tutorial and my first expedition, it's not really floating my boat. A lot of the exploration-structure it similar to FTL, but I am not enjoying the complex Friendly/Devious/Aggressive-encounter-system.

    FATE: Probably uninstall. Might give it one more go.


    Yup, this thing that's been in development since forever. I knew I was in trouble already in the final stage of the tutorial, when you're tasked with knocking down your opponent 5 times. Well, I did it eventually, but in the meantime my opponent had easily knocked me down 20 times. Things didn't get easier once I started up the "Lugaru" campaign. The second level had me facing 2 opponents at once and I had to replay it a good 5-6 times before I managed to take them both down, and even then it felt like it was thanks to luck and perseverance, rather than any martial-arts skill on my behalf. On one hand I do like the physics-based combat, but on the other it's plain to see this is the kinda thing you're gonna have to invest a lot of time into if you're gonna have any chance of mastering and beating it.

    FATE: I don't think I have it in me to carry on with this. Uninstall.

    Next week: POLLEN, Perfect Angle VR

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    Week 7 - The VR edition

    Perfect Angle VR

    I have a game on my iPad called Blueprint3D. In it you spin around a 3D scene consisting of a bunch of random lines until you find the right angle where they all line up to form a recognizable shape, like a fire hydrant or the Eiffel Tower. Perfect Angle VR is also kinda like that, with the only exception being that the random shapes you spin around until you find an object look fucking nothing like the object they turn into.

    FATE: Uninstall.

    P O L L E N

    Some spooky shit's happened in space and it's up to you to find out what! Are you a bad enough dude to walk around an empty spacestation and pick up objects and look at them and also listen to audiologs and stuff? This is playable both in VR and monitor-o-vision, it originally came out in April last year, but had touch-support implemented later. The touch-support is an odd mix of using the controller as a laserpointer to point at things you want to interact with, but also being able to grip things with it, like it was a hand. You have disembodied Oculus Touch controllers for hands. It's weird and a bit janky, but it works. I'm an hour in and so far there's been mostly walking(ok, teleporting) and listening to audiologs, as well as some very light puzzling. Too early to say much about the story yet.

    FATE: I'm gonna keep playing this.

    Next week: House of the Dying Sun

    I'm cutting down to one game per week now. Summer vacation is over, and it's starting to look like my remaining backlog is mostly bigger titles as well.

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    Not a bad method, henkster. <3

    As for myself, I'm doing a deal with myself that is pushing me to dig into my gaming catalog, old and new: if I want to buy a new game, I must finish five games in a row first. Harsh? Maybe, but I do have hundreds of unfinished games, and certainly more than a few are probably not worth my time, buuut...I know for a fact that many are, so I want to give'em a fair chance.

    One thing I am also trying to do is start plowing more deeply into the older/previous-gen backlog of games, so I'm trying to play at least one or two older games alongside anything newer. Just recently I finished via PC emulator the GBA game, Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, which was a great little Metroidvania title (years before I finished Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, also in emu), but mainly I wanted to finish it because recently I purchased it's DS sequel, Dawn of Sorrow.

    A whippin' fun time had by all!

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    I have plenty more unplayed games, but most of them is stuff I know I'll never get into, so they've gone straight in my "Discarded" Steam folder. The pile I've been working through here are the ones that I've been meaning to get around to, but have for too long sat unplayed and unloved in my library. I think these deserve a fair shake, though I'm not expecting to end up liking most of them enough to stick with to the end. Biggest surprise so far has been Technobabylon, which I've ended up playing a bunch more in the past few weeks. Pretty sure I'll finishing that one.

    Just played another hour of Pollen and recorded some video.

    I'm really starting to get into it. The opening is a tad hectic and doesn't set up the story very well, but once the game gets going you get plenty of time to soak up what's been happening at the station, and I gotta say the second puzzle the game throws at you is a bit of a headscratcher, took me the better part of an hour to find a solution for it.

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    I've been backlog reducin' like crazy lately! It's been bothering me quite a bit that I've got so many unplayed games in my Steam library, so this has been quite a fun experiment, and I've discovered some really good games as well. The one hour limit sounds too short to me, so I've skipped that rule for now. I'll start with the first three games that I played at the end of July...

    1) Outland

    Basically, Outland is like the arty-farty cousin of Guacamelee, a side-scrolling platformer without the humour and the chicken. Your character can switch between two elements, Light and Dark, and you have to use that ability to your advantage as you solve acrobatic kind of puzzles. You learn all sorts of combat moves too, but unfortunately I didn't find the combat very fun - the enemies are boring and predictable and sometimes they're just frustrating rather than challenging. I can't decide whether the game looks pretty or ugly. I kinda dig the arty-farty style, but some of the visual effects just don't seem to fit in.

    FATE: Completed! (took about 10 hours) I nearly gave up after the first hour or so, but the game got more interesting when I learned new abilities and moves. There's not much replay value so that's it for Outland.

    2) Just Hero

    I got this as a freebie when I bought some game on GreenManGaming, and I thought that I'd give it a go. It looks like a cheap Mario rip-off, but it could still be fun, right? And since the game is on Steam, surely it has to meet some standards and can't be that bad? How wrong I was. Just Hero isn't fun at all. In fact, it's possibly the worst game that I've ever played in my life. Seriously, how did this game ever get released? I played lots and lots of platformers back in the early 90's, and every single one of them was better than this pile of poo in just about every way. The controls in Just Hero are clumsy and awful and the collision detection doesn't work properly, so you keep dying for no reason. The level design is absolutely terrible, it makes me think that the maker of this game hasn't put any thought in this game at all. I wish I could say something positive about Just Hero, but I really can't. Well, it was so bad that I just had to keep playing it... and the game only lasted like 15-20 minutes, so I accidentally completed it.

    FATE: Destroy.

    3) Teleglitch: Die More Edition

    Teleglitch is ugly but at least it has style. It's a rogue-like arcade shooter, and can be addictive as hell. Again, this game needs some patience - I didn't really find it that fun at first, when my first few attempts ended miserably and rather quickly, but once I learned the gameplay basics (you have to learn pretty much everything by yourself) and managed to get through a few levels, I was hooked. You can combine items to make new weapons and stuff! The survival aspect makes the game really tense at times... You never know what's around the next corner, and that can be unnerving when you're low on health and/or ammo. Sometimes I found Teleglitch a bit too unforgiving; it can be frustrating to see your well-equipped guy get killed in seconds by some mini-boss, but you learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them next time...

    FATE: Keep! I moved onto other new games already, but I definitely intend to return to the world of Teleglitch later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomi View Post
    And since the game is on Steam, surely it has to meet some standards and can't be that bad?
    ...Haven't been keeping up with the Steam news, have you? XD

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    Yay, welcome to the backlog reduction party, Tomi!

    I played a bit of Outland on the XBox 360. It's pretty good, yeah. Teleglitch is great tho. Initially I kept dying on level 3 where baddies with guns get introduced, but I eventually overcame that. Still, despite having played it for 15 hours, the furthest I've gotten is level 8(out of 10).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomi View Post
    FATE: Keep! I moved onto other new games already, but I definitely intend to return to the world of Teleglitch later.
    Teleglitch is definitely an interesting game, while I liked what I played of it I'm not sure I'll go back to it.

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