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Thread: Victrola sound Dromed vs Thief

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    Victrola sound Dromed vs Thief

    I have a Victrola playing a schema in my mission but there is an obvious difference between how it sounds in Dromed and Thief. In Dromed I can tell where the sound is coming from (the Victrola) but in Thief the sound seems to be everywhere in the room. I have notice this in other situations with large radii such as 250 on the object with the Ambient Hacked property, but I'm using 100 on this Victrola and I'm using the same .mis file for both Dromed and Thief. Is there something else that I missed?

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    The wav file I was using was a 44kHz 16bit stereo so apparently dromed and Thief treat stereo files differently. I converted the file to 22kHz 4bit mono and now the audio is consistent with both dromed and Thief except that the volume is lower.

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    Any positional sound source should use a mono sound file.

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    Yes, but the file I used was from an old mission that mistakenly never made it into the zip file, and after all of these years I forgot it was a stereo file. It's just odd that the same file sounds different in Thief than it does in dromed.

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