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Thread: How many playthroughs have you had?

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    How many playthroughs have you had?

    How many times have you played the games?

    Just finished my 99th playthrough of Thief 1 (if you do not distinguish between DP and Gold). So of course the next will be the 100th.

    Also, what could I do to mark the 100th playthrough? Only move backwards? For each mission, try to get at least five enemies chasing me all at once?
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    I don't know the exact number but if I was to guess what the most to least playthroughs are, it would probably be; 2-3-4-1.

    As for what to do for the 100th, how about play it in the way you're not supposed to play Thief. Play it as an action game! Hack and slash everything!

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    3-2-1-0. The fan missions is where it's at for me

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    Played through Gold and Metal age two times, through Deadly shadows one time and only played about 2 levels from NuThief.

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    Forgot to mention my totals for the other games. 73 for T2 then only 4 each for T3 and T4.

    Although I completed T4 four times, I played the earlier parts several more times in my attempt to Iron Man it. Only ever got as far as the end of Ch7 before dying, though.
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    About 5-5-4-0. Once I found FM's I felt little point to rehashing the original games. Then dromed took over for a while.

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    Can't say exactly... TDP about 3 times, TG about 3 times, TMA about 8 times, T2X about 5 times. Never finished TDS, wasn't entertained by it at all. Didn't even touch T4.

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    Thief: 0. Have played the first few levels several times but when it gets too spidery I'm out!
    Thief 2: 4 or 5. My introduction to the series and still one of my favourite games.
    TDP: 1, almost 2. Should get back to my replay of it.
    Thief 2014: 2.

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    Honestly I donīt know how many playthrougs I had. I had definitely some honest walkthroughs on normal and several on expert difficulty. I estimate roughly 15 - 20 walkthroughs in Thief 1 and maybe around 8 - 10 walkthroughs in Thief 2.
    Most of the time I played missions just for fun, you know:

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    henke, at least get as far as the Cradle

    P.S. To mark the 100th I thought about making the burricks talk by swapping some of their soundfiles for human voicefiles. But then I thought it might be a little disturbing to hear a burrick say "I spy you little fish" when it spots me, or "this is gonna be fun!" as it gives chase. So I've just been playing the game straight

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