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Thread: Brief Summaries of all the missions. T1/TG/T2/T3/TDM

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    Well done! I imagine all of this work will prove to be quite useful.

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    WOW!! There is a mind boggling amount of work behind this, Fortuni.
    Thank you

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    Amazing work fortuni.
    Thanks a lot!

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    Wow, you're just cool. Fantastic work! Thanks for the cool description of my missions.

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    What an impressive piece of work, fortuni Must've been a huge undertaking. This will really come of use. Thank you!

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    Very nice to see you, The Phantom!

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    Thank you so much Fortuni for giving us Taffers this update!

    There're angels who playThief and angels who don't ........ both go to heaven ............
    Dare to join .............

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    Wow, a list like that has been a taffer's dream ever since the number of FMs got so high you couldn't remember it all (that is long, LONG time ago).

    Thank you fortuni for such an amazing contribution!

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    The Eye of the Gems, is Acideus Part 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Terra- View Post
    The Eye of the Gems, is Acideus Part 3

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