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Thread: Brief Summaries of all the missions. T1/TG/T2/T3/TDM

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    Brief Summaries of all the missions. T1/TG/T2/T3/TDM

    In the posts below you'll find brief summaries for every fan mission currently available including those for TDM, however I have excluded those that were formally withdrawn by the author, as well as most of the basic demos, but I have included some demos because they are in themselves mini FMs or are amusing and worth playing.

    Each mission has been given a brief summary and I have linked any known review, many of which were found in threads other than the mega thread, as well as on other websites. Where no review was available, where ever possible I have linked (mainly positive) comments posted in that missions thread in order to expand on the brief summary.

    Due to the number of T2 missions available (850+) I have broken those missions up into 3 different tables.

    Forum discussion and posts click here

    Quick Navigation to Brief Summaries

    Thief 1/G A-C, D-G, H-L, M-P, R-S, T-V, W-Z
    Thief 2 #, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, Y, Z
    Thief 3 A-Z
    TDM A-M, N-Z

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    Useful and Important information & links

    Where to download FM's
    Note: You only need to download T1/TG/T2/T3 missions from these sites as TDM now comes with it's own in-built downloader.

    1. Thiefmissions
    A very popular site that is very easy to use, but sadly has not been maintained since Nov 2013, so most of the latest missions are not available from this site. One big advantage of this site is that it has a search box via which you can search for missions by title, author, release date etc. It also hosts a huge number of early walkthroughs, hints and ratings.

    2. Taffersparadise
    Maintained by Lord Soth this database has a very comprehensive listing of all the missions and actually hosts the FM's. The main disavantage of this site is that it does not have a search box, but you can click onto the tabs on the top banner (name of mission / author / release date) and those listings will appear alphabetically or ascending / decending release date.

    3. Gnartsch's missing missions
    Gnartsch's site lists all the missions that have been released since thiefmissions stopped maintaining its database, however this site often only links to other databases or the authors original file sharing site meaning a number of links on this site no longer work.

    4. Southquarter
    Maintained by Brethren, this site hosts all missions released since 2012.

    5. Gnartsch's Thiefy Portal
    If you check the top banner on this site you'll find all the Thief missions (TDP/TG/TMA/TDS/TDM + demos). These links will lead you to one of the most comprehensive listings of all fan missions listed alphabetically under the authors names, as well as possibly the biggest listing of demos, but again Gnartsch does not host FM's, he just links to other sites, so you'll find some links are broken.

    6. Darkfate (Google translated link)
    A Russian site that has a huge amount of Thief information available and most usefully a huge database of screenshots. Most of the missions on this site are hosted by Darkfate, but sometimes they are linked to other sites such as Thiefmissions. On first looks this site appears to be missing a number of missions, that's because all the contest missions are filed in the contest section that is found at the top of the T2 mission page. Similarly all campaign missions are filed under the name of the campaign, for example you'll find Cult of the Damned in the Elemental Bane folder.

    A German site that has not been maintained since Sept 2016, but is a fully comprehensive site that actually hosts the missions rather than just linking to other sites. However it has a limited bandwidth allocation each month and so is not always available for downloads.

    8. LadyJo
    A French site maintained by the ever wonderful Athalle, that has all the missions, all the links and all the of the walkthroughs.

    9. Thief - The Circle
    An early site that stopped being maintained in 2007 that also rates missions on a scale of 1-5 hammers, as well as having a number of early reviews.

    10. The Keeper of Metal & Gold (wayback archive)
    An older site that hosts all the T1/TG/T2 missions up till Oct 2012

    11. Shadowdark Keep
    The sister site to The Keeper of Metal & Gold that lists all the T3 & TDM missions up until Oct 2012

    Fixing broken missions
    In the tables below there are a number of notes advising players to install dml's. This is usually for one of 2 reasons, firstly not all authors built their missions correctly often causing objectives to incorrectly work or secondly because since the introduction of Newdark some of the older missions fail to work correctly, meaning it is not possible to finish that mission unless you correctly install a dml. As well as that there are a very small number of missions that need to have 'oldconvict.osm' installed, this is because some of the older T1 missions do not work correctly with the TG engine.

    Both dml's and 'oldconvict.osm' must ONLY be used with FMsel or NewDarkloader and ONLY placed in the FMsel mission folder, if you place either in the mission zip or in your main thief folder you may well break your Thief game meaning you may have to completely re-install that game. Do NOT use them if playing via Darkloader YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

    Installing dml's
    dml's have made made by both Voodoo47 and Unna Oertdottir, however they have supplied them in different formats.
    Voodoo packages his dml's up in 7z files so you first need to extract the dml from the 7z file before you can use it.
    Unna has posted the dml code in the relevant missions thread, meaning you need to copy&paste the whole of that code and save it in notepad.
    To save it correctly, save the file name as: (where xxx is the number of the dml shown on the top line of the code) and Save as type: All Files.

    Next simply pop the dml into your FMsel mission folder, that is usually found C:Games/Thief/FM's/mission name.

    Finally you can not use old saves with dml's, so you will need to restart the mission from the beginning.

    Installing oldconvict.osm
    ONLY place oldconvict.osm in your FMsel mission folder, that is usually found C:Games/Thief/Fm's/mission name, this fix is only required for 3 or 4 T1 missions and it is essential that you do not place it in any other folder. As with dml's you will need to restart the mission, and again are advised only to do this fix if playing via FMsel or Newdarkloader, DO NOT use oldconvict if you are playing via darkloader.

    T2 Scripts bundle
    Some T2 missions do not work correctly if you do not have the latest scripts installed, even if you have the latest tafferpatch installed, all players are thus strongly advised to patch their T2 game with T2 Scripts bundle in order to ensure smooth running of all T2 games.

    Acknowledgement & Thanks
    Al_b, Athalle, Brethren, Clock, Nickie & The Dark One. Finally a very special thanks to Unna Oertdottir for all the dml fixes she supplied and for answering all my techy question over the last 3 months, you were wonderful. Thank you all.
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    T1/TG missions quick navigation

    Thief 1/G A-C, D-G, H-L, M-P, R-S, T-V, W-Z

    Main navigation table

    Thief 1/G A-C, D-G, H-L, M-P, R-S, T-V, W-Z
    Thief 2 #, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, Y, Z
    Thief 3 A-Z
    TDM A-M, N-Z

    T1/G Missions
    ND = Newdark FM
    Year Summary Reviews &
    Admiral's Compass 2008 A small FM set in some docks that shouldn't tax you as there are plenty of duplicate keys. This was one of Dront's first missions so do not be put off by the simplistic street architecture. Review
    All Astir
    Shadow of Doubt: Part 3
    2002 The 3rd mission in Sperry's Shadow of Doubt series is the smallest. You're onboard a ship and have to sneak up to the wheelhouse and grab the Captain's shark tooth, which is not easy on expert.
    Note: You are advised to play the campaign rather than the individual missions as Voodoo47 has supplied a dml for the campaign that fixes a number of issues throughout the campaign, however you can fix this mission individually so long as you only install the miss.31.mis file found in Voodoo's dml.
    Amida 2001 A highly memorable FM by the famous JIS. You need to deal with some tough bugsisters whilst not falling off the beams into a pit. This is not an easy mission and the levers are very well hidden, but what an experience this mission is.
    Note: This FM is not finishable unless you have installed Voodoo's dml.
    Apache mission pack 2000 4 Hugely popular missions from Apache in one FM. Ramirez's Revenge, Stowaway, Hunt for Montrose & The Keep.
    See individual entries for details.
    Armory of Sir Gilbert, The 2014 A small mansion heist by B.G. Taffer, but it's not easy to get all the loot without being caught.
    Artifact, The 2009 A small mansion FM by Mayer that you can play in your lunch hour.
    Note: There are 2 versions available (German & English) the only difference being the location of a key.
    Assassin at Sir Ganrish House 2000 A relatively easy, medium sized mansion FM in which you need to get into the cells and kill another thief before he spills the beans on you.
    Assassination, The 1999 A simple get yourself into the castle and assassinate the Priest FM. Review
    Augustine's Revenge 2009 A superb and hugely popular thieves highway/mansion mission by BBB. Although reasonably linear, this FM is all about exploring the massive city to find the last of the loot before entering Lord Robert's mansion to find out who killed Maggie Mae. Review 1
    Review 2
    Autumn in Lampfire Hills
    ND version available here
    1999 Purah's classic city mission that's on just about every 'must play' list. Garrett has retired to a cottage in Lampfire but discovers a mysterious lock at his new home, so begins a unforgettable adventure. Recently been updated by AntiMatter_16 to ND which also fixes a number of bugs. Enjoy!
    Note: If playing the ND version via Darkloader you need to force Darkloader to recognise this mission as a TG mission. See here.
    Review 1
    Review 2
    Awaken! 2002 A small experimental FM with 3 missions from Sperry. All you need to do is to open the gates and get out of there.
    Awakening, The 1999 A relatively straightforward mission with a lot of doors and chests, so get those lockpicks ready. Review 1
    Review 2
    Basic 2003 This contest mission is a techo inspired novelty FM. Red brick walls, strange objects killing you and gold nuggets galore, it's just a pity it was neither bigger nor finished.
    Between These Dark Walls
    2012 Skacky builds incredibly beautiful cities that reach to the skies with hard to find loot, hidden entrances to the buildings and strong story lines. In this mission you need to break into Beric's castle and find the hidden Keepers compound. Note: If playing via Darkloader you need to force Darkloader to recognise this mission as a TG mission. See here. Review 1
    Review 2
    Bloodflowers 1999 Often listed as a demo due to it's small size (it's not according to the author) you'll finish this FM in 10 mins.
    Bloodstone Prison 1999 Kung Fu Gecko's masterpiece set in a prison overrun by the undead is classic thief gaming. Your friend died in the prison and you need to recover a humongous gem and at the same time discover what caused the outbreak of the undead. Although scary at times, there's never too many haunts to deal with at any one time to put you off from experiencing one of the first missions to be universally declared a classic. Even those who don't like the undead should play this mission. Review 1
    Review 2
    Review 3
    Blue Star, The 2012 A solid museum heist that may tax you on higher difficulty settings.
    Broadsword of Sheol, The
    Shadow of Doubt: Part 4
    2002 A tremendously good caves, lost city style mission which is both massive and complex. Some regard this as the best mission in the Shadow of Doubt series. The architecture is stupendous and some of the puzzles are mind boggling tough, especially trying to get through the final door, but don't let this put you off playing this unforgettable FM.
    Note: You are advised to play the campaign as Voodoo47 has produced a dml that fixes a number of issues throughout the campaign - however this individual mission does not need fixing so can be played as a stand-alone.
    Burglary in Blackbrook 2003 A Hammerite compound, a prison and a crypt to explore, all in 1 mission. All relatively straightforward and such a good FM that it was later upgraded and released as a T2 mission, which is bigger, more complex and arguably better. Review 1
    Review 2
    Burgomaster, The 2001 You need to escape from prison and take revenge on the Burgomaster. Escaping from the prison is the hardest part, but once in the city even the guards can be difficult to deal with. There's also a great shock in store for you at the Burgomasters mansion. Note: You may have difficulty frobbbing the Horn of Quintus, if so you'll need to install Voodoo47's dml. Review
    Business at Midnight 2001 Retrieve Rupert's body from the Hammerite morgue, rob Kourgan of his firegem and enjoy the anti-gravity chambers and it's bug in this city watch mission. Note: This mission does not finish unless you install Unna's dml.
    Calendra's Cistern
    ND version available here
    2000 Team Purah's magisterial FM involves a sprawling city, Calendra hosting a party, a dastardly plot, side quests and a romance between Garrett and Mercedes. It's massive, complex and with an enthralling plot this is essential play for everyone. Superb!
    Note: You are advised to play the Newdark update by Antimatter_16 as it fixes a number of important bugs.
    Note: If playing the ND version via Darkloader, you need to force Darkloader to recognise this mission as a TG mission. See here.
    Review 1
    Review 2
    Captured by Beasts 2008 In theory a fighting FM, but most of the beasts are easy to KO as they have their backs turned on you. The map is huge but it's not difficult to navigate. Review
    Careless Hand, The 2000 Having dropped the talisman of fire into the sewers you have to retrieve it - trouble is the sewers are a frighteningly confusing complex of tunnels. Review
    Castle of the Dead 2008 Darthslair makes good fun missions. In this one humans have been turned into zombies and you need to find The Dead Makers sword in Sir Freddie M's mansion to turn the zombies back into humans. Review
    Chalice of Souls, The
    2015 Skacky, Squadafrion and Firemage deliver a hugely popular 2 mission FM. The first mission being a classic Skacky style towering city mission (that was mainly built by Squadafroin) along some very realistic looking sewers (built by Firemage). Whilst the second mission being a tastefully done brothel and some ancient lost Keepers towers (both built by Skacky). An impressive FM from start to finish.
    Note: If playing via Darkloader you need to force Darkloader to recognise this mission as a TG mission. See here.
    Review 1
    Review 2
    Circle of Strain 1999 The first part of this series is a small mansion mission that has some texture issues when playing via Newdark, so you are advised to play the ND updated campaign listed below. Review 1
    Review 2
    Circle of Strain 2 1999 Part 2 of this much loved series is a medium sized mansion mission in which you need to kill Lord Jacob. Review 1
    Review 2
    Circle of Strain 3 2000 Part 3 is a city & mansion mission in which you need to recover the Holy Grail from the Pagans. Review 1
    Review 2
    Circle of Strain Campaign
    2015 Re-release of all three, very much adored, CoS missions in one FM, updated to Newdark by AntiMatter_16. What more do you need? Note: If playing via Darkloader you need to force Darkloader to recognise this mission as a TG mission. See here. Review
    Crazy Priest, The 2015 BG Taffer's first FM for 10 years is a small Hammerite temple mission, a good looking FM like all of his other missions.
    Creature Clash Gold 2002 Demo. Watch various enemies bash each other's heads in or jump in and join the fray.
    Cult of the Resurrection 2000 Katrina has taken over a den of thieves and turned them into a cult. Kill her, Constantine and the Necromancer in this classic old skool mission. Review 1
    Review 2
    Curse of the Ancients 2000 The undead have escaped from some tombs that have been discovered. Search the city for clues then descend into the massive tombs to recover 4 talismen. There's a lot to do in this hugely popular and superior, but not too difficult puzzle FM. Review 1
    Review 2
    Dark Temple, The 2006 A small temple mission from BG Taffer.
    Dark Secret, A 2010 A small old skool mansion heist. Comment
    Darkwalker 1999 Small mansion FM. You'll have a bit of a fight on your hands to get into the mansion and once in it's a bit on the dark side, but it's not difficult. Review
    Dead Night Sweet Delight
    2013 Contest mission that was also released for T2. Creepy and tough cemetery/tombs FM in which you need to find a pickaxe to dig out all the loot, all the while avoiding the deadly fireshadow skeletons, which is not easy.
    Note: If playing via darkloader you need to force darkloader to recognise this mission as a TG mission. see here.
    Deadly Darkness 2002 Zombies galore in this infested academy due to one of the acolytes dabbling in the dark arts. It would be bad news it you didn't have a holy sword to hand. Great haunt slaughtering fun.
    Note: Tomi Všisšnen later released a T2 version of this mission called Profane Ascension.
    Death of Garrett, The 1999 Starting off in some caves you need to get up to the mansion to steal the chalice. The guards are super alert however so patience is needed and getting to the chalice is seriously good fun. Review 1 Review 2
    Deceptive Sceptre 1999 1 minute wonder. Review
    Dirty Money
    2015 Runner up in the 72hr contest this thieves den mission a is seriously impressive FM from DrK. Of course you'll get lost navigating your way through the myriad of tunnels but you'll enjoy every minute of it.
    Note: If playing via darkloader you need to force darkloader to recognise this mission as a TG mission. See here.
    Dockland 2000 4 warehouses, a customs house and a bunch of jokes to navigate before you get to the entrance of the Trickster's Gem mine in this precursor to Belboz T2 The Trickstrer's Gem Mines series. Review1
    Review 2
    Docks....All Aboard
    The Docks: Part 1
    1999 Also known as The Docks this is a small dockland mission by Gonchong in which you need to get onto The Cerulean and steal The Keeper Medallion Review 1
    Review 2
    Review 3
    Down We Go!
    ND version available here
    1999 A small tomb raiding mission, in which you'll need to do a lot of killing, that was updated to Newdark by Antimatter_16 in 2014. Note: If playing via Darkloader you need to force Darkloader to recognise this mission as a TG mission. See here. Review
    Dread 2001 Some interesting ideas in this mission, the beam jump especially, in which you have to raid a mansion occupied by some Mages.
    Elevator Mission(v_2) 2006 The original v_1 version released in 2000 is only available on thiefmissions and is a dark gritty looking FM, with some very well hidden keys and a seriously tough training place to get past. This is not an easy mission, but the better version for sadists. JIS took on board criticism for the difficulty of the v_1 mission and later re-released this FM, completely overhauling the textures and removing some the tougher aspects, but it is still one tough cookie.
    Note: The comment in the review about the the mission not being finishable on expert is incorrect - you can.
    Note: JIS later released a 9 mission T2 version of Elevator Mission which is based on this original FM, but it's massive in comparrison and almost universally accepted as one of the hardest Thief missions ever.
    Endless Rain
    2014 A miserably soaked city thieves' highway FM that has you scouring the roof tops high and low before raiding Monsegur's mansion. A classic, hugely popular, Skacky mission.
    Note: If playing via darkloader you need to force darkloader to recognise this mission as a TG mission. See here.
    Review 1
    Review 2
    Enterprise, The 2000 Remade for T2 as the first part of the Keeper of the Prophecies series this mission has arguably the funniest of all T1 mission plots. Set in a sprawling facility with dozens of guards you'll need patience to complete this mission, but you will be rewarded with a superb ending. Review
    Escape from Guilesatpeak 2000 Later released as Tears of Blood this FM is no longer available for d/l but is the 1st mission in Journey mission pack. A fabulous keyhunt mission set in a prison that set the standard for keyhunt missions ever since......see also Tears of Blood below. Review
    Escape: The Bear Pits
    Bear Pits: Part 1
    1999 WRichards was a FM trailblazer, this being the 1st of 3 missions, so don't expect a huge and complex mission, seeing it was released only weeks after Dromed was made public. Note: One of the objectives does not work unless you install Unna's dml
    Eternal Candle, The 2007 Part 3 of the Golden Book campaign by Zontik. A superb city mission with loot hidden all over the place, followed by a complex mansion heist, so you may struggle without a walkthrough. You are advised to play the campaign rather than the individual FM as a number of bugs were fixed in the campaign. Review
    Events in Highrock 2000 MadDog excels in this City FM that almost always appears on every must play list. Until you have found your lockpicks you'll be totally frustrated but once you've got them this mission turns into a superior loothunt. Essential play for everyone. Review 1
    Review 2
    Review 3
    F (JIS) 2001 Another off the wall FM from JIS. All you need to do is find the sceptre and return to where you started....before you die that is.
    Fall of a Chook 1999 A fun but challenging experimental FM set in a warehouse. Note: A couple of objectives do not work unless you install Unna's dml. Review
    Fiend, The 2001 A straightforward mansion heist with quite a lot of zombies in the cemetery!
    Final Crusade, The 2000 A straightforward hotel mission. Review
    Fishmonger 2000 A Hammerite compound, an abandoned mining village and a lethal golem await you, but be careful on whom you use your holy water vials as you need all of them to finish the mission. Review 1
    Review 2
    Five Minute Thieves Guild 2001 10 minute wonder. A small contest entrant.
    Friends in Shadow 1999 Collect the Seal of Viktanguara from the Hammerite temple beyond the ancient tombs.
    Garrett's Revenge 1999 Re-made into Errand Boy for T2, this is a classic city/bank mission, but the bank is not available when playing on normal.
    Note: Make sure you play a gold version (ie. it has the word gold in the zip title) as the original T1 versions do not trigger a number of objectives unless you install the T1 convict.osm.
    Warning: Do NOT place the original covict.osm in your main thief folder. Only use it with FMsel, placing it in your Thief/FMs/grevenge folder.
    Gathering at the Bar 1999 The FM that started it all. Trimfect's brilliant mansion FM was instrumental in LGS releasing Dromed and is as good as any mission released today. The result is a stunningly good little mansion mission, stuffed to the brim with great ideas, jokes and an on/off wedding. Essential play. Review 1
    Review 2
    Gauntlet, The 2000 Officially described as a demo this is a medium sized puzzler by Apache that's full of traps, twists and jokes. Good clean fun, but make sure you don't mantle up to the tunnel above the pool of water leading to the burrick caves, that tunnel was meant to be the exit from the Hall of Death. Instead test your skills entering from the ground level tunnel.
    Geller's Pride 2001 Although the town surrounding the mansion is not very exciting, once your in the mansion this FM turns into a decent, although a relatively straightforward, mansion FM. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3 Review 4
    Gem, The 1999 Search the city to find Worthington's manor and steal his gem.
    Note: The gem objective does not work unless you have installed Voodoo's dml.
    Gems of Provenance
    2015 4 superior missions from StinkyKitty that's classic thief gaming from the start. Explore high and low for multiple pathways, Easter eggs and loot. It's not a difficult campaign but it's bundles of fun.
    Note: The 1st 2 missions were previously released as the Widow's Ire but were significantly overhauled in GoP.
    Mission 3 Review
    Gerome of the Woodlands 2000 A stunningly pretty garden, if a bit dated in looks nowadays, and a small mansion to rob. Review
    Great Tree, The 2001 Only Komag could have made this mission that was also released for T2. Climb an enormous tree and collect 30 fruits....good luck! Review 1 Review 2
    Gold in Fort Knocks 2006 Going via 4 towers you need to get into the Hammerite vault, but doing so on expert without setting off the alarm is not easy. Review 1 Review 2
    Golden Book, The 2007 Superior 3 part campaign. Zontik makes huge missions with seriously complex puzzles, well-hidden loot, clever map design and strong plots. He also hides levers in ridiculously hard to find locations, which can be annoying, but there are some tremendous Easter eggs to find as well, if you look hard enough. This campaign will test you on many levels but the feeling of satisfaction on completion makes it all worth while.
    See also Golden Book of Keepers, The Last Page & The Eternal Candle.
    Golden Book of Keepers 2006 Part 1 of the Golden Book campaign is a complex mansion FM that seems to go on forever, but be warned it's not easy. You are also advised to play the upgraded campaign rather than the individual FM as a number of bugs were fixed in the campaign.
    Good Vs Bad 2004 The hardest part of this mission is surviving the fight between the guards and the Hammerites at the start, after that it's really quite easy. Review
    Guardhouse 2 2000 A city watch FM in which some of the guards are very alert, especially in the basement where getting into the vault is not easy. Note: There is a Guardhouse 1 but it is only for playing via Dromed. Review
    Hammer and Garrett 2006 A 'find your way to the end' style mission by JIS. There's hardly any loot and although relatively linear few people seem to manage to finish this FM without getting help. Review
    Hammer Asylum 2000 This mission shows up as Ducal/Hammerite Asylum in FMsel and as Virtual Asylum in Darkloader. A small but really tough mission that sadly does not finish correctly.
    Hammerhead: Return to the Docks
    The Docks: Part 2
    2000 The Hammerites are out to kill you... so you need to find a boat to get you out of here, but first you need to meet your contact Fleur at his house. Review 1 Review 2
    Hand of Glory, The 2009 A good solid mission by DarkThief in which you need to get through a Hammerite compound to get to Lord Gibson's manor. Review 1 Review 2
    Hard Luck 2000 A medium sized mansion FM. One of the keys is hidden in such an obvious place it's surprising that no other author has ever repeated this location. Review
    Haunt Stadium 2001 Die, die, die and die again....You can't finish this demo, just see how many haunts you can kill.
    Haunted Church, The 2006 A small Hammerite FM, the first mission in the Heaven in the Garden of Stones series by BG Taffer.
    Heart and Soul 2002 The follow up to the hugely successful Varyx Obelisk, this is a complex Keeper's puzzler FM. With randomised keys, confusing layout and portals all over the place, it's a worthy sequel. Review
    Hell 2: The Lost Age 2002 Appearing in FMsel as Hell_beta2 this is a massive 'find your way out of here FM' by JIS. There's no loot, but there are some very well hidden levers & buttons and some really tough haunts to get past - chances are you'll get lost again and again and again. Review
    Hellerhouse 2003 One tough little mansion mission in which getting to the target can be a bit hit-and-miss without dying a lot.
    Note: You are advised to play this mission via darkloader as when playing via FMsel the mission does not load unless you have installed a missing MISSFLAG.str file available at Voodoo's repository.
    Note: Also one of the objectives unchecks when you exit a tunnel, but all you need to do is to re-enter that tunnel and the mission will finish.
    Hells Motel 1 2002 A city FM that appears quite big but there are not many buildings you can enter. There's also a different ending for each difficulty setting.
    Hells Motel 2 2003 A large hotel FM in which a hidden objective can be missed if you complete all your other objectives before you read a book.
    Hero Quest 2000 Officially a demo but worth checking out just to see the Shrek look-alike AI's
    Hideout, The 2009 A small mansion FM that appears in FMsel as Das Geheimversteck.
    Holy Hammer 2008 A medium sized city mission by Dront in which you need to get to the 'Holy Hammers' protected by a hoard of beasts. Review
    Hunt for Montrose
    Apache series: Part 3
    2000 The 3rd mission of the Apache series. Having arrived on the Island of the Builder you need to find Montrose. Old Skool but good fun.
    Hush... Hush, Sweet Harlot 2000 Break into a brothel in a large city to find Chance who's stolen your lockpicks, only to discover she's been kidnapped, so it's up to you to find the scumbag behind this evil act. A hugely popular mission in it's day and well regarded to this day, it's all tastefully done, but there is one puzzle that is frustratingly difficult to see the solution if you don't know where to look. Review
    Immoral Immortal, The 2000 A medium sized map, there's not a lot to do apart from killing the silver laying burrick. Review
    Information 1999 Sequel to Monastery of St. Fera. A decent city mission that cannot be finished unless you install the original convict.osm - also a hidden door does not open unless you install a dml. Both are available at Voodoo's repository. Review
    Inheritance 1999 A mansion FM in which there's just 1 objective: 'Steal the Heart'. Review
    In the Loom of the Doom 2007 OM port mission from Darthslair. Incarcerated in Clagscleft prison, you'll need patience and good thieving skills to get out of your death cell before you can get revenge on those who put you there. Great fun, if a bit on the hard side. Review
    Invitation to Castle Morgoth 2008 Vlad Midnight has made some great missions and this one is no exception. It's very dark in the castle which is full of haunts, of course. It's creepy as hell and there's a ton of great special effects, as well as a fun filled Easter Egg. Review
    Item, The 2002 A solid, first and only, mansion FM by Oszkar Winkler with a Gulliver's Travels tribute room.
    Note: One of the objectives does not work with ND unless you install a dml by Voodoo47.
    Journey mission pack: 2000 2 missions Escape from Guilesatpeak & Tuttocomb's tomb. Escape from Guilesatpeak was significantly reworked and later re-released as Tears of Blood. Both missions are also in the 6 mission Shadow of Doubt campaign which is arguably the best way to experience both of these classic missions.
    Note: Guilesatpeak is impossible to play on expert difficulty unless you install the miss30.mis file found in Voodoo's Shadow of Doubt dml.
    K 2002 One mansion, one objective...find all the loot. This is possibly JIS's most normal mission. Review
    Keep, The
    Apache series: Part 4
    2000 The conclusion of the Apache series includes a small town, killing Ramirez and getting into the Keep to kill the Beast, who Ramirez intended to use to further his own ends. An impressive finale to an impressive series. Review
    Keeper of the Bell 2004 Darthslair's first FM is a smallish Hammerite mission that was later re-worked and re-released as To Whom the Bell Tolls, which is a bigger and very much better FM. Note: There are a couple of minor bugs which can be resolved by installing Unna's dml. Comment
    Kill for Life, The 2007 Part 3 of Plot by Dront was released before the 3 mission campaign was, and is arguably the best of the 3 missions. Via a city and cemetery you need to find Walter's shelter to kill him. There are loads of guards and haunts so you'll have a fight on your way through.
    Killing of Timer, The 2002 12 rooms in which you have to kill everyone in that room before you can move onto the next one. Progressively getting harder, this is classic JIS. Review
    Killing Time, The 2000 An unfinished and unfinishable demo by 'Keeper' in which there are no objectives, just a series of rooms you need to get through killing everything in each room before you can get into the next room.
    Koobze 1999 Chances are you'll rage at this castle FM due to the ridiculous locations of where your blackjack, rope arrows and lockpicks are hidden, but you won't forget it, and that was the author's intention. Review 1 Review 2
    Lady Whitman's Disease 2000 Released 6 months later as a T2 mission, this is a much loved small city mission. Review
    Real Criminal Boss
    2001 Regularly cited as one of the most difficult FM's, but once you have understood the gameplay it's actually a decent assassination FM. Note: The objectives are set up incorrectly so you can only play on normal difficulty unless you play the fixed version available here. Comment
    Last Page, The 2006 The 2nd mission of the Golden Book campaign is a tough FM set in the Time Lord's mansion which you have to initially ghost before being sent back in time to the Ice Keepers temple. Complex, challenging and great fun, even if you have to refer to a walkthrough. Review
    Library, The 2001 Kung Fu Gecko's Hammerite mission has a maze from hell at it's core. The design is simple, 5 interlinked towers but finding The Book of Feauxton is anything but simple. Review 1 Review 2
    Lighthouse Shed 2010 This mission was intended for the TAC contest that had a map restriction size, but Dront managed to pack a lot into this FM, so search everywhere....twice.
    Living City, The 1999 An unfinished small city mission.
    Lord Alan's Basement 2001 This mission was later released as a T2 mission, being the 1st part of the highly acclaimed Lord Alan series. Sewers, a confusing basement, a maze and a wooden elevator structure, all inter-connected, makes this a challenging mission. Review
    Lord Bafford's Manor CE 2005 This mission, a reworking of the first mission of The Dark Project, is fundamentally the same as the OM but with more loot. Review
    Lord Beilman's Estate 2009 You can't go wrong with Vlad Midnight missions. This being a good looking mansion FM, just make sure you find the secret carrots so that you can access the Easter Egg. Review
    Lord Binclair 2000 A sprawling mansion FM which is huge fun, but the objectives are a bit of a mess which means you can finish the mission early when playing on normal and get confused as to what to do on higher difficulties. Review
    Lord Edmund Entertains
    Lord Edmund: Part 1
    1999 An enjoyable early mansion FM, nothing too complex, just good old fashioned thieving that upped the standards for other FM's when it first came out. Review
    Lord Robert's Painting
    2018 With the 20th anniversary of T1 approaching, vegetables releases his first mission that magically captures the original feel of T1. In this mission you need to break into Lord Robert's mansion and steal his prized painting, but first you need to navigate your way through an extremely well designed map whist searching everywhere for some very well hidden loot.
    Lorgan's Web 2001 One of the best loved T1 missions, Lorgan's Web is set is a large city in which you have to rescue Basso and kill Lorgan. Technically advanced for it's day, there are some great idea's, and Lord Fishkill's Mansion is aesthetically gorgeous. Review
    Mages Area, the 2000 MadDog excels again. This is one tough cookie but is so worth playing as it contains a feast of original ideas. There are 3 versions available, the latest being v_1.1 or magesarea_e (easy version) but whichever version you play make sure you install Voodoo's dml otherwise you'll encounter a couple of game stopping bugs. Review
    Mansion of Chaos 2001 Sharga's pagan technicolour masterpiece is a 'love it or loathe it' behemoth of a mansion romp through a series of bizarre rooms and experiences, that actually looks better with the NecroAge mod installed. It's a feast on the eyes, but you may wish to wear some sunglasses when playing. Note: There's one area you cannot access unless you install Voodoo47's dml. Review 1 Review 2
    Meeting with Cutty, A 2005 A small city mansion, old skool style.
    Mineshock 2005 An infinite supply of mines to lob at your enemies sounds like fun, but not all enemies are easy to kill without killing yourself. A massive map that crashes at the start when playing via Newdark unless you install Voodoo's dml.
    Note: The comment in the review about 'Vlad' does not apply when playing via Newdark, so you still need to install Voodoo47's dml.
    Mines of Margroth, The 2001 Later extensively remade and included as the 1st mission in Ruins of Originia (T2) this massive and unique mission is complex, challenging and a little bit on the barking mad side of life, but it's brilliant and is so worth playing. Review
    Monastery of St. Fera, The 1999 A classic Hammerite mission from the good old days that all good taffers should play. Review 1 Review 2
    Mr Chuz 2003 A large mansion FM from Azrarhn that's challenging in places, so it's certainly worth checking out. Review
    Murder in Featherstone 2002 Significantly improved in a later (2008) update this 'normal' mission from Sluggs is a city/mansion heist. Thankfully ND mantling has come to the rescue allowing you to get into the mansion grounds very much more easily than before. Review
    Mystery Man, The 2001 Doaal's masterpiece mansion FM starts out normally before turning into a frighteningly confusing puzzler as you spend hours scouring the labyrinthine mansion for 4 talismen. Superb. Review1 Review 2
    Nigel's Hidden Treasure 2013 BBB's homage to the original T1 game is a massive map that has got everything you could want. A city, caves, pagans, craymen, burricks, apebeasts, Hammerites, mines and loot galore. Easy to play, linear map and great fun.
    Shadow of Doubt: Part 5
    2002 The final official part of The Shadow of Doubt campaign is a fabulous but confusing keyhunt/mansion mission, that's arguably the least favourite mission in the series.
    Note: You are advised to play the campaign rather than the individual missions of Shadow of Doubt as Voodoo has supplied a dml for the campaign that fixes a number of issues throughout the campaign, but you can fix this mission so long as you only install the miss.33.mis file found in Voodoo's dml.
    N'lahotep's Tomb 1999 A small tomb mission that will show up in Darkloader as 'Viktoria's Revenge' and in FMsel as 'tomb'.
    Noble Death, A 1999 A small mansion FM, in which you have to kill a noble woman, from the early days. Review 1
    Review 2
    Bear Pits: Part 3
    1999 The 1st complex thief FM that sadly did not finish correctly, some objectives did not work and with ND you got stuck in a wall and could not proceed. But with Voodoo47's dml everything has been fixed and you can now experience this FM in all it's glory.
    Ochiru 2005 1 minute wonder. Jump into the pit and survive! Easy when you know how.
    Odium, The 1999 Raid a Hammerite temple. Trystich's room is the coolest thing in this FM and worth playing just for that. Review
    Order of the Vine, The 2000 An impressive mansion heist in which you need to find 3 keys to access the temple and kill the master. A fun filled evening awaits you. Review 1 Review 2 Review 3
    Out for a Walk 2006 A small city/tombs FM, but it helps if you install Unna's dml otherwise you may accidentally fail to trigger the final showdown.
    Payback! 1999 Make sure you have installed a recent TFix otherwise you won't be able to get out of the sewers in this small prison escape/mansion mission. Review
    Phoenix Hath Risen, The 2008 A Darthslair masterpiece, a huge and complex Hammerite temple/mages FM that will have you riveted to your monitor for hours. Review
    Plot 2008 3 missions in one FM by Dront. The final mission, The Kill for Life, is the best of the 3 and is also available as an individual download. Review
    Poor Lord Bafford 1999 One of the very first thief FM's, small and easy to play but still good fun. Review 1
    Review 2
    Prisoner's Revenge 1999 Prison escape/assassination FM that was also converted to T2 by Preno, but without the original authors permission. Review
    Prodigal Corpse, The 2000 Enjoyable mansion heist FM in which you need to place Alfonso's body in Calibrus's en suite bathtub.
    Note: A number of objectives do not work unless you install Unna's dml or Voodoo's dml.
    Projekt Hammer 2009 A small but fun mansion FM from DarkThief.
    Project Hammer: Part 1
    Secret Connections

    2017 See.... Secret Connections
    Prowler of the Dark 2008 Great looking early mission by Melan. A small city/Hammerite FM, just make sure you check out the Christmas themed Easter egg, won't you.
    Ramirez's Revenge
    Apache series: Part 1
    1999 The first mission in the Apache series is the best and most popular. Clever design, fun puzzles and loads to do in this Hammerite compound mission that stands the test of time. Review
    Ranstall Keep 2000 Re-made for T2 this original version is in b&w. A massive FM with loads of original and clever idea's including the elevators and scrunched up zombies, this mission impresses from the start. Review 1
    Review 2
    Restored Cathedral, The 2002 OM port. Small mission that's not easy to ghost, so get your sword out and whack those haunts.
    Retreival 1999 A fun but not easy experimental FM by Fred Chook. You need to collect various items from different market stalls without everybody attacking you.
    Return to Bafford Manor 2006 OM port from Darthslair. Ramirez now lives in Bafford's manor - kill him and complete a load of other objectives in this OM homage.
    Returning a Favour 2004 A classy detective 'whodunit' mission from Morrgan. Set in a Hammerite compound you need to find the evidence to exonerate your friend Br. Lukas. Enjoyable good fun. Review
    Return of Ramirez 2009 A tiny assassination FM that will take you only 15 minutes.
    Returning the Lockpicks 2008 Not the greatest architecture with featureless streets, corridors and rooms, but this FM will have you going back and forth for a good couple of hours. Review
    Rigging the Votes 2002 A small mansion FM.
    Robbing a House 2009 A small mansion FM from BG Taffer.
    Rogue's Honor 2000 Technically advanced for it's day there are some great ideas and special effects in this early mission, even if they look a bit dated today. This mission is well worth playing. Review 1 Review 2
    Rose of Bantry, The 1999 Raid both a Hammerite temple and a wooden ship. The temple is not easy as the Hammers are easily alerted. The ship is good fun and looks good (once aboard) but overall the mission shouldn't tax you. Review
    Saint of Redmound, The 2001 Good solid Hammerite monastery mission from Morrgan. Well-designed, fun gameplay, you can't go wrong with this one. Review 1 Review 2
    Saving Private Rye Anne 1999 Many of the objectives do not work correctly in this basic and easy mansion mission unless you play a fixed version by Unna found here.
    Schulmod 2004 A 5 minute wonder from someone who clearly did not enjoy his school days.
    Secret Affair, A 2000 A small mansion FM. Review 1 Review 2
    Secret Connections
    Project Hammer: Part 1
    2017 A significant ND upgrade to his 2009 mansion mission Projekt Hammer by DarkThiefDarek that now includes an extensive basement area, 3 hidden objectives and an explosive finale. It's a tough challenge to find all the loot and discover all the secrets when playing on expert, whilst still blessing players with a classic style T1 look and experience. Note: If playing via Darkloader you need to force Darkloader to recognise this mission as a TG mission. See here. Comment
    Secret Way, The 2002 Classic thief style gaming in this ever popular city/mansion FM. Well-built, good looking and hard in places, you'll enjoy this mission. Review 1 Review 2
    Seeds of Doubt 2000 Superior FM with a great plot in which you need to find a killer. Set in a city you have to release Mara from the Hammerite temple before you can confront The Deceiver. As good today as it was when it was released. Review
    Sepulchre of the Sinistral 2006 A masterpiece of design and confusion from Dooal. In an FM reminiscent of Down in the Bonehoard you need to solve an array of puzzles whilst getting hopelessly lost in this classic mission. Not for the impatient. Review 1 Review 2
    Serpentine Amulet, The
    2014 A small but good looking mansion FM from SneakGuy101.
    Note: If playing via Darkloader you need to force Darkloader to recognise this mission as a TG mission. See here.
    Voters Comments
    Shadow Business 1999 A smallish, but not that easy, mansion FM. Note: The author left the books file empty so all the readables in this mission are blank.
    Shadow of Doubt: Campaign 2002 A massive and hugely popular 6 mission campaign from Sperry which is a must play for all T1 fans. Missions include Walking the Edge, Tears of Blood, All Astir, Broadsword of Sheol, Nightcrawler & Tuttocombs Tomb - please refer to individual entries for comments.
    Note: You are advised to install Voodoo's dml in order to fix a number of issues in all of the above missions. The dml also works for the individual missions, but you need to extract the correct dml from the 7z file first.
    Shadow of Lord Rothchest 1999 An early classic mansion/tombs mission by Anthony Huso (Purah) that was later released as a T2 mission which looks a lot better. Although not complex by today's standards, in it's day it was miles ahead of the rest. Review
    Shadow Politics 2012 Skacky's first mission gives us a taste of what was to come later. With an impressive towering city, multiple entry points to most buildings, and well-hidden loot this is a mission that has superb stamped all over it. Review 1
    Review 2
    Short Sewer 2000 The title says it all really.
    Shunned: Fistral's Story 1999 Gonchong's mansion horror FM is one of the most memorable missions you may ever play. There's hardly any loot, and it's not really scary, but the supremely well-executed demolished building is a sight to behold. Review 1 Review 2
    Skull of Herzeloyde, The 2000 A medium sized mansion/tombs mission. Review 1 Review 2
    Skull of Lysander, The 1999 Get to the top of the tower and grab the skull. Review
    Spider Caves 2001 A small mission by Komag that was also released as a T2 mission. Just find your way out of the caves whilst avoiding the spiders.
    Storm, The 2006 A small mansion FM
    Apache series: Part 1
    1999 A small mission from Apache involving a Hammerite temple and a boat.
    Sword of Drakul, The 1999 A medium sized horror/mansion FM. Kill Vlad and steal the Sword of Drakul for yourself. Review
    Talisman of the Keepers 2000 A fun romp through a Hammerite temple, that's also a mini keyhunt, in order to access the tombs. Review
    Tears of Blood
    aka Escape from Guilesatpeak
    Shadow of Doubt: Part 2
    2001 The 2nd mission of The Shadow of Doubt series was the first to be released and was originally released as Escape from Guilesatpeak (which is still available in the 2 mission Journey pack.) It is a stunningly good prison escape/keyhunt FM which set the bar for keyhunt missions ever since.
    Note: This mission is impossible to play on expert difficulty unless you install the miss30.mis file found in Voodoo's Shadow of Doubt dml.
    Note: You are advised to play the campaign rather than the individual missions of Shadow of Doubt as Voodoo's dml fixes a number of issues found throughout the campaign.
    Review 1 Review 2
    Temple of the Forgers, The 1999 A medium sized Hammerite mission that will only take an hour or so to play. Review
    Thief: Brainchild 2002 Another experimental mission from Sperry. In this one you're lost inside an industrial-looking complex with loads of metal corridors, tubes, odd rooms. Complex and confusing and even at times annoying, it's a unique experience. Review
    Thief's New Year 2014
    2014 A fun packed Christmas themed FM set in a snow storm.
    Note: If playing via Darkloader you need to force Darkloader to recognise this mission as a TG mission. See here.
    Thieves Quarter, The 2000 A medium sized, tough in places, undead & Hammerite mission with some great looking special effects.
    Note: There is a bug in this FM that causes the mission to crash when you pick up the holy hammer, but this bug seems to have disappeared since the release of Newdark 1.23, so make sure you have the latest TFix installed prior to playing.
    Tom's Fun Level 2003 A small and great fun FM. It has no real objectives, but you get loads of fire and gas arrows to fire upon the hoards of enemies whilst you find all the goodies. Note: This is a German FM and so the one 'objective' is also in German.
    Torben- The Traitor 2003 A small mansion FM in which you need to kill Torben.
    Note: When playing via Newdark you cannot jump up to a rope at the start of the mission unless you have installed the latest TFix.
    Review 1 Review 2
    Tower of Illusion
    Bear Pits: Part 2
    1999 The second mission from WRichards is a Hammerite based FM in which you need to get the chisel.
    Tower of St. Moria 2011 A good fun mission from Darthslair that's stuffed full of objectives, along with a complex puzzle involving a bird cage, that you need to solve, to get access to the tombs.
    Note: This mission was also released as a T2 FM.
    To Whom the Bell Tolls 2007 Another fun filled mission by Darthslair. Set in a Hammerite compound you need to find a sword and then kill the Dragul, along with a load of other objectives.
    Note: This mission is a bigger and more complex version of Keeper of the Bell, a previous mission by Darthslair.
    Treachery 2000 A small mansion FM from Sperry.
    Treasury, The 1999 Technically advanced for it's day this is an impressive FM from Bryan Matthews in which you need to get to the Hammerite treasury and clean it out.
    Note: There are some significant bugs in the caves when playing via Newdark which can be resolved by installing Voodoo's dml.
    Review 1 Review 2
    Trial by Night 2002 A hugely popular city/Hammerite temple mission. Finding your lockpicks at the start of the mission is the hardest part, but once found the mission opens up to a wonderfully fulfilling FM with loads of secret areas to find.
    Note: The Hammerite temple is not available on normal. Also when playing on expert you need to find 3800/3825 loot which certainly is not easy.
    Review 1 Review 2
    Trickster's Return, The 1999 A great fun city/castle/caves mission with some cool special effects (for it's age).
    Note: The mission does not finish when playing on expert unless you install the old convict.osm file found at Voodoo's repository.
    Warning DO NOT place the old convict file in your main thief folder as it will break your thief game - place it only in your FMsel/FMs/ttreturn folder.
    Turning the Tables 2000 You need to dump a body in Lord Bifford's vault without being seen, meaning the first half of this mission is a forced ghosting mission, that is until you get to the vault. A tough medium sized mission. Review 1 Review 2 Review 3
    Tuttocomb's Tomb
    Shadow of Doubt: Part 6
    2000 Released as a stand-alone mission and included as the 2nd mission in Journey mission pack, this seriously good fun tombs mission was also included as a bonus mission in Sperry's Shadow of Doubt series. The stand-alone mission is the easiest to play, as with the other 2 versions (when playing on expert) you trigger a huge number of zombies half way through the game, making it almost impossible to achieve your objectives unless you are previously prepared. Review 1 Review 2
    Undeadland 2002 With no loot to find, all you need to do is to find the sceptre and get out of there, in this JIS mission that was built for a speed run competition. Comment
    UFO 2002 A normal mission from JIS, for once, in which you need to break into a temple and find as much loot as possible. Comment
    Unforgiven 1999 A mansion FM in which you need to find all the bones of Amduscias.
    Uninvited Guests 1999 A small, rather dark, mission. Garrett's home has been taken over by some uninvited guests.
    Note: This mission does not work when playing via FMsel as it fails to extract the files, so either play using darkloader or manually make a new folder in your FMsel/FMs folder, rename it 'UGUEST' and then either extract the contents of the Uninvited Guests file or 'copy and paste' the file contents into the UGUEST folder.
    Unseen, The
    2013 A small and very scary tombs mission by Skacky for the NewDark 64 cubed contest. The scare factor comes from the fact your one enemy, Sarnath, is both utterly lethal and completely invisible.
    Note: If playing via Darkloader you need to force Darkloader to recognise this mission as a TG mission...See here. .
    Voters Comments
    Up in the Bonehoard
    2016 A worthy winner of the Strange Ventures contest is a play on the OM Down In The Bonehoard in which you actually get to enter The Alarus Extension before navigating a confusing multi-towered bonehoard.
    Note: If playing via Darkloader you need to force Darkloader to recognise this mission as a TG mission. See here.
    Varyx Obelisk, The 2001 A massive and complex puzzler/Keeper's mission from Xarax that to this day remains one of the best loved T1 missions. Review 1 Review 2 Review 3
    Vigil, The
    Lord Edmund: Part 2
    2001 Sequel to Lord Edmund Entertains this hugely popular mission has just about everything in it you could want: tombs, sewers, warehouse, city and puzzles. Review
    Virtual Asylum 2000 Sometimes confused with another mission also by Sperry (namely Hammer Asylum), this is a 'find your way to the end' style mission whilst you traverse 15 different rooms all getting progressively more difficult.
    Walking the Edge
    Shadow of Doubt: Part 1
    2006 A smallish city mission in which you need to raid a museum and an embassy to kill Roget.
    Note: You are advised to play the campaign rather than the individual missions of Shadow of Doubt as Voodoo has supplied a dml for the campaign that fixes a number of issues throughout the campaign, but you can fix this mission so long as you only install the miss.29.mis file found in Voodoo's dml.
    Wanted: Dead or Alive 1999 Kill the butcher of Blaine and kidnap the sheriff of Blaine in this medium sized mansion FM.
    Note: There are a couple of game stopping bugs when playing via Newdark unless you install Voodoo's dml.
    Widow's Ire, The
    2013 StinkyKitty's original homage to T1 is a superb 2 part FM. Both missions were later reworked and included in as the first 2 missions in The Gems of Providence campaign, which is arguably the better game to play.
    Note: If playing via Darkloader you need to force Darkloader to recognise this mission as a TG mission. See here.
    WoodKey Resthouse 2013 A small mansion FM in which a Hammerite comes to your rescue.
    Working Late
    2015 A small good fun city/mansion FM from AntiMatter_16.
    Note: If playing via Darkloader you need to force Darkloader to recognise this mission as a TG mission. See here.
    Yakuza 2002 A tiny mansion FM from JIS. All you need to do is get into the house and kill your target, easy when you know how.
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    2010 A fighting mission set on a spaceship, a gorgeous looking temple puzzle mission and a humongous city mission all in one FM. You'll need a lot of patience in the temple though as well as good arrow shooting skills. Review 1 Review 2
    4th Planet 2009 Mechanists in outer space. Your play as Anna, awakened from stasis, to investigate what happened in some ruins on the 4th planet. A small mission but both the spaceship and the ruins are so good looking you really need to check out this FM. Review
    A.K.A. Noah 2006 It hasn't stopped raining for weeks so you need to break into Noah's house and turn off this mad experimenters storm machine and escape on his ark. A small mission with a good plot with some nice touches. Contest Thread
    Abandoned Castle, The 2013 There's a lot to admire in this puzzle/keyhunt FM by Beltzer, where you find yourself in a creepy haunted castle where you need to return to the real world from alternative reality. Well worth playing at night.
    Abominable Flying Machines
    of Dr. Zepplinger

    aka The Flying Age
    2008 Massive 6 mission puzzler in which you get to fly in a flying machine and a helicopter that you have to build. It's impressive stuff, it looks fantastic, has clever puzzles around every corner and it's got secrets galore. A unique, but not easy in parts, FM. Review 1 Review 2 Review 3
    Abominable Dr Dragon, The 2003 Prepare to die a lot, an awful lot of times as you explore this bizarre castle in which there are evil AI's around every corner. It brilliant fun, it looks superb (that's when your not dying) but it's advised to play on easy only as on higher difficulties it's almost impossible to survive. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3 Review 4
    About Rats, Spiders
    and an Escape
    2006 Often referred to as Ratten this Keeper chapel FM was updated with English support in 2014. Don't be put off by the word spiders, there's only a couple and a nice shade of blue at that. Simple old skool mission.
    Lady Lotti series: Part 2
    2004 Part 2 of the Lady Lotti series is a fantastical romp through fields, caves, water and an Apebeast village. Stuffed to the brim with every type of beast, both known and new to the thief world, you need to find your way to Dayport. It's huge, it's fun and it's by Christine. Review
    Acid Trip, The 2010 Techno music, a cascade of lights, surrealist art, complete madness, spawning squid faced guards, death by the bucket full and nothing makes sense. Welcome to the most evil of all thief missions. Insane fun. Enjoy! Review 1 Review 2
    Ack! There's a Zombie
    in the Basement

    Small Thief Series: Part 1
    2004 A small but well regarded mansion FM with only one zombie down in the basement, so for those of you that tend to avoid undead missions don't worry just play it and enjoy. Review 1 Review 2 Review 3 Review 4
    Adventures of a Burrick Boy 2004 Small & highly memorable contest mission in which you have to retrieve 4 missing burricks.
    Adventure in Eastport, An 2006 Raid a Hammerite temple in this small contest FM.
    Affairs of Wizards 2008 Great looking FM from Nameless Voice. Steal 3 mages keys and admire some pretty cool special effects, you wouldn't have guessed it was a contest mission by the high quality of this mission. Review 1 Review 2
    Contest Reviews
    After Dark 2010 Set in a village this is adventure style puzzler in which you have combine items with AI's to proceed. Some things are well hidden, some clues are a bit obscure but it's great fun as well as being an original approach to thief.
    After the Party 2002 A small early contest mansion FM. Review 1 Review 2
    Airship, The 2001 A small fun mission. Stuck on an airship you need to steal the navigation globe, it should take you no more than 10 mins. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3
    Akhenaten's Tomb 2002 Small old skool tomb mission with some rather good looking mummies. Review
    Alchemic Allusions 2001 In the enormous city of tiny people, Miniportans, Garrett appears as a giant so it easy to get wedged in the narrow streets unless you remain permanently crouched. There's lot a lot to find in mission, there's not even any loot, but it's by Komag, so is worth checking out.
    All for a Night's Sleep 2008 Your neighbours wind chime is annoyingyou, so you need to search a small but beautiful little town to steal it. This gem of a mission from Morrgan will only take half an hour, the only down side being it's not bigger. Review
    All Torc
    All Torc: Part 1
    2005 An action packed 3 mission campaign, the first being a large city but getting into some of the building is not easy. Next up the train, worth playing just for the views, then finally Fort Montoya, a mansion heist. Overall an impressive debut from R Soul. Review 1 Review 2 Pt 1 Review Pt 2 Review Part 3 Review
    Alliance 2001 Mechanists and the city watch forming an alliance? You need to find the proof, which is found the Mechanist compound. This being HipBreaker's first FM, don't expect anything too complex, but the Mechanist building is beautifully built and gives a taste of what Hipbreaker would deliver in later missions. Review 1 Review 2
    Amnesia 2003 A hugely popular mission by Telliamed, this FM is set in a small thieves den mansion and is little unnerving and so keeps you on your toes. A smallish contest mission that punches above it's size. Review 1 Review 2
    Among Two Storms 2010 In this Haplo mission you need to raid a thieves den in the sewers with the help of your friend Palmer. Switching between 2 characters to get through the mission is a novel concept but it works brilliantly and it looks fantastic, especially some of the lighting in the sewers.
    Amoral Dilemma 2009 Good solid thieving fun in this city & mansion heist. There's only half a dozen buildings in the city but it can be challenging and will give you a fun packed evening. Review
    Anna to the Rescue
    ND version available here
    2011 Playing as a female protagonist you need to raid a pagan hideout that has an ancient temple look about it. An awesomely good looking puzzler and at times tough mission from Cardia. Comment
    Ana's Secret
    2014 A small puzzler by Cardia set in a modern looking apartment.
    Annihilated 2006 In this small FM by Sluggs your house has been infested with zombies, they're quite easy to deal with though. Review 1 Review 2
    Anniversaire de Joelle 2006 Made as a birthday present for a friend this is a small demo with one objective 'Better get out of here!'
    Note 1: Do yourself a favour and turn new mantle off, as it was not intended for you to be able to mantle up onto the walls of the maze.
    Note 2: The objectives and books are in French.
    Anniversaire de Yan 2006 5 minute wonder. Collect the golden bones from a zombie infested room.
    Note: This readables in this FM are in French
    Anybody...home ?
    2014 It's a short experimental horror mission according to Zoro. More commonly known as a creepy, well made puzzle FM that will have you baffled whilst you work out what to do next. Voter Comments
    Arac Attack 2007 Go on, admit it, you love spiders really don't you! Even when you have to go into the spider caves to find the mother of all spiders and kill her in this small, great looking but fun FM from Theker.
    Note: The 2 books in this mission are blank as they were set up incorrectly, but you can read their contents in the books file, or replace the books with these.
    Art of Thievery, The 2001 The Art of Thievery is one of those missions that just has to be played by everybody. It's a huge mansion patrolled by Mechanists, many who you can't KO, and you need to steal 3 priceless paintings which is not easy. It's stunningly beautiful, frighteningly confusing, stuffed full of both objectives and secrets, and for the supreme challenge you really do need to play it on expert, as you are not allowing to alert any of the guards nor set off any of the alarms. Satisfaction guaranteed. Review 1 Review 2
    Artifact Returns, The
    2015 A nice looking mansion and some ruins to search in this small mission which is a sequel to Aurumpendo. The skeletons are brilliant and worth playing just to see them.
    Ashcourt 2006 A massive city FM by Ravenhook in which it is easy to get lost as the city is set in some sewers with long similar looking streets. This is classic thief gameplay, slow to start with but with a good plot, so by the time you get to the mechanists mansion you'll be hooked. Review 1 Review 2
    Ashen Age, The
    Part 1
    2006 Brilliant, confusing and stunning city FM. The city is small but so well made one wonders how Sliptip fitted so much into such a small map, but with loads of clever ideas and surprises you'll have a ball with this one. Review 1 Review 2 Review 3
    Ashes and Dust 2008 The runner up in the TAC contest entrant is a seriously classy FM from Random Taffer, the mansion looks brilliant, loads of hidden levers, good puzzles, a strong plot, supernatural enemies and some impressive special effects. Top draw mission. Review 1 Review 2 Contest Reviews
    Assault at the Gas Station 2006 You need to destroy the Mechanist's gas station in this tough puzzle FM. It does looks a bit dated and there are a few bugs but the puzzles are good and it has a great story......but be warned it's not easy.
    Note: In order to play this mission you need to install some scripts see here.
    At the Royal Rumble Show 2004 Novelty mission set in a fighting arena where you may even end up in the ring. Review
    Auldale Chess Tournament 2006 A solid decent hotel mission that should take you no more than an hour to play.
    Aurumpendo 2013 Escape from a thoroughly modern looking prison, run from the treebeasts and find the caves full of burricks. After which you need to explore a superbly built lost city all because you want to get home. All hair raising stuff.
    Bad Blood 2006 Ricebug's original Bad Blood looks great, the open spaced town has loads of hidden tunnels and is well laid out. The railways sidings are a treat with the trains looking so realistic you want to get on them and go for a ride. Comment
    Bad Blood II 2014 Bad Blood II is set in a different town, this time in daylight, with a few more puzzles, however the railways sidings layout are almost the same as the original Bad Blood.
    Bad Debts
    ND version available here
    2007 Melan's first FM is a staggeringly large city mission with rooftops, ledges, vents, sewers and balcony's and high and low (sometimes very high windows). Throw in a great plot along with Melan's trademark architecture and there could not have been a better way to announce yourself to the Thief world. Review 1 Review 2 Review 3
    Bad Hangover 2012 Winner of the TRC2 contest this is an OTT zombie/city FM in which you even get anti-toxin arrows and a stun weapon to help you, but still the hoards of zombies keep coming. Time to get to the docks, find Basso and get the hell out of there. Review 1 Review 2 Review 3
    Voters Comments
    Bad Intentions 2008 A smallish mansion FM that you are required to ghost, but some of the AI paths are irregular and with few water arrows available there's a fair bit of trial and error involved getting through this mission. Review
    Contest Reviews
    Bad Man 2006 TCrap Contest mission. Certainly not the best in this contest, but were there meant to be any good ones? Comment
    Bafford's Bone Collection 2004 A neat little mansion contest FM from SlyFoxx with some well hidden bones. Review
    Bafford's Curse 2002 T2 conversion of Lord Bafford's Manor which has been overrun by the undead. Is looks great with everywhere being clouded in a red mist, if only all the T1 conversions looked as good as this.
    Bafford's Last Stand 2004 Mechanist's, guards and Lord Bafford all inside the superb Beaumaris castle add up to a cracking good mission. With loads of loot, secrets and objectives this older FM deserves your attention. Comment Comment
    Bafford's Town House 2008 The CTE contest threw up some really good missions, this being one of them. A medium sized city/mansion FM that has some tough areas to negotiate but overall great solid game. Review
    Voters Comments
    Balfour's Secret 2008 Medium sized city mission with a small crypt. Enjoyable and relatively easy with a couple of neat tricks, this mission shouldn't take you more than half an hour. Note: The books are in German. Review
    Bank Job, A 2005 Small straight forward bank heist FM. Review
    Bar, The 2005 A small mansion FM in which most of the AI's are invisible and none of them cause damage. This is due to the fact that this mission was made using DEDx, which thankfully most authors now avoid like the plague.
    Note: You can download an fixed version by Unna Oertdottir here
    Bassetts Keep 2001 A small and old skool mansion heist that still looks and plays well after all these years. Review
    Bath House, The 2000 ND has wonderfully brought a lot of these early missions back to life, which they deserved. This well regarded small FM almost looks like it could have been made today.
    Note: Due to an author error there are 2 loot inventories in this mission & some unfrobbable loot which prevents you finishing this mission on expert unless you install Unna's dml that also corrects a number of other issues.
    Bathory- The Campaign 2010 Sensut's 7 mission masterpiece is loosely based on the real life Elizabeth Bathory who supposedly killed 100's of women in the 16th century Hungary. Set mainly in cities and castles you play 3 different characters all interwoven in a complex and compelling plot. The quality of the campaign is superb, the atmosphere tense and your guaranteed 100% satisfaction, but as with other Sensut missions it's not always easy.
    Note: This campaign was originally released as individual missions, some of which are still available on a few of the older sites.
    Full Review
    Part 1 & 2 Review
    Part 1 & 2 Review
    Part 3 Review
    Batman 2008 Gotham city comes to Thief in this brilliantly realistic demo by The Independent Thief. It's not easy, but it has roof tops, cars, police trucks and even swat teams who shoot at you. Pure unadulterated fun. Review
    Beginning of Era Karath-Din 2010 An enormous ancient city, which is really pretty in places, in which you need to find 4 keys to open the 4 god-mages tower, however due to the size of the map it may take you quite a while to find all the keys. Comment
    Behind Closed Doors
    2017 A massive city mission from Nicked that will have you scratching your head wondering how to get into certain buildings. With a bucketful of objectives & side quests and some clever puzzles, this is a top quality FM, if a little frustrating at times. Review
    Being Thief
    Being Thief: Part 1
    2011 A superior city/thieves highway mission from Sensut and anything from Sensut is seriously well worth playing. Comment Comment Comment
    Benny's Dead 2000 Evil mutant children in the sewers! Well what else did you expect from this fun packed city/hotel mission by Gingerbread Man, apart from a great looking hotel that will test your sneaking skills to the limit. Review 1 Review 2 Review 3
    Bertrand's Forgotten Tomb 2017 A contest mission from newbie author trefoilknot that impresses from beginning to end. It's only a small tomb mission but it's exceptionally well built, looking like it was made by an experienced mapper. The standard of the puzzles is what surprises you most, being clever, original and just about the right toughness, to be excited as to what trefoilknot will come up with next. Voters Comments
    Best Defense 2002 Only 2 buildings to search in this mission and although the architecture is rather simple in style it's a good first effort. Review
    Bestest FM 2006 There are novelty FM's, experimental FM's, silly FM's, TCrap FM's.....and then there is Sluggs! Welcome to the 1st Bestest FM ever. Review
    Bestest FM 2:
    Fairground Attraction
    2007 Actually this novelty FM set in a fairground is really quite good, 3 haunts to kill, 1100 loot to find and an Easter Egg. Review 1 Review 2
    Bestest FM 3:
    In a Link of an Eye
    2007 Novelty FM in which Garrett is in a dream world and has to kill a load of Mechanists flying around. Review 1 Review 2
    Bestest FM 4:
    Wishy Washy!
    2008 Novelty FM by Sluggs that's pure sadistic pleasure. A jaw(s) dropping mansion rampage. Review 1 Review 2
    Bestest FM 5:
    Those Dirty Rats!
    2016 Sluggs returns with a big lump of chedder and some rats. Kill them, kill them all!
    Betrayal-Voices 2003 Sequel to TG's Hells Motel 1&2 is a fighting FM set in a hotel where the guards are tougher than your sword, so you may prefer playing it on normal to start with. Comment
    Better off Dead 2012 Via Castle Crowley and The Maw you'll encounter Mechanists, Hammerites, Constantine, The Trickster, Viktoria, Pagans, tombs, undead and everything in between in this top flight gigantic 2 mission FM from Sensut that has you travelling to an stunningly good looking abandoned Hammerite castle that the Mechanists have taken an interest in. Turns out there's much more to it than just nervous Mechanists and lots of dead Hammerites. Comment
    Better Tomorrow, A 2012 Halloween Contest 2012 Winner. This mission is in b&w, being set in both the sewers and the city of Greenbay Quarter, and it confirmed that DrK is the master of horror. Tense and seriously scary in places, you need to find 7 bags of food then leave the city. Review 1 Review 2
    Voters Comments
    Black Frog, The 2012 GaŽtane's 5 mission masterpiece is a deeply immersive campaign. Via a village festival, a mansion, some caves, an ancient ram-shackled village, a temple and a castle, you will experience everything from complete joviality to dark horror moments and just about everything in between. Stupendous. Review 1 Review 2
    Blackheart's Recording, The 2006 A decent mansion mission that comes with a warning. There's a ridiculous number of guards, many of whom you'll have difficulty KO'ing only for them to turn around and kill you with 1 or 2 strikes of their swords. Review
    Bloodmist Tower 2007 Mechanists, Hammerites, a mad scientist, jumping burricks, a kaleidoscope of colours, bizarre machines and a bucketful of jokes all add up to a seriously fun and highly memorable mission. Review 1 Review 2 Review 3
    Bloodsport 2001 Another older mission for which ND has come to the rescue. Escape from the Brotherhood of the Raven before your forced to fight to the death in their arena. With a complex map, strange events occurring (such as Mechanical bots firing water arrows at you), 10 secrets to find, and a fair few zombies to avoid, you should have a ball with this mission by Metalhead.
    Note: There are 3 items of loot that are not visible unless you install Unna Oertdottir's dml available here
    Review 1 Review 2 Review 3
    Bloody Flounders Inn 2008 A small simple and easy to play Inn mission that will take you less than an hour to finish. Review 1 Review 2
    Bloody Ruins
    Lady Lotti saga: Part 3
    2004 The final part of the Lady Lotti Saga is a fantastic lost civilisation FM. Mechanists, tormented ancient mages and the rescue of Lady Lotti are all crammed into this gigantic underground puzzler. Christine at her best.
    Note: The author left the missflag.str file out of the zip that prevents you playing this FM via FMsel. So you need to play via Darkloader, otherwise if your playing via FMsel you need to follow these instructions.
    Review 1
    Bluecoat's Training Facility 2003 Simplistic in both style and architecture, this city watch FM won't take you long to finish. Comment
    Bodysnatchers, The 2010 This is a gem of a mission from Dark Shadow. From the textures to the lighting, the rain and the sound, AI's and the special effects. It's not that big, it's easy to play and it won't take you more than an hour.
    Bonds of Mine
    Mine Saga series: Part 3
    2009 Part 3 of the Mine Saga series by Antimatter_16 is a visual treat. The lighting effects are superb, the outside areas are lit in a deep blue hue, the caves are gorgeous and along with the Hammerite compound and the mages tower you'll have some great adventuring fun. Review
    Bones-Episode 1:
    The Old Quarter

    2012 Search the newly re-opened, snow covered, Old Quarter for loot in this excellent city/thieves highway mission by zacharias. The city looks so realistic you sometimes forget your playing a game. Just make sure you check out the ship by the bridge. Review 1 Review 2
    Book of Prophecy, The
    Part 1: Dead Letter Box
    2007 There's a new breed of Mechanists in this top draw city mission and they are leaner, meaner and just pure evil. So you may wish to avoid them as you track down the rebels and the Keeper's house. Review
    Book of Prophecy, The
    Part 2: Hidden City
    2009 A humongous underground city, challenging in parts, awaits you in this worthy follow up to Dead Letter Box which finishes off the excellent series by Schattengilde. Review
    Borrington's Castle 2004 Updated in 2005, this is a small easy to play castle mission with only one main objective, find the Precursor Mask. Note: The loot objective says you need to find 100g when in fact you need to find 2000g.
    Box, The 2007 A small well built city FM. The author suggested there would be a follow up mission but sadly this is the only mission so far. Review
    Brawl in the Tombs
    Quick Cash series: Part 5
    2008 Originally released by John D in 2002, this classic FM was later updated by Dark Assassin. Mechanist's, Hammerites, Keepers and a thieves den, throw in some undead (who are not too scary and easily avoided) and you'll have a cracking good time. Review 1 Review 2
    Breaking and Entering 2000 A small mansion FM in which you discover Deacon has opened a God portal to access the Maw. Review
    Breaking the Stone
    2014 Hipbreaker's final offering is a staggeringly good town/puzzle FM. Mission 1 is set in daylight where you can view the architecture in all it's glory. Mission 2 is a superb dream sequence and in mission 3 you return to the town at night to defeat Valeria. Comment Comment Comment
    Breakout 2001 Rescue Basso from Slade prison, easy stuff even if the architecture is rather plain and most of the brainless guards carry a prison? Review 1 Review 2
    Breakout from
    Apocalypse Prison
    2003 A seriously tough puzzler (especially on expert). Your in a prison taken over by the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse. It's bizarre, funny, illogical and great fun, however there are a number of bugs (including an objective that does not work). Note: To fix this mission download and install Unna's dml Review
    Breathing Corpses
    2017 French Decay's second mission is a vast tomb/crypt exploration and complex puzzle FM that has a very definate original Thief feel about it. It's creepy, scary, visually stunning, confusing, full of zombies (over 100) and it even has a hidden extra mission to find. Review
    Broken Gears
    Darkstone Gem
    Chapter 1: Mission 2
    2011 DarkMax's sequel to Looking for Info is an immersive and sometimes creepy FM. The mission looks fantastic, there are some sewers, catacombs and Pagan ruins to explore. There are even some new Mechanist guards that you can't take out. Comment
    Broken Hammers 2005 An unforgiving undead horror FM in which you need to escape a Hammerite compound. With hardly any weapons or health potions you'll struggle to get past each room as haunt archers spot your every move. Good luck! Review
    Broken Heart
    ND version available here
    2006 An abandoned castle, a heart broken King and a hoard of undead. Playing as the ghost of the King you'll need all your fighting skills to beat this one. Review 1 Review 2
    Broken Triad
    Omnious Bequest: Part 2
    2008 Eshaktaar's staggeringly superb 2 mission FM is a sequel to the equally awesome Ominous Bequest. Everything is 1st class, from the architecture, the special effects, the puzzles and of course the plot. One of the few Thief FM's that is on every must play list. Review 1 Review 2 Review 3 Review 4 Review 5 Review 6
    Brunder Snack 2002 5 minute wonder. Not really a full mission more of a work in progress. Review
    Builder's Hammer, The 2001 Small contest mission. Sneak past some apebeasts, grab the wine and get out of there. Harder than it may sound. Review
    Burglary in Blackbrook
    Quick Cash series: Part 1
    2006 Hammerites, crypts and a prison to enjoy in this complete reworking of the T1 FM. There's more loot and objectives available than in the T1 version and it looks superb. Review 1
    Review 2
    Burrick's Head Inn, The 2003 Yandros' debut mission was this cracking good little hotel heist for the c4 contest. Everybody is after the Angel Tear, can you find it first? The mission was also released in rather good looking sepia (vintage edition available here) accompanied with 1930's music. Review 1 Review 2
    By Order of an Unknown 2004 A rather grand Hammerite building, a Mages library and The Book of Death. All in a days work in this solid FM by Black Thief. Review 1
    Calendra's Legacy 2002 A hugely popular and gripping 3 city mission FM from Purdah. In the first mission all you need to do is find Basso, which is relatively straight forward, but you also get the chance to explore a massive city area and rob it blind of some loot. In mission 2 you initially need to ghost through Murkbell whilst being on a timer before being surrounded by an army of undead, although technically superb and stunningly beautiful, many people get frustrated with this mission because of the time limit. Finally you need to save Mercedes in a snow bound thieves highway city mission for a thrilling finale. With a deep and emotive plot, a whole army of custom enemies, sub plots, architectural brilliance and technical wizardry this FM is on almost every 'must play' list.
    Note: There's some missing loot in mission 2 for which Unna has produced a dml
    Part 1 Review
    Part 2 Review
    Part 2 Review
    Part 3 Review

    Full Review 1
    Full Review 2
    Canvassing the Neighborhood
    2013 Swag all the paintings out of an art gallery in this contest FM by Yandros, but there's no blackjack, a lot of tiles and only 6 moss arrows. Comment
    Captain of the Guard 2010 A novelty tower defence style FM from Random Taffer. Total madness but you only need to survive 20/30/40 minutes! Note: It helps if you read the tips in the read-me file first. Review
    Careless Little Fly 2003 A sweet little Pagan contest FM from Morrgan. Be nice to the spider won't you. Review
    Carkess Escape 2008 A small simple city FM, if a bit basic in style and looks, but a good attempt for a first mission. Review
    Carkess Revenge 2009 An tremendous step up from Carkess Escape being a much larger city in which you need to find your sword, 5 bones & kill Sir Moore. Not too complicated but it will still give you an hour or more of solid gameplay.
    Carneval 2008 All the fun of the carneval! Officially a demo, but worth checking if you have 10 minutes spare. Review
    Cash Box, The 2013 Find the cash box in a warehouse and then avoid the invisible haunts in this 48hr contest FM by Brethren, however due to the contest time restriction this mission was released with a few bugs. Comment
    Cashing In 2003 A good 1st effort by Jono456. A small contest mansion mission with loads of secret passageways, well placed guards and a well hidden ledger. Review
    Castle Michelle 2015 Ricebug delivers again with this mystery FM set in a splendid looking castle. Only a small mission in which you need to teach the treacherous Belinda a lesson, but it's well thought out with good puzzles and great architechture. Comment
    Cataclysmic Revelations
    ND version available here
    2011 Darthslair's apocalyptic campaign has the Keepers and the Hammerites trying to prevent the imminent destruction of the planet and Garrett having to go to the netherworld to find 7 scrolls. Purposely devoid of excessive loot and material items, this is more of a quest style FM with a complex and deeply immersive plot. Review
    Cathedral, The 2004 One small Cathedral, one Priest to kill, only one arrow and no other weapons or arrows. A fun, but not easy, little ghosting exercise from Meshpit.
    Cathedral of St Vincent
    ND version available here
    2012 In this collaboration between Cardia and Darthlair you have been set up for a murder, so you need to escape prison, search a city of multiple alleyways to find all the keys you need, then head off to the spectacular looking Cathedral to prove your innocence. All in all a humongous, sometime frustrating task, especially finding all the loot.
    Cathedral of the Damned 2002 This maybe an unfinished FM but it's a cracker of a mission that looks like it could have been made yesterday, it's dark, it's atmospheric, it's good fun. If you don't normally play undead missions don't worry as the haunts are easily taken out.
    Note: You may have difficulty getting this mission to play via Darkloader, so you are advised to use FMsel.
    Comment Comment
    Cave Artifact, The
    2014 A small contest FM by sNeaksieGarrett. Voters Comments
    Cell Next Door, The 2005 Small, well made prison escape mission that has some nice touches.
    Note: The main objective does not check off when you read the scroll unless you install Unna's dml
    Cell Six
    2013 A seriously difficult and at times disturbing but stunningly good prison mystery FM by Yandros, Tannar and Random Taffer, which they made for the Newdark contest. Disguised as a cook you need to discover what happened to Shylock's father and uncover a conspiracy.
    Note: The game is set up to force you to play in perfect Thief style in some areas, causing the mission to fail at the slightest error which can be frustrating but it does adds to the tension.
    Voters Comments
    Chain of Events 2005 Uncadonego's superlative city mission will engross you for hours as you try to find everything he packed into this mission. The city is not big but finding every secret passageway and hidden entrance is a big challenge. Review
    Chain Project 2007 See......Thief - The Chain Project.
    Chasing Sergeant Chase 2002 A extremely difficult mansion/warehouse FM as you need to find a number of frighteningly well hidden secrets to access other parts of the map, so it's easy to get stuck. A number of the guards also get stuck in places but it's still worth playing. Review
    Chasm of the Lost: Parts 1 & 2
    TTGM: Parts 7,8
    2004 The final 2 parts of the Trickster Gem Mines series has you retrieving 4 talismen off 4 Mages in an abandoned Hammerite Reliquary, in order to access the Tricky temple before you can eventually head home. It's just a pity the Belboz never finished this epic series.
    Chasse a L'Homme
    15 Days: Part 2
    2008 Also known as Manhunt this is the 2nd part of the 15 days series and is a small city mission. Review 1 Review 2
    Chat Noir 2008 A basic in looks, small and easy warehouse mission.
    Warning: There are some books with erotic passages in this mission.
    Children of the Future 2004 This is a massive and quirky mission in which the author tried out a whole range of novel ideas. With loads of keys to find and a map that seems to go on forever you'll either love it or loathe it.
    Warning: There is a drugs theme in this mission that may cause offence.
    Chon Migoroshi 2002 An unfinishable mission as the room you are meant to get to is not accessible. Comment
    Choose Your Own Adventure 2006 Novelty FM. Go for a ski jump on normal or find the gem in a maze on hard or expert and then avoid the haunts.
    Chronicle of the Metal Age 2006 Starting off in some woods you need get through the multi-level mines before this mission opens up into a huge city. Roof tops abound along with secrets, Hammerites, a Cathedral and a bucket load of fun. Review 1 Review 2
    Christmas Present 2008 A small enjoyable Christmas FM in which you need to find the presents for the children. Review 1 Review 2
    Chuffy Train 2006 TCrap contest. What do you mean you haven't played Chuffy Train? It's a Sluggs masterpiece! Comment
    Circle of Strain 2003 T2 version of the much loved original T1 mission. A small mansion FM. Review 1 Review 2
    Cistern, The 2002 Puzzles, a cistern, bugbeasts and zombies are all to be found in this beautiful, seriously well made and tremendously good medium sized tomb raider FM. The musics not bad either. Review 1
    Review 2
    Citadel of Douro
    ND version available here
    2006 There's only one objective in this well made and realistic looking City/Hammerite/Citadel FM by Cardia, but the citadel is enormous. The mission is not challenging, it's just good old fashioned thieving. Review 1 Review 2
    Citadel of Wrath-Amon, The 2005 Apebeasts meet Shrek in this off the wall ghosting FM. Set in a citadel in a far away land it's worth playing just to check out the AI's. It has a few bugs in it, as well an annoying AI who patrols a staircase so you can't ghost it.
    City Conflict 1 2009 Hammerites vs Mechanist series by Silencium18. 1st mission is a really small FM set in a Mechanist embassy. Review
    City Conflict 2 2009 Next up you have to break into the abandoned church now run by the Mechanists. Bigger and a lot better but still very small. Review
    City Conflict 3 2009 Having fallen out with the Hammerites, you now need to break into a Hammerite Cathedral and steal a cursed mask. A small FM but the catacombs looks great. Review
    City Conflict 4 2009 Now the Keepers only want Garratt to break into an art collectors mansion and steal a second mask. Again a small FM, loads of very alert guards and a nice Crypt. Review
    City Conflict 5 2010 You have been sent back in time in order to kill the Mechanist leader while he is still weak. By far the biggest, the best looking and most memorable mission of the whole series. Review
    City Square, The 2005 1 minute wonder city FM.
    Claire's Harbour
    2017 Lovely little mission set in a small dock town where you need to find Elsie whose been kidnapped by the pirates.
    Claw of the Tiger
    Five Tigers: Part 3
    2009 Last mission for the time being of the Five Tigers series and this time it's a city mission set in the south district. The city has got just about everything you would expect along with a host of optional objectives and secrets. Again an explorers heaven. Review
    Clean Out, The 2005 Modern art in a Hammerite temple is the unlikely setting of this wonderful but often overlooked FM. You start without a sword or a blackjack so you need to ghost it initially. With possibly the best Dromers plot in all thief, multiple gameplay options and well hidden loot it's so worth it. Comment
    Clocktower,The 2005 Beauty Contest Winner by Otto55. Nothing to do, just admire. Review
    Cloister of St Lazarius, The 2005 Beauty Contest entrant. Nothing to do, just admire. Review
    Close Encounters 2004 Search an abandoned town to find a UFO. The mission is old skool and rather basic in architecture but the UFO is interesting to see.
    Coalport 2006 Above average massive city FM from Ravenhook that includes Mechanists, Hammerites and thieves for a good old fashioned fun loot hunt. Although not formally a series Ravenhook also made 2 other linked city missions Portisco Head and Ashcourt.
    Coaxing the Spirit
    2016 Seriously classy keyhunt/puzzler from Dale. Starting off by heading through some really good looking caves you need to explore an abandoned house. Mainly in b&w it's creepy, difficulty, confusing and brilliant. Comment Comment
    Cold Feet 2009 Having crash landed on a mountain you need to avoid Hammerites and yetis in this tiny mission from The Independant Thief.
    Collectors Greed 2001 Old skool mansion FM. A bit basic and blocky in looks but fun nonetheless. Review
    Complicated Cargo 2011 Thief Reloaded 1 contest Winner. Glorious fun as you land on the rooftops from a airship and collect your booty in this thieves highway OM port of Life of a Party. Voters Comments
    Complications 2006 Small contest mission set in a haunted town. Not scary, not difficult, not bad indeed. Review
    Conflict, The
    Darkstone Gem Chapter 1:
    2012 A superb and great looking 4 mission FM from Dark Max that includes Looking for Info & Broken Gears (see individual entries). Part 3 is another city FM that includes a Hammerite Cathedral, thieves and haunts. Part 4 has you on a bit of a keyhunt in a number of warehouses and sewers in order to thwart the thieves. Comment
    Conspiracies in the Dark
    Transitions In Chaos: Part I
    2006 A murder mystery mission set in a grand and seriously well designed nobles mansion. Creepy and dark with a deep plot, there's a bundle of side quests and cleverly hidden secrets to entertain you. You will rarely find better than this. Review 1 Review 2 Review 3 Review 4
    Cop in the Shadow 2003 For a first FM this is a good old fashioned classic style city loothunt with a well designed city (if a little blocky), great lighting and some super cool new AI's. The plot is possibly the weakest part of the mission. Comment
    CoSaS: Gathering at the Inn 2003 A superb introduction to the team that later produced Mission X. Playing as Dante you need to search the 'Grieving Burrick Inn' for 6 sceptres and fulfill some side quests. It's not a particularly large FM, but it's really well made, especially the look of the streets. Review 1 Review 2 Review 3 Review 4
    CoSaS: Mission X 2003 Dante returns in this incredibly good but one seriously tough mission, even on normal. Set in a casino your game will vary depending on where you are in the casino, what difficulty your on and the choices you make during the mission, giving this mission a huge replay value. It looks superb, it's massively complex, there's a huge variety of things to do and cleverly your also in contact with your colleagues via a head set. Review 1 Review 2
    Coterie of Smokers
    The Lady Lotti Saga: Part 1.
    2004 The first mission in the Lady Lotti Saga. It's a Christine mission so expect a bundle of fun, a supremely well built castle, loads of loot and food, multiple objectives, guards and secrets. Review 1 Review 2
    Counter-Thief 2003 Kill Lord Hostag in this 5 minute wonder warehouse mission. Review
    Cragscright Prison 2007 A small, not easy but certainly worth checking out mission. Get into the prison and kill the new sheriff.
    Crazy Maniac Mr Timms
    and the Wooden Shack
    2008 5 minute wonder. Review
    Creature Clash 2 2000 Demo. Watch various enemies bash each others heads in or jump in and join the fray. Review
    Creepy Temple, The 2005 Small and very basic in looks mission. Don't worry it's not creepy either.
    Crom's Blade 2001 See Search for Crom's Blade
    Crooked Town 2010 Starting in some mines and an underground city, find Elizabeth and her daughter before heading off to the pagan village, then onto the crooked town in this excellent 2 part mission from Ricebug. Comment
    Cryptic Cravings 2006 Enjoy searching high and low for really well hidden tiny levers? With 21 secrets to find in this superior (but not easy) contest tomb puzzler FM you'll do well to find them all.
    Crypt of St Lucian, The 2009 A small contest tomb mission from Uncadonego. Great looking town and tombs, with just enough zombies not to scare you off from playing.
    Cryptic Realms
    2012 An absolute masterpiece of design and mission build by Sensut. Originally released in b&w only, this is a dark and sometimes very scary horror haunted crypt FM with a few interesting puzzles thrown in for good measure. Superb. Review
    Cube, The 2006 TCrap contest FM. Finding your way out of the cube is not easy. Hidden levers, confusing layout, this is one tough little puzzler. Comment
    Cult of the Damned
    Elemental Bane: Part 1
    2007 The Cult of the Damned is planning to steal the Earth Bane. Break into Lord Hasaan's mansion to retreive it in this old skool look, classic style mansion FM. Note: There is a hidden area that you can not access unless you install Unna's dml Review 1 Review 2 Review 3
    Curiosity 2002 A very simplistic in looks city mission but with some nice touches, the operating theatre and the pirate ship for example.
    Note: The author set the loot objective to complete after collecting your first piece of loot as there is too much unavailable loot. This has been fixed by Unna's dml.
    Curiosity Shop,The 2003 A small easy to play contest mansion FM. Sadly you can not save during gameplay unless you play the updated version available here.
    Curse, The 2005 Cool looking, creepy and scary as well as tough in places haunted mansion/crypt puzzler. You need to help the ghost of Henry and kill the 3 guardians. Definately worth playing. Review
    Curse of the Carnival 2001 From the 'burrick-go-round' to the 'crazy maze', the 'shoot the hoop' to the 'arrow shot', this is all the fun of the carnival in this highly memorable and colourful puzzler.
    Curse of the Falcon 2003 Sequel to Christine's massive 7 mission The Night of the Falcon is a 2 part FM. The first is a snow bound city FM the second being set in the lost city of Mereska, where you need to release the falcon from it's curse. Explorers heaven and a fitting finale to a wonderful series of missions. Full Review
    Part 1 Review
    Part 2 Review
    Curse of the Hammerites 2006 An old skool, easy to play and basic in architechture city FM, but the author was only 15 years old, so all credit to him. Review
    Curse of the Skull Goblet, The
    2015 Winner of the Word Challenge Contest. 2 part FM starting on a boat that you have to ghost, followed by a fun packed island inhabited by pirgans (pirate/pagans). The caves and ruins look great and the Easter egg is a delight once found. Voters Comments
    CZSK Council 2005 A small fun puzzler in which you have to find 5 computer trolls and kill them.
    D 2002 A short 'find the key, kill the baddie and get out of here' mission from JIS but the key is hidden in a rather bizarre location. Worth playing just to check out the toilet!
    Damsel in Distress 2004 Garrett's retired? No chance as Basso's sister goes missing, so off you go searching both a city and a large mansion in this enjoyable Mechanist/City watch romp. Review 1 Review 2
    Dance with the Dead 2007 Yandros's fanstatical undead crypt mission which allows you to play in 3 completely different styles including Suicidal and Nuke Dukem. Armed with a bone crusher hammer, explosive arrows, a Benny bomb and even some grenades you'll have a ball with this one. Review
    Dancing with the Dead 2007 2 part mission. A Rift in the Loot is a small city mission and in Deep Analysis you need to escape a Hammerite compound infested with an army of undead. It's gory, challenging and at times disturbing, not for those who do not like the undead. Review
    Dangerous Conditions 2006 A small contest FM set in some great looking caves. Contest Thread
    Dark Beginnings 2006 3 of John. D's missions in one FM. Burglary in Blackbrook (T2 version), Shadows of the Past and Quick Cash see individual entries. Review
    Dark Messiah 200 Bassilus has set up his own faction and the Keepers want to know what he is up to. Mainly set in some Hammerite ruins infested with undead this is a really good and creepy FM. The ruins in particular are both really well built and atmospheric. Comment
    Dark Night, A 2007 Small mansion mission in which you need to rescue Lord William's daughter from Lord Charles's mansion. Review 1 Review 2
    Darkstone Gem Chapter 1:
    The Conflict

    2012 See.....Conflict, The.
    Darkstone Gem Chapter 2:
    Nobles & Craftsmen

    2015 See.....Nobles & Craftsmen.
    Darkstone Gem Chapter 2:
    Unexpected Detour

    2017 See.....Unexpected Detour.
    Darkstone Mine
    Mine Saga: Part 1
    2009 A small mine FM in which you are in complete darkness, but with loads of flares that can also be used to light the wall torches you'll be ok, just watch out for the spiders. Comment
    Darkwood 2009 A small and simplistic first FM, featuring the most over-crowded pit full of spiders ever found in a FM.
    Darkwood 2 2010 Bigger and better, this is a Pagan inspired keyhunt puzzler FM. Small but fun.
    Dayworker, The
    Der Tageloehner
    ND version available here
    2011 A gem of a mission being a city/thieves highway/museum heist FM. It looks great, the city is well built and the museum is gorgeous. Comment
    Dead of Winter, The 2009 Masters of Horror Contest Winner. Set in a massive castle this is an undead survival horror FM that's very challenging. Haunts and zombies abound whilst you search for keys and try to work out where to go next. Review 1 Review 2
    Dead Flower 2004 A slightly off the wall and not that easy mansion FM with huge spaces and over alert guards. You need to find a way into the mansion, but you'll need to avoid the zombies first. Good luck!
    Dead Night Sweet Delight
    2013 Contest FM by MysteryMan that was also released for TG. Creepy and tough cemetery/tombs FM in which you need to find a pickaxe to dig out all the loot, all the while avoiding the deadly Fireshadow skeletons. Not easy. Voters Comments
    Deadly Triangle, The 2011 Contest OM port of Assassins by Darthslair. Garrett's on a murder charge so you need to escape the prison and complete 15+ objectives in this complex city mission. Voters Comments
    Death's Cold Embrace
    2017 Yandros' campaign of 10 missions took 13 years to complete and the wait was so worth it. Lord Fairbanks and Lord Highwater are life-time rivals competing to get their hands on the synthetic emerald formula but their children, Robert and Julia, are in love leading to a classical tragedy set in the cities of Dayport and Auldale. This campaign looks superb, it's faultless in both design and plot and is a dream to play as you, the player, help the young lovers get to live happily ever after. Full Review
    Mission 1 Review
    Death's Turbid Veil
    2014 Search Lord Pavoni mansion for the missing Marianne in this stunningly good looking FM that pushes the dark engine to it's limit, which can cause issues for players with less powerful computers. It's a massive and complex mansion/mines/tombs mystery/horror/keyhunt/puzzler that seems to go on forever. Comment
    Debt Repaid, A 2004 Playing as Basso you need to rescue Garrett from the massive city watch building. Not being as good a thief as Garrett there's a fair bit of ghosting in this mission which makes it rather challenging. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3 Review 4
    Debt to Nate 2002 5 minute wonder contest demo. Watch out for the zombies! Review
    Deceptive Perception 2002 A small but scary warehouse FM from William the Taffer. Review 1 Review 2 Review 3 Review 4 Review 5 Review 6
    Deceptive Perception 2:
    2008 And you though DP1 was scary? Well that was only the beginning! This is a full sized, really scary warehouse mission from William the Taffer & Yandros. Change of underwear essential. Review 1 Review 2 Review 3 Review 4
    Review 5
    Dedicated to the People of TTLG 2002 5 minute wonder contest FM. Review
    Deep Trouble:
    City Under the Sea
    2005 2 submarine based missions in one FM. In Deep Trouble you need to find your way off the Mechanist Swordfish sub, in Trouble Under the Sea your on the 'Cetus Amicus' where everybody is dead and you need to find out what happened. Review
    Defense Assasination 2007 A small but really quite good first FM in which you need to break into a castle and steal the battle plans. Review
    Defense Assasination 2 2010 This time you need to disable the communications array, and in this mission the castle is on a very much bigger and grander scale. Comment
    Delford Abbey 2002 A small and simple Hammerite church/crypt FM, that shouldn't cause you any problems even on expert.
    Note: You are advised to play the updated v2.5 version as the original FM is prone to crashing.
    Den, The
    L'Arsene: Part 4
    2005 Part 4 of L'Arsene series by GaŽtane. Imprisoned by L'Arsene you need to unravel a dark secret in this large mysterious mansion/puzzle FM before eventually dealing with your rival. A superb mission to round off this excellent series. Review 1 Review 2
    Derelict Dock District 2017 The winner of the Abandoned Places contest, this mission is set in a small abandonded town where you need to find a way onto an abandoned ship. Clearly made by an experienced mapper, the mission oozes confidence as you avoid haunts and zombies in order to work out how to get the ships engine to work, allowing you to access the vault before escaping in a rowing boat. Voters Comments
    Diamond, The 2003 Inspired by the T1 mission Lord Bafford this is a good sized mansion heist, occuring whilst Lord Sariv is putting on a party. Review
    Dire Return, A 2012 With some great special effects this is a clever and sometimes scary keyhunt re-imagining of OM Running Interference that was a contest entrant by Intruder. Review 1 Review 2 Voters Comments
    Dire Venture, A
    Darkness Falls, The: Part 2
    2005 Excellent sequel to The Royal Garmyth, in which you need to discover the truth about the gem. It's a city/warehouse mission in which there are a lot of crates to mantle up and down....and I mean a lot. Review
    Dirty Business 2007 Based on an OM map of Cragcleft. The Mechanists are working together with the 'Consordium Incorporation' and have re-opened the Cragcleft mines, but the Keepers want you to go and retrieve an artifact in this great looking Mechanist/mines/lost civilization FM. Review
    Disorientation 2007 In this stunning sequel to Bads Debts, you have to break into Lady Azamlarg's palace and steal her sceptre, and that involves a stupendously good thieves highway romp as well as scouring a truly wonderfully massive and complex city. Melan at his best. Thief at it's best. Review 1 Review 2 Review 3 Review 4
    Docks 2000 T2 version of T1 The Docks....All Aboard. This is a small dockland mission that is relatively easy. Review 1 Review 2 Review 3
    DooM 2007 Ricebug's homage to DooM, being ported over to Thief. Just find your weapons and get out of there, but it's not easy. Review
    Doschtles Beginn
    Multi-language version here
    2007 A small German city mission in which you have to find a tiara and your sword.
    Note: All the objectives and books are in German, unless you play the recently updated multi-language version.
    Doschtles Labyrinth
    Multi-language version here
    2007 Simple concept that works brilliantly. Start off in a maze and find your way out of it. Haunts, thieves and tombs are thrown in for good measure.
    Note: All the objectives and books are in German, unless you play the recently updated multi-language version.
    Double or Quits
    2013 48 Hour Contest Winner. Sneak into an hidden gambling den and steal Vlad's register in this small but excellent FM by DrK. Comment
    Down in the Bonehoard 2002 Labelled as a demo this is in fact a T2 conversion of the T1 original mission available from Darkfate here.
    Down with the Mechanists 2010 A small, and scary at times, crypt FM by Dark Max that looks as good as if it was made with ND, great special effects and lighting.
    Dracula Reloaded
    ND version available here
    2007 Sensut delivers yet another stunningly good looking masterpiece. In this top quality 7 mission campaign, your character Gellert, takes on Dracula to ensure his reign of terror is banished from this earth forever. From the beginning, in the fog soaked gully, you know your in for a special treat, but as you move through the campaign the artistic brilliance of Sensut just keeps getting better (wait until you see the Throne room). With all the custom objects, great looking AI's, some clever puzzles, well hidden loot and objectives, you'll be enthralled for hours whilst wishing this campaign never finishes.
    Note: This campaign was initially released in 5 parts as well as a full campaign version, all before Newdark was released, but for the best experience you are advised to play the ND campaign.
    Review 1 Review 2
    Pt 1 Review Pt 1 Review
    Pt 1 Review Pt 2 Review
    Pt 3 Review Pt 4 Review
    Pt 4 Review Pt 5 Review
    Pts 4 & 5 Review
    Dr Dragon 2003 Often used name for The Abominable Dr Dragon......(see entry above)
    Dream of Tyrus, The
    Haddur series: Part 2
    2003 You need to prevent Tyrus's child from being born in this city mission, it's a decent mission if you overlook the simplistic architecture.
    Dreamlord: Time is Gold 2016 See....Time is Gold
    Dreamslide 2001 One minute wonder. Just slide down the waterchute in this contest entrant by Komag.
    Droid 2001 Classed as a demo as it has a 'System Shock 2' droid in it, it's a pretty looking little FM that easy & fun to play.
    Drop! The 2006 One of the better FM's from the Total Crap contest, though why it is called The Drop! is anyone's guess. Comment
    Drymain Codex,The
    2013 Based on much highly regarded T1 mission The Monestery of St. Fera by GOIT, this is a hugely popular Hammerite/puzzler mission. The original map has been massively improved and extended and with a load of new side quests and some genuinely scary crypts Yandros, Random Taffer & Tannar deliver on every level in this masterfully crafted FM. Review 1 Review 2
    Durant 2001 A challenging early city mission involving Mechanists, rooftops, puzzles and a certain Lord Rammstein. But be warned, there is a puzzle involving a cog that if you do things out of sequence you can't use the cog again, and there's a fair bit of forced ghosting, especially in the mansion. It was big in it's day and is still a great mission today. Review 1
    Review 2
    Dwelling Insanity 2003 5 minute wonder contest entrant....actually make that 2 minutes.
    Dyer's Eve 2001 Another early FM and the sequel to Bloodsport. In this tough puzzle/undead mission you need to recover a navigation globe from a run down temple. A bit dated looks-wise but with loads of zombies & haunts you'll enjoy this scary horror FM. Review 1 Review 2 Review 3
    Eastwater Bank 2002 A small and fun loothunt bank mission with some very well hidden buttons, some that you need to get into just the right position to frob. It looks as if it could have been made in recent years and is definitely worth checking out. Review 1 Review 2 Feedback Thread
    Easy Bank 2006 5 minute wonder demo introducing a vault with a randomised code.
    Easy Money 2003 Rob a small Hammerite temple in this 10 minute wonder by azrarhn.
    Eclipsed 2009 Hipbreaker's stunning and truly scary horror FM portrays Garrett as bad man as he goes for gold regardless of the consequences. The tension and scares crank up to the max as the special effects, lighting and superior mission build deliver one of the best halloween missions of all time. Review 1 Review 2 Review 3
    Elevator Mission 2003 Remake of his classic T1/TG, this monster of a 9 mission FM is a love it or hate it job. JIS hides buttons and levers everywhere forcing you to spend hours searching every corner of the map. It's stunning, frustrating, enormous and a seriously challenging mission; but it's fantastic fun for those are prepared to rise to the challenge, however you may wish to avoid expert difficulty.
    Note: According to the thread there is a bug in the Cathedral area of mission 2 that will drastically slow down the game making it very choppy from then onwards, the advise is to hard save before the Cathedral area and not to save during that section of the mission. Whether this bug has resolved itself with Newdark I can not say as there is no way I am masochistic enough to want to play this mission again.
    Embracing the Enemy 2000 Kung Fu Gecko made some great missions and this one is no exception. You need to break into Lord Montague's castle and prevent a rival thief from assassinating him. A though not complex, it's far from your usual square shaped mansion and can also be seriously challenging when playing on expert difficulty. Review 1 Review 2 Review 3
    Emile Victor
    L'Arsene: Part 2
    2003 Part 2 of GaŽtane's wonderful L'Arsene series is set in De Loret's mansion, who of course is hiding a dark secret. This complex mansion mission has loads of hidden areas to discover including a surreal second part as you enter Emile's world, and with a load of great puzzles this makes for a blissful evening in front of your monitor, whilst you find Emile and take revenge on De Loret. Review
    Enterprise, The
    Keeper of the Prophecies: Part 1
    2005 In a remake of the T1 version, Garrett needs to search a huge industrial complex to find his mechanical eye. The complex itself is a maze of similar rooms and corridors, which can be off putting, but the readables are hysterically funny and with a fantastic finale you can forgive Frobber for the mission layout. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3
    Equilibrium 2000 Exploring an abandoned Keepers facility you discover it's a trap, 5 student acolytes have decided to kill you. Find the 4 glyphs to open the secret way out....or die! Review 1 Review 2 Review 3
    Errand Boy
    TTGM: Part 1
    2000 Based on the map of the classic T1 mission Garrett's Revenge, this is the 1st real mission in The Trickster Gem Mine series by Belboz is a stupendously good city/bank mission. With a complex key hunt, a confusing but thankfully smallish city, a bundle of objectives and an excellent plot, Belboz's superior mission building skills shine through from beginning to the end. Superb fun.
    Note: There is a missing piece of loot that is available if you install a dml by Unna Oertdottir available here.
    Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3 Review 4
    Lord Ashton's series: Part 3
    2002 You've been betrayed and are imprisoned in the city watch awaiting your execution. Break out of your cell and search the sumptuous city watch building to find out who set you up in this 3rd part of the Lord Ashton series from Christine, but be warned there are a lot of marble floors to deal with.
    Note: This mission will appear in FMsel as Flutch.
    Review 1 Review 2
    Escape from Blackstone Crypt 2001 Winner of the c1 contest this is a small crypt/Hammerite church FM that still looks and plays well today. Put out the 5 sacred torches and kill the guy who cut your ropes. Review
    Escape from the
    Planet of the Robots
    2007 See....Kill Factory II: Escape from the Planet of the Robots.
    Escape Hammer Hill 2010 Winner of the summer vacation contest this is a prison escape mission from Darthslair. You need to help Basso escape, but with so many guards it's not that easy, especially on expert difficulty. Review
    Evendale 2005 Initially an entrant to the novice contest, this mission was withdrawn from the contest as there are a few bugs in it, including some invisible archers, but it's a good looking city/lost civilisation FM that has a load of well hidden loot, keys & levers. Just a pity it was never fixed.
    Evil Thievery
    2012 A Halloween contest FM from Firemage. A huge map full of suspense that has you starting off in a mansion and a city, the 1st half of this FM is a keyhunt mission but in the 2nd half you need to deal with a hoard of undead, with few weapons at your disposal, whilst navigating around a confusing underground area which is very challenging on higher difficulties. Voters Comments
    Eviraths Misery 2008 Garrett has to find the wife of the towns governor in this excellent small city mission. With loads of houses to search, hidden tunnels, secrets and objectives you'll have a great time exploring this gem of a mission. Review 1 Review 2
    Being Thief: Part 2
    2014 Sensut delivers again with a sequel to Being Thief, this is a huge classy city/thieves highway/Mechanist mission that's split into 2 parts. Both missions are large with neither being too difficult, but there's a lot of backtracking involved in completing all the objectives, so you'll be entertained for a good few hours. Comment Comment
    Eye of the Gems:
    Shadows and Fog

    Acideus: Part 3
    2017 A wonderfully atmospheric, sometimes scary and beautifully crafted mission from Terra (aka Theker). After having discovered the Heart of the Gems in a previous mission, Garrett sets out to find the Eye of the Gems in an abandoned castle. The castle is dimly lit with subtle pastel lighting effects whilst fog swirls around your feet, you'll need to avoid a range of custom enemies whilst at the same time solving a number of simple but effective puzzles in order to get to The Eye. Voters Comments
    Eye of Ruthaford,The 2001 A small easy to play mansion FM from William the Taffer. Review 1 Review 2
    Eye of the Tiger
    Five Tigers: Part 2
    2008 Having got a copy of Lord Walker's vault key, it's time to search this monster sized mansion. With multiple paths available and secrets galore this 2nd mission of the series is explorers heaven. Review 1 Review 2
    Fables of a Penitent Thief 2001 Sliptip & Digital Nightfall's wonderful cartoon FM is a hysterically fun quest style mission in 2 parts. In the city you need to help the citizens in order to find the King's treasures and in the castle you need to solve a crisis. Jokes abound, as do Easter eggs, and the currency of this wonderful land is apples of course. Simple to play and essential for all. Part 1 Review
    Part 2 Review
    Full Review 1
    Full Review 2
    Falling Down 2008 A neat little contest FM where you fall down into some caves occupied by craymen, solve a couple of puzzles and get out of there. Review
    Contest Reviews
    Farm, The
    2014 A refreshingly different FM from fibanocci. Set on a snow bound farm that looks super modern with ND, this is a wonderful puzzle/quest mission with a difference and it even has 3 different endings! How cool is that?
    Fate of the Art 2004 Mr Amedeus is not a good artist, but this is a good little mansion FM. It looks great (apart from the paintings), has well hidden secrets and keys, and as a bonus you get to destroy all Amadeus's paintings. Yeah! Review 1 Review 2
    Father Hirvakia's Portal
    Parts 1-4
    2004 A set of 4 FM's by William the Taffer. Part 1 is a camvator. Part 2 is a tiny monastery FM but with ND you can't squeeze into the secret room to stand on the portal, Part 3 has broken scripts so the portal does not work. Part 4 is a simple finale. Thankfully Unna has come to the rescue and released a fix version with all 4 parts in one zip available here. Review
    Father's Pride 2002 A kid friendly FM in which you have to steal a portrait from a lightly guarded tower. As a special bonus the author set the mission up so that you can change the portrait with a picture of your own children. Bless! Review
    Favour, The
    2013 Yet another quality mission from Beltzer. In this one you need to raid Aerona's mansion who happens to be a witch, so along with a strong plot you can expect to find a crystal ball, a tarot card, a poisoned needle, blood, a broom, a cauldron, a wand and more, as well as needing to rescuing the Keeper Lady. Review
    February 2006 Garrett returns home to find his cottage taken over by some ghosts, but why? and what's happened to your friend Eleanor? Find out in this small contest FM.
    Fever, The 2006 Your daughter Christine has a fever, find a way to help her in this small puzzle contest FM. Comment
    Finals at the Academy 2012 Larry G's magnum opus is a mega sized FM having you playing as a final year student at the Keeper academy, where your thief skills are tested to the limit, solving puzzles, casting spells, sneaking past eagle-eyed Keepers and completing a host of objectives. It's a serious challenge, even on normal and even for experienced taffers, but it's stunningly beautiful and deserves your attention. Review
    Firefly 2004 The mayor of 'Firefly' is kidnapping its citizens to work the mines in this really pretty looking medium sized town FM. Well worth checking out, as are the rabbits. Review
    Fireshadow's Barrow,The 2002 A small (only one haunt) tomb contest FM. Review
    First City Bank & Trust Annex 2002 Steal a painting from a bank in this small contest FM. Review
    First City College
    Thief 2: The Golden Project
    2009 FM that's based upon an OM from the abandoned Thief 2 Gold which was intended to be the sequel to Thief 2 before LGS went bankrupt. Mechanists, Hammerites and the City Watch share a training college but one of them has disappeared. Comment
    First Day of Winter, The 2005 It's not surprising this small mission won the GHT contest, because it's so good looking and this was years before Newdark. Some thieves have taken over your house and intend to deal with you, all you need to do is find out why!
    Five Nights at Dayport
    Acideus Saga: Part 4
    2017 Playing as the night watchman in a local museum for 5 days, your tasked with some simple jobs such as cleaning up some spills, replacing repairs display objects and even repairing the fountain. What on earth could go wrong? Well for start the statues come to life at night, the ventilation shafts are problematic and if you do survive the first 4 nights, you have to somehow get through the last one. Welcome to Terra's off the beaten track and splendidly wonderful novelty mission, being the 4th part of the Acideus series.
    Five Tigers:
    Claw of the Tiger
    2009 See.....Claw of the Tiger.
    Five Tigers:
    Eye of the Tiger
    2008 See....Eye of the Tiger.
    Five Tigers:
    HBS Iron Butterfly
    2007 See....HBS Iron Butterfly.
    Fletcher's Final Mistake 2004 Slyfoxx's stunning debut is a gorgeous looking city mission, with hidden areas everywhere. You need to track down Fletcher and take your revenge on him for double crossing you. This is a mission you'll want to play again. Review 1 Review 2
    Flip a Coin 2009 A bite sized fun little town FM for the Uncadonego no pressure contest. Comment
    Flowers for a Friend 2009 On visiting a graveyard to honour your Keeper friend, you discover there's a thieves den hidden beneath. Well thieves always have a ton of loot knocking around so it's time to line your pockets. Review 1 Review 2 Contest Reviews
    Flying Age, The 2008 Alternative title for Sterlingo's The Abominable Flying Machines of Dr Zepplinger.....see above for details
    Focus, The 2004 The Keepers need you to sneak into The Master's fortress tower and discover what happened to 3 Keeper acolytes, in this top quality contest puzzle FM. Comment
    Folly of Youth 2006 A younger Garrett goes in search of a female friend in a Hammerite church in this wonderful puzzle FM. There's so much to do and find (17 secrets, 24 keys, candles, monkey heads, pagan doll, Mask of Deceit etc) your guaranteed to get stuck time after time after time. Review
    For a Better Tomorrow 2004 -
    A campaign of 6 missions by Yohny C. Liar. Meeting, Old Bad Fellows, Waterway Tunnel pt 1, Waterway Tunnel pt 2: Ground Quest, Four Weapons & Old Tribe. See individual entries.
    Forbidden Rites 2005 Garrett's friend Roderick has gone missing at the local Hammerite temple and you need to find out what has happened to him. With a strong plot, great architecture and some reasonably easy puzzles you'll enjoy every minute sneaking around this huge FM. Review
    Forgotten Forest: Part 1 2003 Set in a picture postcard looking cottage and some crypts, you need to find where the forester is getting his valuable antiques from. You'll need to hunt high and low for both keys and levers, some being so tiny that they are almost impossible to find, so you may have to resort to a walkthrough, but it's so good looking it's well worth the effort. Review 1 Review 2
    Forgotten Forest: Part 2 2003 In this mission you go deeper into the crypts you started in part 1 and explore a hidden monastery. Again there's loads of keys and very well hidden levers, it's a very much bigger mission and thus more confusing but it's just as good looking and hugely rewarding. Review 1 Review 2
    Forgotten Tomb
    2016 Winner of the NewDark Novice contest this is a small tomb FM by Kurrhan. It's not hard but it does have some clever puzzles and quite a few zombies to avoid. Voters Comments
    Fortress by the Sea 2003 Break into the fortress and open the gates so the Baron's forces can enter and overrun the place. Standard stuff until you see the battle between the opposing forces at the end...that's so much fun you'll want to play it again just to see who wins this time! Review
    Fortress Valth
    aka Festung Valth
    2011 Small underground Hammerite outpost that's a little confusing but very nicely built. Most memorable for all the lava you to have to jump across to get to the outpost in the beginning.
    Fortune and Glory 2001 Find a time machine and search an Egyptian pyramid full of traps and puzzles to find the Golden Mask. Although not very popular at the time, it's inventive, nicely done and worth a second look.
    Note: Due to an error by the author there is a lot of unfrobbable loot, meaning you have to find 100% of the rest of the available loot to complete this mission. Thankfully Unna Oertdootir has produced a dml to rectify this error and can be found here.
    Forty Eight
    2013 An unfinished mansion FM for the 48hr contest. Bearing in mind the amount of time allowed for the build in this contest it's surprising that any of the missions were actually finished. Comment
    Four Weapons
    For a Better Tomorrow: Pt 5
    2005 Break into Lord Ezechiel's mansion to find both some information about your father and a teleport. A decent, medium sized old skool look FM which has a few annoying bugs in it.
    Freedo Finds One 2006 Although the author says this mission was not beta tested it's a thoroughly well made town/bank/tombs heist FM. As Woodrufus says in the forum 'Excellent. Cracking little mission - something for (nearly) everyone!' Review
    Freedom for Nepumuk 2003 Rescue Nepumuk from the dungeons of the Barons castle in this staggeringly authentic looking FM. The dungeons are a maze of confusion and the guards are super sensitive so don't expect to finish this mission quickly. Review
    Frest World 2016 A small fun packed platform jumping mission from Dev_Anj. You'll die a lot whilst getting to the end but you'll be smiling the whole way.
    Friend Basso 2003 Old Skool classic style city FM. You need to break into Dr Brook's laboratory and steal Basso's medallion. It's bigger than you may initially think and finding all the loot is not that easy. Good old fashioned fun.
    Friend in Need, A
    Friend in Need: Part 1
    2005 An early city mission from Slyfoxx in which you have to rescue Basso from the city watch. As with other Slyfoxx FM's the attention to detail and atmosphere is spot on, giving you a couple of hours of classic thieving fun. Review
    Frobable Cause 2005 A small thieves den FM that you can finish in your lunch hour. Review
    From Beneath the Sands 2006 A superior tomb raiding mission set in an Egyptian pyramid from Nicked. It's got puzzles, zombies, great graphics, confusing mazes, secrets and hidden areas. What more do you want! Review 1 Review 2
    Frozen Mines 2004 A cool little contest FM by Azrarhn. The mines are populated by dwarfs, there's a couple of burricks and a few secrets, however the loot is not all that easy to find.
    FTM Life
    2017 Cardia returns with a super cool, modern looking, 2 part mission set in a couple of Portuguese towns. Playing a a character who is in need to raise money for their sex change therapy and operations, your tasked with scouring the towns high and low to achieve the seriously high loot requirement, as well as completing side tasks for further rewards. But with so many custom objects, wide open spaces and high-poly textures this mission is prone to severe lagging, even on high end machines.
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    Gallery, The 2003 A small and easy museum heist that's a bit of a challenge on expert, with no KO's or kills allowed, and a lot of marble. Review 1 Review 2
    Gambling Man, The 2001 An old skool, well designed mansion FM that goes on and on. There's no real plot but there are a number of watchers making this FM a bit of a challenge for ghosters, which is possibly the best way to approach this mission as you won't have much difficulty otherwise. Review
    Game, The 2001 This FM is what contests are best at delivering. Small, well built, clever missions, in this case a small castle with secrets, a couple of well hidden keys and a simple but well executed plot. Check out the voice scripts!
    Ganbatte, Thief-san! 2005 Novelty FM from Tellimed. 3 different time-trial games. Find an object, collect all 15 balls or race against your opponent. It's not Thief as we know it!
    Garrett and the Beanstalk 2003 It may not be a big map but the castle in the sky is after all a giants castle, so expect over-sized everything, apart from the dwarfs of course. It's gigantic fun and whilst your there you can also rescue a damsel in distress. Review
    Garrett and the Princess 2010 A really quite good keyhunt style mission based in Fuzzytown. King Fuzzy's daughter has disappeard and you need to find out what happened to her. Nothing too hard, but there is a fair bit of running back and forth between all the locations.
    Garrett to the Rescue
    Part 1
    2002 Find out what's happened to Tabitha in this small mansion mission from Apache. Overall it's a decent little FM but it's impossible sneaking past all the guards upstairs without having to resort to your blackjack. Review
    Garrett to the Rescue
    Part 2: Auction House, The
    2002 Tabitha's in the Auction House, which is a better mission than part 1. A small mission that's has some interesting ideas along with a rather bizarre Easter Egg. Review
    Garrett's Nightmare 2002 This mission is not just Garrett's nightmare, it's everybodies nightmare! Swarms of undead, clusters of spiders, armies of frogbeasts, death traps everywhere.....and that's just in the first 10 minutes LOL! Everyone should play this survival FM for the unadulterated fun that is Garrett's Nightmare. Review
    Garrett's Young Years XTra 2010 Play as a teenage Garrett across 4 fun filled city missions that are a mix of keyhunts, loothunts and pure exploration. Mission 1 is the largest and the most complex as you start to discover your thieving skills after Aunty Bea goes to Newport leaving you on your own. Mission 2 is a bonus mission set in some castle grounds, whereas missions 3 & 4 use the same map as each other. In mission 3 you trigger an army of undead, who in mission 4 you need to avoid whilst finding and saving the survivors of your recklessness.
    Note: There were 2 previous versions of this FM, but they had only 1 & 2 missions respectively, so your best playing the XTra version.
    Gathering at the Bar 2004 T2 version of the very first Thief FM. It was to Trimfect that LGS first gave a copy of DromEd to see if FM's could be made. The result is a stunningly good little mansion mission, stuffed to the brim with great ideas, jokes and an on/off wedding. Essential play for all taffers. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3
    Gathering at the Inn
    2003 More often or not refered to in the forum as CoSaS: Gathering at the Inn.......see above for details.
    The 2-DromEd's Revenge
    2003 Novelty FM from Apache. 3 different maps in which you need to steal Apache's computer. All 3 maps are small and fun to play, even the maze full of haunts.
    Note: You are advised to turn off New Mantle when playing this mission as this cheat makes game play too easy, especially in the maze.
    Gearheart 2005 A very small Mechanist temple mission.
    Gerrard's Temple 2003 This mission looks as good as if it was made with NewDark, 10yrs ahead of it's time. With a well scripted plot, 9 secrets and sneakily hidden levers throughout the Hammerite temple it will give you a very satisfying evening of classic Thief. Review
    Gervasius's Archery Tournament 2001 The bulk of this mission is a large maze that's patrolled by various mechanical bots protecting 'The Golden Skull' along with a number of other objectives. It's well made and fun but it can get tiring searching every hedge top for that last item. Review
    Gheldorf's Towne House 2002 Not a bad effort for a first FM, but there's nothing here beyond a straight forward mansion heist. Review
    Ghost House,
    The Haunted Hospital
    2005 2 missions in 1 FM using basically the same map, but they are very different from each other. From undead AI's to frighteningly scary moments, Dark Arrow's ultimate horror FM doesn't pull any punches as it delivers on every level of fear and terror. Review 1 Review 2 Review 3
    Ghost Town 2006 The title says it all really. Interestingly a number of apparitions and treebeast are invisible adding an extra level of difficulty to what is actually quite a fun little FM in which you have to find 4 Dewdrops.
    Gift, The
    2014 A small puzzler from Cardia. Set in a very modern and grand looking country house, all you need to do is find the present hidden somewhere in the house.
    Gladiator 2000 Small demo. Fight a range of AI's in the arena, there are 2 different game modes available.
    Goblins, The
    L'Arsene: Part 3
    2004 See.....Korrigans, The
    2017 Random Taffer's 4 part love letter to Thief! In part 1 you need to escape the city with your maps, but there are a lot of difficult jumps and you'll need to explore everywhere. In part 2 your after the Godbreaker sword going via some swamps, an abandond village and some caves to get to the tomb in this superb pagan mission. In parts 3 & 4 you get poisoned and need to find the antedote before getting your revenge. Overall part 2 is possibly the best Pagan inspired mission for a long time and is by far the best section of this impressive campaign that will have you glued to your monitors for hours.
    Golden Skull of Lord Frobb 2002 1 minute wonder for the c3 contest. Review 1 Review 2
    Good Samaritan, The 2005 Quest style mission from Sluggs. As you explore the map you recieve different quests to complete. It's a great looking small map, but it's not easy, especially if your on a timer, on top of that you'll only allowed a limited about of body counts.
    Graduation Day 2003 Test your thieving skills and graduate from the Keepers academy in this small novelty FM.
    Great Tree, The 2001 Komag's barking mad but superb novelty mission in which you need to collect all the fruits you can find. Chances are you'll fall to your death every other minute but it's one of the most memorable missions you'll ever play. Review
    15 Days: Part 3
    2008 DrK may describe this as a small FM, in reality it's a gem of a mission. You need to find and deal with a witness in the town of Greenbay, a confusing mish mash of small houses. It's an explorers heaven and by far the best in the series. Review
    Greyfeather Gems, The
    Part 1: The Shipment
    2003 See.......Shipment, The.
    Greyfeather Gems, The
    Part 2: Rodamill
    2005 See..........Rodamill.
    Grimlock - Reloaded 2015 See.....Stupid Grimlock Quote - Reloaded
    Guard called Benny, A 2004 In this novelty contest FM you play as Benny and need stop the Lord's golden skull from being stolen, with extra objectives on higher levels. With a multitude of options there's some fun to had in replay value.
    Note: In the review it mentions there are a couple of secret game modes, to access them find the hidden button in the guards room.
    Guardmen of Haddur, The
    Haddur series: Part 4
    2006 Using the same map as The Dream of Tyrus you need to find a new hideout and save the witch who's been kidnapped. However if you make too much noise the guards will kill the witch, and there is also an invisible archer who kills you with just one arrow making it frighteningly annoying to achieve your objectives.
    Gussie's dream 2004 A contest puzzle FM in which you need to find various buttons to raise the platforms to get to a number of relatives jewels. It's beautifully made but frighteningly difficult as the buttons are so tiny they are almost impossible to see.
    Haddur series: Part 1
    2005 This is a 7 mission FM. Most missions are relativley straight forward, if a bit basic in architecture and with slightly odd objectives. The biggest mission is the 3rd mission that is set in a massive and confusing city with almost nothing to do apart from finding a medallion and spending a lot of time killing guards. The 5th mission is set in the same city in which you have to escape but it doesn't finish correctly anyway.
    Half Blind 2006 TCrap contest FM. This is a truly terrible mission. The objectives are all messed up, your broadheads arrows get stuck in the air, it's architecture is rubbish, your sword doesn't work and it's great fun, which is exactly what the TCrap contest was all about. Comment
    Half-Assed Wedding
    2013 Your Basso's best man and you drop the wedding ring down the drain...Oops! So begins your adventure in Firemage's excellent technicolour rainbow world. Built for the 48hr contest, so don't expect the most complex mission ever, but do expect a feast of colour and a fair dollop of Pagan inspired special effects. Review
    KotP: Part 2
    2005 In the 2nd mission of Frobber's dark campaign Keeper of the Prophecies, the Keepers need you to get into the Hammerite Cathedral before midnight. Guided by the ghost of Alisha you need to work your way through the city whilst being on a timer, which is easily done if you don't stop and read every readable, but they do add massively to the intricate plot. Review 1 Review 2
    2014 Winner of the 10 Rooms contest. The Hammerite fortress (which is actually a tower) looks onimous from the outside, but is beautifully constructed inside and not a haunt to be seem. Full of fun puzzles and hidden secrets, Darthlair richly deserved all the acolades he recieved for this gem of a mission. Voters Comments
    Hammerite Deathmatch! 2007 Someone had to make this FM, thank the Builder it was Yandros! Classic Deathmatch gaming brought to Thief. You've even got poison arrows, acid arrows, throwing knives, throwing hammers and sawblades available. You can also change the music and watch you rivals being slaughtered courtesy of CCTV. Brilliant fun! Review
    Hammerite Hideout 2006 TCrap contest FM that's really quite normal for a change. A small and easy lunchtime 'Find the Medallion' mission. Comment
    Hammerite's Brutality 2002 Hammerites are experimenting in the dark arts in this not too complicated prison escape, and whilst your escaping you can also help the ghost of the priest.
    Note: When playing on normal you'll hear the new objective sound when you frob a certain scroll, but that objective is only available when playing on hard or expert so does not show up in game.
    Happy New Year Mr Lambert 2005 A hugely popular mansion FM from GaŽtane in which the ghost of Jack is killing all the conspirators who stole 4 statues. While the party ballons pop downstairs, the bodies pile up upstairs. Well scripted, cleverly hidden levers and beautifully made this is a top quality mission. Review 1 Review 2 Review 3
    Harlequin, The 2009 A small novelty mission set in a funfair that was made for Uncadonego's contest. A couple of easy puzzles, ride the ghost train and that's it really!
    Hashishans, The 2002 Prison escape FM's can be relatively uninspiring, not so this mission. Clearly a lot of thought went into the design, as it looks so realistic. As well as having to help the Hashishans escape and kill the grass, there's an array of mechanistic bots that have gone haywire including one that who's not too bad on the dance floor. Fabulous! Review
    Haunt Stadium 2010 Re-release for T2 of the T1 demo. Kill as many haunts as you can before you get bored and move onto a proper mission.
    Haunting, The 2004 An interesting concept of playing as a ghost and trying to scare the new occupants of your old house into leaving, but it gets a bit tedious after a while, as the actions you can perform as a ghost are such a long time apart. But it's fun to fly through the walls of the house. Review 1 Review 2
    Having a Ball 2004 A small and sometimes quite scary castle FM that was intended for a Halloween release. It's a lever and key hunt style mission with some of the levers being quite small, but not hidden so well as to be frustrating. Overall a fun little mission with some great special effects, just watch out for the bats. Comment
    Having Regrets 2006 TCrap Contest FM. A good idea that should have been released as a full mission. You need to return a range of stolen goods to their rightful owners, one at a time. You can even choose who'll be patrolling the streets. However, as with some other TCrap missions, the objectives are purposely messed up and a purse disappears meaning you can't finish this FM which is a pity. Yeah ok, it's total crap. Comment
    Hazelshade Cemetery 2005 Beauty Contest entrant. Nothing to do, just admire. Review
    HBS Iron Butterfly
    Five Tigers: Part 1
    2007 Explorers heaven as you search a huge map set both in some docks and then aboard the Iron Butterfly, in order to find some information and 4 vault keys in the first of 6 planned missions by Catman. Review 1 Review 2 Review 3 Review 4
    Heading Out 2008 Classic style city/thieves highway mission. The city is massive and is brilliantly designed, meaning you have to look everywhere, climb everything you can and look twice in order to discover every place of interest. The mission looks a lot older than it actually is, as the author appeared a little unimaginative with the textures, but don't let this put you off as it will give you a good few hours of hunting down the last of the loot. Review 1 Review 2
    Heartcliff Islands
    2015 Quolis's final mission is one seriously tough FM. You need to escape from a prison and search the islands for a lost heirloom. Sounds easy enough apart from the fact there are a lot of really hard, even obtuse puzzles, the mission is really dark and even with the low lag version a lot of people experience severe frame lagging on the islands. It's huge and it's challenging, even on normal, but ultimately worth every minute for those who enjoy serious puzzle FM's.
    Note: You need to have the latest scripts installed (links available in OP of the thread) and you need to play via FMsel or Newdarkloader only.
    Heart of the Gems, The
    2016 See.....Night of the Red Moon.
    Hedgerows and Hammerites 2001 Small and relatively easy contest puzzle FM set in a maze and some crypts. Review
    Heist Society 2004 A huge mansion FM in which you need to dig up the dirt on Lord Geller. The mansion is Buckingham Palace sized, with superior architecture and really tastefully decorated, this is how the real aristocary would live. Clevery the gameplay is massively different on each difficulty, giving this mission maximum replay value. Review
    Heist at Night 2008 A small and easy house/crypt mission in which you are advised to play on expert only as there is only one objective 'Collect 500/1000/2000 the Loot' which means on lower difficulties you will finish the mission before you have explored the whole map, collecting 100% of the loot involves a bit of planning but is possible. Review
    ND version available here
    2011 3 mission campaign based on the fantasy first-person shooter video game Heretic (1994). Ricebug has faithfully reproduced the Island of Sidhe and it's beautifully crafted with Mechanists, Hammerites and Thieves patrolling the wide open spaces. Definately worth checking out for all DooM/Old FPS fans.
    Heretics and Pagans 2006 In this popular mission, which is a sequel to Broken Hammers, you team up with some Hammerites to deal with a load of Pagan haunts. After clearing out a Pagan village you head through a load of caves before exploring an abandoned city full of pagan haunts. It's not difficult, even a bit basic in style but it's got something about it that's highly memorable which is always a good sign. Review
    Hidden Agenda 2002 A must for all Mechanist fans. The Hammerites have recruited you to investigate a Mechanist seminary that was built upon an old Hammerite temple, and so begins a heavenly Mechanist/Hammerite mission that's also got some haunts in it for good measure. It's a good solid FM and the Mechanist building is superb. You are advised to choose wisely as to which difficulty you start on, as on the higher the difficulties, the more of the map becomes available, but on expert level it's quite a challenge. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3
    Hidden Stone, The 2006 Using The Seven Deadly Sins as an inspiration, this is a small church puzzler in which you have to trigger and then kill each of the 'Deadly Sins' before you can collect the Red Stone. Not a bad little mission with some nice special effects.
    Note: Only play this mission using FMsel or NewDarkloader as it crashes when playing via Darkloader.
    Hightowne Museum 2001 C2 Contest winner. A small museum heist in which you need to steal the 'Serpent's Eye' gem. A nice and easy lunchtime mission. Review
    His Own Medicine 2009 In this medium sized mission you've been set up for a murder by Taffey, so you need to take the body of Lady Goodheart to Taffey's place and inform the city watch so he can have a taste of his own medicine. Yet another gem of a city mission which is beautifully constructed and has everything in it that city mission fans what, including a fair dose of humour. Review
    Hole, The 2003 Investigate some tunnels under a prison to find craymen, bugbeasts, haunts, zombies and Mechanists. Simplistic architecture and gameplay abound, but there are a few tougher areas and the occasional shock.
    Home Sweet Home
    2017 Lady Rowena's final offering to the Thief community is a lovingly crafted medium sized city mission that was intended to be the 1st part of a trilogy, but sadly Lady Rowena passed away before the series was finished. Luckily this mission was already being alpha tested and was passed on to Yandros for testing and release. It stands as an excellent example of Lady R's storytelling abilities and is also a tribute to a much loved and greatly missed author. Comment
    Homeless Dude, The 2008 A very small contest mission that sadly does not finish as the objective 'Collect the Serpentile Torc' does not work unless you install Unna's dml Review 1 Review 2
    Contest Thread
    Homo Arbor 2005 Top quality medium sized mission in which you have to rescue Basso from Lord de Winter's estate, who is doing vile experiments. It's a very pretty mission, especially around the bridge area, but finding all the loot is not easy. The plot is a little simple but that doesn't matter as there's a nice twist at the end. Review 1 Review 2
    Horn, The 2002 A small, mansion heist in which you need to steal The Horn. The review says you have to ghost this mission, you don't as you can kill the guards but even that can be a bit tricky as there are not enough broadheads available. Review
    Horns of Canzo: Part 1
    A Long Way Up
    2004 Sterlino's majestically gorgeous FM is almost proof that if all FM's looked as good as this one does there would be no need for AAA games. Put simply you need to get to a hotel at the top of a mountain via a set of convoluted and fascinating buildings, tunnels, towers and sewers etc. It's complex, devious, difficult and enormous; and with a bucketful of objectives, puzzles, hidden levers and secrets it's a top class mission in every respect. Review
    Horns of Canzo: Part 2
    The Dragons Claw: Epilogue
    2010 Sterlino concludes his wonderful camapaign with a 2 mission FM that is as spectacularly stunning as HoC1. Mission 1 is set in a town and Mission 2 is set in Mario Lombardi's enormous villa with both missions being frighteningly difficult with obscure puzzles that often involve trial and error. However they are so well made, so good looking and so visually impressive you become obsessed with wanting to beat the game, so you may end up forgiving the author.....just!
    Horror in St Urbain 2010 A well made creepy little horror FM from Firemage. A friend has gone missing in the devastated town St. Urbain and you need to find out what happened to him.
    House of Random 2004 A really good contest mansion mission that's the size of a regular FM. It's a bit of a keyhunt and you may struggle to find all the loot but there are loads of clever ideas and it looks seriously impressive. So if you tend to avoid contest missions because you don't think they are proper missions think again! Comment
    Houserob 2006 TCrap contest mission. Of all the TCrap missions this one has got to be the most barking mad, hysterically funny and just super fun. That's if you can work out what your meant to do. Comment
    Hunting Treasure
    ND version available here
    2009 2 part FM from Cardia which is set on planet Neptune populated by haunts and orcs. Part 1 is mainly a sneak past the haunts to get to the crypts, whereas part 2 is a keyhunt/puzzle style mission. Comment
    Ice Base 1 2009 Futuristic style Mechanist FM from The Independant Thief in which you need to recover the plans of the X-Machine for the Keepers. It's not a difficult mission, but you may get a little lost searching the ice base which feels and looks like the inside of a submarine. Review
    In Dubio pro Garrett 2006 Lord Andre has stolen all your gear including The Horn of Quintus, time to get it all back in this city mission. The city itself is a bit basic in architecture and is easily navigated, but things get a lot tougher in the mansion with so many guards and watchers, and on hard difficulty you can only KO 5 people, whereas on expert your not allowed to KO anybody. Note: The 2 bonus objective do not work unless you install Unna's dml. Review 1 Review 2
    In Search of Leon
    Lord Ashton's series: Part 5
    2002 The mission in which Christine honed her style which was to become her trademark. Search the massive mansion of Sir Hrothgar von Hagan for a magic book and rescue your friend Leon at the same time. Stylistic throughout, Christine just about gets everything right including the difficulty level, giving players a great couple of hours of classic Thieving fun. Review 1 Review 2
    In these Enlightened Times 2006 A wonderful little mission for the water contest that has you searching a temple in some swamps looking for an Unholy Staff. It's not very big, but it's seriously realistic looking with some clever little puzzles, but the water is very murky indeed making it almost impossible to see where your going unless you find a means to light your way.
    Note 1: The item you need to use to light your way in the water may not work when playing via Newdark unless you install T2-Scripts Bundle in your T2/FMsel/WC_InTheseEnlightenedTimes folder.
    Note 2: You need to frob 3 anhks off 3 mages, however these anhks may not appear unless you install Unna's dml. See also this post for explaination.
    Contest Thread
    Incubus 2006 Total Crap Contest Winner, and a worthy winner at that. With a dozen or so different levels ranging from far too easy to WTF? This FM is a totally crazy fun from beginning to end. Even though you may not know what to do, or why, you'll enjoy every level, especially the Bafford manor level.
    Note: You can not save when playing, but if you let yourself die then each level will re-start. Also if you can't work out what to do and wish to move onto the next level just Ctl+Alt+Shift+End
    Review 1
    Insanity's Crescendo 2010 What starts off as a normal, albeit tough mansion mission suddenly transforms into a monstrously good puzzler FM that was obviously heavily influence by the OM Down in the Bonehoard or even T1 FM Sepulchre of the Sinistral. With an army of haunts to deal with, complex and very clever puzzles, a labyrinth from hell, a rather neat teleporting device and even Samoth herself. A lot was expected from Haplo after Unholy Vivid Innocence and he exceeded every expectation.
    Note: If playing via W7 when you first get into the basement you may come across a note that informs you that your NVScripts are not working and so you can not continue with the mission. If this occurs you need to install the all of the contents of the T2-Scripts_Bundle in your T2/FMsel/IC folder, regardless as to whether you already have installed this bundle of scripts in your main T2 root folder.
    Insurrection 2005 The undead have arisen from their graves and you have to go on a hunt to find the antedote in this hugely atmospheric city/mansion mission from Hipbreaker, who's use of coloured lighting adds massively to the overall great looks. The mission is all about exploration whilst avoiding the undead and various lethal traps. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3
    Insurrection, The
    KotP: Part 3
    2005 3rd mission in Frobber's Keeper of the Prophecies series is also a stand alone FM. You need to search a stunningly gorgeous, but humongously massive Cathedral to find the precursor time-travel device before the Mechanists destroy it. As with the previous mission Hallucinations, your also on a timer. Review 1 Review 2
    Into the Maelstrom 2004 C5 contest winner. Yet another super cool looking horror/mystery mission from Morrgan, in this one your stranded on a couple of boats in a dark and errie cave. Problem is the boats are crawling with undead pirates, so you need to find a way out of there and for a bonus release the undead from their misery. Review 1 Review 2
    Invasion (of Dr Death)
    2013 A halloween contest mission that uses the same enormous castle that was in Baffords Last Stand. The castle has been destroyed by a shower of meteorites with the arrival of Dr Death, who you have to find and destroy whilst avoiding all the undead. Some cool special effects and some well hidden levers make finding everything both fun and hard in equal measures. Voters Comments
    Inventors Tower, The 2001 A nice an easy small contest mission from Morrgan.
    Inverted Manse, The 2001 The godfather of all zombie missions is so good that the author Sledge was recruited as a designer to work on Thief 3. In this mission you head off to a Pagan manse to discover the origins of the Spirit Stone, but the really clever aspect of this FM is that the 3 different difficulties give you 3 totally different playing experiences, and you don't get to experience the whole of the FM until you have played all 3 levels, as different areas of the map open up depending on which level your playing. Full of zombies it can be very scary and there are also some really great puzzles. Overall it's superb fun and highly recommended, even to those who tend to avoid horror FM's. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3 Review 4
    Review 5 Review 6
    Iron Heart
    2016 FrenchDecay's entertaining first FM starts off with a relatively straight forward mansion heist and soon moves onto a very fun lost city FM, but to get there you need to do a fair bit of tomb raider style platform jumping over a ton of lava. Comment
    Iron Man
    Best Defense: Part 2
    2002 Sequel to Best Defense this is an enjoyable but straight forward mansion mission which mixes up Hammerites and Mechanists. Just make sure you have enough moss arrows, as there are a lot of very noisy floors. Comment
    Island of Iron: Part 1
    Fortress of Steel
    2003 Part 6 of the Quick Cash series and sequel to Brawl in the Tombs is a small Mechanist mission in which your after a Mechanist called Friend Arbez. Thankfully there's not metal floor in sight.
    Island of Iron: Part 2
    2003 Final part of John D.'s Quick Cash series has you searching a huge old Hammerite fort now occupied by the Mechanists, for your final confrontation with Friend Arbez.
    Island of Madness, The 2007 Masters of Horror Contest mission by Nicked has you on a mysterious island searching a ruined village looking for some weapons whilst avoiding a load of undead 'shades' before getting to the King's tomb to confront the boss. There's a fair bit of hack & slash in dealing with the shades and the boss is great fun. Review
    Island of Sorrow
    2013 Winner of the Halloween Contest 2013. A small and very creepy puzzler mission in which you need to search a house to find a small child who disappeared on the island many years ago. Voters Comments
    I Got to be Free
    2001 Relatively easy prison escape mission once you have found your blackjack and sword, but seeing there's a myriad of secret tunnels and there are too many cell blocks that look exactly the same, finding your weapons is the hardest part of this mission.
    Note: There is a minor issue in this mission with one item of loot going into a separate inventory, which is fixed by a dml by Unna Oertdottir, available here.
    Jarlson Manor, The
    aka Assassin
    2003 An unfinished mansion mission which is a huge pity as the mansion is aesthetically pleasing. Sadly in the original version you could not save, most arrows do not work, the objectives do not show on screen and it's prone to crashing. However a lot of these issues were fixed by Yandros and is available here, but you still can't finish the mission as some of the objective items are missing.
    Jenivere De Ja Vu
    Love Story 0
    2003 An impressively large and complex, classic style, city mission, especially as this was John Denison's first FM. Jenivere has been arrested and you need to find her, but be warned there are a lot of city watch looking for you and finding all the loot is not easy, so explorers will enjoy every minute of it.
    Note: John Denison later used the same city map for his 2nd mission A Love Story, which was followed by 5 more Love Story missions, so this mission soon also became known as Love Story 0.
    Jewel of Ghandaru, The
    aka Klejnot Ghandara
    2006 A small and pretty looking mansion mission that's only available with Polish readables but it's easy enough to finish without being able to read Polish, but you can find the translated objectives here.
    Note: When playing on expert one of the objectives, The Fallen Star, does not check off when you pick it up unless you install Unna's dml.
    Job Well Done, A
    2015 R. Soul has made some great missions and this is arguably his best, being a superbly complex roof top/city mission. The city's design is fantastic and finding everything, less alone completing all the objectives is a mammouth task as you'll end up back tracking time and again and still end up being completely lost. Comment
    John Dosios Compound
    ND version available here
    2008 An arena fighting FM from Cardia that's set on the planet Venus. Cleverly when playing on the easiest difficulty you are part of a team, but on higher difficulties your on your own, and that's for serious die hard fighting fans only. Review
    JoKer, The 2006 TCrap mission which has a rather good toilet joke, a very trippy fall down a pit and a clever ending. All in all an enjoyable 30 minutes of fun. Comment
    Journey into the Underdark 2010 A Dungeons & Dragons adventure style FM from Intruder in which you choose your character (warrior, archer or mage) and fight an array of custom enemies (ogres, giants, goblins, trolls & spiders) as you make your way through Glitterstone mine. It's not easy, especially when playing as a mage (who uses spells as weapons) but it's done brilliantly, looks fantastic and has replay stamped all over it. Review
    Just another Hole 2003 A one minute wonder.
    Just Friends: Part 1 2004 A decent first mission by bassmanret is a large city FM, if a bit old skool in looks. Janine, who you are just friends with, has been taken for interrogation by Lord Bile. This is an explorers FM with a lot of the buildings being accessed by unconventional routes and the not so obvious jumps across the rooftops, in order to achieve all your objectives. Comment
    Just Friends: Part 2 2010 In part 2 you need to find a rescue Janine from Lord Biles estate. Although not as technically impressive as a lot of other missions, this is a cracking good classic style mansion FM with 23 objectives in total, a lot of which are optional, and the music not bad either. Comment
    Just for Show 2002 All you need to do is just steal a rare book off a merchant staying at the local inn, without setting off any alarms, in this city/inn mission. This is classic Thief gameplay, if a little tough on higher difficulties, but both the city and the inn look beautiful so it will give you a couple of very satisfying hours of old fashioned sneak-in and grab all the loot fun. Review 1 Review 2
    Just My Luck
    2016 A small but rather good keyhunt/city mission by Grandmauden. Cobbleton Square, in the heart of Stonemarket, has recently seen a number of ghosts appear and you need to find a way to break the curse. For a first mission this is a high quality FM with a lot packed into a small map that shows the author had a lot of promise for later missions. Review
    Voters Comments
    Just take a Look 2003 Any mission by uncadonego is worth playing, this one being a manion mission. Beautifully contructed, it's a rather large mansion that's not too difficult to navigate but finding all the secrets may be harder. At least you can enjoy Vivaldi's Four Seasons whilst your nicking all the loot. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3
    Karras Apartments 2006 Easy to play 10 minute wonder. Review
    Karras' Diary
    Prophecies of Gold
    2002 Karras is dead, but the Mechanists are using a 'Flesh Transmuter' to turn all the Mechanists into almost indestructable robots. So you need to destroy this machine and find Karras' last diary in this very enjoyable but really quite tough city FM that including warehouses, a church, rooftops, tunnels, Karras' home and a lot of crate stacking. Comment
    Karrassinian Threat, The 2001 Civil war is on the cards as the various factions fall out in the city of Karrassina, which lies below sea level, so you need to find some Mechanist technology to stop this madness. A massive and complex city on various levels that will keep you exploring for a good few hours. Review
    Keep of Deceit
    Elemental Bane: Part 1
    2007 A Keeper inspired city mission from The Immortal Thief. Keeper Troy has asked you to investigate the mysterious happenings at the Daleville's Keeper Compound in this very pretty and well made mission that has just about everything in it that city mission fans love. With a strong plot this is an immersive FM that's not to be missed. Review 1 Review 2 Review 3
    Keeper of Infinity
    Part 1: Bad Venture
    2014 Soul Tear's original version of his spectacularly pretty mission is a complex city mission that is both incredibly hard and prone to severe frame lagging in some areas, even with powerful computers. ST hides levers in obscure locations, gives vague clues as to what to do next and designs his missions to make them as hard as he can manage, but it is just stunningly good looking and worth perservering with, even if you have to refer to a walkthrough regularly. Comment
    Keeper of Infinity Campaign
    Parts 1 & 2:
    Bad Venture & Raven's Nest
    2016 Soul Tears upgraded KoI is a 2 part FM. 'Bad Venture' uses the same map as the original KoI but is significantly changed with a huge number of new objectives, again mostly with obscure clues and a very complex plot. 'Raven's Nest' starts off using the 'Bad Ventures' map in which you need to find a way to get to the 2nd city area. Overall it's an astonishingly beautiful mission but the vagueness of the clues and complexity of the map leads to confusion and frustration. This is possibly one of the hardest thief FM ever.
    Note: Soul Tear also released a 'lite' version for those players with lower spec computers as this FM is massively graphics intensive.
    Keeper of the Prophecies
    Campaign: Parts 1-9
    2005 The full 9 part dark campaign from Frobber about loss and pain. The best 3 missions are parts 1-3 (The Enterprise, Hallucinations & The Insurrection) which are also all available as individual FM's (see seperate entries for details), the rest of the missions are usually rather small, sometimes a bit odd, and certainly make up only a small part of the overalll gameplay experience. Review
    Keeper of the Prophecies
    Parts 5-9
    2005 The final 5 parts of Frobber's KoP campaign available in one zip....see above for details. Review
    Keeper Investigations 2008 Intruder's 5 part campaign is a monstrously large and truly stupendous FM that has got everything, and a bit more of what you want. From cities to docks, ships to puzzles, mysterious islands to caves. With loot galore, along with top notch music, this campaign will get your juices going, and satisfy your thieving desires for a week or more. Pt 1 Review Pt 1 Review
    Pt 2 Review Pt 2 Review
    Pt 3 Review Pt 3 Review
    Pt 4 Review Pt 5 Review
    Keepers are Thirsty, The 2002 Steal a bottle of Guiness for the Keepers, but first you have to navigate 2 small mazes to find and frob 8 levers in this small contest FM. Review
    Keepers Betrayal, A 2003 The original mission that was later massively upgraded and re-released as Keep of Deceit: Bane 1 (see above). Keeper Troy has been arrested leading you to uncover treason within the Keepers organisastion. A fun and immersive city/Keepers FM from The Immortal Thief. Review
    Keepers Medallion 2015 A small mansion FM from Vincentlancon. Comment
    Keyhunt 2006 SSR contest winner. Don't be put off by the word 'keyhunt'. Yes you need to find 4 keys but the essence of this small crypt mission by Eshaktaar is a top quality puzzler FM. There are few enemies to worry about and it's beautifully made considering the contest only allowed stock resourses to be used. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3
    Kidnap 2017 A re-imagining of The Lost City OM for the Strange Venture contest, this time it's patrolled by fire burricks & other strange yet familiar creatures. Comment
    Kill Factory 2006 TCrap contest mission. A very silly but fun cartoon FM in which you need to sack all the lazy workers. Comment
    Kill Factory II:
    Escape from the Planet
    of the Robots
    2007 Where Kill Factory 1 was a small mission made for a contest, Kill Factory 11 is a much bigger but still very neat little cartoon FM in which your on a spaceship. It's a bundle of fun so don't take it too seriously! Review 1 Review 2
    Kill the Guard 2006 TCrap contest mission. All you need to do is kill a bouncing guard, however that's really not easy, but it was made for the Total Crap contest, so what did you expect. Comment
    Kindred Vault, The 2008 A small tomb FM made for the Thief Anniversary contest. There's a few nice touches but overall it's really quite easy, if a bit predictable. Review 1 Review 2
    Contest Thread
    King Abedzen's Tomb
    2015 A small tomb FM from Yandros, with a great atmoshpere and some nice little puzzles to entertain you. Review
    2014 Atmospheric city/mansion mission by Eternuta. During a snow storm you need to steal 3 priceless paintings from 3 different Counts in the massive town of Kingsbridge that has been infected with the plague, giving you a multitude of optional objectives to rid the town of the plague as well. It's beautifully made, but there's a lot of backtracking involved to complete all your objectives. Comment
    King's Story 2010 4 years in the making and Zontik's extraordinary FM is both loved and loathed in equal measure. It's stupendous beautiful (it's based on the fantasy Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany) and it's extraordinarily difficulty. It's stuffed full of really difficult tasks, such as getting into the castle to begin with and finding an essential to use rope arrow, along with obscure clues, pixel searching keyhunts and super sensitive guards, so the frustration levels in this FM can be high. But it is staggeringly good and with 8 different ending it's not surprising it is regularly cited as one of those mission you have to play. Part 1 Review
    Part 2 Review

    Full Review 1
    Full Review 2
    Klejnot Ghandaru 2006 See....Jewel of Ghandaru, The
    Konkurrenten 2004 Proof that some of the less well known missions are really quite good is this mission from Rostvogel. Although not particularly difficult to find your way around it's has an impressively large map that includes a lost city style area, mines, Mechanists and a rather sumptuous mansion.
    Korrigans, The
    aka Goblins, The
    L'Arsene: Part 3
    2004 Part 3 of GaŽtane's acclaimed L'Arsene series is most well known for the evil little goblin type enemies The Korrigans, who are as fast as lightening and as lethal as cobras. The mission is a city FM, with a mansion, a warehouse, some thieves and docks to deal with, it's huge fun and arguably the best in the series. Review 1 Review 2
    L'Arsene: Part 1
    2003 1st part of GaŽtane's wonderful series of the same name, is a classic city mission in which you need to track down L'Arsene, a local thief who has stolen your gear. It's a bit of a keyhunt, but not in a pixel hunting way, and as you explore the city you get to learn more and more about your nemesis, who we will obviously meet again in the other 3 missions. Review 1
    La Fete du Voleur
    Thief's Christmas Eve, The
    2009 Firemage's first city FM looks like it was made all the way back in 1999 with simplistic buildings, textures and a whole army of bugs, but it's good fun as you get to knock out hoards of citizens doing their final christmas shopping, whilst you search for the invisibility machine.
    Lady Lisa's Harbor 2004 bbb doesn't make great missions that win awards, but he does make great mission that are a bundle of fun. In this mission you have to turn on the lights of the lighthouse, but to do that you have to get through the docks, some warehouses, Lady Lisa's castle and some caves all done in T1 style with some T1 creatures. There's lots of loot to find and hidden areas everywhere, simply put it's an explorers delight. Comment
    Lady Lomat's Flute
    2013 This is a small mansion FM that is an updated version of Lord Lomat's Flute that was released in 2001
    Lady Mossy 2009 Seeing this was an entrant to the vertical contest there's not a lot of vertical climbing, but it is a smallish mansion FM in which you have to break into a Pagan woman's home and steal her sceptre, however finding your way into the house in the first place is a bit tricky. Review 1 Review 2
    Lady Sakura's Dragon Eye 2002 A nice an easy small mansion FM.
    Tales from the Cleft: Part 2
    2010 A massive and complex city mission from Balboa in which you need to steal the Mallet of Righteousness from the Hammerites, but first you need to break your friend, Fat Timmy, out from the city watch. Along with some great puzzles and a host of other objectives, there's a serial killer on the loose so the city watch are sometimes super sensitive and there's an optional quest to find 16 near-invisible Hammer symbols. Overall it's a superb mission that will give you hours of Thieving fun, but don't expect to find everything, especially the near-invisible Hammer symbols on first play.
    Note: The forum states there are a few bugs in this mission some of which can 'break' the objectives if you do things in the wrong order, so you are advised to hard save often.
    Lady Whitman's Disease 2000 In it's day a very much loved smallish city/mansion mission that was previously released as T1 mission. It's not difficult but some of the sneaking in the mansion can be frustratingly hard. Review 1 Review 2
    Last Caress 2007 Masters of Horror contest mission set in b&w in which there's a killer on the loose that you need to find, as well as saving a small girl. Although not very scary or very Thiefy, it's full of deadly traps and worth a look just to experience the wide variety of gameplay that the Dark engine has produced.. Comment
    Last Gleaming of the Rising Sun 2005 Neat little undead mansion FM from the novice contest. Just avoid all the zombies and haunts, grab the loot and get out of there. Comment
    Last Lighthouse Keeper, The 2011 Hugely popular and superb murder mystery mission by Eternauta. Set in a creepy and sometimes gloomy mansion in which you have to find various objects and clues in order to solve the mystery of who killed the last lighthouse keeper Brian McHarty. The mansion is complex and confusing, and it doesn't help that it is occupied by Hammerites, whilst at the same time paranormal activity adds to the suspense. Review
    Last Stand 2002 Rather basic in looks small mission in which you need to get to a ship and kill the captain. It's all very easy with only finding The Horn at the end a bit on the tricky side. Comment
    League of Grim Thieves,The 2009 Nice little town mission that starts off in the rain soaked countryside where you need to get past some apebeasts, before arriving at town and heading off to the Hammerite church. The only real challenge is finding all the loot. The author intend for a sequel, sadly it never saw the light of the day.
    Legend of the Four Elements 2008 First of 3 great looking and sometimes quite tricky puzzle missions from Theker. In this first one your in a lovely looking mansion where need to find 4 elements (talismen stones) in order to collect the Plate of the Four Elements. Review
    Legend of the Four Elements II:
    The Last Hope
    2008 Next up you need to steal The Book of Ash from The Palace of Souls. This is one seriously pretty little town, the puzzles are not hard, apart from one maybe, and there are even some tanks to admire. Overall a beautiful mission. Review
    Legend of the Four Elements III 2011 The final and most complex of Theker's puzzle series. In this one you need 'To Escape the Darkness', in reality this means finding your way through a series of corridors and sewers, finding hidden buttons, keys etc and solving lots of clever puzzles all whilst avoiding a number of traps. It's rather like a homage to Amnesia: Dark Descent so expect a few good scares. Comment
    Lesson Learned, A 2003 The one and only mission from Balrog is a well made small town & mansion FM with some well hidden loot, it's a pity we did not see any more missions from this promising author. Comment
    Librarian, The
    Librarian series: Part 1
    2007 Prequel to the 2017 Spear of Destiny has you scouring a huge library, that's protected by Mechanist turrets, looking for 4 talismen in order to access the Spear of Destiny itself. Of course being a mission by Nightshifter all the talimen are beyond puzzles such as mazes, but don't worry there's nothing too difficult and it's an overall good fun mission. Review 1 Review 2
    Library, The: Part 1
    The Town
    2003 First of 5 intended missions by Wizard. An old skool town FM being simple in both gameplay and architecture. Note: One of the objectives does not check off unless you install Unna's dml
    Library, The: Part 2
    The Basement
    2003 The second mission in the series is even more basic than the first, just a set of large, mainly empty rooms, in which you need to complete a number of objectives, none of which are difficult to find.
    Note: Part 3-5 (Floors 1-3) were never finished, but the unfinished levels were released in which you can wander around the upper floors of the library, but there are no objectives or AI's. Download links here.
    Library of Babel, The 2011 A small puzzler mission from Haplo & Pink Dot. The mission takes place during the events of A Sorrowful Farewell in which you need to find your way out of a hexagonal library. The puzzles of not very difficult but you do need to think out of the box for a couple of them.
    Life of the Party: Winter Edition
    2013 An OM port by sNeaksieGarrett of the very popular thieves highway T2 mission, but this time set during a snow storm. There's not a lot of changes from the original mission but is done exceptionally well with Newdark giving this great mission a wonderful new look.
    Lingering Whispers 2011 A wonderfully massive and ambitious mission from Scarykitties in which Garrett has to break into a Mechanist warehouse, that was built on top of some old catacombs, but finds a lot more than he bargained for. There is a ton of objectives in this mission, some being optional, loads of secret passages and lots of interesting things to see and do. It's an exploring type mission but you may get a little frustrated with all the jumping between crates and a few other gameplay issues. Comment
    Living Nightmare 2006 Hospital based FM in which you have to get to the top of the bell tower to get to the fire turrets to fight off the archers attacking the hospital. Of course being Thief there's a crypt under the hospital, with undead roaming about and there are both guards and Hammerites patrolling the place. But it's by John Denison and anything by John Denison is certainly worth playing.
    Note: This FM contains scenes and story that are not appropriate for children or for those that wish to not see or read about disturbing incidents.
    Review 1 Review 2
    Long Way Down, A 2006 TCrap contest FM. There's nothing crap about this little FM. You start off at the top of some very tall buildings and have to get down to street level. It's best fun to play on expert as there are a lot more guards to avoid. As a personnel challenge, see if you can do it without losing any life. Comment
    Looking for Info
    DarkStone Gem
    Chapter 1: Mission 2
    2010 A superbly built city/thieves highway FM that is also part 2 of DarkStone Gem: Part 1 series that will entertain you all night long whilst clambering all over the place looking for a way into the wonderfully atmospheric Mechanists church. The Pagan manor is particularly gorgeous, but you are advised to enter the Mechanist church before you have completed all the other objectives as the mission ends the moment you enter and so you will not get to admire Darkmax's architecture otherwise. Comment
    Lord Alan's Basement
    Lord Alan series: Part 1
    2002 A fabulous introduction to Andrea Aleotti's Lord Alan series that was first released as a TG mission. You have to navigate around a large basement to get into Lord Alan's music room. Along the way there's a maze to deal with, a highly memorable elevator built into a wooden structure, the Horn of Quintus and Hand of Glory to collect, and on expert there's a mausoleum. With some great puzzles spread across the confusing map be prepared to get lost regularly. Comment
    Lord Alan's Factory
    Lord Alan series: Part 3
    2007 Andrea Aleotti Lord Alan's Factory is probably the largest FM ever made - It's huge, it's like one massive maze and it just keeps going on and on and on. It even takes more than 10 seconds to fall down the central shaft from the top to the bottom. You have to defuse 7 bombs and read a number of the Builders Scriptures, but seeing this is all timed on expert you may wish to play on easy or hard instead, but don't be put off by the size as it is a truly impressive piece of work. Review
    Lord Alan's Fortress
    Lord Alan series: Part 2
    2003 Arguably the best of the Lord Alan series, this mission is set in a vast castle that is stunning to behold from the opening screen to the end credits. Meticulously planned even down to the guard placement, the castle is stuffed full of secrets, great readables, puzzles and good old eye-candy. All you really need to do is find The Cube, and play it of course. Comment
    Lord Ashton 2002 see Visit to Lord Ashton.
    Lord Ashton Series, The 2003 8 part campaign by Christine. This was Christine's first campaign and as a general rule each mission gets better as the campaign progresses. Missions include A Visit To Lord Ashton's, A Night's Stroll, Escape!, Revenge, In Search Of Leon, The Secret Of Sir Stefan, A Winter's Night and The Wedding Of Sir Andre.....see individual entries Review
    Lord Bafford's Manor 2004 Labelled as a demo, in fact this is a T2 version of the Thief 1 OM, available at Darkfate here
    Lord Bafford's Secret
    2013 Darthslair nearly retired after making this mission but thankfully he didn't. It's a nostalic remake of Lord Bafford's Manor from the original TDP. In this version you start off in a prison cell and need to find 15 vault keys, along with a bunch of other keys, recover the Book of Secrets, save a servant girl and discover Lord Bafford's source of riches.
    Lord Beltzer's Mansion
    Reunification: Part 2
    2011 Beltzer's second mission is a small mansion mission but is a massive step up from his first mission Ransom. In it you need to break into Lord Beltzer's vault and relieve him of all his loot. Amusingly one of the guards has a peg leg. Comment
    Lord Burkhard
    English version here
    2000 A very basic 10 minute wonder that was originally only available in German. Break into Lord Burkhard's manor, free Garrett's friend and kill Lord Burkhard.
    Note: You can not save when playing this mission, but it's so small it should not cause any real issues.
    Lord Fishkills Curse 2003 In Shadowspawn's follow up mission to hugely popular T1 mission, Lorgan's Web, Lord Fishkill puts a curse on Garrett and he needs to find a way to remove it. Using the OM Life of a Party as a base, this is a city/thieves highway mission in which you come across haunts, mages, a necromancer, a librarian, Discworld references and an army of bizarre creatures. With a host of technical special effects, great humour and a riveting plot this fun mission will captivate you from beginning till the end. Comment
    Lord Gibson's Estate 2006 A really very good and enjoyable medium sized mansion mission in which you need to find the legendary 'Book of Ash' in the catacombs. Nothing to complex or difficult but the keys are spread far and wide.
    Lord Hammerarse's Manor 2006 A basic old skool mansion heist, it's neither large or difficult but the author includes locks that take forever to unpick.
    Lord James' Retreat 2003 An early FM from John Denison is a medium sized mansion mission in which the master of the house appears to be testing the trustworthiness of his children, whilst you need to find a way to steal the Golden Skull. Comment
    Lord Lomat's Flute 2001 A small mansion FM that was later upgraded to ND and re-released as Lady Lomat's Flute. Review
    Lord Maguire Estates 2003 Old Skool town FM set in the winter snow. There's only 4 buildings to break into and it's all very easy.
    Note: Only play on Pickpocket, otherwise the objectives do not work.
    Lord Matt 2003 A very well designed city/castle FM in which the buildings are wonderfully all jumbled up. You need to find Lord Matt and kill him, find out what evil experiments he is conducting and steal the potion X. Thankfully the Hammerites on your side, but there's enough guards and Mechanists to deal with yourself.
    Lord of the Thieves:
    Attack of the Orcs
    2008 Orcs have taken over the city of Nahoras and the Keepers want you to recover an ancient sword. If you didn't already know Orcs are not easy to kill, so sneaking past them is the best strategy, but with huge open spaces and rooms that's not too problematic as you work your way through the city to the mines. Review 1 Review 2
    Lost Castle, The
    ND version available here
    2009 A castle from earth has disappeared and ended up on planet Jupiter, so the Keepers send you there to retrieve the Emerald of Life. A huge castle FM with enormous rooms from Cardia. As with other mission from this author there is a fair bit of fighting to do. Review
    Lost City, The 2003 Labelled as a demo, in fact this is a T2 conversion of the T1 original mission available at Darkfate here.
    Lost Crusade, The 2007 Landing on foreign shores to explore ancient ruins you first need to pass through a wonderfully beautiful 'mediterranean look' town stuffed full of crusaders, pirates and guards before getting to the caves and ruins which are just as good looking. There's not a lot to the plot, but when a mission looks this good it really doesn't matter. Note: Most of the bugs mentioned in the reviews seem to have disappeared when playing via Newdark Review 1 Review 2
    Lost in the Far Edges
    2014 Soul Tear's stunning debut announced him as an author with a serious talent for making staggeringly beautiful missions, but he also made this mission as difficult as he could, often forcing players to make frustrating trial and error decisions to progress further, but for those who do persist they are rewarded with possibly the most gorgeous forest in FM history. Voters Comments
    Lost Souls 2006 Dayport is flooding and you need to get out of town with Basso, Jenivere and her family, but first you need to find them in this small but beautifully crafted, water soaked mansion FM that was an entrant for the water contest. Review
    Contest Thread
    Love Story 0 2003 See...Jenivere De Ja Vu.
    Note: John Denison went on to make 6 missions in his Love Story series after making this mission, so after a while Jenivere De Ja Vu which was the precursor of the series also became known as Love Story 0.
    Love Story I 2004 The official start of John Denison's Love Story series uses the same map from Jenivere De Ja Vu, but this time it's winter and it's snowing. You need to return a ring to Jeni, which means scouring a wonderful, if familiar, city to find all the hidden loot and ensure Jeni's love life continues. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3
    Love Story II 2005 John and Jeni's love story continues because in the previous Love Story 1 you gave the ring to the wrong Jeni, meaning you have to recover it first and then find the right Jeni. Split into 2 city missions, the first using the same map as before, the second being a new area entirely, but both missions are great fun and explorers delights. Review 1 Review 2
    Love Story III 2007 Arguably the best mission in the series is yet another city mission, with more John and Jeni hiccups you need to sort the lovers out (again), champange and flowers should do the trick. The city is superb, the lighting fantastic and the wonderful residents bring the whole mission to life. Review 1 Review 2
    Love Story IV 2007 With John having been kidnapped you need to follow the trail of blood through the fog enshrouded slums to get to the abandoned Hammerite compound. Another classy city mission from John Denison, this time introducing puzzles into the Love Story series, and with a great plot the series just gets better and better. Review 1 Review 2
    Love Story V: Part 1
    2013 John's love life is yet another excuse for John Denison to deliver a new mission, this time in glorious Newdark. Set in a town, with a nice rural feel about it, you are tasked with finding a number of romantic trinkets including a diamond, a heart shaped chocolate box, a Dewdrop and a love story book.
    Love Story V: Part 2
    2016 John's love story series finally comes to an end when he eventually gets to marry in an abandoned temple and you need to get the box of chocolates and the diamond to the altar on time. This being an ancient building however, so there's bound to be a number of puzzles and secrets to uncover along the way. A superb mission to end a wonderful series. Comment
    Lovely Night, A 2006 Caradavin has made some lovely little missions and this is a prime example. It's a small mansion and there's no objectives apart from nicking the loot, but it's made well, looks great and will give you a couple of hours of thieving fun. Review
    Lucky Hand, A
    2015 A town mission that involves a party at the Ramirez Mansion, a bank, a Thieves den and some caves where the evil Murkella lurks. Throw in a few complex puzzles, a load of objectives and some well hidden loot and this is classic Darthslair, his entrant to the word challenge contest and possibly his last ever mission. Voters Comments
    Lucrative Opportunity 2001 An simplistic old skool city mission that's huge. You can't break into most of the buildings, it's basic architecture just has to been seen, and some of the guards are rubbish..... but it's brilliant fun, it goes on for ever and there are parts that are just superb in a silly sort of way, like the market place. So play it without judgement and you'll enjoy good old fashioned taffing.
    Note: The read-me file needs to be opened manually, where it informs you of a number of texture issues, these however appear to have been resolved with Newdark.
    Mad as a Hatter 2003 A really fun mansion style mission set in a lunatic asylum where you have to rescue Timothy. Trouble is Timothy is in the cells which are patrolled by a small army of super sensitive guards. Seeing you are only allowed 3 knock outs on legend (expert) difficulty, maybe only hardcore taffers are brave enough to be legends. Review
    Mage Towers, The 2003 Labelled as a demo, in fact this is a T2 conversion of the T1 original mission available at Darkfate here.
    Mainshock T2 2002 An unconventional mission from JIS. Mainshock is huge and just like JIS's T1 Hammer & Garrett all you really need to do is find your way to the end of the map, but that is not easy. With only 4 keys and 4 pieces of loot to find, along with a precursor mask, the frustration comes from getting completely lost and not having a clue what to do next, but it's great fun as in many ways JIS bamboozles you with the bizarre and ludicrous. Comment
    Makiko 2002 JIS' sadistic FM set in a castle type structure in which you need to kill aunty, but she's protected by an almost infinite number of guards and almost everybody is nigh on impossible to kill, strange though it may sound it actually rather good fun. Note: The mission does not finish unless you install Unna's dml Comment
    Making Tracks
    TTGM: Part 4
    2002 4th mission in The Tricksters Gem Mines series by belboz is a huge FM that will take you hours to complete. Starting off in some train sidings with a number of warehouses you need to work your way down through some mines to an underground village, trouble is it's very easy to get utterly lost and confused but it's superb. Comment
    Mann Mansion 2006 A tiny and very easy mansion FM. Review 1 Review 2
    Mask, The 2008 A small mansion style mission set around a courtyard. Review
    Mask of Agamemnon, The
    ND version available here
    2006 Yandros & Gumdrop's homage to Tomb Raider has Garrett going all Lara Croft in this brilliantly executed small tomb FM. Comment
    Masque of the Red Death, The 2004 A gorgeous looking and very funny small mission where the Red Death has killed everyone at the party. Review
    McLeod's Revenge 2004 A huge and rather soulless FM, with massive rooms that all look the same. You need to find 4 talismen and then escape to the 'awesome' Kingdom in the Clouds.
    Note: Ricebugs walk states that the final objective does not work, but this is incorrect, see here.
    Mech Angelo
    ND version available here
    2010 Ricebug has made some seriously good missions, this being one of them. In it a greedy 'man of god' has taken over a local church and the rumours are that he is after some long lost artifacts. So it's up to you to get them before the Reverend does, and rescue Mech Angelo whilst your about it. Review
    Mechanist Cathedral, The 2005 A huge Cathedral in a small mission, all you need to do is find the Hand of Glory and admire the red sky of course. Comment
    Mechanist Facility
    ND version available here
    2008 Garrett's sent to a prison facility on the planet of Mercury where he must fight for his life to survive. A combat fighting FM from Cardia, if you enjoy this type of mission you'll enjoy it, if you don't you may not want to bother. Review
    Mechanists on the Rise
    2013 See.....The Rise of the Mechanists
    Mechbank 2005 Winner of the novice contest. A small map with a couple of tough puzzles, one of which involves a very complicated numerical calculation. Review 1 Review 2
    Medal Age, The 2006 TCrap FM. A frenetic race to find the Keepers medalions in a techni-coloured map. Comment
    For a Better Tomorrow: Pt 1
    2004 A small town keyhunt mission in which you need to find a number of books that will lead you to your father. It's really quite good but the author built the map with some very restrictive spaces which makes some of the locations a bit odd. Comment
    Melancholy in Porto
    ND version available here
    2009 A loothunt based on the authors home town of Porto in Portugal, which is beautifully re-enacted in a modernist looking FM, but the loot requirement is quite high, so you'll need to find all of those coins scattered around the place. Comment
    Melian's Method 2001 A small mansion mission that was also a contest entrant, but it's quite tough getting past some of the guards. Review
    Memoirs of a Dead God 2008 A superb mansion mission in 2 parts by Nicked. In the first mission you need to case Lord Morego's mansion before attempting to steal a book in the second mission, but that all goes horribly wrong as you discover there's something all rather Paganish about Lord Morego. Review 1 Review 2
    Midday Eclipse 2009 Sequel to Midday Escape as well as a contest FM, this is a small loot hunt style mission set in a mediterranean looking town. Just make sure you check under every wardrobe for the last of those coins. Comment
    Midday Escape 2004 Small contest mission set in a mediterranean looking town in which you need to cross the town twice whilst avoiding the frighteningly lethal archers. Review
    Mighty Joe Young 2004 Brian Gleason, aka bbb, found his trademark with this his second mission. A huge sprawling map that includes just about everything, and more, in a fun packed mission that has you enraptured for hours as you explore every nook and cranny. There may not be much of a plot, but that really doesn't matter with a mission this enjoyable. Comment
    Mind Master 2002 Ok, so it's only a demo that was also an entrant to the c3 contest, but you should still check out Komag's technical masterpiece and play the boardgame Mastermind. Review
    Mine Affairs
    Mine Saga series: Part 2
    2009 Small mansion mission in which you need to steal the deeds to the Darkstone mine.
    Warning: This FM contains scenes of nudity.
    Mine Saga
    2013 ND release of all 4 Mine Saga missions in one zip. Includes Darkstone Mine, Mine Affairs, Bonds of Mine & Mine Saga's End.....see individual entries.
    Mirror, The 2008 An ambitious and complex city mission by Zontik in which you awake from a dream about a mirror. Finding the mirror however is not easy, especially on expert, as a number of the puzzles need reflecting on before you see the solution. Technically very impressive, and it looks superb, but it's not without its faults including some hard to understand readables. Review 1 Review 2
    Mirror of Return, The 2010 Sequel to Ultima Ratio, this is a 3 part FM based around a lost civilization fortress in which you are tasked by Keeper Larius to find out what happened to the fortress's previous occupants. Via puzzles and a bit of time travelling you'll explore the spectacular fortress and surrounding area as well as dealing with the thieves who now occupy this domain. Comment
    Mission 3 2006 Actually released in 2016 this is the only mission that was finished from the intended 5 mission Shadows of the Past series by Kamon. Co-authored by Christine, she released it after finding it on her HD. It's a typically huge Christine mansion FM with a strong plot and loads of delicious food lying about. Comment
    Mission with No Name, A 2003 A gem of a mission, being a small compact contest city mission. It's impressive for how much can be packed into such a small map. Review
    Mission X 2003 See..........CoSaS: Mission X
    Mistress Guennean's Castle
    Reunification: Part 3
    2011 Beltzer's 3rd mission that is even better looking than his last. This time it's a small tombs and mansion FM that's has a few haunts and guards, but with nothing too difficult to find. Comment
    Mistrz 2002 A very small one street city FM in which you need to find a book.
    Mixed Messages 2003 A complex and difficult city/mansion mission by Uncadonego. The city is mainly a loot hunt and is not architecturally that good looking but the real difficulties occur in the rest of the mission where you'll come across a number of obscure puzzles that are almost impossible to solve unless you have found and read every scroll, a number of which are very well hidden. Possibly only for hard core puzzle fans who enjoy pixel hunting for loot, levers and scrolls. Review
    Monastery of St. Fera 2003 T2 conversion of the classic 1999 T1 mission by Colin Ireland.
    Monster Arena 2013 Tough arena style fighting mission by sNeaksieGarrett that is set up for multiplayer gameplay.
    Morbid Curiosity
    2016 A stunning debut mission from punky brunster that has you having to complete a host of objectives and quests as you get completely lost exploring this massive city. Stuffed full of custom objects, hidden areas, some clever puzzles and a fair few drunk guards, this mission will entertain you for hours. The Gallery is especially impressive. Review
    More Time to Foil Karras 2000 A rather basic both in looks and gameplay, but still a good old fashioned, classic style city mission with a whole range of buildings and areas to explore. However there are a rather large number of guards, a lot of whom have metal helmets so don't expect to be able to ghost this one.
    Mortuos Liber
    2014 A sometimes tough, modern looking, horror puzzler FM from Beltzer. Starting off in a town you need to find your way, via some clever puzzles into the run down creepy cottage across the bridge where you need to deal with a Mage ghost and a zombie in order to collect the Mortuos Liber, the Book of the Dead. Comment
    Moth to a Flame 2004 A superb city mission in which there has been a bank robbery and you have been set up....again. Time to recover the loot and find out who's really behind the robbery. The city is a wonderful mish mash of buildings with a medieval look to it, having loads of narrow alleyways, dead ends, high access windows and sewers. An explorers delight. Review
    Mother's Love, A 2002 A mother gets her revenge, because you hit her son over the head with a blackjack, and so you have to fight for your life in this combat arena FM. Just make sure you visit the secret room before you enter the arena won't you!
    Mountain Maya
    Son of Dejavu: Part 1
    2010 Zoro's first mission is set in a Mechanist facility underneath a mountain. For a first FM it's very well built, if a little linear and simplistic, there are also a number of haunts you have to kill as you can't sneak past them. Comment
    Mountain Monastery, The 2006 A nice and easy mission from Christine. Starting off in a small village below the monastery you need to get up to the monastery to find the High Priest. Beautifully made it's neither large or too difficult. Review
    Mr Turmoil
    2014 A concept FM from Cardia which uses 3D imagery to reveal codes, however even when disabling EP2, as advised by the author, a number of people still can't see the 3D images.
    Mr J's Ring 2001 A small contest city mission that has a number of issues making the mission unfinishable unless you install Unna's dml. Note: There are a couple of readables that you can not read in-game, but you can read them via your books folder.
    M.S. Gold - Rust
    2013 Excellent 2 part mission from Mayer set on an abandonded ship, that's if you don't count the zombies of course. It's creepy, scary, beautifully made, very realistic and the ship is lit in a blue haze that adds hugely to the atmosphere.
    Museum Heist 2001 An old skool mission with large map that includes a massive museum, city area and maze. You need to steal a priceless relic, and the crown jewels on expert, from the museum but warning there's a lot of marble floors to navigate. Review
    Music of Sibel, The
    2013 Classic Skacky mission. Break into Lady Sibel's manor and steal the magical wind chime in this small mansion FM, being an entrant to the 48hour contest. Review
    Mylokh's Tower 2002 A small and easy contest mission in which you'll encounter a different type of beast on each level of Mylokh's Tower.
    Mysterious Invitation 2005 An absolutely massive mansion mission by PsymH. Garrett has been contacted by Orin to meet him at Lord Duncan's mansion, but it's a trap and you need to find and kill Lord Duncan and discover the secret of the Element of Three Forces in this superbly built mission that is very definately best experienced by ghosting it. Review 1 Review 2
    Mystery at the St Anne's Inn 2007 A beautiful medium sized mission from eepcat in which you go looking for your friend Tricky Nick at the inn, only to discover strange events that lead you to a Pagan inspired area beyond the basement where you have to deal with Hans. Review 1 Review 2
    Mystic Estate, The 2004 Gort makes extremely challenging missions so you may wish to consider playing this on normal or hard on first play through. It's a mansion FM with super alert guards, death traps everywhere, very well hidden secrets, nightmare puzzles and frustrations by the spade full, but it's brilliant fun and superbly made.
    Note: This is also the 1st mission of The Rebellion of the Builder which was released in 2007 with a number of diffences and improvements.
    Note: There is a second mission in this FM, The Forest of Despair, that was included in the zip file by accident and is unfinished. This 2nd mission is correctly found in the campaign The Rebellion of the Builder.
    Mystic Lady, The 2004 This FM was made as a wedding present for Dinksmallwood by Christine. It's a small mansion mission in which you have to steal the wedding cake, and like all Christine missions it's just good fun. Comment
    Mystic Gems 1 – Unlucky Souls 2006 A top quality mission from Willie in which you need to steal the Mystic Soul from Lord Gillian's house and then get to Gilbert & Son Shipping Company warehouse in preparation for the next mission Mystic Gems 2 – Heart of Bohn. Small but stupendous. Review 1 Review 2
    Mystic Gems 2 – Heart of Bohn 2008 It took Willie 2 years to make this follow up mission to Mystic Gems 1 – Unlucky Souls and it shows in the stunning attention to detail and lavish design of this wonderful museum mission in which you have to steal the Mystic Heart. If only all FM's were as good as this, sadly the third part of this series has yet to be released. Review 1 Review 2
    New Place for Ghosts, A
    ND version available here
    2008 Another great looking 2 part FM from Cardia. In part 1 your in a walled compound with a ancient roman look about it, whilst part 2 is a mansion FM. In both parts most of the ghosts are friendly, but of course there are guards and zombies to deal with. Both missions are loothunts with high loot requirements with part 2 also being a keyhunt. Review
    New Sheriff, The 2017 A wonderfull comic take on the OM Framed. You break into Shoalsgate city watch whilst the guards are having a party only to discover some very bizarre events occuring. JarlFrank made this hugely enjoyable mission for the Strange Ventures contest and excelled in all expectations. Comment
    Nice Game of Chess, A
    2013 This FM is a real, playable computer chess game, set in the Thief world with appropriate AI characters as the "pieces". You can even choose your board environment and sets of characters. Comment
    Nice Stroll, A 2005 Beauty Contest entrant. Nothing to do, just admire.
    Niggster erste FM
    Niggster First FM
    2009 A rather basic old skool city syle mission.
    Note: This FM does not play via FMsel or NewDarkloader, so play via Darkloader.
    Night at the Theatre 2000 A very small theatre FM for which the 2 reviews seem a bit harsh. When playing this mission via FMsel it appears bug free, but some of the AI's are a bit on the super sensitive side. Note: There are a couple of coins in this mission that you can't see (but can be blind frobbed), but are visible if you install the dml by Unna Oertdottir, available here. Review 1 Review 2
    Night before Christmas, The 2009 A brilliant take on Thief, Scrooge style. In this snow bound city mission you need to steal a purse from Eugene van Deyke, a rich but stingy factory owner, then buy a whole load of presents and distribute them among the needy. Along with rooftop fun you'll also come across Christmas trees and decorations. Review 1 Review 2
    Night Falcon, The 2003 Massive 7 part campaign by Christine. Being the 2nd series by Christine many of the newbie annoyances of her 1st series, Lord Ashton series, no longer appear. Instead she delivers a rock solid set of classic thief missions in which gameplay is king, from cities to mansions, a Hammerite monastery and Cathedral to ruins, undead and burricks. The quality of the campaign shines through as you first hunt down infomation about The Night Falcon and then finally steal it. Hugely entertaining it's a campaign not to be missed.
    Note: The finale of this series is The Curse of the Falcon, a 2 part FM released separately.
    Review 1 Review 2
    Pt 1 Review Pt 2 Review
    Pt 3 Review Pt 4 Review

    Pt 5 Review Pt 6 Review
    Pt 7 Review
    Night I Ghosted Berkshead, The 2001 A really small prison escape mission which you have to ghost, but that's not diffcult. Review
    Night in Rocksboug
    Part 1: A New Beginning
    2005 After the death of Karras you have moved to Rocksboug city, where the Mechanists still survive. So begins Dr K's majestically atmospheric horror series set in the ramshackle city of Rocksboug where you need to get to the rich quarter, but as you explore this superbly but confusing mission you discover something is deeply troubling and all is not as it seems. Contains some very scary scenes. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3
    Night in Rocksboug
    Part 2: Discovery
    2005 You wake up in the safe area of the city to discover there has been an outbreak of undead in the city, but you need to find 2 Keepers which involves getting to one of the closed sections of the city via the sewers, which are pretty scary. This second mission of the series is bigger, better and scarier than mission 1 which is an impressive feat bearing in mind how good the first mission was. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3
    Night in Rocksboug
    Part 3: Ink & Dust
    2008 Garrett has been saved from the sewers by The Order but now his real nightmare begins. As you explore the depths of The Orders hidden underground compound the tension, horror and scares crank up to the max as Dr. K throws every trick known and a whole bunch of new fears in your face. Regularly cited as one of the best missions ever made, you can not but be blown away the quality of everything in this mission, but be warned it's not for the faint hearted. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3 Review 4
    Night in the Pub, A 2002 A small but well made and fun mission in which the pub is hiding a secret. The undead have broken through and you need to get to the hidden church to close the barrier, but first you have to deal with Thieves, Hammerites, guards, haunts and zombies. Comment
    Night of the Red Moon
    Heart of the Gems

    Acideus Saga: Part 2
    2016 Terra's huge city FM is superbly good looking, in which you need to find The Heart of the Gem, but to do that you need to find 4 candles and to find them you first need to find a bucketful of other quest items, which will have you scouring up and down this enormous city for hours. If the city wasn't so good looking it could be frustrating, but it isn't and it's very satisfying. Review
    Night of the Singing Potion 2003 A one minute wonder from William the Taffer in which you have 60 seconds to find a potion for your sick child.
    Night Shift, The 2006 A nice little museum FM that was an entrant to the SSR contest. In the forum it is widely reported that this mission is prone to crashing, however when playing via Newdark it would appear this issue has been resolved but it is advised that you install the latest scripts found here. Comment
    Night Watch, The 2007 A massive and complex 4 mission puzzle FM from Fidcal in which you are employed as a nightwatchman in Lord Drakan castle where you need to help Jack elope with his girlfriend Gwendoline. Packed to the rafters with difficult puzzles and custom objects the campaign is a tour de force of quality mission design, but it's not easy so be prepared to resort to a walkthrough on occassions. Review 1 Review 2 Review 3
    Night Visit to the
    Natural History Museum
    2004 Made as a birthday present for Lady Jo this mission showcases an enormous museum that also happens to house the biggest spider in the world, thankfully though it's an exhibit.
    aka Cauchemars
    2004 5 French authors collaborated to produce this extraordinarily difficult 5 mission campaign. From minute one you are confronted mind bendingly tough puzzles, evil traps, pixel hunting levers and with AI's intent on killing you. Yes this one is tough to play, but it's so worth it. Review
    Night's Profit, A 2010 Intruder's wonderful homage to the OM Shipping & Receiving has you raiding Jason Rampone's warehouse which looks and feels just like the original but on a smaller scale. With a good handful of objectives and secrets to fulfill this is great classic thieving whilst at the same time being taken down memory lane. Review
    Night's Recourse 2002 It's not exactly Thief, more of an exercise to see how long you can survive in a modern looking house against the skeleton 'burricks' in this small contest FM from William the Taffer. Review 1 Review 2
    Night's Stroll, A
    Lord Ashton's series: Pt 2
    2002 Part 2 of Christine's first series is set in a couple of hunting lodges and a village. It's beautifully made but a couple of objectives are difficult to complete as they are very well hidden, so a bit of pixel hunting is required but with loads of loot to find this mission is a very much better one than the first in the series.
    Note: This mission will appear in FMsel as Abendspaziergang.
    Review 1 Review 2
    Nobles and Craftsmen
    Darkstone Gem: Chapter 2
    2015 Yet another top quality FM from Dark Max that just looks awesome. Involving a beautiful city, mansions, Hammerites and of course the Darkstone Gem itself. Comment
    No More Clients for Monty 2003 A small contest mission in which you need to break into a solicitors office and steal the Bysanti Diamond. It's gets very dark in the building if you turn all the lights off but that makes avoiding the guards too easy as well. Comment
    2017 Sensut, the master of Gothic horror, returns with another Carpathian mission in which you need to break into Count Dracula's castle and save Lucy. The castle is a wonderful maze of locked rooms and dead ends that will have you searching all of the place looking for the missing statues and lost loot bags whilst at the same time solving some reasonably easy puzzles. Beautifully built with stunning views, this mission confirms that Sensut is an author of exceptional talent who delivers time and time again. Comment
    Memento Mori: Part 1
    2006 In this mission by Random_Taffer you are Garrett who is not a thief but a young lad, living in a small seaside port, running around town completing quest tasks for your father, but when you get home dad has disappeared. You'll find him in the recently discovered tombs but that's when things both gets very much more difficult and also sets up this small, but very nice mission, for the second mission in the series, namely Vagabond. Review 1 Review 2
    Obligatory Prison Mission 2007 Oh dear, your back in Cragscleft prison and this time it's being run by the Mechanists. Time to get out of there and find a way of putting the prison out of business permanently in this rather good sneaking mission. Review
    Of The Sinister Awakening
    Haplo series: Part 3
    2010 Haplo's superb series continues in which you need to search Lord Abbath's mansion to retrieve an artifact, trouble is the Mechanists are already there and the mansion is bedevilled with paranormal activity. This is a gorgeous small mansion FM with mainly logical puzzles, stunning special effects and lighting, along with a fair bit of forced ghosting in the second half of the mission. Comment
    Of Thieves and Rubies
    2015 Your on the run when your fence agrees to hide you if you steal a ruby for him, and so begins a top quality city mission from Silencium18 in 4 interconnected parts as you first steal the ruby, lose it, rescue the diamond cutter from a lunatic asylum and finally take revenge on 'The Order'. Review
    Off the Record 2008 A neat little mission from Yandros in which you have to break into the City Hall Annex and steal a file the city authorities have on you. Yandros included an optional objective of ghosting this mission which you are advised to do, as well as that he introduced into this mission the ability of guards to turn the lights back on . Review 1 Review 2
    Off to Milhorn Manor 2011 A ridiculously enormous mansion mission that's actually really good fun. Although it may not win any awards, there are so many guards and hidden areas you'll spend a good few hours exploring the labyrinthine map wondering how much more can an author pack into a mission. Review
    Oh L'amour 2009 A simple city mission from Rufus that uses mainly stock items. Comment
    Old Bad Fellows
    For a Better Tomorrow: Pt 2
    2004 A small Mechanist monastery is the setting for a keyhunt mission with a whole bunch of objectives and an awful lot of lockpicking. Don't let that put you off though, as the author has packed a lot into a very small map, making this mission well worth playing.
    Old Comrades, Old Debts 2002 Winner of the C3 contest. This is a tiny prison escape mission but it's amazing how much bukary managed to pack into the small map, Thieves, ghosts, Pagans, spiders and an explosive finale that will quite literally blow you off your feet.
    Note: When playing via Newdark the broken switch in the basement works far to quickly causing you to die instantly, thus you can not finish this mission unless you install Unna's dml.
    Review 1 Review 2 Review 3
    Voters Comments
    Old Friend, An 2008 A tiny contest city mission in which you need to find Lord Bafford's Sceptre. Bearing in mind the size of the map, Lost Soul managed to cram in an huge amount. Review 1 Review 2
    Contest Thread
    Old Tribe
    For a Better Tomorrow: Part 6
    2006 A quick romp through a forest avoiding some Mechanists and some apebeasts, who happen to live in a tree and whose scrolls are written in a Paganish manner.
    OMG Get Your Blackjack Back 2006 TCrap Contest FM. And this mission really lives up to the contest criteria, simply put it's got to be the crappiest mission build ever.....and it's great fun, ridiculously awful and worth every minute. Comment
    Ominous Bequest Gold
    Ominous Bequest: Part 1
    First released in 2003 but later extensively upgraded Eshaktaar's masterpiece is one of the most popular FMs ever and is set in Lord Farringtons mansion where evil happenings are occuring in the basement. It's not particularly hard in comparrison to some missions made nowadays, or complex or clever, but it sears into your memory because it is faultless and has thus become the gold standard of great design, plot and gameplay. Review 1 Review 2 Review 3 Review 4 Review 5 Review 6 Review 7
    Oracle of the Prophets
    KotP: Part 4
    2005 This is the most bizarre mission in the KotP series by Frobber but if you understand the depth of the overall series plot it fits in perfectly. Here you have to fight a small army of monsters on a planet in a parallel universe in order to find a potion to heal the plague that has afflicted you. Review 1 Review 2 Review 3
    Orthodox Wedding 2006 Garrett's friend needs you to help him stop Martha marrying another man in this very pretty country village mission. It's not a puzzler as such but there are a number of hidden objectives to complete spread over the large map. Review
    Oswald's Patisserie 2001 A small contest FM in which Basso's sister is opening a bakery so you need to break into Oswald's Patisserie and steal his recipe book. For experienced taffers it's a piece of cake! Review 1 Review 2
    Osama bites the Dust 2002 Someone had to make this mission and it was William the Taffer. Thankfully it only takes 30 seconds. Review
    Out for a Revenge 2004 Yet another huge map, starting off in a city where you need to find a way into Lord Ramsden's mansion. The mansion is massive and a lot of the rooms seem a bit sparse of furniture, but with a huge number of guards this makes for great classic style thieving, but it's probably impossible to ghost this mission. Review
    Overload's Ending 2012 Made for the Thief Reloaded2 contest and based on the OM The Thieves Guild this mission by Jordan_MAF has you playing as either a thief or guard and involves a lot of fighting as you either attack or defend the thieves guild. For hard core fighters only. Review
    Voters Comments
    Paladine Manor 2001 Lord Paladine is recently deceased and being disgustingly rich he has beeen buried with his crown, which of course you need to steal. A reasonably large mansion mission that can only be played on normal as there are no objectives available on the other difficulty settings. Review
    Partytime! 2006 Listed as a demo this is a reworking of the OM Life of a Party in which you need to get to Angelwatch and spy on Karras to find out why he is throwing a party.
    Payback 2006 Sir Bullright has been selling you out to the city watch, time to get into his manor and get your 'payback' by killing him in this very nice small mansion mission made for the SSR contest. Comment
    Pereira's Mansion
    ND version available here
    2006 A medium sized mission from Cardia set in a mansion, where you need to find a number of well hidden levers to access the crypts in order to find the Horn of Saint Miguel. Review
    Perfect Job, The 2014 A 30 second wonder.
    Pestis Cruenta 2012 Haplo's entry to the TR2 contest uses the same map as another entry, namely Bad Hangover. In it you are in the city of Abarrach which the citizens have deserted leaving it to the zombies. With a strong plot and some devious puzzles this is classic Haplo delivering an engaging and fun mission Review 1 Review 2 Review 3
    Voters Comments
    Pirate's Ahoy 2008 A stupendously good 4 mission FM from Christine Schneider & Greenhorn. Beautifully crafted you start in a city looking for a treasure map, board a ship to get to the pirates island and then explore a stunning tropical paradise. The whole thing just looks fabulous and there's loads to explore giving your hours of superlative fun. Mission 1 review Mission 1 review Full Review
    Pirate's Downfall, A 2006 Lord Smith has left his estate to Lord Partridge, who's not all that he appears to be in this relatively straight forward mansion mission by Nicked, involving pirates and a tricky picture puzzle.
    Plagarism 2004 A nice and easy small city contest FM and there's not even any undead in the crypt. Review
    Playground of Doom
    ND version available here
    2007 Arena fighting FM from Cardia, this time on the planet of Saturn. Review
    Plot Thickens, The 2008 A contest mission from Otto55 in 3 parts, all of which are inspired from OM's including Assassins, A Life of the Party, Ambush and Kidnap in which you have to get to Donal's and Reuben's warehouse and strip them of their ill-gotten gains. Review 1 Review 2
    Podroz do Krainy Biedakow 2007 A small Polish mission that has sadly never got translated which is a pity as it's really great fun, having just about everything in it from a city to caves, Pagans to Mechanists, a few puzzles and a ton of undead. You may need to refer to the forum however to work out what your objectives are. Review 1 Review 2
    Portisco Head 2006 Ravenhook's 3rd mission fits in between his missions Coalport and Ashcourt. In this FM you need to find 3 rubies and some hidden treasure in a huge sprawling city, along with 10 secrets this is a massive loothunt with a great final surprise. Comment
    Power of Suggestion, The 2006 A brilliant and complex city mission by Uncadonego that has you exploring both roof tops and the street to find out why 'The Boss' had you kidnapped. Initially you'll need to ghost the mission, at least until you have found your blackjack and lockpicks, after which your free to explore this detailed map and find all the hidden areas of which there are many. Review 1 Review 2
    Powerslaves 2000 One minute wonder as you break into a museum and listen to tracks from Iron Maiden.
    2012 Lord Everett has kidnapped Ariel and you need to rescue her in this small city mission by AntiMatter_16. The map maybe small but there's a lot packed into it. Comment
    Precarious Business
    2017 For a first mission, ObservingEye conjurors up a small, yet superbly built, complex city mission that is the hallmark of both a talented author, as well as someone who clearly has a lot of confidence. Although there's not much to the plot, just find as much loot as you can, you'll be hugely impressed with this FM that is made with stock items and has a T1 feel and look about it. The only question is how good will ObservingEye's next mission be? Review 1 Review 2
    Prezent 2012 A really good town mission, trouble is it's in Polish so working out what you need to do is a bit of a nightmare. Timon's promised an English version but it is yet to be released.
    Prison of Garrett, The 2003 An often overlooked prison escape mission which is quite simplistic in design, but your weapons and lockpicks are well hidden making this mission better than it first seems.
    Prisoner's Revenge 2003 Preno's T2 conversion of the T1 mission by Jan "Vitus" Vitek, however he did not get the author permission in advance and so got into a bit of trouble on the forums. It's a relatively simple prison escape mission in which you have to kill the traitor who put you there in the first place. Review
    Profane Ascension 2004 Tomi Vaisanen's T2 version of his original TG mission Deadly Darkness is a glorious haunt kill fest in the Academy of Wizards. The Grand Master has called for your help after the academy has been overrun by undead and you need to find the mystical Tome of Necromancy. Review
    Properly Paranoid 2004 A fabulous contest FM from Jabberwocky giving you 3 different gaming styles depending on the difficulty. On klepto (normal) it's a loothunt, on vengeance (hard) it's a 'kill everything in sight' game, and on scuttle (expert) the maps opens up fully giving you a lot more puzzles to solve, most of which kill you instantly if you don't get the solution instantly. It's brilliant fun, if a bit crazy in design, but very much worth checking out.
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    Quamtotius Purgamentum 2006 TCrap Contest entrant by The Dude. Quamtotius Purgamentum, which is Latin for quality rubbish, is actually quite a clever mission where you need to get through a series of bizarre rooms, all of which exploit oddities in the dark engine, like how to kill 50 zombies with only one fire arrow, so to get to the end you need to think out of the box. Comment
    Quelle Galere! 2005 see.... What a Drag!
    Quick Cash
    Quick Cash series: Part 3
    2002 5 minute wonder in which you raid a tiny Hammerite facility.
    Note: This mission is also the 3rd mission in Dark Beginnings.
    Quiet Heat, The 2006 A daylight mission which is really rather quite charming with it's Mediterranean town look. It's quite a simple mission with only 3 objectives to fulfill, but don't spend too much time looking for rope arrows to use on all the wooden posts, as there aren't any in this mission. Review 1
    Review 2
    Radiant Garden, The 2007 A stunningly pretty small mission from Theker. The forest has been cursed and you need to find the cause of the destruction, which is all very easy but sneaking past all the guards is a serious challenge so you may have to resort to your blackjack in this mission. Review
    Raid on Washout Central 2000 A huge and miserably rain soaked city mission from Belboz. You play as a female thief called Ryalla who has to find Jakku, who definately likes his drink, so he's probably in the tavern. Belboz clearly has a good sense of humour, which shows in all of his missions, for although the city is architecturally a bit basic, the plot and the fun aspects of this mission shine through which elevates Raid on Washout Central above your typical city mission. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3
    Reunification: Part 1
    2011 Beltzer's first mission is a small town mission where you discover your darling wife, Sofie, has been kidnapped by a gang of local thugs so you need to find them and kill them. It's all good fun but nothing too complicated.
    Ranstall Keep 2000 T2 re-make of the original T1 mission, but this time it's in both b&w and colour and your playing as a female protagonist. There
    is both an enlarged map and new secret areas, and most of the bugs in the original have been removed. Lord Dalkstan has taken over the keep overlooking a remote village but the villagers are going missing. With a number of cool special effects, and a few horror scenes this is an above average mission that's highly enjoyable and very much worth playing.
    Review 1
    Review 2
    Ravencourt's Mansion 2002 A very basic mansion mission that won't tax you in the slightest, however some of the objectives are reversible but it all works out in the end, so all is forgiven as every author has to start somewhere.
    Raven Creek
    2017 A stupendously drop dead gorgeous looking 2 part mission from Christine. Having retired to the small town of Raven Creek, a city watch officer recognises you, so before you disappear you may as well ransack the town before heading off to the Hammerite temple and raid the haunted crypts. Christine's attention to detail and custom objects brings the whole town to life, so much so that you would be forgiven to thinking your watching an HD video rather than playing a fan mission made on a 20yr old engine.
    Note: If playing via FMsel, the author advises you to "convert ogg to wav" when installing the mission. See here for details.
    Rebel 2007 Break into a Hammerite outpost that's been taken over by the King's guards and steal an item, The Eye, in this easy small mission in which one or two of the rebels may even come along and help you deal with the guards. Review
    Rebellion of the Builder 2006 Arguably the hardest mission ever made is a 5 part FM from Gort. All 5 missions are visually stunning, supremely clever, wonderfully inventive and packed full of custom weapons and designs, but GORT goes out of his way to frustrate players by finding every possible way to kill you, as often as he can possibly think of. Along with devious puzzles that are almost impossible to solve without referring to the forum or a walkthrough, makes this campaign something of a serious challenge even for veteren players. However it is so good that you have to give it a go, but be warned, patience is your best friend when taking on this frighteningly difficult masterpiece.
    Note : The first mission The Mystic Estate was previously released as a stand lone mission, but there are significant difference in the RotB version of the Mystic Estate.
    Rebellion of the Builder 2, The
    2017 Following on from TROTB this is a massive 12 mission campaign in which Garrett teams up with a female protagonist, Saria, who lives by a warrior code, in order to defeat King Magnus who is in league with the Mechanists, led by the evil Sir Edward. Starting off in a desert, then making your way through a volcano and a forest to get to the city, GORT fuses old skool graphics with seriously cool looking ND custom objects and AI's to deliver a seriously challenging campaign that's packed full of obtuse puzzles and complex objectives. There are also 3 hidden missions for veteran taffers to enjoy, that's if you can find them. Players Comments
    Red Ridge 2001 An extremely basic cave and tunnel mission with a few apebeasts thrown in for good measure, but as the review points out this mission was made for a contest by a newbie author who only spent 10 hours making it, so all credit to them. Review
    Redemption 2008 The only mission by Brynolf is a spectacularly good city mission which uses the story of the new testament as the background plot. Captain Pilot has to kill Joshua in order to appease the Hammerites, whilst you have to find two scrolls in order to lift the curse on the town that is causing the population to die early. It's a huge city which involves finding a lot of keys and some very well hidden buttons and levers, but it's very well done and it's a pity we never saw another mission from the author. Comment
    Reflections 2007 A smallish mansion from Ricebug that won't take you too long as it's really quite easy, it's a bit of an exercise in showing off his Droming skills by making eveything that relects, such as the water to look really quite wonderful. Review 1
    Review 2
    Relic Ė Left for Dead 2003 Possibly the best swamp FM ever, this is a wonderfully confusing map that will have you wandering around in total confusion for hours trying to track down all the loot. The plot is simple, you've been killed and you need to find out who killed you and get your revenge; although this mission was made before Newdark the swamp is very realistic, and along the way you'll climb trees, deal with spiders, zombies and apebeasts, help out Pagans and fight some thieves. Review 1 Review 2
    Relic, The 2004 A very good little town FM from Timon in which everyone in the tiny houses you enter has a secret, hidden area or new objective to discover. There are some great little puzzles to solve, quite a few red herrings and the quality of the build is excellent. Highly recommended. Comment
    Relics 2006 A nice and easy tomb mission in which you need to collect 3 items for a museum. There's a few skeletons to fight, but they're not too hard and the tombs look superb with great lighting and textures.
    Religeous Conflict
    2015 A monster sized 2 part mission from Cardia. Mission 1 starts off in a city where you need to help Marisa in order to get into a castle, with a fair few puzzles, some great music and some original spectral enemies this in itself is a superb mission, but it's in the second mission, in the monastery where the fun really kicks off. The Monastery is visually gorgeous and it's one huge and challenging puzzle in which you have to find massive number of levers, switches, pictures and other items in order to get to the lower levels. Even using the forum you'll spend hours on this mission solving all the puzzles, but it's so impressive and the music is so good you'll enjoy every minute. Comment
    2015 An excellent medium sized puzzler from DarkShadow. You plan to go and have dinner with your girlfriend Vickie, but someone has different ideas as you are teleported into a strange tower in which you need to solve some wonderfully fun puzzles in order to escape to a small town area, where you have to find various objects and return them to their owners. Comment
    Requiem for a Thief 2005 Beauty Contest entrant. Nothing much to do, just admire.
    Rescue! 2001 A small 10 minute wonder. All you need to do is escape your cell and rescue Gumdrop. All very easy but cleverly done. Review
    Resonance 2013 Hipbreak showed how good you can make a mission look with Newdark in this medium sized mansion FM in which you need to rescue Basso (again) from a radical group of the city watch called 'The Veil'. The mission itself is really quite easy, but the graphics, lighting effects and wonderful textures Hipbreaker brings to this FM is what really make it stand out. Comment
    Resurgence 1:
    The Ancient Crown
    2002 Thief meets film noir in this rather clever mission in which you play as a private investigator, Sam Spade style, who is employed by a woman, of course, to investigate someone at a party. It's not thief as we know it, it's a lot more modern, there's a subway for a start, and getting into the party needs to be done in a precise way or the bouncers will stop you, but it's very well done, brilliantly immersive and definately worth checking out if you want to play something a little different. Review
    Retaliation 2004 A massive mansion FM from Hipbreaker that's a serious challenge on higher difficulties due to the excessive Mechanist guards, combat bots and tiled floors, but it's a very good mission, as is all of Hipbreaker's FM and it looks superb with all the effective lighting that is almost the authors trademark. Review
    Haddur series: Part 3
    2006 The chances are you will have become completely bamboozled by the Haddur plot by now, and if you have not played the previous 2 missions some of the events and actions in this mission will just seem bizarre. Having said that there are some clever puzzles in this FM, like how to get past the red beams and how to get to the other side of the lava pit. Comment
    Retrieval of the Soul 2004 A very solid mansion mission which was also the authors first FM. Having said that one of the secrets is only attainable once you have collected 100% of the loot and perfect ghosted the whole mission, ie neither received or dealt out any damge, which is almost impossible. Comment
    Retrieval 2001-2006 There are 3 demo missions with the same Retrieval title (Hans_demo, T2_demo and vT2_PedroQuintelaMix) as these are all based on the same Dromer's tutorial map by Komag. They are all very easy and can be finished in 5-10 minutes, so are only really worth checking out for prosperity sake.
    Return to Tarnhill
    2013 A bonus mission from Ricebug and Xorak that is based on a lost mission from the Strife campaign. The 'People of the Future' are finished, but a few hanger-ons are experimenting with time travel, time to return to Tarnhill to end this madness, by finding 4 parts to the time machine and then destroying it. Set in a modernist looking compound this mission is partly an exercise in showing off the abilities of Newdark and looks really good for it. Comment
    Return to the Cathedral 2002 A T2 conversion of the T1 OM by Anom, that's available from Darkfate here.
    Return to the Dark Temple 2006 A conversion by Bulgarian Taffer of his T1 mission The Dark Temple being both better and more difficult. Comment
    Return to the Lost City 2017 Garrett is called upon to find the ancient lost city of Karath-Din and discover what happened to a Keeper search party. Welcome to Intruder's stunning homage to T1, a massive non-linear confusion of caves, mines and temples that has you mantling over lava flows, avoiding burricks, spiders, zombies and more; you'll even come across a nautilus boat, and along with a few puzzles this is a huge mission that's almost as good as anything made by LGS. Comment
    Reunion with Basso 2012 3 great missions from Zappenduster which looks as good as if they were made with ND. In mission 1 you need to break into a spa, where rich Hammerites get cured, and stop Cavador's evil plans, but there are a lot of noisy tiled floors so sneaking around is not easy. In mission 2 you follow some Hammerites to a wonderfully confusing lost city and in the final mission you find yourself in a town before eventually finding Basso in the mines. Comment
    Reunification, The
    Reunification: Part 4
    2012 In the final part of Beltzer's series you start off in a cell from which you have to escape and then take revenge on the chief of police, however you'll be confronted with an indestructable 'robo-cop' mech bot, before heading off to the town and finding sophie. A medium sized mission that looks and plays fantastic. Comment
    Reunification, The
    The Campaign

    2012 Released only 5 day after the final part of the series, the campaign contains all 4 missions of the series, namely Ransom, Lord Beltzer's Mansion, Mistress Guennean's Castle & The Reunification........see individual entries.
    Lord Ashton's series: Part 4
    2002 Christine had got into her stride by the time she built this FM, so expect a fun filled time exploring a whole range of buildings as you make your way through to Lady Helena's gorgeous mansion where you'll have your revenge.
    Note: This mission will appear in FMsel as Rache.
    Revenge of Lt. Hagan, The 2011 Firemage's entry to the Thief Reloaded 1 contest has you playing as wronged city watch officer taking his revenge on his ex-colleagues in an OM port of Shoalsgate. The better your revenge the more your popularity increases, with your aim to reach the position of being the new captain of the city watch, but first you need to defuse a number of bombs. However it was made for a contest with a time constraint and the complexity of the puzzles in this mission means a number of bugs got through beta testing. Voters Comments
    RGB 2003 A small contest mission from Yandros. A truly evil 3-dimentional maze that involves using one-way water chutes in order to find the 5 dragon stones. There's are no AI's, no scripts, it looks wonderful but it may just send you mad.
    Ride the Butterfly 2005 Beauty Contest entrant. Nothing to do, just admire the gorgeous garden.
    Right up there in the Mountains 2005 A beautiful but small and creepy horror mission by Troutbeck. In a small log cabin a professor has started to translate The Book of the Dead, the eyes warn you not to go, the hand doesn't want you there, but your Garrett and if you go down to the woods today...... Review 1
    Review 2
    Ring, The 2001 Set up for 3 murders you didn't commit you need to find your ring that sheriff Truart is using as evidence against you. Ok, so this small town mission won't win any awards, but sometimes all we want to do is play old fashioned fun thief missions regardless how simple they are, and that's what this mission delivers, an hour of classic thieving cheese. Review
    Rise of the Mechanists, The
    aka Mechanists on the Rise
    2013 A 2 mission campaign from Cardia, Darthslair & Ravenhook. The Keepers need you to break into a Mechanist facility as they are developing Mech soldiers with augmentations, as well as a new breed of Frog. This is a complex puzzle mission in which you need to get through shield doors, steal a number of canisters and place bombs around the place, all whilst hunting for loads of hidden levers and loot. The second mission is a more straight forward city mission where you need to find your contacts. Both missions are beautifully done, with truly stunning skyboxes in glorious Newdark, but the first mission can be quite challenging.
    Note: Cardia initially called this mission Mechanists on the Rise but later changed it's name, however the forum thread is still listed under the original Mechanists on the Rise title.
    Ritual, The 2000 A city/catacombs mission, by Twisty, that is often overlooked but is very much worth playing. A friends daughter has gone missing, presumed kidnapped by a cult known as The Druizalites. What starts off as an 'ok' city mission soon develops into a brilliant tomb raider style FM, as you need to avoid hordes of Druizalites, solve some relatively easy puzzles, come face to face with some strange enemies such as the humungous masks, and all to save Merimee before she's sacrificed. Review
    Greyfeather Gems: Part 2
    2005 Find the entrance to Greyfeather Hall via the devastated town of Rodamill before the Mechanist do. This is an outstandingly good FM, the mood and atmosphere are perfect, the design first class, from the fog in the streets and the water, to the caves and the ruins. Morrgan was an artist of exceptional talent and this mission is one her great gifts to Thief community. Review
    Players Comments
    Roofs of Gold
    aka Dach-Gold

    Acideus Saga: Part 1
    2015 A superb keyhunt mission by Terra (aka Theker) has you mantling up and down every ledge, ladder, statue and high window of a tiny city square trying to find your missing loot that another thief has stolen. Trouble is, at the start of the mission you have no keys, lockpicks or weapons. Amazingly well built, Terra managed to pack just about everything you could want in a good mission, from Hammerites to Mechanists, libraries to warehouses, haunts, ghosts and Keepers. Comment
    Rosaries are Red Potentially this novice contest entrant could have been a really very good mission but sadly the objectives are all messed up (none of them show up on screen and you can end the mission prematurely when entering the generator room or reading the scroll in that same room). Having said that it's a great looking bank mission, the bank having been abandoned and is occupied by a few zombies. With a couple of nice puzzles to complete it's still worth playing as you can finish it correctly once you understand the objective issues. Review 1 Review 2
    Rose Cottage 2009 Rose Cottage by Saturnine is possibly the greatest horror mystery mission ever made for thief, not just because it's really good, but because of the atmosphere, the graphics and the fact it will blow you away in almost every direction. Saturnine uses ambient sounds, lighting and creepy haunting effects to give this mission maximum tension as you explore the stunningly gorgeous map looking for all the answers and finding all the tarot cards. If you have not yet played this mission your in for the treat of a lifetime. Enjoy! Review 1
    Review 2
    Review 3
    Rowena's Curse 2003 A long time before she produced the classic The Severn Sisters Lady Rowena stunned the thief community with this superb mansion mission. In some respects Rowena's Curse is just a run of the mill mansion mission, albeit nicely decorated and well designed, but where it really stands ahead of the field is Lady Rowena's story telling. The plot and sub-plots are wonderfully fleshed out through superb readables that deliver a deeply enthralling experience that developes in the player a real passion for the characters. It's not surprising that this mission is often cited as one of those FM's you just have to play. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3
    Review 4
    Review 5
    Royal Garmyth, The
    Darkness Falls, The: Part 1
    2002 A small warehouse mission in which you need to first find your way in, and then steal a valuable gem. The map is well designed, but it's all very easy and even the gem is not very well hidden. Review
    Ruined 2005 3 part mission from Rostvogel in which you need to get into a ruined Abbey fortress complex built into the mountainside and recover an ancient book. Cleverly the first 2 missions has you exploring different parts of the Abbey allowing you access areas that you saw in the previous mission but could not reach. This is a huge FM, nor is it easy with so many guards and thieves, but it's a wonderful explorers delight as you can climb up the sides of the mountains to find hidden areas for that extra bit of loot. Review
    Ruins of Originia 2002 A fantastical, monster sized, 4 part and seriously challenging FM from YcatX is a technicolor feast that will bedazzle, confuse and astound you. Stunning in every respect, the mission revolves around your nemesis Bantar, a rogue Hammerite Mage-Priest and has you exploring mines, catacombs, mazes, water tanks, lost cities, caves, tunnels and a museum. Packed full of complex puzzles, strange custom AI's (Ice & Fire Burricks, Will-o-the-Wisps, Fiends, Shadows and many more) this mission will have you screaming in delight wondering what YcatX could possibly come up with next.
    Note: The first mission Mines of Morgrath was originally released as a stand alone T1 mission which is smaller and with more subdued graphics.
    Part 1 Review
    Part 2 Review
    Part 3 Review
    Part 4 Review
    2013 A small but fun mission from Notesthes made for the 48hour contest that has you exploring a dangerous forest searching for loot, nice shiney gemstones and the way home of course.
    Note: This mission will show up in FMsel as 48HC_Piev
    Run Thief....RUN! 2002 Gumdrop's classic demo is a delightful mission set in a complex in which you have one simple task, how quickly can you get to the end of the map. Find the levers, jump or mantle onto walkways, avoid the guards, learn the short cuts......and then do it all over again, but this time faster! Comment
    Rust Belt Prison
    2008 As Garrett you have been sentenced to life imprisonment (is it any wonder when your defence lawyer was a mechanical bot!) so you need to escape and take revenge on the evil judge, along with a host of other objectives. This is a huge map, as the prison, the court house and the city watch are all based in the same building, so along with a few puzzles this will give you a good evenings worth of fun. Part 1 Review
    Part 2 Review

    Full Review
    Rustler, The 2011 You have been falsely reported for stealing a rare horse statue from Lord Blackwood, so you need to find the evidence to prove your innocence, and whilst your about it steal the real statue before making good your escape on a real horse. A good solid city/mansion mission from Naks, that involves a fair bit of rope action.
    Safe Haven
    aka Przystan
    2003 A small Polish mission in which you should only play on normal, as none of the objectives work on the higher difficulties. All you need to do is find the hotel safe key, but the mission is full of minor bugs, some of which can be quite amusing.
    Saints and Thieves 2005 A wonderfully good looking city from Spitter that only has 2 buildings to search, the City Watch and The Redblade Thieves Guild's warehouse, but what a great mission this is. Your main task is to steal the illegal cargo from the thieves, but first you need complete a few other objectives including releasing some imprisoned childeren. A clever 'Shipping & Receiving' style mission that includes many custom objects and some ingenious solutions to the puzzles. Review 1
    Review 2
    Saint, The 2004 A clever little contest mission, set around a small map, in which the gameplay is significantly different on all 3 difficulties. You need to find a gemstone in a Hammerite prison vault and to do that you need to solve a lot of sneaky little puzzles, and find some optional miracles. Memorably each time you frob a door you get teleported to the other side of that door, but due to the size restriction of the map and the mechanical bot it's easy to get stuck in some places. Note: Nightwalkers walkthrough is based upon playing on expert, as are most of the hints in the forum. Comment
    Same Sh*t Day Different
    Tipping the Scales: Part 1
    2007 Often referred to as SSDD this is the first, but sadly only episode, of a planned series of 3 missions by Apache & GarrettWanabee. The plot is simple, Garrett has an older brother, Stich, who wants you to break into the local casino and swop the owners lucky loaded dice for some fake ones, and whilst your in town you may as well break into the bank and clear out the vaults. A quality, well built city mission. Review 1
    Review 2
    Sammy Pays His Dues 2001 Low life Sammy is meeting with the Mechanists, so it's time to follow him 'Tracing the Courier' style through the city to get to the mansion, and once there you need to find a way to get into the meeting. Overall not a difficult mission, with both the city and mansion being impressively large for such an early mission. Review 1 Review 2
    Sandbridge Police Station 2002 A tiny contest prison mission in which you need to rescue your friend Calidore. Review Review 2
    Saturio Returns Home 2000 Saturio has disappeared whist visiting his mother's mansion and his girlfriend wants to know what has happened to him in this hugely popular mansion mission. Although this mission has a reputation for being very difficult with extremely alert AI's, in reality it's no more difficult than a lot of today's missions and overall it's a very good FM, both in looks and gameplay. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3
    Review 4
    Saving Caroline
    2015 A small contest mission from Caradavin. A small girl, Caroline, has gone missing and you need to find her by heading through a landscape via the visualised artistic expression coming from Caroline's mind, which explains the rather strange and sometimes rather basic looking map. Voters Comments
    Scary Castle, The 2006 TCrap contest FM. Blood red sky, humongously tall castle with completely over the top sized front gates, a whole loads of haunts and it's by Sluggs. What more do you want! Comment
    Sceptre of Dor Am'al
    Part 1: Shipwreck
    2007 A storm has shipwrecked you on an island forcing you to find your way through a confusing layout of tunnels and mines to get to the town of Silverstone, trouble is a murderer is on the loose and the town is in lock down. A superlative mission from Jesps that has everything going for it from thieves to zombies, Hammerites to crypts and more besides. Review 1
    Review 2
    ND version available here
    2013 NewDark 64 contest mission by fibanocci. Locked up in a lunatic asylum you need to find a cure for your illness as well as a way out, but that's not so easy, as this is a keyhunt style mission and some of the keys and levers are very well hidden in the cramped first area. However once past this area the mission developes into a creative and often challenging mission with a load of amusing scrolls and events, even if some areas of the map are very dark. Voters comments
    Search for Crom's Blade 2001 An early classic from Schwaa that has you finding your way through a frozen cave system, complete with Snow Apebeasts, in order to find an abandoned castle and recover the legendary 'Sword of Crom' before the Mechanists do. It's a huge non-linear mission, complex and utterly confusing, but it's great fun for such an early FM, and will entertain you for a good few hours.
    Note: There is one piece of missing loot in this FM, unless you install a dml by Unna Oertdottir available here.
    Review 1
    Review 2
    Secret Breaking of a Pyramid 2006 A tomb raider style mission in which you first have to get past 50+ spiders armed only with a sword, after which you need to navigate some very long featureless ice blue tunnels before you find any of the loot. Review 1
    Review 2
    Secret of the Keepers
    2013 A very small contest FM that has a T1 feel about it, but sadly the mission does not finish.
    Note: The author left the missflag.str from the zip, meaning you can not play this mission via FMsel, so either use Darkloader or NewDarkloader.
    Secret Weapon 2003 The Mechanist have discovered a mysterious Pagan crystal which can cause a transformation in humans, so the Keepers need you to steal the crystal and the Mechanists research notes, before they start making a dangerous new arrow weapon. A wonderfully basic, museum style mission that will give you 10 minutes of fun.
    Secrets of Avidan
    HGS: Part 2
    2006 A very easy Hammerite church mission from BG Taffer, unless you try to ghost it and then it's not easy. It's small, looks as good as if it was made with Newdark and of course there's a crypt with a couple of zombies.
    Note: Part 1 of the Heaven in the Garden of Stones series was a T1 mission called The Haunted Church.
    Secret of Sir Stefan, The
    Lord Ashton's Series: Pt 6
    2002 A nice an easy city/thieves den mission from Christine. The city is medium sized but sadly you can only get into a few of the houses, and the thieves den is a little tricky to find as there is no obvious way in. Overall a quality mission with loads of loot, a number of secrets and even some red burricks. Review
    Serge Bank 2005 A small bank heist mission for the Novice contest, all very easy but you may need to use google to find the solution to the main puzzle.
    Servant's Life, A 2006 A mission by John Denison that is bizarre, gross, clever, even thoughtful, but not to be played whilst your eating. Mr Oh Dear is an indentured servant who is treated by everyone in the most appauling manner, thrown into the cess pit for laughs, forced to sleep with the rats and even eat his own feaces. Worse still Mr Oh Dear has a problem with his bowels and so defecates all over the place, time to help him and take revenge on some of his tormentors. Thankfully the author included a censured version, accessed from the in-game loader, to allow players who may be offended, the chance to play what is actually a very good mission. Comment
    Servant's Revenge, A 2004 Playing as Gilbert, a down trodden servant, your tasked with robbing your master blind before high-tailing it with your brother on a ship. A standard mansion mission set in the snowy winter, all very nicely done, but really not that difficult. Review
    Settling a Score 2004 An classy contest mansion mission from eepcat. In revenge for Cutty's death you intend to steal Sir Greystone's fabled Sage Crown whilst he's away. All relatively easy if you knock out all the guards, but ghosters will have a nightmare on their hands as the main puzzle makes you endlessly trek back and forth through the mansion and there are a lot of noisy floors. Bonus taffer points awarded to those you find all 6 of Cutty's notes. Review
    Seven Shades of Mercury, The
    Hammerite Imperium: Pt 1
    2009 The first and sadly only mission of a projected 10 mission campaign relating the story of the Hammerites in the era before Thief. 7SoM is a stunningly beautiful and enormous map lovingly crafted by a team of some of the very best mappers of their day. The FM is based on the graduation day of some novice Hammerites, who on this special day play a game of 'capture the flag', with you playing as Shivan, a member of the white team. With 7 opposing teams, each having different capabilites, difficulties and obstacles protecting their flags, this mission gives you the player a huge range of experiences and challenges, but be warned it starts off almost impossibly difficult, however once past the first section you'll will be blown away by the stupendous architecture, attention to detail and staggering scope of this spectactular FM.
    Note: Darkfate hosts a number of files, both screenshots and partially built maps of the other 9 missions of this campaign, some of which are very much worth checking out, available here.
    Review 1
    Review 2
    Seven Sisters, The 2007 Welcome to one of the very best thief missions ever. In this incredible FM Lady Rowna, who's story telling skills are legendary, takes us on a emotional journey showing Garrett as a caring, decent man as he helps his friends and the towns people to overcome their worst nightmare. On a visit to the now happily married Basso & Jenivere you find the small town of East Fording having succumbed to an outbreak of a plague, turning all the residents into zombies, so it's up to you to find a cure, heal those afflicted and deal with the cause of the plague, which involves some evil sisters. All 3 missions are spread over 3 nights, the first 2 missions are both set in the town, but cleverly Lady Rowena only gives you one lockpick in mission 1 meaning that she teases you with buildings that you can't get into until mission 2. The final mission is set in a forest, with treebeasts and other custom AI's where you'll have to finally confront The Black Sister in a challenging and exciting finale. Full Review 1
    Full Review 2
    Full Review 3

    Part 1 Review
    Part 2 Review
    Part 3 Review
    Seventh Crystal, The 2001 Saturnine's magnum opus opens with a camvator that is a work of art in itself, as you glide through the crypt of Lord Saturnine's mansion listening to the dulcet tones of MsLedd you know your in for a very special treat. Then in act 2, where the bulk of the action takes place, you see the mansion, a spectacularly gorgeous building and your immediate response is 'OMG- What the Hell, this is not possible for a mission that was made all the way back in 2001', but it was and nor does it let you down as you explore the sumptuous interior and unravel the complex and dysfunctional relationship between the occupants of the manor. The mansion is mainly a keyhunt style mission with a lot of very alert guards, so sneaking through the place is often the best option, whereas act 3, which takes place in the crypt, is atmospheric, creepy and again beautiful done with all of those cobwebs, it will also give you more than a few surprises. The Seventh Crystal is a phenomenal experience and rightly deserves it's very special place in Thief folklore. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3
    Review 4
    Shadow of Lord Rothchest, The 2004 T2 conversion by John D. of Purah's early classic T1 mission. Although not a large mansion it's really quite confusing on first play through with so many staircases and ladders, but there are loads of hidden areas and sneaky ways to get around the place, which give this mission great replay value, so even if you played the original it's definately worth playing this upgraded version. Review
    Shadow Moon 2008 A 'Life of the Party' meets 'Shipping and Receiving' in this small city mission by P. Forth that was made for a contest. This FM has you climbing over the rooftops to get to the warehouse district in order to find your way to a derelect church and recover 'The Horn of Shadow'. Comment
    Shadow Plans
    ND version available here
    2012 2 completely different missions from Ricebug. Mission 1 is a throughly pretty map set in the outdoors where you have to get to a Pagan village, avoiding the treebeasts and spiders, and help them by turning off the source of the poison that's effecting their well. Mission 2 is a very clever city mission with different parts of the map opening up as you complete different objectives, but make sure you don't steal from the pooor, otherwise it will trigger guards who will chase you down. Comment
    Shadows in our Blood 2010 Haplo's dark and deeply disturbing mission centres on a popular politician, Tohid, who preached against the Mechanists but disappeared a couple of weeks ago. Now he is back and is singing their praises, but why the change of heart? The truth lies inside the City Watch, more precisely the 'Advance Interrogation Facility', more commonly known as The Mincer. The first half of this mission is very much a break into the City Watch and find your way to the Mincer FM, but once there it becomes a gory, blood soaked horror mission with some scenes that are very uncomfortable to watch. Being a Haplo mission there are also some clever, even obtuse puzzles but they add massively to the overall brilliance of this FM.
    Warning: There are scenes of strobe flashing lights in some cells making this mission unsuitable for some players
    Review 1
    Review 2
    Review 3
    Shadows of Darkness 2006 TCrap contest mission by Fitzambey. Ok so this is officially a crap mission, you can tell from the in-game shop and the textures, but there is nothing crap about the gameplay of this tough little puzzle mission. With some of the levers hidden very well, getting to the Incarnation of Darkness is anything but easy, you may even have to resort to cheating via Dromed as there is no walkthrough available. Comment
    Shadows of Eidolon 2007 A late entrant for the Masters of Horror contest was this small mission by MasterThief3. After running away from some guards you end up in some sewers with only your flare for company, and although there are not many haunts nor is it really scary, it has a lot of atmosphere in the expectation that something nasty is about to happen. Review 1
    Review 2
    Review 3
    Shadows of the Past
    Quick Cash series: Part 2
    2006 A small crypt/undead contest FM that is also the 2nd mission of Dark Beginnings FM.
    Shining Standards 2002 2 missions in one FM. The first mission, Lord Vernstein's Manor, is a large mansion in which you need to track down some valuable diamonds, the mansion is huge and a little bit repetitive, but there are 13 secrets to find when playing on expert, some of which are quite hard to find. The second mission, Prometheus, is set on a boat and is arguably the better mission. Review
    Shipment, The
    Greyfeather Gems: Part 1
    2003 The 1st of 3 intended missions, sadly part 3 never got finished. In The Shipment you need to search a Mechanist seminary before hiding in a crate in order to be shipped to Rodamill. A small mechanist FM that you need to ghost but thankfully is relatively easy.
    Shoes and Dresses
    2016 Jarl Frank's shows he has a self deprecating sense of humour in his first mission, for a novice contest, being a fun city mission that's packed full of jokes about not being able to build a mission correctly. The truth is it's quite a clever small sized mission with some interesting ideas that show great promise for the future. Voters Comments
    Shopping Stopover, A 2006 A loothunt in a pretty log cabin in which all you need to do is find your blackjack, sword and lockpicks. A good looking mission that you can play in your lunch break. Review
    Shore Leave, Up Sh*t Creek
    TTGM: Parts 2,3
    2001 Arguably the best 2 missions in The Trickster Gem Mines series. Shore leave is challenging city, warehouse, docks, haunted cathedral mission; whereas Up Sh*t Creek is a massive cave, ancient ruins, temple mission with mechanists and burricks galore. Both missions require a lot of sneaking about and are both sensational stuff. Review 1
    Review 2
    Review 3
    Short Night's Work, A
    2017 Using mainly stock items, bbb delivers a masterful lesson in how to make a thieves highway mission which is arguably as good as the OM Life of the Party. Not only is the map huge, is brilliantly designed as you keep coming across buildings that can only be accessed from the other side. With loads of side areas, 15 secrets and a ton of loot to find, you'll do well to find everything on first play, ensuring you'll want to start all over again the moment you have finished. Comment
    Silent Nightmares 2001 An early mission from Hipbreaker that has you breaking into an abandoned and haunted power station to find your friend, and retreive a rust gas can before the Mechanists do. As none of the rooms are square and the power station is set around an octagonal lobby, makes finding your way around this maze of a building in itself a bit of a challenge, but there are loads of undead to avoid making it all quite creepy, however there's not a lot of loot so you'll have to search everywhere. Review
    Simple Enough 2004 If you can find all the secrets that Telliamed hid so well in this nice little mansion heist, it would be simple enough! Comment
    Simple Job Planned for
    this Evening, A
    2008 A completely off the wall and surreal FM that was probably more suited to the Total Crap contest than the Classic Thief contest. The author, Thief0 wanted to make a homage to both The Sword and The Blooper Reel and in some ways he succeeded, but this mission, although very clever, looks more like an exercise in showing off both the technical abilities of the author as well as the quirks of the Dromed engine. Comment
    Sinful Opportunities
    Small Thief series: Part 2
    2005 A small and enjoyable mission in which you need to break into a luxurious items shop and steal a golden Ankh, trouble is there's another gang on thieves with the same intentions as you. Review
    Sinkhole, The
    2013 A sinkhole has opened up in the ground and it's possible there may be some treasure down there from the Karath-din era. This small mission for the Newdark contest by Weasel is dark, very dark, so you need to decend with care down to the lost city ruins, where you will come across a tomb that demonstrates the capability of Newdark perfectly with all the shimmering walls, but solving the puzzle inside the tomb is far from easy. Voters comments
    Sir Lector Comes to Dine 2001 Sir Lector has eaten all of his guests and your next up on the menu, time to get out of this log cabin in this small contest mission from William the Taffer. Review
    Sir William's Keep 2008 A superbly designed mansion mission in which all you need to do is find a valuable book. It quite easy on lower difficulties, so for an added level of fun you may wish to attempt to ghost this mission on expert difficulty. Review 1
    Review 2
    Sisterhood of Azura
    Part 1: Estheridge
    2002 A wonderfully good fun city mission that's a bit different from the usual. Estheridge is rammed packed with competing factions, all of whom are intent on killing you, so you have no chance of ghosting this one, instead the fun lies in luring the different factions into fighting each other, giving you the opportunity to search for all the hidden areas and secrets. Review
    Sisterhood of Azura
    Part 2: The House
    2006 Ben Hur returns, using the alias 'And' to give us a massive mansion mission stuffed to the rafters with objectives. This is a seriously good looking mansion with a complex plot and a lot of keys to find, but it's the quality of the gameplay that drives this mission from beginning to end, giving players a stupendous classic thieving experience. Review
    Skeletons in the Closet 2003 Madwolf's first mission is a city mission, in which your friend Gilberto has been murdered, so you need to find the evidence. Using mainly stock items this is a classic style loot hunt with a few extra objectives thrown in, although in comparision to other such missions it lacks a bit of atmosphere, but it's very well made and will give you a good couple of hours old fashioned city thieving. Comment
    Skull of St. Yora, The 2003 A extremely good sequel to Zaccheus' TG mission The Restored Cathedral, which itself was an OM port of T1 mission The Return to the Cathedral. This time the Mechanists occupy the Cathedral and the Hammerites want you to retreive The Skull of St. Yora. The map has been enlarged, with a small town area to explore, St. Yora's has been modified and the Cathedral has been given the Mechanist makeover including some metal floors. It's a bit of a loothunt, there are loads of Mechanists and so a serious challenge for ghosters. Comment
    Skygem Connection, The 2006 The sequel to Damsel in Distress has you raiding a Keepers compound in search of a book, after which you need to recover 2 teleportation devices from a stronghold occupied by Mechanists, all wearing a rather nice looking green uniform. All pretty standard stuff apart from the mech bot who's a treat to see but a nightmare to get past. Overall a very much better mission than Damsel in Distress. Review 1
    Review 2
    Review 3
    Space Project: Part 1
    2008 A tiny 5 minute mission by BG_Taffer set on a skylab in outer space.
    Slow but Steady Progress 2006 A neat puzzler FM in which the author also gives on-screen hints as you progress through the small building. Comment
    Sluggs Fan Missions
    Sluggs' FM Pack
    2002 3 small missions from Sluggs in one FM, Setup, Ferrying The Iceman and Locked-In. The first 2 are mansion missions and the 3rd being a very small 'find your way out of the sewer FM'. Setup is really quite easy but Ferrying the Iceman is a little on the tough side, especially seeing there is only one health potion and that's only found at the very end of the mission.
    Sly's U.T. Arena 2006 Too many guards, not enough weapons and you'll still expected to find all the loot in this fighting arena FM by SlyFoxx. Comment
    Sly's U.T. Arena 2 2008 And another barking mad arena FM from SlyFoxx, this time you need to get to the top of the tower and press the button. Easy when you know how! Review
    Small Blackout, A 2005 Break into a house and grab your lockpicks and a statue, the only problem is the electricty is down and the house is in total blackness. A small keyhunt mission with a rather cool looking skeleton lurking in the shadows.
    Smuggler's Request, A 2001 An older, but very much worth playing, city mission from Richard Cull. A smuggler friend of yours need your help when the Captain of his smuggling ship gets arrested. So starts a huge adventure as you explore this massive and complex city before heading off to the ship to recover the illict goods. Superbly designed, this mission also significantly changes the gameplay depending on difficulty, on expert the objectives are more complex and new areas of the map open, nor can you ko any of the bluecoats making expert play really very challenging. Review 1
    Review 2
    Snatch and Grab 2001 A rather basic, in looks and gameplay, small mission from Apache, in which you need to steal the wedding ring of Sheriff Truart's cousin, trouble is you end up in some mines populated by some zombies. Review
    Sneaking Through Venice 2006 A small but very good mission for the water contest that looks so much better via Newdark. The canals and gondolas of Venice are lovelingly reproduced as you need to track down an ex-partner and kill him for betraying you. You'll need to kill a few of the thieves en-route and finding the way out of the pool at the end requires a bit of lateral thinking. Water Contest Thread
    Part 1
    2005 Retired rich to a small town, the local Lord kidnaps your girlfriend Lara and demands you give him a precious necklace, but dealing with the Lord and rescuing Lara can wait till Part 2. In Part 1 you explore the town of Richpoor, which for a first mission is not bad, the music is good, there's a ton of loot as well as some well hidden keys and levers. Review
    Part 2
    2006 A massive step up from Snobs: Part 1 is this aesthetically pleasing, modern looking, town mission that is stuffed full of custom objects, clever ideas, lethal traps and a bundle of laughs. Memorably the hotel has a Hammerite conference in attendance, and both the shopping centre and the cinema are just fantastic. Review 1
    Review 2
    Snowball Fight! 2011 A novelty mission by Yandros. Think Life of a Party in winter, snowball fight and 3 AI's on the rooftops. Let's see who can score 25/50/100 hits first. Silly fun. Voters Comments
    Snowstorm 2007 A medium sized town FM from Theker set in the winter snow. With a more modern look than some of the missions from that era, some great looking custom enemies such as the 'Red Beast' and a 'Frost Treebeast' this is an enjoyable mission with loads of loot to find. Review
    So long Hammers 2004 Ramirez's old fat Burrick made this mission in just 3 weeks as he was bored of waiting for a new mission to be released, and what a mission it is. Starting off in a rich nobles mansion you need to find a way into the cistern to access an old Hammerite church, which is superbly done being dilapidated, haunted and beautifully lit in a deep red light. Once there you need to find The Builder's Last Notes and The Stone of Lazanar, but that's not easy with all the hidden passageways and secrets. Review
    Some Shopping 2006 The plot of this mission is quite simple, all you need to do is find a number of objects hidden around the city. But what a city, a huge complex of alleyways, rooftops and dead ends all lit up in a rather nice blue hue. There are also a lot of guards, most wearing metal helmets making this mission a serious challenge on expert where there is a no kill objective. Review
    Something up There 2002 A neat little loothunt mission set around the real life town of Utrecht. The architecture is a bit on the basic side, but for a first mission the plot and all the hidden keys are quite well done.
    Note: You are advised to turn off NewMantle when playing this mission as this makes climbing up the tower a more realistic challenge.
    Sorrowful Farewell, A 2011 Haplo's final mission like all of his others is predominately a puzzler mission. This time it's set in a monastery that's been taken over by Mechanists, the old order of monks having being eradicated a long time ago. What caused the monks demise is revealed through an occultish FM with multiple complex puzzles, all beautifully rendered with some seriously cool special efects, but this is not an easy mission, with custom AI's spawning all over the place as you go back and forth across the map to complete all the devious objectives. Review
    Soulforge Revisited 2011 Sabotage at Soulforge was arguably the biggest and most complex OM, so it was a brave decision by Freddy Foxx to re-interpret Soulforge, especially seeing this was his first FM, and to his credit he pulls it off spectacularly well. The plot being that some terrorists have taken over Soulforge and you need to find out what they are up to, but seeing the map is humungous you'll have your work cut out.
    Space Thief 2001 A tiny 5 minute wonder by Willam the Taffer. Steal the navigation globe off a Mechinist spaceship.
    Note:The final objective 'Return to where you started' does not work unless you install Unna's dml available here
    Space Project, The 2010 3 space oriented missions by BG Taffer packaged into 1 FM. Skylab, Walkin' on Mars and The Strange Temple......see individual entries.
    Spear of Destiny, The
    Librarian series: Part 2
    2016 Nightshifter's huge follow up to The Librarian is a 2 part mission in which you need to get to the Spear of Destiny before the Mechanists activate it. Part 1 is set in a modern looking Mechanist compound, led by their new leader Cavall, and is a bit of a key (gear) hunt, whereas part 2 is set in an old compound which is a little confusing especially the maze. Overall it's an excellent mission with a load of custom objects, made by Redleaf, and very much worth playing. Comment
    Spider Caves, The 2004 A small mission by Komag being a conversion from his T1 mission of the same name. Just find your way out of the caves whilst avoiding all the spiders.
    Sqeeky's Secret 2001 5 minute wonder and as basic as missions can get, but finding out how your rat escaped from the house may take a bit of searching around. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3
    SSDD 2007 See....Same SH*T, Different Day.
    Stiff Competition 2001 A small but scrumpiously gorgeous log cabin is the setting for this contest mission in which you have to find the formula for Viagra. Comment
    Stone and Glass Houses
    All Torc: Part 2
    2011 The stunning sequel to All Torc by R. Soul is an excellent campaign made up of 4 missions. After having received some gems as payment for stealing the torc, you find yourself in a complex plot involving double dealings, betrayal, murder and a letter with your name mentioned in it. Finding that letter and discovering who set you up takes you through a wonderfully massive and confusing city, the Hammerite prison, Lord Baynam mansion and even a Keepers hideout. Review
    Stowaway 2000 A very pretty mission set in a brothel in a mediterranean looking town during daylight hours, but sadly due to it being a contest mission with a deadline, it would appear that the author did not have enough time to flesh out the contents of the map. There are few AI's, little loot, a lot of rooms are empty and the whole mission has a vacant feel to it, but that's not to say it should not be played as it really does look very nice indeed.
    Note: The objective 'Steal Burler's spice from his belt' does not work unless you install Unna's dml available here.
    Review 1
    Review 2
    Strange Meeting 2006 Winner of the German Dromed contest is this small, slightly off the wall puzzle mission in which you have to forge your own sword. The puzzles are reasonably logical but you may have to resort to a bit of trial and error before you get it right, it also, rather, neatly has 2 alternative endings. Comment
    Strange Temple, The
    Space Project: Part 2
    2009 10 minute wonder. A small Mechanist temple in outer space from BG Taffer.
    Strife Campaign
    ND version available here
    2012 Governor Meech is not a nice man, but does he have anything to do with property prices falling and even the disappearance of the locals? What is The Order of the Oracle and do they have anything to do with The People from the Future, a bizarre pseudo religeous sect? What does the future hold, if indeed that is the future that is intended? All will be revealed in Ricebugs massive 11 mission campaign that has a very modern look about it, that looks absolutely suberb in Newdark.
    Note: Ricebug originally released most of the missions of this series as individual FM's, but you are advised to play the 11 mission single campaign which has fixed a number of bugs found in the individual FM's.
    Stronghold 2003 Garrett, with the help of the Pagans, has built a log cabin in the forest, conveniently close to a fortress built by the Mechanists to house the Shieldbreaker sword, an ancient weapon once owned by the Hammerites. This is not an easy mission with some hard and illogical puzzles, readables spread far and wide, a lot of tough enemies along with an incoherant map, but it's a kaleidoscope of colours and is surprisingly engaging.
    Note: There is a fair bit of missing and unfrobbable loot in this mission unless you install a dml by Unna Oertdottir available here
    Review 1
    Review 2 Review 3 Review 4
    Sturmdrang Peak
    2013 Nick Dablin's magnum opus is a monster sized 6 mission campaign that has you tracking down Captain Sturmdrang's treasure on a rain soaked island. The island is occupied by modern day pirates, as well as a navy, and you need to save the wife of the naval commander, who appears to have gone mad trying to find the treasure for himself. Starting off in the dockside town and then working your way through the fort, you'll end up underground, on a pirate ship, down old mines, up a lighthouse, in some ruins, ancient catacombs and eventually Mohana's temple. It's a tour de force of atmosphere, puzzles, custom AI's, secrets, wonderfull scenery and is as good as anything that a small studio would produce and make a healthy profit on. Review 1
    Review 2
    Stupid Grimrock Quote
    2015 A 5 minute wonder novelty mission that is Unna Oertdottir first foray into Dromed.
    Stupid Grimrock Quote - Reloaded
    2016 Unna Oertdottir returns one year later with full sized puzzle mission that is both challenging and clever. Starting off in a small town you need to find a way into some caves and some enormous crypts where the real puzzling starts, but it is dark in the tombs so your flares will come in handy and you'll need them to find all the well hidden levers, and to solve the riddles. With some unexpected turn of events and complex secrets to discover, this is a mission that you'll be wanting to play a second time. Comment
    Suffer Catalyst, The 2007 A creepy little mission in which you have to get into an abandoned and haunted shelter to grab the suffer catalyst as well as the stones of the dead. It's all quite easy until you get into the tombs and that's when the fun starts. Review
    Summit, The 2004 Climb to the top of mount Everest in this contest mission, from Yandros, using a grabbling hook instead rope arrows. Review
    Sun Within and The Sun Without, The 2009 An strange but engaging mission from Qolelis in which you start off chasing another thief whose stolen your lucky charm, and end up being teleported to the inside of an asteroid out in space, worse still the sun outside is angry and keeps shooting fire balls at you. This is a puzzle and exploration type mission with loot, mainly gold nuggets, hidden all over the place, but getting to them requires lateral thinking, unusual tactics, and a lot of mantling as you explore the inside of the asteroid in order to find a way to pacify the angry sun. Review
    Sunset in Darkdale 2006 A large city mission in which you need to find 4 items, a medallion, a rosary, a Builder Chisel and a precursor mask. This city is architecturally rather basic, with most of the buildings being very box shaped, and most of the loot is individual coins, so finding all the loot can be a bit of a chore. Review
    Surrounded by the Metal Age 2005 Beauty contest entrant. Nothing to do, just admire.
    Swamped 2002 An explorers heaven awaits as you hunt high and low for up to 5 gems (3 are optional) when playing on expert, in this swamp mission from Sharga. What's so good about this mission is the swamp is shrouded in fog, meaning you never really have a clue where you are, and as you have to climb up trees, as well as head down through tunnels, your guarenteed to miss huge sections of the map everytime you play. Review
    Swindle Job, The
    2015 A small contest mission from Dev_Anj. There's not a lot to do, just a series of rooms to walk though, nor is there much of a plot, but seeing it was a 72 hour contest it's quite well made and was certainly a brave decision for a newbie author to go up against more seasoned mappers. Voters Comments
    T2 Golden Project 2009 see.....First City College.
    T2X: Shadow Of The Metal Age
    ND compatable version available here
    NecroAge version available here
    HD version available here
    2005 After LGS studios closed it's door in May 2000 a team of 60 of the most talented group of designers, artists, writers, and audio talents joined to form TTLG's Dark Engineering Guild. If LGS wasn't going to make another Thief game, someone else would have to...

    5 years later T2X was released to critical acclaim and to the howls of delight from the thief fan community, and to this day there has not been such a massive community driven project, though there was one other such attempted with the Hammerite Imperium Project that sadly produced only one finished mission.

    T2X, however is a full on 13 mission campaign, the size and scope, not to mention the professional quality is the like of which that AAA game developers would make. Each mission is lovingly crafted with wonderful textures, custom objects, custom weapoms, some truly suberb special effects (wait until you see the zombies) and is dripping with atmosphere, but for many the strongest aspect of the whole project is the strength of the plot, that is driven forward with expectionally good readables and voice scripts, not to mention the cut-scenes that are a work of art in themselves.

    The story revolves around a female protagonist, Zaya, who in the first mission comes to visit her cousin Kedar in the city, only for him to be ambushed by some pirate smugglers. Zaya then takes refuge in a haunted mansion where she meets her mentor, for the rest of the campaign, Malak who persuades her to take revenge on the pirates, and who of course turns out to be a rather nasty individual whom Zaya should have avoided like the plague.

    The missions that follow include a museum heist to raise some funds, a thieves highway city in order to get some equipment, force ghosting a train station as you track your pirate gang and where you actually get to ride on a train, exploring the smugglers underground hideout, a Hammerite temple, an undead mission with haunted houses and an abandoned temple, a second wonderful city mission where you get to set the smugglers up, a return to the smugglers hideout when the Hammerites take on the pirates, another city mission where you get to visit a brothel, a hotel, an abandoned hospital and a lot more besides.

    T2X is a masterpiece, a tour de force, a magnum opus. Although it has it's flaws, such as there is not a lot of loot to be found, and some people feel that sometimes it veered too far off the classic Thief experience, such as using a female protagonist, one has to bear in mind that the team behind T2X always had to be wary of infringing copyright and so sometimes purposely made design decisions that failed to satisfy everyone, however these are little gripes when one considers the overall majesty that is T2X.

    Note: T2X originally was released with it's own installer and is still available as such, but is now also available as a standard FM that is Newdark compatable meaning all you need to do is pop it in your FM folder and play it via your usual FM loader. It has also had a Necroage & HD makeover, all the links being available in the left hand column.
    Full Review 1
    Full Review 2

    Mission 1
    Mission 1

    Mission 2
    Mission 2

    Mission 3
    Mission 3
    Mission 3

    Mission 4
    Mission 4

    Mission 5
    Mission 5

    Mission 6
    Mission 6

    Mission 7
    Mission 7

    Mission 8

    Mission 9

    Mission 10

    Mission 11

    Mission 12

    Mission 13
    Taffer's Shooting Gallery 2003 A ridiculously good fun demo that has you shooting at targets in an arcade, but be warned it's not easy. Comment
    Taffer's Bank, The 2005 A small and rather basic bank heist mission that was an entrant to the novice contest. Review 1 Review 2
    Taffer's Tower, The 2002 An highly memorable puzzle mission from Telliamed in which you need to get into a tower and collect a number of objects, but getting into the tower means stacking 100's of crates, unless you find the sneaky way in. Once inside it's a huge, almost empty building, so working out what to do is a bit of a challenge.
    Note: Both the forum and Ricebug's walks give limited information on what you need to do, but there is a hint sheet found in the zip.
    Taking a Risk 2010 A small mission, with some clever ideas, by newbie author Kabatta in which just about anything can act as loot, so frob everything, you never know what may happen.
    TCrap 2006 Total Crap contest mission. In almost total darkness your meant to jump to grab a coin, but you can't see the coin and you get killed after a few seconds. Comment
    TDS City Project Beta, The 2009 Not really a fan mission but a very realistic remake of the T3 city of area's of Stonemarket, The Docks and South Quarter built for T2 by Child Of Karras. This map does not have any objectives, but does have some loot and a few AI's, all of whom seem to walk very slowly. The point of the map was to allow other mappers to use it as a base for their missions, which was done with Bad Hangover & Pestis Cruenta
    Teddy Bears Curse
    ND version available here
    2007 Gloria Creep has discovered how to make teddy bears fly and her husband wants to know how. Does it have anything to do with the local residents disappearing? Find out in this small mansion keyhunt/mystery FM by Cardia. Review
    Tell Tale Heart
    2012 Darthlair's entry for a Halloween contest is an enormous mission based in a mortuary with a mad Dr. Morris trying to bring back to life his dead wife. With a plot involving Dr. Frankenstien, The Lord of Death, Edgar Allen Poe and Nikola Tesla as well as time travel, brain regeneration and modern computers it all gets a bit confusing to say the least. Add to that an army of undead, skeletons, dwarfs and an assortment of other enemies and you'll have your work cut out with this mssion. Voters Comments
    Temple of Death 2007 Cardia brings Quake to Thief, as you are transported to planet Mars and condemed to fight your way through an architecturally stupendous arena to fight a horde of skeltons. It's all very easy on normal (Powerfull) difficulty as you have a pretty lethal exploding weapon to aid you, but it's frighteningly hard on expert (Though) difficulty. Review 1
    Review 2
    Temple of the Tides, The 2006 Nameless Voice's entry for the water contest is brilliant lost temple puzzler FM. The temple has an Egyptian look about it with hieroglyphs all over the place, where you need to find 12 shiney metal plates, whilst avoiding a fire elemental, in order the solve one big puzzle involving a light beam. The mission has a Lara Croft feel to it and patience is required but it looks and plays so well that shouldn't be a problem. Review
    Contest Thread
    Theft in High Towne, A 2009 A small thieves highway mission by Intruder. Your tasked with stealing St. Tenor's Hammer from the Hammerites tower, but first you need to get to the forger and collect a fake hammer, trouble is Ramirez's men are waiting for you. This is not a difficult mission and is easily ghosted, but it is impressively well designed and should give you around one hours classic rooftop thieving. Comment
    Thief Dungeon Crawl
    Level 1
    2015 A small puzzle mission by Vincentlancon done in the style of a dungeon crawl, Legend of Grimrock style. You only need to find your mechanical eye and a golden skull, but even that is not easy as it's very cleverly done with some good puzzles. Hopefully level 2 will be very much bigger. Comment
    Thief 2 - CTF 2002 Telliamed's entry for the c3 contest is a small mansion mission in which you have to find various items, but which ones depend on the difficulty your playing. On top of that most of the item's locations are randomised and for added fun your on a timer of 5/10/15 minutes, again depending on your difficulty. Review
    Thief 2 - The Lost Alpha
    File available here
    2013 Not actually a fan mission but a cleaned up version of the original demo for T2, that was released by LGS with the title of Unwelcome Guest. The mission in question is Life of a Party, but it was an early demo so you'll come across a number of bugs and poor textures. Worth checking out for prosperity sake, after all this is Thief heritage.
    Note: This is a stand alone FM, you do not need to use a FMloader to play this mission, however Voodoo47 who released this FM packaged it in 7z format. You will thus first need to extract the file folder from the 7z file and then just run the thf2demo.exe
    Thief2: Thievery? 2003 A novelty contest FM by Dark Arrow. Working as a team with a couple of other AI's, you need to break into a nobles house and steal a golden skull, with one AI needing to steal the key from the noble in the pub, while another gets onto the roof to put out the torches. It's a bit odd when you first play it, so you need a few attempts to realise how to win against the opposing gang of thieves, who you are scored against. Review
    Thief - The Chain Project 2007 A small army of authors got together to make different sections of this FM leading to an eclectic mix of styles, some of which are hard, some hysterical, some just bizarre but it works brilliantly making it an FM you really should check out. Review 1
    Review 2
    Thief - The Dark Project Unified
    File available here
    2013 Not actually a fan mission but a cleaned up version of the original demo for TDP that was released by LGS. The 2 main missions are Lord Bafford's Manor and Assassins but it was an early demo, so you'll come across a number of bugs and poor textures. Worth checking out for prosperity sake, after all this is Thief heritage.
    Note: This is a stand alone FM, you do not need to use a FMloader to play this mission, however Voodoo47 who released this FM packaged it in 7z format. You will thus first need to extract the file folder from the 7z file and then just run the thiefd.exe
    Thief - The Flying Age 2008 See.......Abominable Flying Machines of Dr. Zepplinger
    Thief Noir 2003 10 minute wonder. A small contest mission by Gumdop, set in a warehouse that's also in b&w. Review
    Thief Nonetheless, A 2003 A tiny contest museum heist by Uncadonego that manages to pack in some well hidden secrets.
    Thief Trinity 2007 A medium sized town mission from Theker. Your employed to steal the 'Old Trinity', a more powerful version of 'The Eye', that's kept in a Hammerite church, but to get to it you first need to get the 'Plate of Power' from a haunted building. As with all Theker's missions, this is a well built and good looking FM with a couple of decent puzzles, as well as a fair bit of well hidden loot. Review
    Thief's Holiday, A
    ND version available here
    2004 A very cute little mission from Yandros in which Garrett has to prepare his home in readiness for his Christmas guests, such as putting out the cookies and turning on the Christmas tree lights. With extra tasks on higher difficulties this mission not only has replay stamped all over it, it's also a bit of a tradition for die hard taffers to play it every year anyway. Review 1
    Review 2
    Review 3
    Thieves' Guild 2002 A T2 conversion of the T1 OM by Anom, available from Darkfate here.
    Thieves Highway 2005 Uncadonego's wonderful rooftop mission has just about everything you would expect from such a FM. A superb and complicated map, apartments everywhere, hidden areas, ledges, banners, a bell tower, water tower, pump house, mech bots patrolling the streets, secrets and of course an art gallery. It's not Life of the Party, but it's the next best thing. Review
    Third Times the Charm 2009 Vertical contest winner by Ottoj55. You need to infiltrate a Hammerite monastery on top of a mountain and steal some of their most valuable relics which is not that difficult. Where this mission really stands out is in it's stunning beauty, it really is a good looker, from the lighting effects on the stone walls to all the dust particles floating in the beams of light shining through the glass windows, and this was made before Newdark. Review 1
    Review 2
    Review 3
    This FM haz NO SENSE
    2015 Zoro's barking mad novelty mission that fits well into the TCrap contest criteria. You need to search DiegoFM HQ and deal with all the spammers and trolls, destroy the servers, collect the recording equipment, all whilst your bombarded with a cacophany of bizarre images and sounds. It's great fun, but it's not thief as we know it. Comment
    Thork 2007 Ricebug's homage to Zork, an early adventure game, has you exploring the world of the Great Underground Empire (GUE). Across a huge map you'll discover ravines, canyons, mines, mazes and even Hades itself. Populated by Thieves, Hammerites, Mechanists and Dwarfs. So just like Zork itself it's one huge adventure. Review 1
    Review 2
    Three Crowns 2007 Brian Gleeson's (bbb) fantastical mission in which you need to recover 3 ancient crowns for the keepers. You start off in a city where the crowns are being displayed in the Cathedral, but horror of horrors, it turns out they have been stolen by the Apebeasts and hidden away in their underground world, a sprawling network of tunnels, lava caves, forests and huts. Like all bbb's mission it's just superb fun. Review 1
    Review 2
    Three Mages Tomb
    aka Skully demo
    2002 10 minute wonder. A small, very easy, tomb mission
    Throne Room 2002 Well someone had to make this novelty mission didn't they!
    Through No Vault of my Own 2006 A brilliant little contest mission that has you investigating what The Downwinders are doing in a warehouse. Turns out they're mining their way through some caves to rob a noble's vault and accidentally finding a lost city. The caves are splendid, the loot very well hidden and working out how to get into the vault is no mean feat. It's a pity this was Brother Renault's only FM.
    Through the Lookin' Glass 2006 A mansion mission form Schwaa. A gang of thieves have found a way to extract diamonds from the sky, sounds strange enough to investigate, and once in the mansion you even get to use a telescope. How cool is that! Review
    Ties that Bind, The 2002 A contest mission by Hit Deity in which your in a small city with a shopping list of weird items to find for your girlfriend. The map is tiny with some restricted spaces and a few odd things occuring. Along with 100's of little jokes in every readable and frobbable items, this is a small, but enjoyable and highly memorable mission. Comment
    Till Death Do Us Part
    2013 A contest museum heist with a difference from Mystery Man. Your being ransomed and you only have 30 minutes (45 on easy) to get all the loot before Basso and Jenivere die. The museum is only small but the trouble is there's a lot of guards and if you make one error the alarm will be set off putting them all into high alert. Voters Comments
    Time for Culture
    ND version available here
    2008 Cardia returns with a mission set in a contemporary art gallery, which is done very well and is aesthetically pleasing, but to get to the art gallery you have to first deal with a keyhunt in a mansion. Review
    Time is Gold
    Dreamlord: Mission 1.
    2016 Your tasked with retrieving a pocketwatch, an old heirloom, from a massive mansion occupied by a mysterious organization, but to get into the vault you need to find 4 items, a couple of which are not easy to find and the mansion is huge, so can be a bit frustrating if you don't wish to cheat.
    Time that has Passed, The 2005 A medium sized city mission by Uncadonego that's reasonably simplistic as there are only a few buildings to get into, only 3 objectives to fulfill and there's not really any rooftop action. On top of that it's possibly impossible to ghost, so once you have dealt with the guards it's all rather easy to accomplish. Review
    Timoteus 2002 What starts off looking like an uninspiring mansion mission, actually it's a court house and you have to find the alibi to help your friend Timoteus, soon turns into a frighteningly difficult keyhunt as Timon, the author, includes a number of extremely well hidden levers and hidden areas, and includes a number of unconventional tricks that hamper your progress. Purposely designed to be a challenging mission, this FM will test you. Comment
    To Send a Message 2009 10 minute wonder from Haplo. All you need to do is ko a number of guards standing in the alleyways.
    To The End With Nothing 2011 A wonderful twist on Thief that has you playing as a haunt wanting to escape some catacombs. Your armed with a hammer and some haunt bombs, that turn your enemies into haunts, you can't collect loot (your dead, you don't have any need for that stuff) and you pick up health by walking into the life spirit left by your enemies. This is a fun little mission for the Thief reloaded contest from Haplo & Marukpa. Voters Comments
    Too Good To Be True 2003 A small, architecturally rather basic, contest mission in which you have no chance of ghosting, so you may as well buy the best weapons at the load-out screen and rob Count Richmond's mansion blind.
    Torn Apart 2007 A medium sized Masters of Horror contest entrant which is quite creepy with some clever ideas. It's a bit of a keyhunt which eventually leads you to hell where you'll find the Jade Sceptre. Review 1
    Review 2
    Torner Island 2003 An old skool look mission in which you land on an island in order to search a few warehouses for some money, but this mission is so much bigger than that, as you keep finding new areas to explore. Although basic in looks it's a very well designed map and will have you frustrated as you try to work out where to go next.
    tOt 1..the Escape 2006 TCrap contest mission. A very easy but total rubbish mission where you need to use granny's flying potion to steal the mask of King Hingurbottom. Comment
    Tower, The 2008 TAC contest Winner. You have to wonder if Lady Rowena is a human or a god. The tower is a really small map, but surrounding the tower are loads of hidden rooms and apartments, where you'll learn about the loves and life of the locals residents, and getting to the top of the tower requires patience and a keen eye. With so much packed into the map and with an electric atmosphere, you'll end up agreeing she's a god. Review 1
    Review 2
    Review 3
    Review 4
    Tower in the Forest, The
    2013 Notesthes's first mission is a fantatical romp through a bizarre but wonderful Mages tower. It's an eclectic mix of strange rooms, water chutes, mazes, puzzles and a lot more besides all spread over a number of floors, making this a convoluted and confusing but hugely enjoyable mission. Comment
    Tower of Jorge, The
    2016 5 minute wonder from JarlFrank in which you need to get to the top of a bizarre tower.
    Tower of St. Moria, The 2011 Also released for TG this is a good fun mission from Darthslair that's stuffed full of objectives, along with a complex puzzle involving a bird cage that you need to solve to get access to the tombs.
    Trail of Blood 2 2011 Intruder's homage to OM Trail of Blood takes place shortly afterwards as Viktoria asks you to make contact with the Pagans, with whom contact has been lost, and re-open the portal. It's a wonderful map that captures to feel of the original T1 mission perfectly as you make your way past Apebeasts, Treebeasts, poisoned ponds, magical elements to eventually confront the Mechanists. Essential play for all Pagan fans.
    Note: There is no other FM called Trail of Blood, Intruder's mission is called ToB2 to prevent confusion with the original T2 mission of the same name.
    Train Spotting 2002 A small contest mission from Schwaa that has you raiding a train siding in Truart town.
    2004 Officially the 1st part of The Trickster Gem Mines series by Belboz, this FM is exactly what it says on the tin. It's a training mission to teach you how to play thief, but it does not really have any connection with rest of the series which really starts with Errand Boy. Review
    Treason and Plot 2006 Nick Dablin's first foray into Dromed is a small mission involving a bunch of thieves who just happen to be in the basement under the Baron's mansion. Review
    Tribal Breeze 2009 A mission that definatively has two very different sections. The first part, made by Ticky, is a forced ghosting keyhunt through an aesthetically good looking mediterranean style mansion. However don't let that put you off as the second part, made by Scarykitties is an excellent The Maw inspired mission with a wonderful ancient abandoned temple where eventually you'll find the tribal mask. Comment
    Trickster's Castle, The 2004 In an old Hammerite castle rests King Albert, maybe his crown is still with him, trouble is the castle is now swarming with an ungodly number of undead, burricks, Apebeasts and other Trickster's fiends. This mission has an old skool look, is basic in it's design as all the rooms are square with little furniture, and you'll need to do a lot of killing and running.
    Tricksters Rift Gem Mines + Elsewhere
    TTGM: Parts 5,6
    2004 The Trickster's Rift Gem Mine is the heart of Belboz's series, it's a lost city/mine mission where you need to solve a large 'four elements' puzzle in order to reach the Displacement Palace to lift a curse, it's also a very dark mission thats stuffed full of undead. Elsewhere, however, is set in the Displacement Palace... 300 years in the future, so it's all a bit SFX with lots of mechs and sneaking through Bio-Domes. Comment
    Trickster's Gem Mine series 2002 - 2004 Belboz's hugely popular & brilliant 8 mission campaign comes in 5 FM's, although a further 4 missions were intended. Overall the campaign is massive, each mission will take hours if not days to complete as they are all really tough missions being complex, confusing and with some very difficult puzzles thrown in. They were designed to be challenging, but the real shining gem in all of these missions is Belboz's spectacularly inventive imagination.
    1: Errand Boy 2: Shore leave & Up Shit Creek 3: Making Tracks 4: The Tricksters Rift Gem Mines & Elsewhere 5: Chasm of the Lost: Parts 1+2.......see individual entries
    Turtle on its Back, The 2001 A small contest mission from Gonchong in which you find yourself in an capsized Mechanist submarine. All you need to do is get out before you drown, or get harpooned by a couple of Mechanist divers, which is not easy as they are sharp shooters, so expert timing and a bit of good luck is required. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3
    Review 4
    Turn of the Tide 2005 Set in the coastal port of Finisterre, which is home to a number of pirates and cut-throats, you need to break into the local Hammerite Priory to retrieve the Builders Hammer. The town is easily navigated, including via the roof tops, it's also nicely drenched in a coastal fog, but a lot of the rooms could have done with a bit more furniture including the catacombs that are a bit of a maze. Overall however this is a classic style, good looking, atmospheric and solid mission from Madwolf. Review
    Two Fathers 2003 What initially looks like a small mission from Uncadonego ends up being enormous. You start by finding your way through some superb caves to get to the rich quarter to find a healing potion for your friends child, but there are only 3 small houses to search, that is until you find one of the secrets and discover another mansion that is bigger than the whole of the rest of the map put together. Comment
    Two Towers, The 2002 Komag released this officially as a demo as it was the first mission he ever built and is suposedly unfinished, but it's a decent little FM, if a bit rough around the edges, in which you need to get to the top of the tower of a secret organization of Wizards and steal their telescope.
    Ultima Ratio 2007 Sequel to Mysterious Invitiation by PsymH is a huge city mission that is superbly designed with a thoroughly modern look about it, and being lit up with a kaleidescope of colours it has a unique look. Along with finding Lord Duncan, you'll need to blow up a Hammerite factory, deal with High Priest Nestor and find out about the Element of Three Powers. Most memorably, the readables are packed to the brim with great humour, even the KGB are helpful, friendly, and customer focused and with ambient music such as the theme music to the Pink Panther playing in the background, you'll enjoy every minute of this superior mission. Review 1
    Review 2
    2016 A small 2 mission puzzle FM from Cardia set in a modern looking apartment. Something is not right, there's a bad atmoshpere in this apartment and things keep getting broken, so you need to find out the cause of all this misadventure. However Cardia hides things very well so you'll need to look and frob everywhere. Comment
    Unbidden Guest 2008 The worthy winner of the CTE contest. This mission by Melan has you clambering all over the rooftops of a small city in order to get into a Mechanist seminary, where you need to sabotage their iron machines and to grab a valuable old Hammerite book from the catacombs. Inspired by Unwelcome Guest, the Thief2 demo mission (see Thief 2 - The Lost Alpha) this excellent FM has both old skool looks and feel, as well as atmosphere in abundance. Review
    Voters Comments
    Undead Reckoning 2004 An fun undead mission from John Denison which is not really scary, so even those who are not fans of zombies can enjoy this one. The town is overrun with zombies and the only safe space is the local warehouse where you will find a damsel in distress who needs rescuing. There's a few simple puzzles, but this FM is all about exploring to find all the keys and loot. Comment
    Under Templehill 2006 A stupendously good city/mystery mission from The Pixie in which a friend's daughter, Jemola, has disappeared. As you follow the clues hidden around the city further areas of the map open up that eventually lead you to the kidnapper. The city is superbly built, complex and realistic with every type of building and area you would expect, and with plenty of secrets and loot to keep all good taffers happy. Comment
    Underground Escape 2002 A very small contest mission in which you need to find a painting of the Builder's cat in some tombs.
    Note: This mission does not play via FMsel or NewDarkloader as the author placed the missflag.str file in the wrong folder. Either play via Darkloader or move the missflag.str file from the Intrface/Miss20 folder into your strings folder to get it working with FMsel/NewDarkloader.
    La Mine
    2007 Originally in French only, aka La Mine, this is a ridiculously basic looking mission that you initially think is going to be a Pagan inspired FM, that later turns into a rather good Mechanist mission. Along with finding The Hand of Glory you need to find 6 bags of spice and they are quite well hidden, and how you are meant to get all the gold nuggets in the deep pit is anybodies guess when you don't have any rope arrows.
    Note: The author left the missflag.str file out of the zip that prevents you playing this mission via FMsel. So you need to play via Darkloader or NewDarkloader as both of these loaders compensate for this error.
    Unexpected Detour
    Darkstone Gem: Chapter 2
    2017 Dark Max's wonderful series continues as you have to get through the mountains, some zombie infested mines and some huge crypts to get to the Pagan temple. Classic thieving in a dark setting with a number of decent puzzles and well hidden loot. Review 1 Review 2
    Unfinished Business 2005 The sequel to Fletcher's Final Mistake by SlyFoxx is a small town mission where you need to get your revenge on the Barlett brothers. This is an enjoyable and relatively relaxing FM as the town is rather nicely lit up with just about every colour from the rainbow, the readables are excellent and you can do a fair bit of roof hopping, as well as all that, there are 4 hidden bonus objectives. Review 1 Review 2
    Unfortunate Formulae 2003 A client wants the Elixir of Silence and you think you can get it from Tobias the Alchemist, but all is not right when you get to his cottage in this small contest puzzle mission from Timon. Review
    Unholy Vivid Innocence 2009 A superior Haplo puzzle mission set in some crypts that was made for a contest. The mission is done in b&w which makes it nice and creepy, and with all of the custom haunts it's also quite scary in parts, but the crypt is a bit of a maze that has you running back and forth as you work out how to open the next section. Review 1 Review 2
    Uninvited Guest, The 2008 A nice and easy mission from eepcat in which all you need to do is break into a Hammerite castle, that actually just looks like a normal mansion, and steal the Craymans Wand and the Horn of Valiance. Review
    United Bank of Auldale 2007 A Christmas holiday themed city mission which turns into a keyhunt as you try to find a way into the bank to steal the Horn of Quintus, with a couple of the keys being well hidden. Review
    Unknown Danger
    2012 A Halloween contest mission that is in almost complete darkness. You awake in a strange budling and need to get out of here, now. There's no loot, you have no weapons, stepping on certain boulders kill you and of course being a Halloween mission there are zombies to run from, but if you use your flares and take your time it's surprisingly a clever mission even though there are some difficult places to negotiate. Voters Comments
    Unknown Treasure, The
    ND version available here
    2007 Gort's stupendously difficult mission has been made even better with the ND re-release that now includes a second mission. In mission 1 you start off in a city where you need to help a Pagan by finding him some juice, before heading off to a Constantine style sunken house where you'll come across some wonderful lava caves. In mission 2 you'll explore some ice caves, and they are so good looking it's worth playing the whole mission just to see them. Full of complex puzzles, well hidden levers and secrets this is one seriously challenging adventure. Review
    Unmasked 2008 A small mansion FM in which you need to find 8 masks. Nicely done, but it shouldn't take you more than 30 minutes. Review
    Unnecessary Risk
    Friends in Need: Part 2
    2007 A mansion mission from SlyFoxx that's based on the map of his FM Bafford's Bone Collection. There's no real objectives apart from finding as much loot as you can, but it's a good looking country retreat and will give you an hour of thiefing pleasure. Review 1
    Review 2
    Unsung Villain, The 2007 R. Soul's entry for the Classic Thief Experience contest starts off as you follow a thief, Trace the Courier style, and discover that Lord Ramsford is behind the theft of your gem. What follows is a great city and mansion mission that magically captures the feeling of the original thief game. Review
    Unusual Conditions 2007 Officially a demo that was made to show off a new range of arrows, but it's by Christine and it's a really pretty little town mission that's certainly worth playing, and the greenhouses are lovely.
    Up Sh*t Creek 2001 see.......Shore Leave, Up Sh*t Creek.
    Upside Down 2011 A totally barking mad mission from Zontik that turns the table from your usual game. In this mission you act as a guard protecting a mansion when a load of Thieves guilds graduates crash into the mansion and trash the place, so you need to stop them, as well as recovering all the loot that they steal. It's wonderful fun, full of hysterical humour and is a mission you'll want to play again and again. Review
    Haddur series: Part 5
    2007 The final mission in the Haddur series is set in a Pagan village and is 2 small missions. In the first one you need to find and destroy The Beast, in the second you need to help Scion, whilst avoiding or fighting a number of tough enemies. Review
    Vadrigar's Prison
    ND version available here
    2006 A enjoyable fighting FM from Cardia set in a Cathedral sized prison. Interestingly the guards and ghosts ignore you, but the haunts are out for your blood as you track down and kill Vadrigar and his four Generals Review
    Memento Mori: Part 2
    2009 The sequel to Nostalgia is a city mission with a difference from Random Taffer. You arrive in Avisport, a coastal suburb of the City with nothing, no weapons, no food, no money and nowhere to stay. Simply put your a vagabond and you need to find somewhere to stay, but in your wanderings around the city various quests open up making this mission develop into an immersive and hugely satisfying FM. Review 1 Review 2
    Vampire Skull 2008 10 minute wonder by Nicked that was made for a contest. Your after the Vampire Skull from the Hammerite temple, but some thieves have got to it first. Review 1
    Review 2
    Tales from the Cleft: Part 1
    2009 Sir Robert Bartholomew Hunter is a collector of rare books, he also happens to employ Benny, who happens to be in love with the cook, but does Benny know what he is getting into? Welcome to an exceptionally good mansion mission that's packed with objectives, secret passageways, clever puzzles and some great humour. It's also superbly built so all mansion fans will adore this one. Review
    Vanishing Point
    2015 Skacky won the 72 Hour Contest with this exceptionally good little city mission that looked architechturally like one of the Rocksboug missions. Apart from climbing all over the map, you need to break into the Vane manor and get down to the cellar to steal the family treasure, but all is not as it seems. Voters Comments
    Vault Chronicles: Scorched Earth 2017 After a cataclysm people now live in underground vaults, but vault 10 has been overwhelmed by the Brotherhood of Metal who have killed all the occupants, but not before they hid the Element of Earth. A small, classic style mission from Cavalorn that you can play and enjoy inbetween the important things in life.
    Victralia's Realm 2001 10 minute wonder. A tiny contest mission in which you need to kill Victralia. Review
    Viktor Gaspar 2004 A staggeringly good contest mission from Balboa that is massive, complex and full of original and clever ideas. Starting off in a small city you need to steal a couple of masks from Victor Gaspar's gallery, but getting into the vault is anything but easy as this mission is both a brilliant keyhunt and it's packed to the rafters with hidden areas. But it doesn't stop there as once you have eventually found The Inventors house you'll get transported to the Lost City - again. Review
    Visit for the Knights, A 2010 Set just after TDP, a new group of knights, an order called the Mechanists, have a Cathedral in the city and you decide to rob them of all of their loot. DarkMax's cavernous Cathedral shows off Newdark in all it's glory in this relatively easy loothunt mission, but be warned there are a lot of noisy tiled floors. Comment
    Visit to Lord Ashton, A
    Lord Ashton series: Part 1
    2002 Christine's first ever mission is set in Lord Ashton's huge mansion, in which you'll find a lot of marble floors, but it's great fun as it's stuffed with loot, it's beautifully decorated, if a bit spartan in some rooms, and like all of Christine's missions it's an explorers delight. Review
    Vol de Nuit
    aka Nightflight
    2008 The 1st part of the 15 days series is a tiny 5 minute wonder mansion FM, that was originally a French release, thus the alternative title.
    Volcano Island Prison Facility 2003 10 minute wonder. A very small contest mission from Caradavin, all you need to do is escape the prison yard, deal with an Apebeast and Treebeast and that's it really.
    Walkin' Da Moon! 2006 B.G. Taffer's entry for the TCrap Contest would have been a worthy addition to his Space Project missions, apart from it's really crap! Review
    Walkin' on Mars 2009 10 minute wonder. A novelty mission from B.G. Taffer that sends you back into space, this time to steal a mask off the Mechanists. This mission was also included in his 3 mission Space Project FM.
    Warehouse 51 2001 The X-Files meet Thief as you discover what the Mechanists are up to in this small contest mission by Kung Fu Gecko. Review 1 Review 2
    Water Arrow in the Fire, A 2005 A massive, but very basic, mansion mission by a newbie author that has too many rooms that are simply paste&copy, too many keys and weapons, far too easy to find secrets and unimaginative guard patrols and architechture. A lesson to all new authors that maybe it's best to start off small.
    Waterlogged 2000 A small contest mission, by Belboz, set in the newly built public swimming baths and you think it's a neat idea to steal the prize gala trophies, which is all quite easy. Review 1 Review 2
    Waterfront Racket
    2016 Tannar and Yandros deliver a splendidly atmospheric film noir FM. You play as Sam Marlowe, of course, when a classy dame, Vivian, strolls into your office and asks you to investigate her husband Miles Sternwood, a big shot shipping mogul. So begins a wonderful murder mystery set over 3 missions which is unique in it's gameplay and is dripping with quality throughout. Review
    Watery Grave
    2016 Squadafroin's first solo mission is a small but impressively built city that has a bundle of hidden areas and some sneakily hidden loot, as well as an underground area leading to the flooded tombs where you need to sneak past the alert Mechanist divers in order to get to the mysterious chamber. Comment
    WaterWay Tunnel, The
    Part 1

    For a Better Tomorrow: Part 4
    2004 Getting to Lord Ezechiel's mansion is not an easy task as you have to swim through an underwater maze of tunnels. With few breathe potions and almost as few air bubbles this is a frustrating job, especially when you get to one of the four locations, only to discover you need to collect a key from one of the other locations. Comment
    WaterWay Tunnel, The
    Part 2: Ground Quest

    For a Better Tomorrow: Part 5
    2005 Having survived the water tunnel from hell you now need to make your way through a small town armed with nothing more than a blackjack, trouble is the haunts, who are all b&w, that populate the town don't take kindly to being bashed on the head, so you'll have to ghost this one till you find some new weapons.
    Note: The objective to find some new weapons may not work unless you install a dml from Unna available here.
    Way of the Sword, The 2007 An fan mission with a Japanesse feel and look to it. Break into a monastery run by warrior monks, steal a novices tunic to disguise yourself, steal The Talisman of Death as well as a secret formula in this clever, wonderfully realistic and challenging puzzle mission by Jason Otto. Review
    Way Home
    2013 A NewDark contest mission by Notesthes. Escaping from Donal you end up in an alchemist's house, who seems to be doing a lot of experimenting with glass, inventing items such a magical mirror and an extraordinary crystal; however his two young daughters enjoy playing practical jokes on each other and this is bound to lead to a whole load of trouble. Note: This mission will appear in FMsel as Heimweg. Voters Comments
    We miss you, Bob! 2008 A small mansion job. Garrett's old friend Lady Agutt needs help saving her kidnapped baby boy, Bob, from the evil Lord Marboby. For a new author this is a really very good little mission that needs a little patience avoiding all the alert guards. Review
    Weak Links 2008 Lord Victor is displaying his latest acquisitions in his manor, but not for very much longer if you have your way in this contest mission by 'ghost in the shell'. It's a very good small mansion mission but it's all quite easy, unless you play on expert when you need to ghost it and where there's an extra objective that needs a keen eye to complete. Review 1
    Review 2
    Contest Thread
    Wedding at the Bar, A 2006 10 minute wonder from Telliamed. At a wedding you need to sneak into the back room and swop the labels on the wine barrels so the guests get drunk, allowing you to steal all of their valuables, but patience is needed to achieve this. Note: This mission may not play via NewDarkloader, so either play via FMsel or Darkloader instead or install Unna's dml available here.
    Wedding of a Dark Lady, The
    Theker's Castle
    2007 Lady Karen Dark is about to get married, however some kidnappers have interfered with the plans and you need to recover 6 items for her, and steal 4 items off the kidnappers in this sometimes bizarre, but hugely entertaining castle mission. You have no chance of ghosting this mission, it's even got an unkillable SS2 droid patrolling the place, but the fun is got from working out how to grab the items without dying. Review
    Wedding of Sir Andre, The
    Lord Ashton's series: Part 8
    In the final mission of Christine's series Sir Andre and Lady Carla are getting married in an enormous mansion, again with with enough marble floors to make the ancient Greeks proud. But it's still great fun as you explore high and low, avoiding all the archers, in order to find that last item of loot and of course all of those delicious cakes.
    Note: This mission will appear in FMsel as Hochzeit
    Weekend Getaway, A 2008 What initially looks like a small mission by Ottoj55 actually turns into a very clever FM, as the events take place over 3 parts, with each part having new objectives and weapons. Playing as Basso, your staying at a haunted inn and Jenivere is kidnapped by a cult, so you need to find out what's going on and rescue her. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3
    What a Drag
    aka Quelle Galere!
    2005 Originally in French only, hence the alternative name, this is a clever and pretty looking medium sized mansion puzzle mission in which you have to save Anges from the evil Count Zyk. It mainly involves finding a lot of hidden buttons and levers and solving a few obscure puzzle, but nothing too hard to be annoying.
    What Lies Below
    ND version available here
    2006 The winner of the Water Contest, this is a brilliant mission by Yandros that's set in some sewers. It's mainly in b&w with some very effective lighting, the haunts are almost invisible and some even explode when you kill them, and it's also a keyhunt which all sounds a bit of a nightmare, but it's not, it's wonderfully atmospheric, creepy, superbly designed and an absolute joy to play. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3
    Contest Thread
    What've You Found Little Fly 2012 A superb puzzle mission by Xorax that not only looks fantastic but also has some of the most off the wall puzzles that you'll ever come across in a fan mission, such as what you need to do with the sleeping burrick. It is not an easy mission by any stretch of the mind, as there is quite of lot of pixel hunting to do in order to find all the levers, secrets and clues, but the clues are there if you read everything carefully, and so you'll be rewarded with a hugely memorable and certainly unique experience. Review
    Whatever happened to Sir Agutt? 2010 A small castle misson that is the sequel to We Miss you Bob! by Monastiri. This time you have to find out what happened to Lady Agutt's husband, Sir Agutt, in Marboby Castle, since he mysteriously disappeared while visiting the castle. Comment
    When Angels Refuse to Die 2009 Angelwatch has been abandonded, but various expedition parties have disappeared and the Keepers want you to investigate, but the Mechanists have different plans for you. Time to escape this living hell and destroy the signal tower in this puzzle contest mission by Balboa that has an unusual and clever plot. Review 1 Review 2
    When Still... 2010 Eternauta's first gift to Thief is a fabulous, yet monstrously huge, campaign played over 4 missions that involves the new religion Christianity, Lord Robert Lelder, Hammerites and Pagans and a lot more besides. Spread across mansions, sewers, warehouses, an Abbey and caves there is so much to explore and discover in this incredibly detailed and exceptional FM that you could be forgiven for thinking this was made by a small studio, rather than an individual. Review
    Whispers in the Desert
    From Beneath the Sands: 2
    2009 A remake of From beneath the Sands by Nicked, but bigger and better. This is an Egyptian style tomb raiding mission where your after The Book of the Dead contained in the tomb of the ancient Emperor Daihotep, that's stuffed full of zombies, lethal traps, clever puzzles and of course a swag bag full of loot. Review
    Who is Hugo?
    2013 A small city mission from Notesthes, in which your recovering from a night out having lost your blackjack and lockpicks, and then comes along a man who looks just like Basso. The question has to be, who is Hugo? Comment
    Wicked Relics 2009 What initially appears to be a typical, if enormous, mansion mission by kfort in which you need to steal the legendary Ruby Scepter of Malov off Lord Bradley, soon turns into a fight for your life as your hunted down by an invisible enemy. With a huge amount of loot to collect whilst avoiding all the Mechanists, this is a hugely popular and very entertaining FM. Review 1 Review 2
    Wicked Webs We Weave 2009 DarthsLair's OM port of First City Bank and Trust. Sheriff Truart is dead and you want to dispose of any evidence that may implicate you, so you need to return the wax voice recording machine to the banks vault. With a number of other objectives to complete and a high loot requirement this is classic Darthslair fun.
    Wickerman, The 2001 The daughter of Lady Ariella has been kidnapped by the Cult of the Wickerman and they are about to burn her at the stake in this small contest FM that is a homage to the cult film staring Edward Woodward. It's initially a small tight map in which you can get a little stuck in the spider caves, but it's a enjoyable little mission and the burning wickerman stake in well worth seeing. Review
    Willow Island
    The Docks: Part 3
    2000 The final part of Gonchong's trilogy (the first 2 missions were T1 FM's) has you arriving at a Hammerite outpost beyond which you'll find a Pagan outdoor area, and some mines that lead to a Mechanist facility. So a bit of everything really. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3 Review 4
    Winter Holiday, A 2005 A small contest mission in which you take a vacation at a snow bound holiday cottage, but being Garrett you can't stop nicking all the loot, even when your meant to be having a relaxing break from all that thieving. Comment
    Winter's Night, A
    Lord Ashton's series: Part 7
    2002 The penultimate mission in Christine's series is set in a small town with the winter snow falling. It's not a large town and there are only 5 or 6 buildings you can enter, including the jewellers where you need to find a big diamond, but it's very nicely done, obviously for Christine it's very pretty and with an abundance to loot to scavenge it will give you an hours entaintainment. Note: This mission will appear in FMsel as Winternacht Review
    Wooden Box, The
    2015 FireMage's entry for the 72 hour contest tries a novel approach in that almost everything apart from the map is randomised, from both the number and where the guards are, the location of keys and objects and even the main objective. All set in a large building with too many thieves to count this mission has replayability stamped all over it. Voters Comments
    Working the Mines 2005 There's diamonds in those mines, but to get to them you need to use a confusing mining cart, blow rocks off the walls, take them to the processing room, crush the rocks down into kimberlite ore and then work out to get the diamonds out of the ore. Most importantly however, you'll need patience in this small contest mission. Comment
    Worlds Collide 2003 A Keeper spy has gone missing in Sir John's castle and all because Sir John has opened a portal to the other world, allowing big green monsters to cause chaos in the castle. A small, bit old skool mission, that for a fun optional objective you also need to knock the monsters out with a flying ko. Review
    Your Last Breath
    Quick Cash series: Part 4
    2002 Investigate a small underwater Mechanist facility and find out what they're up to. All very easy and a good introduction to the next in the series Island of Iron. Review 1 Review 2
    Yume No Rozen 2008 A very small contest mission from Sxerks. Break into the manor and steal the special ruby and then avoid the haunts and zombies as you make your escape. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3
    Contest Reviews
    Zealot's Hollow
    2013 Xorak's amazingly compact yet quite brilliant mission was the rightly deserved winner of the Newdark contest. In one of the most cramped maps ever made you need to find Sibyl, the oracle of the hollow, whilst avoiding an army of thieves, in order to find the key to Sibyl's shrine. With a deep and intricate plot, a map with incredibly tight spaces, superbly confusing layout and an atmosphere second to none, this mission is a serious challenge and hugely memorable. Voters comments
    Zombie Killer 2007 10 minute wonder. One pit, 3 zombies and all you need to do is get out of there. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3
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    T3 missions quick navigation

    Thief 3 A-Z

    Main navigation table

    Thief 1/G A-C, D-G, H-L, M-P, R-S, T-V, W-Z
    Thief 2 #, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, Y, Z
    Thief 3 A-Z
    TDM A-M, N-Z

    T3 Missions Year Mission summary & details Reviews & Comments
    Abandoned Kingdom
    Opuszczone Krolestwo
    2011 A unique quest style mission from ERH+ that was for many years only available in Polish. Spread across 5 different maps you need to find 5 quest items and combine them with 5 quest scrolls before you can access The Realm, which is a surreal map that looks almost as if Salvador Dali designed it. This is not an easy mission as mantling in T3 is problematic and you need to climb a lot of walls, also there are a number of bugs that you may encounter that will cause the game to crash, but it is a stunning experience and very much worth experiencing.
    Note: A German and English version of this game was eventually released and is available here.
    All the World's a Stage 2006 Set in a theatre 'All the Worlds a Stage' is a mansion style mission in which you have to recover the Trytos Crystal from a gang of smugglers. The level design is tremendous, you can genuinely believe you are walking around a real theatre, even the placement of the ventalation tunnels seem realistic, and with a plot that keeps the tension this mission has re-playablity written all over it. Comment
    Avoiding Mistrust 2008 A rather grandiose mansion mission from DarkDragon that's relatively straight forward in completing all your objectives.
    Note: For some unknown reason this mission does not allow you to save when playing on normal, so you are advised to play on another difficulty setting.
    Note: This is one of the T3 missions that is affected by a complication with loot recording, you are thus strongly advised to make sure you have patched your T3 game with the Sneaky Upgrade 1.6 or later available here in order to record the correct loot values.
    Bad Feeling 2007 A fun and tough in places small mission in which you need to get into the locked room of a guest in a hotel. To do that you need to head off to a secondary map and mix up a potion in a pharmacy, return to the hotel and lace the guest's drink. All of this is a little complex and it's easy to mis-understand what you have to do next, so make sure you read everything.
    Blue Rose, The
    Keeper series: Part 3
    2009 Savar's homage to The Enforcers, is a wonderful Keepers monastery mission which is massive, complex, confusing and seriously tough as you have to avoid some near invisible Enforcers. Stuffed to the brim with objectives, hidden areas and loot galore this is an explorers delight, even if Savar intentionally confuses you by including doors that port you to different levels around the building.
    Note: Savar regulary updates his missions, the latest version of this FM is 3.0, however 2.0 is still available on some d/l sites and is a significantly different map, so it's worth playing both versions to experience two games for the price of one.
    Note: This is one of the T3 missions that is affected by a complication with loot recording, you are thus strongly advised to make sure you have patched your T3 game with the Sneaky Upgrade 1.6 or later available here in order to record the correct loot values.
    Bridge, The 2006 A hugely popular mission from Dom Wright in which you need to get across a bridge in a medieval looking town and raid Grimworth and DePerrin's shop, but to do that you first have to find the wayward daughter of the locksmith and solve some not too difficult puzzles. The mission is beautiful, with Dom Wright using a brown hue to the architecture bringing a genuinely realistic look to the mission. Comment
    Cabot 2007 Cabot the cartographer has became rich lately, so you need to break into his mansion to find out why and then inform the city watch what he has been up to. This is a keyhunt mission, but it's not a difficult one, however you may struggle to find your way into Cabot's bedroom as the secret way in is not at all obvious. Comment
    Creature Clash 3 2005 Novelty TDS contest entrant set in an arena where you choose which factions you wish to fight each other, you can also jump into the arena and fight alongside the team you wish to win.
    Crypt, The 2005 Winner of the TDS contest is a small crypt mission from Norbert Navratile, in which you need to find Reuben's valuable artifact. Being a contest mission it's only a small crypt but it's very nicely done, being creepy and certainly not easy getting past all the undead. Comment
    Crystal Clear Conscience 2006 A small, but really very tough, mission from Judith in which you need to ghost your way through a market place in order to access the park, where you witness a murder.
    Defender of the Crown 2005 A small contest mission from Komag. Head down to the ancient crypt and find the Kurshok Crown.
    Escape from Castle Black 2005 Escape your prison cell and find a way to open the front door.
    Evicted 2006 Evicted from your apartment you need to scour the massive map to find enough money to buy some lockpicks, after which the rest of this well made large map opens up fully, but finding all the loot is not easy.
    Forgotten Stash 2005 Small contest mission set in Old Man Wheeler's house.
    Furious Flames
    Cabal: Part 1
    2010 If you need a reason to install T3 look no further than Tiens's masterpiece. This is a classic FM, being both hard and original and stunning on every level. From a City in which you need to complete a number of quests to a Hammerite Factory defended by lethal bots, to the burning buildings....wait until you see the flames, before finally boarding a steamboat to make good your escape, this mission will forever remain in your memory.
    Note: This is one of the T3 missions that is affected by a complication with loot recording, you are thus strongly advised to make sure you have patched your T3 game with the Sneaky Upgrade 1.6 or later available here in order to record the correct loot values.
    Happy Halloween! 2013 An small unfinished Pagan inspired map.
    Heart of the Deal
    Cabal: Part 3
    2011 A superb but complex mission from Judith in which you need to get to the Overwardens Headquarters. Starting off in a city you need to follow Barracleugh, which is not easy as you have to do everything in the correct order, to get to the sewers. From there you'll come across a set of caves that leads to your final destination. Comment
    Hearts and Minds 2008 A stunningly pretty mission in which you are forced to ghost. Break into the City Watch's 'Rue Du Maine Officer's Club' and steal a box of keys from their fancy safe, without anyone knowing there's been a robbery. Comment
    Hotel, The
    Keeper series: Part 2
    2009-2015 A superb and sometimes very scary hotel mission from Savar. The mission starts off normally until you manage to find a way into the abandoned wing of the hotel where you need to collect the Ruyan wand. With hidden areas in just about every room you'll do well to find all the loot, but that makes exploring the map hugely satisfying and leaves a lasting inpression as to how good a mapper Savar is.
    Note: Savar regulary updates his missions, the latest version of this FM is 3.0, however 2.0 is still available on some d/l sites and is a significantly different map, so it's worth playing both versions to experience two games for the price of one.
    Note: This is one of the T3 missions that is affected by a complication with loot recording, you are thus strongly advised to make sure you have patched your T3 game with the Sneaky Upgrade 1.6 or later available here in order to record the correct loot values.
    Impurities in the Mix 2005 A small mission set in a rather good looking Hammerite temple with optional objectives that effect who you kill first.
    Note: This mission crashes at the start unless you play the updated version available here.
    Note: This is one of the T3 missions that is affected by a complication with loot recording, you are thus strongly advised to make sure you have patched your T3 game with the Sneaky Upgrade 1.6 or later available here in order to record the correct loot values.
    Keeper, The
    Keeper series: Part 1
    2008-2010 Although there have been earlier versions of this FM only the v_3.0 version is now available for download. Based on the original TDS map of Southquarter this a a city mission with a number of hidden areas, so although it's a small map you'll probally spend a good few hours finding everything.
    Knife to the Heart
    Cabal: Part 4
    2011 A complex mission from Nomad finishes off the Cabal series. You need to get into the Over-Warden's castle and let him know that Mercer is plotting against him, but that's not easy. Set in an impressively large castle and it's surrounding buildings, you get a number of objectives to fulfill and the final showdown in the banquetting hall is a fitting tribute to an overall excellent series.
    Note: This is one of the T3 missions that is affected by a complication with loot recording, you are thus strongly advised to make sure you have patched your T3 game with the Sneaky Upgrade 1.6 or later available here in order to record the correct loot values.
    Krellek's Labyrinth 2005 A supremely confident puzzler mission from A. Scott Kingston that has you exploring a wonderful, if not bizarre, mansion whilst at the same time being guided by the ghost of Lady Laremel. It's clever, it's intriguing, deeply immersive, complex and beautiful and it's a pity this was the authors only mission as you'll definately want for more. Comment
    Lord Julian's Labyrinth 2005 An enormous maze which become rather tedious after a while as there really is not a lot to do except for finding the chest with the loot.
    Lord Raven's Mansion 2008 Released on the same day as Avoiding Mistrust, DarkDragon released this smaller, less grand mansion mission, which is a relatively straight forward mansion heist.
    Note: For some unknown reason this mission does not allow you to save when playing on normal, so you are advised to play on another difficulty setting.
    Medallion, The 2014 A small city mission in which you need to find a medallion as a present for your girlfriend. All quite easy but nicely done.
    Night of the Long Knives
    Cabal: Part 2
    This episode of the Cabal series is a bit different from your usual mission. Your in a massive city but there's no loot or weapons to find, all you need to do is complete a few objectives whilst tracking down a friend, but it's not easy as the guards have eagle eyes, so you will die a lot whilst making your way around the huge map. However it's stunningly beautiful and a challenge to complete.
    Night of the Trickster
    Keeper series: Part 6
    2012-2015 The penultimate mission in the planned 7 mission campaign of the Keeper series has you raiding the Abbey of St. Marks, but from the moment you first enter the Abbey something is clearly not right as it has been taken over by the undead and you need to find out who's behind the outbreak. Being a Savar mission there's custom haunts, well hidden loot and a cleverly designed map with some of the AI's being quite difficult which all makes for a fun filled experience.
    Note: Savar regulary updates his missions, the latest version of this FM is 3.0, however 1.0 is still available on some d/l sites and is a significantly different map, so it's worth playing both versions to experience two games for the price of one.
    Note: In the original v_1.0 version savar depicted the enemy as a nazi, which offended a number of players so he removed all nazi images from v_3.0. However v_1.0 is still available for download on a couple of sites, but if you are offended by such references you are advised to play the v_3.0 version.
    Note: This is one of the T3 missions that is affected by a complication with loot recording, you are thus strongly advised to make sure you have patched your T3 game with the Sneaky Upgrade 1.6 or later available here in order to record the correct loot values.
    Oldstone Castle
    Room Quest
    2007 Starting off in a bedroom you need to find a way to activate 5 books which take you to 5 different surreal locations, in order to find a way to escape the bedroom. A wonderful little room quest FM from Tiens that will have you admiring both the quality and the fantastic, even if finding some of the solutions are not easy.
    On the Trail of a Fence 2013 Set in a time before you know Cutty this is a complex mission with a lot of complicated scripts which can lead to bugs showing through. You start off in one city area which is impressively big, but with not a lot of loot to find, before heading off to the second map to find Cutty, where you discover a plot to attack a noble. With multiple ways to save the noble, along with a great plot throughout, this FM by Beleg a serious challenge and unforgettable mission.
    Note: This is one of the T3 missions that is affected by a complication with loot recording, you are thus strongly advised to make sure you have patched your T3 game with the Sneaky Upgrade 1.6 or later available here in order to record the correct loot values.
    Secret Room, The
    Keeper series: Part 4
    2009-2013 Savar likes the Keepers, so much so he returns with another mission dedicated to them. In this mission, like his others, there are multiple hidden areas, even hidden areas within hidden areas. So although the map initially appears straight forward, completing most of your objectives will have you scouring the map in frustration, having said that, this is arguably Savar's best mission so far, so he must be doing something right.
    Note: Savar regulary updates his missions, the latest version of this FM is 3.0, however 2.0 is still available on some d/l sites and is a significantly different map, so it's worth playing both versions to experience two games for the price of one.
    Note: This is one of the T3 missions that is affected by a complication with loot recording, you are thus strongly advised to make sure you have patched your T3 game with the Sneaky Upgrade 1.6 or later available here in order to record the correct loot values.
    Silence 2008 A Pagan inspired mission in 3 parts, the main action taking place in the Captain's manor. Nothing too complicated or difficult, but for fun you can spike the beer barrel in the tavern and get all the guards drunk, silly manfools.
    Skullduggery 2005 Raid a small Hammerite church and steal a Pagan skull. All very easy but the ending can be a big buggy.
    Special Vintage 2005 Locked in a cell at the beginning you need to steal the Lord's best wine. A medium sized mansion with an impressively large stone circular staircase.
    Starting from Scratch A small but rather good contest mansion mission. There's not a lot to do apart from grabbing all the loot and finding the exit, but the house is very realistic. Comment
    Thief's Rising
    Gold Edition
    No Thief player can not but be blown away by the size and scope of Adsk1's masterpiece, a 10 mission behemoth that is as impressive a fan mission as anything a smallish studio would make. With all 10 missions having their own distinct game play style, the plot brilliantly links every mission together seemlessly. As a young wannabe thief you are set up for a burglary you did not commit (although you had every intention of doing so) and the chase is on to find and destroy your nemesis. Via cities, mansions, warehouses and even a boat, you end up in a strange land to confront a Lycanothrope god for a truly challenge finale. You can even enjoy a party with your friends when your done. Nice touch Adsk1.
    Note: The original 8 mission Thief Rising is still available for download, however the upgraded gold edition is a very much better playing experience. It has an extra 2 missions, a number of bugs removed and a couple of frighteningly difficult areas of the game were made a lot easier, you are therefore strongly advised to play Thief RisingGE rather than the original Thief Rising.
    Two Steps 2005 Also known as Townhouse, as this is how it shows up in most FM loaders, this is a very small 'find your way out of here' inn mission.
    Unknown Temple 2008 A small one room demo from Judith, there's not a lot to do apart from admire.
    Valley 2008 A wonderful, but complex, Pagan mission by Flux. You need to infiltrate the Pagan's camp to discover their war plans which involves finding a way to get a couple of Pagans to fight each other, after which you need to brew an invisiblitity potion. A superb looking mission that's very different from your usual sneak and grab style game.
    Note: Due to the complexity of the scripts, if you do things in the wrong order you may come across a game stopping bug, what causes this is unknown but if you do experience this issue you are advised to read the walkthrough to discover the correct solution.
    Veil of Deceit
    Keeper series: Part 5
    2012-2015 In this mission Savar again uses the OM map of Southquarter as a base and is mainly a city mission in which you also explore a couple of manors and Fort Ironwood. This is the largest mission in the Keeper series and again is stuffed full of objectives, hidden areas, confusing layouts and well hidden loot, but it's staggeringly good with some very clever ideas and will give all of your explorers a thrilling few hours of thieving fun, even if you don't find everything on first play.
    Note: Savar regulary updates his missions, the latest version of this FM is 3.0, however 1.0 is still available on some d/l sites and is a significantly different map, so it's worth playing both versions to experience two games for the price of one.
    Walk, The 2005 A very small map in which you need to steal a traders set of gems from a hotel.
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    TDM missions quick navigation

    TDM A-M, N-Z

    Main navigation table

    Thief 1/G A-C, D-G, H-L, M-P, R-S, T-V, W-Z
    Thief 2 #, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, Y, Z
    Thief 3 A-Z
    TDM A-M, N-Z

    TDM Missions Year Summary Reviews & Comments
    Alberic's Curse 2011 Winner of the seasons contest this is a haunted church mission from Bikerdude. A Priest asks you to sneak into an abandoned church to recover a couple of holy relics. A scary little FM, that's not too difficult as you can avoid most of the zombies, but the Revenants are not so easy. The catacombs are particularly good looking being both creepy and looking run down with all the cobwebs on display. Review 1 Review 2
    Thief's Den: Part 4
    2010 After gaining good luck off The Heart of Lone Salvation you now need to steal a Holy Health Potion to break the curse. To get to the Alchemist's mansion however you need to make your way through the city, whose guards are on high alert, which is problematic even on easy difficulty. Thankfully the mansion is a lot easier than the city, at least until you get down to the Alchemists laboratory. Comment
    All the Way Up
    Penny Dreadful: Part 2
    2014 On your way to sell The Grail of Regret, your ambushed by a gang of thugs led by Montrose, so it's time to get revenge and recover the ancient relic in this excellent city mission which Melan co-authored with Bikerdude. The city is massive with high windows and hidden areas everwhere, so finding all the loot is just fantastic fun, and with a lot more readables than in the first mission the plot and sub-plots are more fleshed out. Comment
    Awaiting the Storm 2010 A small mission that involves getting into a tavern and stealing some artifacts from a rich man whose intending to donate them to the local museum. The rain soaked outside area is particularly effective and adds hugely to the atmosphere. Review
    Bakery Job, The 2017 A very small mission from Sotha. Break into a 2 room bakery and steal Rafael's recipe book. If you play it on difficult level, with no knock outs allowed, it's really quite tricky.
    Banque Bienveillante, La 2014 This mission was originally released as a stand alone mission, but has now been withdrawn as it is the first mission in the 2 mission campaign Quinn Co......see below for details.
    Behind Closed Doors
    Crucible of Omens: Prologue
    2015 Bikerdude and friends deliver a seriously superior city mission that is as challenging to deal with all the guards, as it is to ghost, even on easy difficulty. The city build is as good as it gets, with loads of both easy and hard to reach areas, as well as secret passageways to help you make your way through the complex city to get to Lazarava's mansion. The chances are you won't find all the loot on first play through, giving this mission plenty of replay value. A must play for all city-thieves highway fans. Comment
    Beleaguered Fence
    Thomas Porter: Part 2
    2010 Your fence, Lark, has been captured and placed in jail, so you need to break in, free him and retrieve both your weapons and the loot you lost from The Knighton Manor job. This is a small prison mission in which all the guards are wearing metal helmets, so you need to ghost it, and that's quite tough in places, even when playing on easy, as the guards patrols are tight. You can buy lockpicks at the start which will help, but during the game you should also find a fair number of keys, as well as a few well hidden places. Overall an excellent sneaking mission. Review 1 Review 2
    Betrayal 2010 Fieldmedic's stunning debut to TDM is a massive FM that was an entrant to the summer vertical contest. Starting off in a locked cell at the bottom of a gold mine you need to avoid a small army of undead whilst escaping the mines in order to get to Glimmerheight tower, which is occupied by Builders. Scaling both the mines and the tower presents different challenges, as you often have to take the not so obvious route, making the map both a lot more interesting and harder than you would normally expect from a novice author. Comment
    Breaking out the Fence
    In A Time of Need: Part 2
    2014 After stealing some spice from Ferryman, your fence, Terry, has disappeared, so now you need to break into the import shop in the South Docks and help him escape, as well as finding evidence implicating the League of Seafaring Merchants. Bigger and more complex than part 1, kyyrma's second mission shows a lot of promise for the future. Review
    Briarwood Cathedral 2014 A very good church/undead mission from Buch28. The Cathedral is rather small, even if a bit simple in design, but the lower levels including the crypts and catacombs is where this mission really shines, being very realistic with a 'falling to pieces' look about them. There are a number of keys to find, to access all the rooms, as well as the pirates treasure on hard difficulty. Review
    Briarwood Manor 2017 A small mansion mission from NeonStyle in which you need to kill a creep called Morgan Crowley, but can you get to him before anyone else who hates him? For a newbie author it's a very good mission, and finding your way into the families private rooms is both clever and very well done. Review
    Builder Roads, The 2013 A small mission in which you need to steal an ancient tome from a Builder outpost. Playing as Trevor deClarc, you start off in a tavern next to the outpost where you need to find 2 keys to open the treasury. You need to ghost this mission as you don't have a blackjack or sword, but it's well designed with plenty of shadows, so sneaking past everyone is not too problematic, but getting to all the loot is another matter. Review
    Builder Blocks, The 2013 Novelty FM by Jesps built for the Unusual Gameplay contest. Tetris meets TDM as a Builder inventor asks you to test a new game for childern, lets see how many points you can get! Comment
    Builders Influence, The 2010 A mansion mission from Railgun in which the Builders Inquistors are in town, so you need to get into the city hall and steal Gerrard's forged records and a map of the sewers. Overall a quality standard mansion style gameplay that shouldn't tax you, even on hard difficulty. Review 1
    Review 2
    Business as Usual 2010 An excellent small town mission from Bikerdude who manages to pack a lot into a rather small map. With the winters snow crunching under your feet you'll raid a tavern, a hotel, and a shop, along with heading down into the sewers and climbing up onto the rooftops in order to collect all the loot. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3
    Caduceus of St Alban
    St. Alban: Part 2
    2010 Bikerdude, who makes good fun missions, returns this time with a Cathedral FM. Although not particularly big, the Cathedral does have 4 towers that can easily lead to confusion, but the objectives are easily achieved giving you a good couple of hour of explorers heaven. Review
    Cauldron of the Gods
    Volta II
    2017 Kingsal's follow up mission to Volta & the Stone has only a couple of simple objectives, to find Bellero and get him back to the city, but to do that you have to make your way through a fabulously good looking network of caves, a lost city, a temple and the inner cauldron all populated by Manbeasts (Apebeasts in old Thief language) who are superbly voiced by Yandros. It's not a difficult map to navigate, but it's brilliantly complex, stunning to behold and you'll do very well to find all the loot and secrets. It's a unique experience to TDM and one that your guaranteed to enjoy! Review
    Chalice of Kings
    Thief's Den: Part 2
    2009 The first full mission in Fidcal's series has you taking revenge on a rival thief who raided an ancient kings crypt before you did. It's a small mansion mission which is relatively easy, as the guards patrols give you plenty of space to move around as you grab the ancient kings crown and the death mask. Review 1
    Review 2
    William Steele: Part 3
    2014 In Home Again you discovered that the evidence for your parents murder has been forwarded to the warden of Cleighmoor gaol. In Cleighmoor, Grayman delivers yet another top quality mission that is packed full of readables and objectives, all of which adds to the immersion of the plot and experience. The mission is in someways a straight forward prision mission with the added bonus of the highly memorable well section. We all look forward to the next installment of the William Steele story. Comment
    Closemouthed Shadows 2008 This mission has the honour of being the very first TDM mission, but the version that is readily available nowadays was released in 2012. It's a small and simple assassination mission that takes place in a small house. Review
    Coercion 2016 Playing as Simeon, you owe money to some unsavoury types who give you the task of stealing a couple of rare books from the biblophile Lord Greyton, along with leaving a skull on his bed, yeah nice guys. This is a small mansion mission from Sotha, the mansion is rather grand looking and easily navigated, even finding Lord Greyton's hidden room is easy, so it's certainly worth trying to ghost it to increase the challenge. Comment
    Creeps, The 2011 A nice and easy small mission that doesn't have any AI's in it. You decide to investigate a small house whilst the inhabitants are away, but the author makes every effort to make the house creepy, like skulls appearing on the chairs in the dining room when you re-enter it, odd noises etc. There's only one very small puzzle and that's working out how to get down into the crypt. Review
    Crown of Penitence, The 2009 A very small mansion mission from the early days of TDM. There are not many AI's, no puzzles and only one objective:- Steal the Crown of Penitence off Lord Rowlett. Review 1
    Review 2
    Crystal Grave 2011 An off the beaten track mission from Polish author ERH+ in which you need to find 8 pieces of rock crystal in a flooded fort, which is also inhabited with Revenants and skeletons. The fort is wonderfully eclectic, with a whole range of different rooms, some well hidden, others you can get to from a multitude of directions. It's also a bit of a keyhunt which is ok, but a number of locks that need to be picked can take forever, which is not so ok, but don't let that put you off as this mission deserves to be played. Review 1
    Review 2
    Dead Drunk 2015 A nice and easy mission that was an entrant for the halloween contest. After a heavy drinking session, your mates put you down into a crypt that's patrolled by skeletons, who are a rather nice shade of blood red. All you need to do is find your way out of there, and get a new set of friends of course! Review
    Deceptive Shadows 2012 You find yourself imprisoned in a Builders outpost that's under siege from the Pagans, so you need to find a way to get out of there. To do that you need to find various keys and other very well hidden items across the outpost, but it's very dark, so finding everything can be frustratingly hard, however it has a thrilling climax. Review
    Down by the Riverside 2016 What starts out as a simple mansion mission by Dragofer, turns out to be a wonderful multi-layered adventure story as you experience various memories of Johan Shaw. From searching for an inheritance, to finding yourself on a ship lost in the fabled north west passage, you'll slowly unravel the missions plot and solve the mystery behind Johans life. This massive 2 part mission is seamlessly drawn together through excellent readables, great locations and top quality gameplay. Review
    Erasing the Trail
    Penny Dreadful: Part 3
    2016 This time The Grail of Regrets is in the hands of Archibald Flint, a powerful crime boss ruling from a mansion on Fiddler's Hill, but to get to close to him you first have to deal with Grunt, a throughly nasty piece of low life. Another city mission from Melan & Bikerdude, this one being a tangled web of a confusing layout, which makes for an explorers delight, but can also lead to severe frustration, especially seeing you don't have any lockpicks, meaning you have to find other ways into the building, which in this mission is often not obvious. It's a superbly built city, stunning to behold and hopefully not the last in the series. Comment
    Exhumed 2014 An abandoned Builder outpost now occupied by Pagans, and possibly undead, has you tramping out to the edges of the frozen wastelands to St. Henry's Beacon to find a Chalice. A small horror mission from Kyyrma and Airship Ballet, this is a very realistic looking mission being atmospheric, scary and creepy, quite an achievment seeing it was built in just 2 weeks. Comment
    Flakebridge Monastery
    Selis Woderose: Part 1
    2010 A massive abandoned monastery mission is the setting for this FM from Jesps in which you need to find a couple of rare books. Being abandoned it's bound to be occupied by undead, so you might as well find out the cause of their presence and break the curse. The monestary is a little devoid of furniture, but that adds to the abandoned feeling, and a lot of the rooms are very large, but thankfully you have an automap to guide you. Review
    Fiasco at Fauchard Street
    Talbot: Part 3
    2011 Another brilliant city mission from Melan, where your mantling skills are tested to ther limit as you climb up and down almost anything and everything in sight as you track down Lendermann's opals. Comment
    Full Moon Fever 2016 Lord Kinbote has locked himself in his bedroom at his grand country manor and the family fear something has happened to him, possibly related to his recent discovery in the ancient crypt he found under the manor. What starts off as a typical mansion heist soon turns into a blood soaked gory horror mission as you explore your way around the map. Although the mansion is massive, the author, Spoonman, manages to deliver a scary, suspenseful mission that keeps you on your toes to the very end. Review
    Gatehouse, The 2014 A classy puzzler mission from Bikerdude and Golchocobo. Working on behalf of the Inquistors you are charged with finding an ancient sword in an abandoned castle known as The Gatehouse. Although not scary as such, there are ghosts you need to avoid whilst solving a number of lethal traps and a range of puzzles, including a very memorable mirror puzzle. The castle itself is wonderfully good looking and the lava caves at the end are great fun. Comment
    Ulysses: Part 1
    2014 You are a prisoner who is called upon by the Builder to take revenge on your captors who are meddling with human experimentation to develop mechanical men. This is a cracking good, but not an easy mission, from Sotha, as you'll need to deal with your enemies in precise ways if you don't want to be discovered, but the mission is seriously good looking, especially the 'Borg' style mechanical men who even have to ability to respawn. Review
    Glenham Tower
    Thomas Porter: Part 3
    2010 Winner of the Summer Vertical contest. In this mission you have to break into a derelict tower to find a rare book, but it turns out the previous owner has accidentally summoned the undead, including the Lich Queen. The tower is beautifully decorated, with Revenants and zombies on every level, so good sneaking skills are needed to get to the crypt where you'll find the means to destroy the Lich Queen. With a good handful of traps and scares this is a superior horror mission. Comment
    The Grail of Regrets
    Penny Dreadful: Part 1
    2013 Melan makes beautiful missions and this one is no exception, the architecture and visuals are superb. A friend of yours working in the power station has found a hidden passage leading to a forgotten crypt. You start off in a classic Melan vertical city, but as you decend to the lower levels you'll need all your sneaking skills to avoid the zombies as there are a lot of floor tiles around. With a few good puzzles and a bit of a keyhunt, this is a superb introduction to the Penny Dreadful series. Comment
    Golden Skull, The 2015 A small mansion mission from Sotha built in only 13 hours. Your girlfriend has gone missing in Lord Mosfort's manor, so you need to find her and steal his golden skull, but there are a lot of AI's, so don't expect this mission to be a walk over, and seeing this was a Halloween FM you can also expect a surprise or two. Comment
    Heart of Lone Salvation
    Thief's Den: Part 3
    2010 Fidcal teamed up with Badcog to bring us the first really big and complex TDM mission. The Heart of Lone Salvation is a rare Pagan gem that brings incredible good luck (but only once) to it's owner, and it is currently owned by Lord Edridge. To steal it you need to navigate a massive and confusing mansion that's riddled with secrets, guards and keys. It's mainly a keyhunt mission with some of the keys being very well hidden, but there are loads of readables that give hints as you progress through mansion, that in places looks like a castle. A demanding yet superbly immersive FM. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3
    Home Again
    William Steele: Part 2
    2014 Having returned home you find your parents have been murdered and you believe the city watch are lying to you. In this mission you first need to get to the city watch, going via the roof tops only, and in the second half you need to search the city watch itself to find evidence of the murders taking place in Bridgeport. This is a superb thieves highway/city watch exploration mission with a nice touch by Grayman who does not allow you to go down onto the streets. Although the loot objective is optional, finding all the loot is a major achievement. Review
    House in Blackbog Hollow 2011 A brilliantly good fun Halloween mission, by Stumpy, in which you need to retreive some loot from a crate, the trouble is that another thief has got to it first and challenges you to re-steal it from a house nearby. Sounds easy enough apart from the fact the house is infested with malevolent Halloween pumpkins and the occassional spider of course. Review
    House of Locked Secrets, A 2015 Arguably one of the very best TDM missions, this is a stupendous campaign in 2 parts by Moonbo. Playing as Bolen, you enter a monastery to learn how to access the spirit world before returning to the city to discover a murder that leads to Sir Henry's mansion. The mansion in the second part of this campaign is where the meat of the mission plays out, with a complex plot involving ghosts, family secrets and travelling to the spirit world, which is a scary and dangerous place, where you need to confront the mysterious G. This is a horror mission at it's best, beautifully built, never boring or too hard, and stunning to behold, this is a TDM mission you must play. Review
    House of Theo 2011 An impressively large castle mission that's actually not that difficult to navigate, or even to ghost, as you search for evidence of disloyalty to the Emperor. Review
    Illusionist's Tower 2011 An abandoned tower mission, from Stumpy, in which you need to recover a fabulous treasure. Most of the puzzles are relatively straight forward, but there is a complex and confusing lever puzzle along with a lot of stairs. It's also a very tall tower, and has some spiders to avoid. Review
    In a Time of Need
    Part 1
    2013 A small and easy mansion mission from kyyrma, in which you need to steal a cache of spice from the house of a seafaring merchant called Ferryman. Review
    In the Black 2017 Newbie author Vanished One joins the competition amonst the TDM authors to see who can make the best looking mission, and as an author with clearly an artistic talent, Vanished One gives some of the more experienced authors a run for their money. This is a relatively straight forward mansion/keyhunt mission, being both classic in style and opulent in looks but with a contemporary modern look about it, in which you need to track down Lord Jasken's hidden secret accounts.
    In Remembrance of Him 2012 Your girlfriend asks you to collect a ring off the body of her ex-lover before he is buried. This involves heading through some very dark alleyways to get to St Briar's Chapel, but it is a very dark mission, so although there are only a few houses to loot along the way, as well as a few other areas to explore, you may well not find everything as sadly you don't have a lantern. Review 1 Review 2
    Inn Business 2014 An interesting twist on the usual, as in this mission you are hired by an inn keeper to destroy the reputation of a rival tavern. Set over 3 parts, you need to first steal money from each of the guests, next steal all the inn keeper's health potions and scare away his horse, before in the final part claim the reward for letting the tavern's owner know how you got into the tavern in the first place. Review
    King of Diamonds 2016 A deliciously good looking city mission from Spooks who cleverly manages to use both blue and red lightening to great effect giving this mission a unique atmosphere. You have been tasked by an old friend to retrieve his belongings, including a valuable diamond, from his old hideout. With a couple of optional objectives, this is a classic city exploration mission with some great horror scenes. Review
    King of the Mountain 2017 A good solid prison escape mission from Spoonman. Incarcerated in BlueRock prison, which has been forsaken by the Order of the Builders, you need to get out of there before all the food runs out. The map, although not huge, is nicely confusing and with some tight AI patrols, Spoonman delivers a tense experience, at least until you find your weapons, as you track down all the loot before making good your escape. Comment
    Knighton Manor
    Thomas Porter: Part 1
    2010 A superb introduction to the Thomas Porter series by Sotha has you playing as Thomas Porter and breaking into a large manor, owned by the city watch Captain, to steal his gold sceptre. It's not a particularly difficult mission on lower difficulties, but does require an extra level of sneakiness on hard difficulty as your only allowed 2 KO's. Along with a couple of well hidden areas, there's also a rather good puzzle involving the alarm system. Review
    Let Sleeping Thieves Lie 2011 The leader of the Unseen Thieves guild is back, after you have assassinated him, which means you need to infiltrate his hideout to find out what's going on. The map is pretty linear, taking you through some sewers, a city, some crypts and onto St. Dunstan's church where you need to collect a dagger, and along the way you'll come across the undead and the reason behind the resurrection of Jack Blackthorn. Review
    Lich Queen's Demise
    Thomas Porter: Part 6
    2013 The final episode of Sotha's wonderful series has you entering The Lich Queen's beautiful, but scary, castle at sunset. The map is packed with zombies and Revenants as well as a new enemy Shadows, which means this is mainly a 'sneaking in the shadows' mission with the added advantage of having a lot of time to admire the stunning map Sotha delivers. It's not a massive mission, but it does have a few puzzles you need to complete before you can finally deal with the Lich Queen. Comment
    Living Expenses 2010 Low on funds, might as well raid the home of a General. Living Expenses was the first big mansion mission for TDM and is also quite a challenge, as you will need to ghost a fair proportion of the map until you find your weapons, as well as that, the guards placement is well thought out. So finding the secret room to complete your main objective is not that easy. Review 1 Review 2
    Lockdown 2010 Sadly the only mission released of an intended 3 part series, as for a first mission GameDevGoro showed a lot of promise with this medium sized city map. The city itself has narrow tight streets with loads of mantling and rope arrow action, well placed guards and loot. Not a difficult mission to complete, but well designed, and so a delight for all the explorers out there. Review
    Lockner Manor 2014 To get to Lord Reginald Lockner manor, you first need to head through a small city area, where there are a few buildings to search including a tavern and an inventor’s house, where you'll come across a cute little mechanical spider. The manor itself is well decorated, but a little confusing, however the loot objective is high and a lot of it is well hidden. Review
    Lord Dufford's 2010 This mission has a large, mainly empty, map that initially comes across as rather soulless and unexciting, but that's because it was a test mission, by Stumpy, that was not initially intended for release. However as you get further into Lord Dufford manor to find out what happened to him, the readables, the plot and the objectives develop into an intriguing FM that reward those that have the patience to get beyond the first half of the mission. Review 1
    Review 2
    Lord Edgar's Bathhouse 2014 A small, but stunningly beautiful mission from Goldwell. You need to get into Lord Edgar's Bathhouse to find evidence of a murder, but finding your way in is a bit of a challenge. Once in, however, you'll be blown away with Goldwell's lavish design, excellent use of lighting and special effects making this small mission a true work of art. Comment
    Lords & Legacy 2013 A delightful mission, from Kvorning, in which the towns people have hired you to set up Lord Lancel, so his brother Lord Robert can remove him from power. Travelling across the slums and the commons quarter to get to the 2 towers where the brothers live, this starts off as an excellent city mission with loads high windows and rope arrow fun, before you get to the lavishly decorated and aesthetically pleasing towers. Review
    Mad's Mountain 2010 Jesps' entry to the vertical contest involves raiding a thieves hideout inside a mountain to retreive a painting. Using ladders, rope arrows, crates and ledges you'll climb higher and higher, through a series of caves. It's not a large mission but it's great fun and is easily ghosted. Review 1
    Review 2
    Thomas Porter: Part 0
    2011 Prologue to the Thomas Porter series has you following a noble woman to a smugglers den, which you need to break into and find all the mandrasola, an illegal narcotic that's in short supply in the sea frozen city of Bridgeport. The map is not large, with only a few buildings to explore including a warehouse and the thieves den, but finding all 15 stashes of mandrasola undectected can be a challenge. Comment
    Matter of Hours, A 2017 Springheel proving how quickly a mission can be built, resulted in a very good warehouse mission in which you need to steal a gold crown. It looks very realistic and is beautifully decorated, but be warned the patrol patterns are tight, making this mission extremely difficult on expert where you have a KO limit of only 2.
    Mother Rose 2016 A small and wonderfully atmospheric horror mission from Grayman. Dr Nearfeather is dead and his house is being haunted by Mother Rose, whose daughter's body went missing before she was buried. You need to find Sarah's coffin and the cause of the haunting, whilst at the same time the ghostly figure of Mother Rose chases you around the house.
    New in Town
    The Accountant: Part 2
    2008 A majestic and massive mission, from Goldwell, in which you need to break into Lord Balcon's place and rob him of his ill-gotten gains. Starting at the bottom of a block of apartments you'll get to raid a number of other apartments whilst finding a way into Lord Balcon's lavish penthouse. But there's more to the mission than meets the eye as you'll discover warehouses, thieves hideouts, an abandoned mining town and some haunted mines, all liberally sprinkled with loot and secrets.
    Note: When playing via TDM 2.05 you may experience a bug that prevents collecting a purse in Lord Balcon's safe.
    New Job, A A training mission to showcase the release of 2.05 updated version of TDM. Find a way into Canaonbury tavern and relieve Lord Rothwick of his rubies. Review
    No Honour Among Thieves 2010 A massive 3 part mission from Goldchocobo that was significantly updated in 2015 by Bikerdude. The local Governor is being bribed by the Archbishop, time to head off to the Cathedral and find the evidence. This campaign has everything you could want in it, optional objectives, a prison, a Cathedral, caves, undead, docks, a forest and the Governor's mansion itself. A deeply satisfying early showcase of what TDM has to offer. Comment
    Noble Home, A
    Accountant 1: Prologue
    2014 A small mansion FM from Goldwell that is no longer available for download.
    Not An Ordinary Guest 2013 Built for an unusual contest, this mission is set in a hotel, in which on each difficulty has you playing 3 different game styles, Thief, Sabateur and Assassin. The hotel is massive, with the objectives being different on each play through, along with some of the loot, AI's and even objects you need to frob changes. All in all, a fun mission with a bundle of replayability. Comment
    Old Habits 1 2010 This is a classic large mansion mission, by Obsttorte, in which you need to steal an ancient sceptre from Lord Aaran, which is not easy on higher difficulties where sneaking around the mansion is problematic due to a lot of the guards having metal helmets. Review
    Old Habits 2 2013 This is an extensive rebuild of the original Old Habits. As with the original, the mansion is massive and although there are areas that look similar to the original, this is a very different mission to the original and arguably the better version. Review
    One Step Too Far 2014 On the run from an angry Noble, your hired by the Captain of a ship heading to Newfoundland. A small ship mission that is hugely realistic with all of it's cramped spaces, but where is the ship actually heading? And what's with the skeleton in the hold? All will be revealed if you take One Step too Far. Review
    Outpost, The 2008 The second TDM mission, that also introduces us to the Builders, is a small but sweet mission. All you need to do is break into a Builders outpost and steal a gold ingot off the Bishop, which shouldn't cause you any real problems. Review 1 Review 2
    Pandora's Box 2010 An early TDM mission, and this time your on an flying galley ship, needing to swap the real Pandora's box with a fake one. All very easy stuff that should take you no more than a half an hour. Review
    Parcel, The 2009 Another early mission, this being a mansion FM, in which you need to recover a parcel that's worth it's weight in gold. An impressively large and well decorated mansion, but it is very much less complicated than some of the missions made nowadays, so in comparision it appears really quite easy. Review 1 Review 2
    Patently Dangerous 2009 A really good city mission that has you breaking into the home of a reclusive scientist, Soren, to steal his research notes for the Inventors Guild. Demagogue manages to pack a lot into the small map, allowing you to break into a number of buildings on your way to Soren's house, but the real star of this mission is the readables that drive the plot, making the player want more. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3
    Phrase Book
    Thomas Porter: Part 5
    2012 Sotha's Thomas Porter series continues, with you needing to steal a book to help you translate the De Vermis Mysteriis you found in Glenham Tower. Starting off as a thieves highway mission, you need to get to an inventors manor to steal the phrase book that's kept in a protected display case. Both the town and the manor look fantastic and along with an couple of optional objectives Sotha introduces both randomization of the location of some items, as well as the ability of guards to re-light torches and fires.
    Poets & Peasants 2014 A tiny mansion mission from Digi, in which you get revenge on an ex-thief who swindled you many years ago. Review
    Protecting the Flock
    Ulysses: Part 2
    2015 Sotha returns with a visually stunning mission. After returning to the monastery you have joined, you discover it has been taken over by the local villagers, led by a gang of plague masked bandits, who are holding the Abbott, Lady Grey and the Scriptmaster hostage.
    Quinn Co. 2015 Quinn Co. is a single FM that contains 2 mission, La Banque Bienveillante and Chase Mercantile both of which are opulent looking bank missions. At the loadout screen you have multiple purchase options, from maps to alternative loot stash locations, that will significantly affect your gameplay. Both banks are lavishly decorated but are not difficult to navigate, with Chase Mercantile being significantly a bigger bank than La Banque Bienveillante. Both missions have a multitude of objectives, with the main one being getting into the vault without triggering any of the alarms or traps. Overall 2 superb and great fun missions in one FM, what more do you want?
    Note: There is not a forum thread for Quinn Co. The author, Airship Ballet, kept the original thread for La Banque Bienveillante going and opened a new thread for the second mission under the name of Chase Mercantile.
    Selis Woderose: Part 2
    2011 Jesps's follow up to Flakebridge Monastery has you raiding Francis Rake's castle on a secluded island. Set in the winter snow, it is a relatively easy mission, and that includes the main puzzle. Rather neatly you can also collect 10 Easter Eggs hidden around the castle. Comment
    Rats Triumphant, The 2015 A small mission, from Melan, in which you return to your fathers derelict street, which is about to be demolished due to a cholera outbreak, to claim your inheritance. Trouble is the street is now infested with zombies, which makes getting into your fathers house a little bit problematic. Being a Melan mission it's beautiful made, a little bit scary and it's all about exploring both high and low....especially high! Comment
    Ravine, The 2017 Spoonman's wonderful mission that is not only very dark, but clearly draws influence from 'The Sword' in TDP. You return to an abandoned prison, that has an old castle look and feel to it, to retreive an old trinket. It's massive, complex and confusing with rooms twisted on their sides, strange water tubes and floating staircases. It's classic TDM, but then again there's nothing like it. Review 1
    Review 2
    Reap as you Sow 2011 A seasons contest mission from Fieldmedic. Set on a farm in summer, your a private investigator looking into the Powell family feud. Who exactly has disappeared? Who's dead? And who's behind all these disappearances? Maybe the answer lies with the statue in the maze, but first you have to find your way into the maze. Graphically not the best looking mission, but Fieldmedic tried to do something different, with the emphasis on plot and intrigue, and in this respect he suceeded. Comment
    Reputation to Uphold, A 2014 In this sequel to A Score to Settle Springheel gives us a hugely popular city mission, in which on each difficulty gives a distinctly different gameplay style. You can either follow an AI to your destination, make your own way there or even try your luck against a timer, which ever way you choose you'll be rewarded with a stupendous city mission, in looks, atmosphere and overall gameplay. Review
    Requiem 2013 Abbot Hanno is offering for sale a letter that reveals the location of a fabulous gemstone and so begins one of the best and most loved TDM missions by Moonbo. The first half is a city FM that leads you to the gorgeous Builders church where Abbot Markus's requiem is taking place, so far fantastic, but then it gets really good. As you decend below the church to find a lost city, your confronted with the aftermarth of an ancient war, zombies, a death cult, ghost necromancers of pure evil, and the truth of behind Abbot Markus's death. Comment
    Return to the City
    Talbot: Part 2
    2010 Winner of the Grand Christmas Contest. Your main objective is to steal some explosives off the Builders, but the real purpose is to explore every nook and cranny of this amazing city. It's vertical, it's clever, it's has a ton of hidden areas and objectives, and it will give you a couple of hours of pure thieving exploration that only Melan manages delivers so well.
    Note: There is not a Talbot: Part 1 as Melan made a number of missions for T2 including Bad Debts & Disorientation so this mission can be considered as a sequel to those missions.
    Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3
    Rift, The 2010 Baddcog's vertical contest mission has you going you into a rift opened up by the local mine collapsing, where you encounters nicely lit caves, spiders, the mines themselves and an ancient lost city, both of which are patrolled by flaming skeletons. All in all, a fun medium sized mission, but make sure you buy some rope arrows at the start. Review 1 Review 2
    Rightful Property 2012 Jason, your fence, has run off with an orb that you were expecting payment for, so you need to track him down and retreive it, in this dockside city mission from jysk. It's a good sized city with plenty to do, including breaking in to a bank. There's little rope arrow action, you mainly stay on street level with wide open spaces but with plenty of shadows, it's easy to avoid the numberous guards. Review
    Samhain Night 2011 Winner of the Halloween speed-build contest by PranQster. On the night of a Pagan festival you decide to raid the tomb of the House of Goose to find a nice big ruby. This is a small but sweet cave/crypt mission in which you'll need to deal with spiders, skeletons and a little bit more besides. Review 1
    Review 2
    Score to Settle, A 2011 The first ever mission from the legend that is Springheel, is a superior city mission in which you need to find a way into the Bentley Boys hideout and teach their leader, Sykes, a lesson by humilating him (don't ask how, you'll find out). Athough there are no rope arrows and thus no vertical climbing, the city is full of atmosphere and wonderfully designed, and the hideout is superb, being believable both in it's excellence layout and scripting. It's meant to be challenging, but in truth that's only the case when playing on hardcore, either way a mission that's not to be missed. Comment
    Siege Shop 2013 The thieves guild have sent you to a small fortress used by some thugs to build some siege weapons, all you need to do is steal the blueprints. To get into the fortress you need to use a hot-air balloon, but once inside it's a straight forward, well made 'sneak in and find blueprints' mansion style mission. Review 1
    Review 2
    Sir Talbot's Collateral 2015 A wonderfully pretty mansion mission from Baal & Bikerdude in which a new client has contacted you, so you wish to investigate him and let him know who is in control. With a cart load of objectives to fullfil and even a small library of books to read, you'll enjoy every minute scouring this richly detailed and lavish small mansion. Comment
    Smiling Cutpurse, The 2016 A nice and simple inn mission with an interesting concept. When the local bank runs out of space in their vault, they hire rooms in local tavern and turn them into extra vault space. All you need to do is break into the inns vault and steal a rare book. Review
    Sneak and Destroy 2012 Winner of the Beginner contest. Two taverns and one bounty hunter, who has come to kill you, can you get to him first? Trouble is on both medium and difficult settings you can't allow anyone to see you, so sneaking around is your only option, which is not too difficult. It's a good first effort from the author, Serious Toni Review
    Solar Escape 2013 A very small mission in which you need to find something special in Mr Creeps house. Review
    Somewhere Above the City 2010 Grayman's entry for the vertical contest has you climbing to the top of a very tall tower to collect a Builders relic. Starting off in some very pretty mines, you won't come across any real difficulties as all the guards are easily dealt with, overall it's well made and great fun. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3
    Sons of Baltona
    Part 1
    2010 A good solid mansion mission from Carnage. You need to find out what happened to your friend Eduardo, who's gone missing in Lord Nelson's mansion. The mansion is reasonably large with a lot of guards protecting it and finding all the loot is not easy, as your only allow 2 KO's on professional and none on ghost, so unless your playing on apprentice you'll need a lot of patience. Review 1 Review 2
    Special Delivery 2010 A small and easy warehouse mission, from Silencium18, in which you need to recover a diamond, but warning, the metal vents are a bit noisy. Review
    Spring Cleaning 2015 Recover 4 paintings from a derelict and haunted house in this scary little Halloween mission from Goldwell. It's very small but there's something scary around every corner, the basement is particularly well done.
    St Albans Cathedral
    St. Alban: Part 1
    2010 A brilliant city mission from Bikerdude. Your main objective is to steal some ancient bones from the superb good looking Cathderal, but there is so much more to this mission. Starting off with no weapons, there's a whole gamut of alleyways, gardens and buildings to explore, all inter-connected by the sewers. It's all great fun, but there's a lot of eagled-eyed guards, so it's advised you find your weapons asap. Review
    Swing 2010 A novelty platform mission from Komag, that shows off the mantling abilities of TDM. Review
    Tears of St. Lucia, The 2008 The mission that kind of started it all off, as this is the mission that was, and still is, included in TDM download, so if you have not played this yet, well what have you been doing? Get into the chapel of St. Roderick and steal a relic that is causing a statue to bleed tears of blood, in comparrision to some of the missions today it is really quite easy, having said that after 10 years it still looks and plays fantastic. Review 1 Review 2
    Review 3
    Thief's Den
    Part 1
    2010 A small, demo sized, mission set in a warehouse area at night, and it's raining. All you need to do is get into the thieves den and recover the sceptre that has been stolen off you, and whilst there, you may as well leave some incriminating evidence in order to get your revenge. Review 1
    Review 2
    Thief's Remorse 2015 Airship Ballet's Halloween mission that has a touch of A Christmas Carol about it. You intend to steal a crown from a crypt only to be faced with the sins of your past. Return the stolen items and you can go free....but can you resist the temptation to plunder whilst you redeem? Review
    Thieves, The 2009 A nice and easy mission in which you need to get into a thieves den and assassinate a renegade member of the Black Hand thieves guild. Review1
    Review 2
    Thieves and Heirs
    The Accountant: Part 1
    2017 A small, and very pretty, city mission from Goldwell, being a replacement for A Noble Home, the original first mission in this series that is no longer available for d/l. Before you can escape the city, your fence needs you to steal a valuable artifact from Lord Vickor. Being a Goldwell mission it's seriously good looking, the garden especially being a treat and there is also a good dollop of humour thrown in, the doctor's surgery being particularly memorable. Comment
    Too Late 2009 A small warehouse mission, from Nielsen74, in which you need to steal an antique sceptre that was stolen by some other thieves. Review 1 Review 2
    Transaction, The
    Thomas Porter: Part 4
    2011 Having stolen the book The De Vermis Mysteriis from Glenham tower, you need to take it to your contact in the rain soaked town of Glenham, but things don't go as planned when the Lich Queen turns up again. This is a beautiful city mission with only 2 main buildings to search, the Builders church and the booker dealers house, with the added complication of the city watch on the search for a murderer. Comment
    Trapped! 2009 A really good prison escape mission by RailGun. You've been caught by a gang of thieves whose hideout is an abandoned warehouse. With tight patrols, well furnished rooms and a nice layout, this is a small mission that's very much worth playing. Review 1
    Review 2
    Vengeance for a Thief
    Part 1: The Angel's Tear
    2015 In the first mission of Sir Taffsalot campaign you need to steal the Angel's Tear from Oakwood manor. The manor is huge, with massive well lit rooms and very long wood panelled corridors, all of which have a lot of lights that you can not put out, but there's not too many guards, making sneaking around the manor relatively easy.
    Note: The Angel's Tear was the last episode of this campaign that was released, and in the forum you can find help and comments in the thread entitled The Complete Vengeance for a Thief Campaign.
    Vengeance for a Thief
    Part 2: A Pawn in the Game
    2012 In part 2 you have been arrested and placed in gaol, so your first need is to escape the city watch before searching the town to find out who framed you. The town is made up of straight cobbled streets with tudor style houses, some of which have very high balconies which you need to rope arrow up to, in order to find all the loot.
    Note: This was the first mission of the campaign that was released, accordingly in the forum you can find help and comments in the thread entitled Fan Mission: Vengeance for a Thief Part 1.
    Vengeance for a Thief
    Part 3: The Art of Revenge
    2013 Arguably the best mission of the campaign has you returning to the town of Bridgeport to steal a painting from the museum. The museum is large, well laid out and nicely decorated, being quite a challenge as the guards are super alert. In the town, which is basically the same map as before, you need to find 5 gold lion statues, some of which are really quite well hidden.
    Note: This was the second mission of the campaign that was released, accordingly in the forum you can find help and comments in the thread entitled Fan Mission: Vengeance for a Thief Part 2.
    Volta and the Stone
    Volta I
    2016 An exceptionally good mansion mission from Kingsal. The Volta's are a rich noble family with an impressively grand mansion built around a central tower, which of course you need to get to the top of, to steal a valuable gemstone. The mansion is richly detailed, the guards well placed and the whole mission is dripping with atmosphere, and even though there are a lot of tiled floors this is a superior mission from beginning to end. Review 1
    Review 2
    Window of Opportunity 2014 A small and very pretty little map in which you have to recover an artifact from 3 travellers held up by a rock fall. Apart from 3 caravans, some horses and a lovely view, there are some very well done caves that are home to some spiders, including the mother of all queen spiders. Review
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    Additional Notes

    • The above tables are my modest attempt to give players an alternative to the Mission by Type thread in order to help them find a mission to play. These summaries are not intended as full reviews, but to simply give players a flavour of what the mission contains and plays like, however before anyone says that most of the entries are too glowing in their praises, even a love-in for thief, I will admit that yes, they were almost always written with the aim of promoting each mission, even those that have bad design issues or plots. After all even the poor quality missions often have their own charm in places and usually deserve to be played at least once.

    • I did not play every mission when compiling these summaries, I read reviews and threads, watched video's and screenshots as well as taking information from my own notes and the readme files. So if anyone feels that I have not made an accurate representation of any mission they are welcome offer alternative entries as I am not possessional about the contents and so am happy to accommodate other musings.

    • Although I intend to maintain this thread, I can not possibly read every post in every thread, so if anyone posts a review or comment in any thread, other than the mega thread, that they think would be suitable to adding to the above tables you are welcome to ask me to add it.

    • Please remember that I am severely dyslextic and although I have proof read these summaries (up to a point), you may well find some glaring mis-spellings and generally sloppy English, but hopefully as I continue to maintain it I'll find and correct my (many) errors.
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    This must have been an amazing amount of work. A wonderful resource!
    Praise from Springheel is praise indeed.

    I was considering contacting you guys at TDM. I'm not sure if Al_B's tabulation coding will work on your forum, but if you want to host TDM table on your forum i'll send you full table, codes and all.

    Quote Originally Posted by jiansonz View Post
    Amazing, fortuni!

    Bookmarked (and I even saved and backed up the page...).

    Not only is there a mind-boggling amount of work behind this, the presentation also makes superb use of the layout tools of this forum.
    Hopefully Nickie is going stickie this thread.

    I also looked into packaging up into a downloadable zip, but there's one hell of a lot of work to do to make that work as I would need to remove 1000's of Al_B's code, and yes a huge thanks to Al_B whose coding made this table so clear and easy to use.

    As for the amount of work, It took me exactly 3 months to the day to get it all done, spending 5/8 hours a day.
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    Thank the Builder (fortuni) for this (incredible) work that couldn't have been done without (my mental support) yo