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Thread: The Archers 2 | LotP shootout

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    The Archers 2 | LotP shootout

    Here's an Android game I found that follows the footsteps of those guards in Life of the Party Happy shooting!

    Lady Van Vernon's archier guard: "And I'm telling you that the only stench haughtier than you rotting burrick of a Master is the liquour on his fetid breath. If he comes near the Lady Van Vernon again, we'll boil his knickers."

    Master Willey's archier guard: "Ho ho! Mighty fine words coming from a knock-kneed, inbred page boy such as yourself. Our good Master Willey wouldn't be caught near that frumpy little trollop unless he were holding her back at the end of a halberd!"

    Lady Van Vernon's archier guard: "How dare you defile the name of someone so good and virtuous as the Lady Van Vernon! Our Lady is a Saint amongst mortal women, and angel so pure the Heavens couldn't hold her!"

    Master Willey's archier guard: "Ooooohh ha ha ha ha ha! Aah... your Lady... an angel? You're lucky the dockside whorekeeps aren't bashing down her door for stealing their clientele. Why just last night, I saw her out back, warming up the stable boy!"

    Lady Van Vernon's archier guard: "Such slander will not be tolerated while we're on watch! You'd best run and rescue your helpless limp Lord, before he flounders in his own vomit, or wakes up naked in a hen-coup! Scurry off, or he'll acquire some unnecessary ventilation!"

    Master Willey's archier guard: "Is that a threat, you shriveled old maids? You gonna prick us with you sewing needles? On this side of the street we shoot like soldiers, so don't make promises your arrows can't keep!"

    Lady Van Vernon's archier guard: "You've've gone too far this time you camel mannered tunic wearing mollycoddle! An arrow in the throad ought to shut you up!"

    Master Willey's archier guard: "Raaarrrgh! Have at thee!"

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    Heh, ok. Pretty tenuous Thief connection there, but I like these kinds of lightweight physicsy Android games so I gave it a spin. Pretty good!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zil View Post
    ..we'll boil his knickers..
    Errm..that would be 'knackers', a naughty old english word for testicles. Much more threatening than offering to wash their Master's tighty whities IMHO.
    Cool game, though.

    Spot on, Chris.

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    Best part of that whole exchange was both their masters were as bad as the other side was claiming. Also gonna check this out

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    It is funny how different the german interpretation of this text is. Instead of "boiling the masters knackers" they only "light a fire under him" ("Feuer unter dem Hintern machen" in German). Well, a roasted master seems to be more politically correct than boiled knackers...

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    Ah, boiled knackers. It should certainly make Garrett think twice about consuming unattended foodstuff. Come to think of it, those 'Plumsies' always looked a bit suspect.

    Spot on, Chris.

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    I quickly copy/pasted that whole exchange from another's post here on this forum a while ago, so did not invent that myself :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purgator View Post
    Errm..that would be 'knackers', a naughty old english word for testicles.
    It is still in use in parts pf the UK. However, to me the guard sounds like he is saying "nekkers" - although God knows what that would mean (outside of the Witcher games).
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    Don't forget this is an American actor affecting a quasi English accent. Think Peter Dinklage's medieval Dick van Dyke in Game of Thrones.
    Perhaps there is a laundry based insult system in the Thief Universe we're not privy to?
    Guard 1: 'One peep out of you and I'll take your tunic to the dry cleaners'!
    Guard 2: 'Go on or I'll starch yer britches, taffer'!
    Guard 1: 'Gaah! That's it I'm gonna hand wash yer delicates for that'!
    Guard 2: 'Don't forget the softner'!

    Spot on, Chris.

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