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Thread: My new Thief 1/Gold FM: Project Hammer - Secret Connections

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    Registered: Nov 2014
    I'm playing this FM and i want to thank the author, this level really fits my bill, an old mansion that oozes atmosphere and has tons of secrets to reveal.

    I'm taking it in little doses as i really want to savor it.

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    Ok mission finished in normal mode, there were clearly modifications for this new version, for example the buildings around the mansion, they weren't there in the old version i suppose. I had alot of fun playing this one, its' sweet to play thief 1 style, thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by prjames View Post
    In general, explore, explore, explore. There are spiral staircases and a ladder that will eventually lead you to the corpse of the prison keeper who has a key that opens some doors; but there are also certain doors that won't open, period (and the cells behind them have nothing of interest, or the room behind the door can be reached another way).

    - prjames

    Finished, loved it

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    Thanks for the great feedback so far.

    The buildings around the manor were also in the old version. But a lot simpler and less "realistic/believable". I actually rebuilt the whole segment. But other areas like the garden with the fountain are completely new. And did you discover all 3 secrets (you said normal mode)? Because then you see what truly has been added to the map. The outside city change is rather minor in comparison.
    And even if you find all 3 secrets, there is still some more hidden things to discover.

    @prjames: Sneaky edit.

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    Location: France (Saint-Gobain)
    I will replay another time in "Expert" mode, and hopefully i will find those 3 secrets

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    Finished on Expert with all 3 secret objectives (no hint used), at the stats screen i was shocked to see that i had left behind almost 300 loot, really wonder what i haven't seen........

    One thing left me dubious, one of the guards diaries talks about a walled entrance near the wine cellar (i suppose it is the room with barrels under the kitchen), i see a small gray wall with a couple of wooden logs near the wine cellar door but there's nothing frobable. I'm missing something or the guard entry in the diary is only for background story?

    Anyway excellent mission, really enjoyed it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cardia View Post
    I will replay another time in "Expert" mode, and hopefully i will find those 3 secrets
    Have fun then. You got a lot more things to discover!

    @piesel: Thanks for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed it.
    About the guard diary: If you have all 3 secrets you were already behind that wall. The wall he mentioned is actually the original way into the prison complex - remember the staircase with the rubble? It leads to this exact wall if you go up.
    The ancestors of the manor sealed it a long time ago. So yeah, it's just for background story, but also to let the player know there is something to discover. The diray also mentioned the pickaxe, so it's not completely useless gameplay information.

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    This mission is definitely more than meets the eye. I enjoyed it, as well as the secret objectives, thanks!

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    @ Darek:

    Thanks for the explanation

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    Quote Originally Posted by piesel View Post
    Thanks for the explanation
    You are welcome!

    @Spyrano: Thanks for the feedback. ^^ The secrets are definitive a big part about this map. The core objectives can be solved without seeing any of those.
    I want the player to feel suprised if they discover them, therefore I didn't advertised the secret areas in detail (screenshots or in the readme)

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    Loved every minute of this atmospheric fan mission . I think I got 2 out of 3 secret objectives, so I'll definitely get back to it tonight. Can't wait for the new "Hand of Glory"!

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    I just completed the mission and it was awesome.This mission is a straight up classic Thief Gold or Thief Gold Style FM and I love it.I love Thief 2 but the more time goes on the more I favor Thief Gold's Atmosphere whether its an actual Thief Gold FM or Thief 2 with heavy inspiration from Thief Gold.

    I got all the optional objectives,one I found on my own and I had found 4 out of 5 of the bones before I had to check the thread for hints,I am missing some loot though.

    Here we're my final totals

    Total 2456 out of 2506

    What could I be missing any hints?

    When I saw that this released I went straight into doing this.Because I have been trying to do most if not all Thief Fan Missions and I was all caught up on Thief Gold and had been doing Thief 2 until I took a break for while.But this and other missions like really make me want to go back and replay some of my favorite Thief DP\Gold FM's and go for full loot with the help of the wonderful Loot list and Walkthrough Compilation.Though I will continue with my play through of Thief 2 FM's as well.
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    Thanks Severian_Silk and Maxrebo6 for the great feedback.
    What I really like about the T1/TG atmosphere is the mystic and super natural feeling. You never know what could happen. That gives a lot of room to create a mystic and immersive story like for this small FM.
    Although I'm biased (nostalgia) about the original textures I think the gritty texture style is more suited for Thief. In moderns FMs you often get clean looking high res textures, which doesn't seem right sometimes.

    For the missing loot:
    You are missing exactly 50 loot. My guess is a well hidden loot piece in Lord Gregors working/relaxing room, where you find the small key for the chapels lockbox.
    A more precise hint: A gold candlestick is hidden behind some crates.

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    Do you mean the little loft in the his reading room with the financial ledger,Stained Glass window of the master builder and the painting of the builder.If so then I got that candlestick already.I will probably see if I can find what it is using TTLL but I gotta remember out how to use it to find unfound loot again.

    Edited:My bad I meant with Dromed.

    Edited:Found what I was missing

    The Three Gold Coinstacks on top of the closet in Sophia's Room

    I took me a while mostly because I actually had setup proper dromed for Thief Gold,I has assumed it was already done,because the only times I had to use it to find loot was for Thief 2 FM's and that was automatically setup via tafferpatcher.Where as Thief Gold's New Dark Dromed requires a manual install. Really looking foward to the remade Hand of Glory.
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    Oh ... right. I changed many loot values from the original loot properties and noted the changes down.
    I overlooked the three cold coinstacks which together adds up to 50.

    Anyway, glad you found an easy way to find the missing loot. ^^

    I wish Hand Of Glory is already remade, but the FM is a rather big one and it doesn't help that ~50% will be build from scratch again. But the new look will be worth it. The hammerite church now looks like an actual church for example.
    Newdark is awesome, because you aren't limited to a certain complexity in your scenery. I think I reach over 2000 polys at some places. That was not possible in the year Hand Of Glorys was made.

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    Yes I am glad I found that to,it found in a rather obscure and deeply buried thread a while back if I recall correctly.What you do is load up a FM in dromed then load your most recent save for that mission.You can do the generate report with all then find object and press F8 to warp directly to it.But you can also Highlight loot objects then enable hightlight only and it outline in a wire frame box every piece of unclaimed loot remaining on the map then you click on those objects then warp to it with F8.Then Boom now you now where the missing loot is and best part is it only show's what your missing in that save file as opposed to every piece of loot in the mission whether you got it or not.

    Its kind of like the Original Thief version of the find loot console command in The Dark Mod,not sure if the command is still a a thing but it used to be.

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