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Thread: TDS Garrett ingame character model

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    TDS Garrett ingame character model

    Been doing my annual Thief trilogy playthrough, and I was reminded about something that's been bugging me ever since Deadly Shadows was released.

    In early TDS pre-release ingame screenshots Garrett looked just like he does in the cutscenes, I'll link some examples below. However, at some point before release they decided to change his appearance (not in the cutscenes however so that makes it a bit of a continuity error) so ingame he looks like some sort of bondage freak.

    Does anyone know why this change was made? I get the feeling that some higher up at Eidos got involved and wanted to do some "cool and hip changes the kids will like". The original look is far better looking and seems much more suited for stealthy activities. Perhaps it's possible to restore and use this model ingame? But yeah, any relevant behind the scenes info is interesting and apprecieted!

    Early/Cutscene ingame Garrett:

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    I never got why they made Garrett practically sleeveless. He's a pretty pale guy so surely if he wants to stay concealed in shadow he wouldn't want anything light showing. I always use the John P Texture that gives him a more covered (And hi-res) texture, but I do miss the cape that you even see him wear in cutscenes. Actually there's like 3 different designs for Garrett in that game, one for in game, one for the cutscenes that use the game engine but are pre-rendered, and the other that has that painted look to it. His face in those too is completely different to how he looks in game. It was always bizarre to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abysmal View Post
    I think it's because Garrett breathes through his skin or something. They were going to go with just a codpiece originally. Makes sense to me.
    Warren Spector wanted us to feel bad for finding Garrett sexy once we learned why he wore so little.

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