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Thread: The Rebellion of the Builder 2: Mission 1 "The Sands of Fire and Ice"

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    How do you get into the second temple? According to the walkthrough there should be fire and water symbols of some kind somewhere either side of the door, but the walls on either side of what I am assuming is the entrance look plain to me. Well it clanks when you hit it with the sword, so I am pretty sure I am at the entrance

    Have also tried shooting the door itself in random places but to no avail. Can anyone help.
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    The symbols at the side of the doors are what you need to shoot at.
    The clues are the rooms that have the empty crystals.
    Just remember to hit the Ra symbol first after clearing out the nearby enemies in order to not cause too much attention to yourself.

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    I knew I had to hit some symbols with the right arrows, but was locating the actual symbols that was the problem. Sorry if I wasn't clear!

    But thankfully I have found them now. On the walls either side of the opening that leads to the inner room with the stone door. Quite easy to miss as they are small and blend in with the wall. I probably need a higher contrast monitor or something
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