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Thread: The Rebellion of the Builder 2: Mission 9 "The Forgotten Kingdom"

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    GORT, if this mission is ever updated then please put a barrier in to stop that Craybeast from being able to follow you out. I've mentioned being unable to stop at the air pocket because it is too close behind, so one time I ignored the pocket and swam for the waterfall, taking the health hit. Except that the pursuing Cray then got stuck at the entrance which is right under the ladder. There is nowhere to hide in the waterfall pool (I think), meaning it won't calm down and go back to its lair. And attempting to get on the ladder saw it one-hit me.

    So again, IF there is a future release I hope it is OK to make the request that some way is found to stop the Cray from following before you get to the air pocket and/or pool.

    That one issue aside, great mission though. Really like the map layout of the Castle, and an atmosphere persisted even after I had cleared the areas of enemies.. Although those book-bombs can be a handful
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