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Thread: Window underwater

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    Window underwater

    Hi !

    I made a window (subportallarge) underwater, meaning it's exactly between the air brush and the water brush.
    50% air, 50% water. I remember that I did the same thing, 10 Years ago when I last edited with dromed and
    I had an underwater view through the window.
    Now I see the normal water surface through the window, that's kind of weird.

    I tried everything and searched for 2 hours. I didn't find a solution.

    Has anybody a suggestion ?


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    I think the solution is to create your own water texture, but instead of a set of watery frames, just create 1 frame with a single colour (pale green/blue). The flow brush around the window should specify your new texture instead of the usual gr or bl.

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    I did that with the l3 lava texture. Replace it with a blue one. The effect was, that there was a blue intransparent texture.
    Maybe because the lava textures are handled different, not transparent ?

    A water texture on my own would look like this: bl2in.pcx, bl2out.pcx ? Both simply a bright blue, something ?

    Oke, tested it. Works. Thx.
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