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Thread: Running Glitch on TFix

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    Running Glitch on TFix

    When I'm walking I often shift from just holding w to talk to pushing down Shift to enter run. Well of Tfix I cant automatically switch from walk to run without stopping, also if I am running/walking and I click the other key it just stops me and I have to let go of them both then click run/walk depending on my situation. This doesn't sound like quite a problem though when it comes to jumping around enemies or avoiding detection randomly stopping when I want to speed up or slow down has gotten me detected a few times and has made the game harder to play.

    Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

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    Look at your key bindings and see what's changed?

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    I was able to fix the issue by installing an older version of Tfix (1.13) and loading up 'Thief Classic' and rearranging every key I wanted though if I tried to edit the Walk and Run keys it would re glitch it even if I reverted them back to what they where before. So since they where already what I needed them to be I left them and the issue is now fixed.

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    disable sticky key in your windows config

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leozero View Post
    installing an older version of Tfix
    don't do that.

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