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Thread: The Rebellion of the Builder 2: The Hidden Missions

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    The Rebellion of the Builder 2: The Hidden Missions

    OK, I'm stuck in 'Nightmare'.
    Which way do I go? Seems you only get one chance thanks to those exploding stones.

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    I believe there is two sets that come from starting cave, and two sets connecting lighthouse with freezer house / cold storage (can't remember name). Have you gotten the key to ice house yet?

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    I'm in Garrett's Nightmare, in the locker room.

    From the walkthrough Ricebug provided (item 23):

    In one corner of the room, look up at the ceiling. Use something so facilitate climbing up into this room. You'll find CARGO LOCKER KEY 5 here.

    How do I climb up there? My vine arrow doesn't work! The bedroll and the two helmets thrown on the floor don't go high enough! Help!

    - prjames

    UPDATE: I figured it out on my own. For others who are stuck at this point:

    Return to the room with the Trickster. Take the south exit from that room. The next room in that direction has a lower "floor" (was a ceiling once upon a time). Go west from that room through two doorways to a hallway with a lower "floor" (was a ceiling once upon a time). Go north and keep descending; you'll eventually see a drop to the "floor/ceiling" of a cave (this will take a couple health from you if you just drop it or you can go out a door in the room next door and do what's suggested in #27). Once down there - look around - there are a few pieces of rubble in the lowest place. Bring a piece of rubble up and place it in the corner of the locker room (you will use the Vine arrow twice to get yourself back up - the vine arrow works fine with wood and the Mechanist "soft floor"). Repeat this sequence and bring a second piece of rubble up. Two pieces of rubble is enough to allow you to reach the area with the Cargo Locker Key 5. Consider yourself lucky that the Trickster easily gets bored and returns to his standard patrol pattern.

    The area with the rubble is is also the area you're at in #28 of the walkthrough.
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    Hi gang,

    So the Solstice level. Probably the most frustrating Thief level I ever played. Not sure if it's the work of a genius or a diabolical madman.
    I have solved virtually every challenge I have encountered in a "non-standard" way like scaling unscaleable obstacles etc.
    I'm not sure if some of the puzzles from the original game are even meant to be solved or if I am missing something in terms of general physics of this level.

    Either way, I'm near the end of the level and stuck:

    I'm a few rooms from the Tower of Ultimate Terror, in the rightmost room on the map in Ricebug's walkthrough. It's a purple room full of spikes and three platforms, all too far away to reach via jumping and with no friendly sconce or other ledge to mantle onto.

    EDIT: I got it... jeez
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