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Thread: Friend started a YT Channel with a Blind Thief LP

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    Friend started a YT Channel with a Blind Thief LP

    Hi Taffers!

    So my Hungarian friend started his first Youtube channel and I got him to play Thief: Gold. He has never played a stealth game before in his life let alone create a Let's Play video, but after each video I gave him some tips (both game-wise and video-wise) and in his latest video he was already so much more experienced. He is still working on his English skills but I think he's doing pretty well so far.

    Here is the channel:

    It would mean a lot to him if you could subscribe to him (if you like what you see) and perhaps leave a comment

    Hope you like it! And thanks in advance!

    Edit: I have to say that the 4th part is where most of the stealth happens and he pulls it off pretty well. In the beginning he tried to kill too many guards but I explained the whole point of the game and he caught up pretty well I must say
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