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Thread: Authors please share your stories

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    Registered: May 2001
    Location: Boston MA
    Around 2001, I came across Komag's site and thought I died and went to heaven. Started playing FM's. Then I got this crazy idea I could make an FM. Downloaded Komag's tutorial and finished the mission. Got frustrated, headaches and almost gave up multiple times but was able to finish. I was hooked.

    Took the KOMAG tutorial mission and enhanced it. Eventually, it became my first mission- Lord Matt. My family played it (all Thief fans) and my wife said "you made this?"

    Now 6 missions later, I have never stopped building although real life has gotten I the way, especially this year. I have. A rooftop mission 99% done and hope to start testing soon.

    Finally, superb compliments to this community. I have never had an issue that someone here was not able to help me fix. Simply extraordinary.

    Advice for brand new authors:
    - think small for your first mission or you may not ever finish one
    - build what you like. I add lots of loot in my missions because that is what I like
    - use this community when you are stuck. There is a wealth of knowledge here


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    Man, we sure owe a lot to Komag! I had also used his tutorial several times, but I never made anything worth releasing, just a couple rooms to walk through with some guards that happily watched me pick a chest with 100 gold.

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    Registered: Apr 2016
    Quote Originally Posted by bbb View Post
    A rooftop mission 99% done and hope to start testing soon.
    You just made my day

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    Registered: Sep 2008
    Location: Deutschland/Germany

    I became Thief fan at the first moment when I taffed around in Bafford's manor after having installed that OM from a demo CD I found in 1998 in a computer magazine. Until today it's the only game I play, usually it is not the way to spent my free time but Garrett's world is an exception to the rule. Don't ask me why.
    BTW I tried to play Thief 3 one time but that concept didn't please me. I never tried Thief 4, I think it will be the same as Thief 3 and I guess it won't run on my computer anyway. Same for TDM, sorry ...

    To be honest, I discovered the possibility of playing and creating own fan missions by hazard, much much later somewhere in the web. I never asked myself before what dromed.exe and the other programs in the Thief directory were ment for.

    As most of the authors I started with Komag's tutorial. Soon I started making the first steps by creating my FM, then, in 2008 I released my first FM Garrett's Young Years which was later overworked and became part of a four mission XTra campaign. To me it is very important to have a story in mind before the FM construction begins. I like to refer to the OMs if possible since Garrett is not a character which is transferable in other haphasard worlds.

    Well, I'm really not a talented architect but I always try to compensate that deficit by inventing a good and new story what is indeed not easy in view of the fact that there are meanwhile hundreds of FMs available. I always note ideas, scenes, dialogues and funny situations which are ment to be placed in the next FM. If the notebook contains enough gimmicks I start to build ...

    So the three mission campaign Reunion With Basso followed in 2012. Since then I noted several new ideas and even commenced constructing some VBR components but instead of finishing it I meanwhile translated several FMs which I liked very much into german and also translated by request some upcoming FMs into english and french. I also created and converted some objects and made some german voice acting as a welcome change.

    But let's see if I will have time to continue building during the upcoming dark winter's evenings. I'm not a fanatic, I allow myself plenty of time ...
    My FM campaigns Garrett's Young Years XTra, Reunion With Basso
    Want your upcoming FM translated in foreign languages?

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    Location: France (Saint-Gobain)
    I found a copy of thief 1 for sell in the books festival that took place in my high school, that was 2003 or 2004, when i played that game for the first time i felt a kind of magic and a pleasure ive never felt with other game, years later in 2006 i found the thief fan missions for t1 and t2, i got really excited with it, and in the moment i heard about this program called dromed i decided to give it a try and build something related to thief universe, i used Komag Tuturial to help me through with my first mission creation, and i admit it took me a lot of time to be able to handle with the basic actions, and back then my English was much poor than now, therefore i had many problems handling with dromed, and before there was no newdark which was even more problematic, since there were so many errors and crashes for little things. To be honest the only thing that led me to work with a 3d software such as dromed was the game Thief 1, my love for this game and also the thief 2 was so big that i wanted also so much to create something of the thief universe, as the years gone by i got also interested in producing other type of missions that do not fit necessarily in the Thief universe, it's been already 11 years ive been doing missions with dromed, and i plan to continue doing missions that fit the thief universe but also other alternative type of missions.

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