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Thread: Rebellion of the Builder II Walkthrough Now Available

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    Rebellion of the Builder II Walkthrough Now Available

    I didn't want to bury this in one of the numerous threads covering GORT's campaign, so here it is.

    DOWNLOAD It's 55 MB. A flowchart is included to show the player the actual sequence of missions.

    All hidden missions are detailed in the walkthrough, as well as how to access them.

    Thanks to Dahenjo for helping out. He found a lot of mistakes, missed items, loot, and strategy options. Without his help, this effort would have been rather ho-hum.


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    Thanks Terry!

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    This is absolutely wonderful Ricebug! Thank you

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    I just started this huge campaign - and it's good to have a guide on such a long journey.

    A few missing loot items on mission 2 - A Travel Through Smelter Volcano:
    - a coin (10) : room with a bunch of barrels, near line 38. So, "The rooms to your west have nothing in them except a zombie." is a false statement.
    - a crystal (25) : accessible via the staircase to the roof, near line 36. Jump to the right part of the wall and check the purple light-crystal above your head. Then make your way back down to the ground, and back into the building.
    - a crystal (25) : near line 29: check the purple light-crystal just below the high up statue
    Total loot on Deathwish: 1005

    Oh, and line 46, related to the old flute would better refer to line 45 instead of 44. It took me ages to get back to 44 and to finally understand that this is not at all where you want me to go.

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    Thanks, gnartsch. I'll make the changes and re-post in a day or two.

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    grats on release

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    Thank you!

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