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Thread: copying T2 to HDD

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    copying T2 to HDD

    A few installation guides start by suggesting to copy game CD files to HDD folder. Apart from being a handy backup, it also installs almost twice as fast. TGold copied no problem. T2 started okay - disc 1 copied without problem but disc 2 has a file it says cannot copy (doesn't give reason, but it wasn't file corruption so I just assume copy protection) and the game wont install without it.

    Got clone CD but that just writes .ccd image files

    Anyone suggest another software or how I can do it please?

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    If this still works, create an .ISO file from the disc and run it from there with a virtual CD drive.

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    TafferPatcher can take the required data files directly out of the cds, skipping all the install stuff completely.

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