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Thread: Force AI to abort the attack

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    Force AI to abort the attack


    I'd like to ask some questions, in particular, how to force AI to abort the attack in order to make him start a Conversation (like if the AI beats player with a Blackjack, a Conversation is applied and AI becomes non-hostile). I think the Conversation did work while attacking AI wasn't the Conversation Actor, but the fact, that it's vital for him to be an Actor in the current scene, but the conversation won't work as long as the AI is in Combat.

    So the question - How I can abort AI's attack in order to make Conversation work?
    Oh, and another one - How can I add a Stim Receptron to the Player NOT via Gamesys, but via Trap? I need a Stim Receptron to be mission-exclussive, to force a scene trigger upon receiving the Stim.

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    Not sure about the frist one.

    The second one can be done with a metaproperty. Create a metaprop which has the receptron (save the gamesys). Then, in the appropriate mission, set up an NVMetaTrap object which adds that metaprop to "Player" after the mission starts.

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    I think there is a metaprop called something like M-AletCapZero. Put it on the AI and it may never get into combat. There also is one called something like M-M8NeverHostle which will keep the AI from attacking the player unless the player hits the AI. Something like that. Anyhow, you should take a look at some of the AI behavior metaprops and see what they do. Maybe the AI needs to have them on at the start, or maybe the AI can have them put on at the start of the conversation, before they need to be an actor, and then taken off afterwards. I don't know. But it is an area worth looking into. Maybe you can make your own metaprop archetype which is specific to your needs and messes with your AI's ability settings just the way you need it to.

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    If you just give the AI in combat the Team property set to Neutral (via a metaprop perhaps), and wait a second or so, both he and the other combatant will stop fighting and then you should be able to trigger a conversation where he is an actor.

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    If you want to make something more direct without using stim, or teams you could just do one thing :

    Set the abort condition of the conversation trap to make it impossible to abord.
    Or else : Teleport a marker with a AIWatchObj link with highest priority to force your AI to do the conversation and calm down.

    As Larry said : Add Metaprop "M-AlertCapZero" to your guy and you're done !

    Yandros' idea is not that bad but it will not erase the alertness even if the conversation successfuly start.

    But if you really want to use Stimulus. In your case, the best could be to use the effect "CloneProperty" and copy the properties of an object in your gamesyst with the default settings of a calm AI but no physical and location properties (a metaproperty should be the best choice for such a thing). But do it exclusively if you are in a dead-end because nothing else has worked to force the intended effect.

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