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Thread: T2X final mission strategies

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    T2X final mission strategies

    This will of course contain spoilers.

    Are there any strategies for completing the final cave beyond just running up to the scales, grabbing them, then running back, hoping that while you are running to and fro you do not get nailed by one of the enemies?

    Is there maybe a stealthy way to get the scales?

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    There is a stealthy way. It involves dousing torches near the scales and crouching in to get them along the water pool.

    Then just wait in shade until the beastie kills Malak, and throw the scales into lava from all the way back there to kill the beastie. Easy

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    Thanks. Although I couldn't get the scales to land in the lava from close to the river. But if the beast killes everything else it is not too much hassle to then run and throw.

    On another note, I love the hammer. Much more satisfying to clonk someone with it than the blackjack.

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