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Thread: a quickie on playing fan missions...its been awhile

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    a quickie on playing fan missions...its been awhile


    I tried a fan mission for the 1st time in years...T2X Shadows of the Metal Age...using its latest version, the HD mod (zipped)
    I have fresh installations for Thief Gold...using latest TFix...and Thief 2 (Metal Age)...using latest version tafferpatcher

    Played both games sequentially 1-2 weeks ago...all worked fine

    Here's my question:-
    using the T2 fan mission selector, having a FMs folder inside T2, and placing my 1st FM T2X inside it, I got THIS error message repeatedly

    "The archive path may not be inside the FM path, or vice versa"

    Nothing I could do ,including deleting the fmsel cache a zillion times would change this error.
    ...and I don't even understand what that error message means.

    But then....for no special reason...I tried placing the T2x HD zip mission in a newly created FMs folder inside Thief GOLD...and the game loaded up fine! :-)

    My question:-

    1. is this correct? Do ALL FM for thief 2 go ,non-intuitively, into ONLY a Thief GOLD FMs folder?
    2. What about thief gold they go there, or in a Thief 2 FMs folder
    3. if something went wrong, does anyone know what...and how to fix it?
    4. lastly, regardless of the questions above, is there any PROBLEM with playing T2x Shadows of the Metal Age via an FMS folder inside Thief Gold?

    thank you in advance for any help


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    i made a fm folder for all fms,the darkloader/fmsel will detect them automaticly

    as far as errors they can happen,if you remove the mission and all save files and reget mission and it still happends i am not sure

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    First of all, you must not keep the folder within the downloaded mission zips within the T1/T2 folder.
    That's what the message is complaining about. So, place the zips somewhere else. Like c:\games\T1-fms.
    You can place them whereever you want, just not inside the corresponding game.

    Also: make sure to keep T1/T2 missions separate from each other, because with NewDark any loader - including FmSel - can no longer reliable tell which game a mission was made for.
    For that reason you also need to configure both the FMSel coming with TFix and TafferPatcher separately.

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    thank you
    everything you say makes perfect sense

    It just so happened I'm 5 missions into T2X Shadows of the Metal Age having loaded it while my mission is inside an FM folder INSIDE the T Gold folder ...even though its a T2 FM (for reasons explained in my initial inquiry)...and its working great...because I did this all BEFORE I read your response

    So once done I'll set up the structure of T Gold FM & T2 FM correctly as you suggested

    But for now I see no problems don't predict there will be do you?



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    It is the reason I regret upgrading to the new DarkLoader.

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