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Thread: Darkloader Problem.

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    Darkloader Problem.

    I'm trying to open Darkloader but it suddenly doesn't work. I get this message in French:

    Exception EAccessViolation dans le module KERNELBASE.dll a 0001125B. Violation d'acces a l'adresse 751E125B du module "KERNELBASE.dll'. Lecture de l'adresse 00508000.

    Anyone have any idea what I can do? Doesn't seem to be any obvious way to reinstall it.

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    Registered: Jul 2005
    Location: Tasmania
    It's OK, I have managed to reinstall it. But I lost all my "Last Played" information, never mind.

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    Darkloader is very much outdated and will not work with some newer FMs. You should strongly consider going to NewDarkLoader instead if you prefer the look and features of DarkLoader. FMSel is also an option.

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