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Thread: Playing this for the first time! Couple of questions....

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    Playing this for the first time! Couple of questions....

    First off, new around these parts, so hello everyone!

    So anyway, like the title says, I'm playing Arx Fatalis (GoG version 1.21) for the first time and have couple questions:

    1st - I notice detail textures only become visible when I get close to the textures(wall, floor, ceiling, etc.) - is there a way to force them 'on' no matter how far away I am, or at least double the distance that they become noticeable?

    2nd - I found a shield, how do I block? lol... Seriously, I don't know how...

    That's all for now!

    Edit: Forget about the detail texture question. I did some experimenting and certain objects look really bad when the detail tex kicks in(like the two small statues in the left-hand corridor in the Arx castle)...
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    Regarding the first question, I would highly recommend using which I think is almost certainly the preferred way to play Arx nowadays on any platform, due to the sheer number of bug fixes and compatibility improvements.

    I'll have to leave question 2 to someone else, as I simply don't have the game installed right now :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by curseofnight View Post
    2nd - I found a shield, how do I block?
    You can't block, there is no button for that. I guess shields add to your defense, maybe they do block some damage but it's automatic.

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    @ losing myself - thx for the answer, even if it's one I don't like.

    @ Shadowcat - thx for the greets! I've already tried Arx Libertatis. It doesn't support detail textures at all so to my eyes it looked worse than the regular game. I just walked around the cell in the beginning, however. I didn't explore so I can't comment on lighting, shadows, etc. I still have it on my harddrive though, plus I'm keeping back-ups of all my saves so if I do come across a major glitch I can fire it up and continue on.

    The only glitch/bug I've seen so far was the first time I used a bow; all the NPCs started playing their animations at lightspeed, lol. I believe I read that it only happens with a certain bow type though and reloading my save fixed it.

    Edit: Oh, there's the walking glitch too I guess. But TBH, without a sprint button those random bursts of speed come in handy, hehe.
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    Shield automatically adds to your defense.
    As to high resolution textures, try to install some mods, i.e. Arx Insanity mod.

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    Quote Originally Posted by curseofnight View Post
    I've already tried Arx Libertatis. It doesn't support detail textures at all so to my eyes it looked worse than the regular game.
    Oh, I misunderstood. I thought you'd run into the old bug where some things were untextured.

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    @ WhiskeyBob - Thx for confirmation about the shields. Hopefully Insanity will be released by the time I get to my next playthrough. I went with a (mostly) melee build for my first charcter. I'm at the part where you investigate the Akbaa Cult in the Tavern's basement. Just laid waste to a Golem! That wraith or whatever in the other room laid waste to me, unfortunately, hehe.

    @ Shadowcat - I read about that bug, but I haven't seen it, or any other graphics related bug(so far). I tend to do a little research before I play old games and once I saw that Arx doesn't like newer hardware/OSs, I choose to transfer the game to my old rig and do my first run through on a vintage 2002 32bit dell precision 450 with win xp and an AGP nVidia 6200, lol. I wanted get 'real' first time experience!

    I'll probability switch PCs and play exclusively on Libertatis on my second playthrough.

    Edit: I just wanted to add that most of the info I found when I was looking up potential compatibly issues beforehand came from right here at TTLG forums. I wanted to say thanks to the members and whoever runs this place for providing support/info for so many great games!
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    Installing that 6200 wasn't the best idea... I'm 90% certain it killed that rig. It seems it was to much for the PSU and bricked everything(motherboard, cards, etc.) when it finally died. I read horror stories about that before but I honestly thought it was bs.

    On the brightside, I was taking off the trash a week or so ago and I noticed an old Gateway PC sitting on a table off to the side. I asked the guy working there about it and he said someone left it there. He said it supposedly worked but whoever left it didn't want it.

    So, long story short I nabbed it; Installed XP SP3, took some ram from an old Gateway tower, grabbed a HDD from a Dell XPS, brought a ATI x1300 128mb for cheap and installed Arx. I'm about to go meet the king. Here's hoping I can actually finish it this time!

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