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Thread: name one good/bad element to a fan mission

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    Fire it up in DromEd and see if it was designed this way. Does the AI in question have some custom behavior?

    Absent that, I don't think this could be considered a design choice by the author.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trefoilknot View Post
    I've noticed this before, too. Is this something the FM author chooses? Or is it just a quirk of the engine?
    I can see the scenario where patrolling AI go to where another AI once was... The author is simulating the suspicions of the patrolling AI. The AI supposedly act suspicious because the AI you took out is missing. The author would have to do something to make a AI break away from the route and perform a search motion while the AI is not actually alerted.

    There was a mission that was released not long ago which used the tactic where the patrolling AI went to an anticipated location and performed a search motion. The first time I was at the location and the second time I wasn't, and it doesn't seem natural for a guard to "search" the same spot every time he/she passes by.

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