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Thread: Death's Cold Embrace: Mission 9 "The Wailing Keep"

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    I agree with baeuchlein. Especially when it comes to FMs which are story and atmosphere driven. When you come to a point when you have to quicksave every minute, the frustration rises so high, that all the immersion evaporates. It really causes anger and disappointment and I had this feeling in Wailing Keep too. Partially it was because of my technical problems, when I wasn't able to use the magic staff. But then when I found a way to avoid creatures without being attacked, the immersion slowly kicked in again and I was able to enjoy the interior part. But I also played fanmissions, which basically broke all the great atmosphere that they had built in the first half of the game, due to some extreme challenge, for no real reason.
    It's always the experience that matters and stay in players heads. And it isn't a particular skill to make overly difficult missions - you just need to add twice as much hostile 'stuff' as normally...
    But again - 'Wailing Keep' managed to keep me satisfied after all.

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    Personally, I quite enjoy the frustrating element of certain games or missions. If I can walk away from the computer and still be thinking about a game, ruminating about my next step, then I know I'm hooked. That's just me, though. It's all very subjective, after all. We all have different opinions on what makes a great FM.

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    I thought the difficulty level on expert was perfect. I found myself quick stepping along walls and darting through open areas, worried I'd be seen but mostly this never happened. If you are sneaking around all the time, figuring your not gonna be noticed two inches away from an enemy than this would seriously be difficult mission. The one thing I thought about the other missions was that once you knew the layout it was too easy staying unnoticed by traveling familiar routes. That's what made the keep so nice as an ending.

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