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Thread: New T2 Campaign: Death's Cold Embrace (Oct 25, 2017)

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    I hadn't checked the view count in a while, but yeah it's picked up probably 300 today, nearly doubling the views. Of course the one comment on the RPS article called the trailer lame, saying it didn't show off any fancy new architecture. I replied "That wasn't the point of the trailer."
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    Congrats Russ, and everyone involved, a long, long labor of love. Can't wait to play. Party at the Cripple Burrick? What does that person expect in a 2 minute video, he's an idiot Russ. Don't let him get to you.

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    Woo... Congrats.

    Also, because I'm a little scared child, what's the spider count in this?

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    IIRC, 0.

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    Yeah I saw that comment, ultimately, it's like dude, you can download it and actually play it for free, and your complaint was a soft preview trailer? Anyhow... Can't wait to jump in, have to get a whatever GPU to replace my fried one. Good thing I can still develop on my laptop because my area isn't very big

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    Congratulations and thanks for all of your hard work, Russ! I know I'm going to love this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrashT View Post
    Woo... Congrats.

    Also, because I'm a little scared child, what's the spider count in this?
    Quote Originally Posted by Random_Taffer View Post
    IIRC, 0.
    Well, yeah. No spiders in the strict sense. There are some new things that you might find scary, though, although that's mostly isolated to portions of a few of the missions.

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    well i completed the campaign omg wow,its amazing,i thank all the people involved in making this

    and fen you make a perfect hammer

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    Desperately dodgy geezer
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    Thanks downwinder, glad you enjoyed it.

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    the glyph lift in keep mission was so perfect,even though it only worked for one floor,keeper area is wow

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    Congratulations on the release! I am fairly busy but, rest assured, will make the time to play this. Downloading now.

    Godbreaker, TROTB2, and now this - great year for FM campaigns!

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    Congrats Yandros on the release! A masterpiece I'm sure, so it's time to dedust my Thief experience

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    I enjoyed the whole campaign (yes, I already played it for proofreading the German translation), especially the nice architecture and the pleasant music. Those amusing stories of Dayport's daily life aside from the main plot are superb, aren't they, Miss R.?
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    the one thing i found very mysterious is one book wont say where,but it mentions kevel in title,and on at least 2 other missions not from this campaign there are simaler books ,i wonder if there is a deeper meaning to it?,"kevel is that you" = is from game ,interesting

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    Congrats on release!

    It is amazing, some people out there managed to play this campaign in just two days.
    But right now I will have a long and amazing weekend thanks to your campaign

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    Desperately dodgy geezer
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    Usually downwinder doesn't waste any time on new releases.

    So downwinder, I'm curious, did you have to level skip to progress? Because you didn't ask many questions. Also, you were concerned with performance, did any of the missions cause your machine problems? Especially the castle mission I was worried about.

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    finished this amanzing set, what a wonderful story!

    Warning Spoilers!
    Here are my Top 10 Favortie/Moments:
    First Mission with that robot woman, yandros i never felt so hopeless in any FMs, but this time it was f...... Scary
    Second Mission, i like this lights effects, in cellar open that door and the light brights in that other room, fantastic!
    i am not very a friend with ghosting, but it was cool and now i am a expert on that area.
    i like the part where the undeads showing up an making some trouble in that chapel.
    the ritual scene, i really love this it is one of my favorites after Broken Triad (p.s i hope you can teach me this)
    i love the tents in mission 10, great idea
    the keeper areas are really cool, also i enjoy the searching for the stuff for the ritual
    this elements beasts in mission 10, was so f...... amazing never seen this before, really clever
    the boss fight was fair and clever, it reminds me on thief 1 trickster ritual
    the cinema, oh my god, the first guy who leaving the room, reminds me after i watch a movie.

    thank you for this amanzing set, for me the best FM 2017, relly.

    Can we talk now about Deceptive Perception 3.

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    May I suggest you remove the mission titles from the corresponding threads. Some of the names might spoil something. Thanks

    And now, wohoooo!! This has been waited for so long! Thank you! Can't wait to get this started.

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    to all of you!!!!!!!!!!

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    I am amazed people have finished the campaign already.

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    Důttirin klśūist oft můūur mŲttli
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    This was big fun
    Most notably the challenging moments.
    Thanks everyone involved in this campaign

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    Blast, there goes my "At least I might get Xavier's Library out before DCE!"

    Seriously though, huge congrats to all of you, and for making it onto RPS!

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    Desperately dodgy geezer
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    I dragged it out as long as I could, thinking surely you would get XL out before me...

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    Yoooo, whaaaat? Did this thing just got released yesterday? Whooot? Time flies. Wow. Uhh.

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    Congratulations with the release, Russ, and to all others who contributed What an achievement to get this campaign done. Polygon would be proud if he would find out about it.

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