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Thread: New T2 Campaign: Death's Cold Embrace (Oct 25, 2017)

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    Couldn't wait for Christmas, damn that was good, the Wailing Keep beat me though and I had to drop the difficulty, I kept running into bad guys & could not find a path through, I shall have to try again.

    That was what I'd call in reading terms a 'page turner', I loved the story Romeo & Juliet meet Frankenstein plus lots of twists, I have to admit I was waiting for another twist at the end & saw the guy run out from behind the truck, that made me smile

    And this gem nearly ended up in the bin

    Definitely one for the replay list

    Thank you and your team for a decade of hard work, that was amazing

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    I have a few missions that I replay regularly - even for the 5th time. For example, I always do Seven Sisters in the company of some fine red wine between christmas and new year's eve. And right now, I have a new replayable gem - this one.

    After finishing the whole campaign, I just could not decide what mission to play next, because it's so freaking well done and unique.

    Thank you for a nice game, everyone involved!

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    Thanks, folks. We're quite pleased that you enjoyed it.

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