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Thread: Nintendo Switch

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    My first Lynel kill!

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    I've done quite a few of them, but while they're fun, I do have issues with them and they emphasise the problems that I have with the game as a whole.

    One, they're damage sponges. The fights go on too long and require a high degree of skill with very little reward for the effort put in.

    Two, you have to go through multiple weapons in order to take them out, and can quite easily actually run out of weapons if not prepared enough before attempting the fight. And as can be seen from Renz' video, switching weapons breaks the flow of combat.

    But maybe I'm a big old Zelda grump.

    However, playing Mario recently where every move is available to the player from the get-go with no false limitations, it makes me realise how much of a failure Nintendo's attempts to adopt Western open-world RPG concepts in Zelda really is.

    Sorry for the horrible run-on sentence!

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    Yeah, you're a big old Zelda grump. :P

    Your equipment breaking all the time isn't what I'd call the best gameplay feature ever, but it doesn't ruin the entire game. I'm rarely ever without a weapon, and for those rare fights where I have to burn through a couple of weapons to complete it, there's always a few left on the ground afterwards to replace them. Like the Lynel fight above? I lost my Royal Claymore (obviously) in that fight, but got the Lynel Greatsword and a nice bow to compensate me afterwards.

    No, I'm not gonna defend equipment breaks as some genius feature that allows you to experience all the game has to offer, but there's so much good in BotW otherwise, I'm willing to forgive it this one indiscretion.

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    Calling Zelda a failure seems like a vast overstatement that ignores the multitude of things it does brilliantly. Weapons breaking isn't exactly one of them, but I can understand the reasoning for it, and apart from maybe a few moments a couple hours in, it was never an issue for me. Lynels are *supposed* to be tough, the idea being you have to gear up for them and prepare. While it doesn't always succeed this regard, BOTW is supposed to be about strategizing and planning your moves. Anyway, weapon durability is not nearly the big deal some people make it out to be. Also, Zelda *does* give you all your moves from the start, at least within the first few hours. Compared to previous Zeldas I'm not sure it makes sense to complain about that in particular.

    Not that there's nothing to criticize about the game. I'd say that it's biggest problem is that it sometimes feels like it has more breadth than depth. It's like: they created this gigantic, detailed world but didn't give you a big enough variety of things to do it it, and the combat, for all its polish, isn't as nuanced as its inspiration, which seems to me pretty clearly to be Dark Souls. Shrines are fun, but not as fun as the dungeons of previous games were because, again, they're not particularly deep. And the story, for all its drama, doesn't really engage in the way that, say, Majora's Mask or Ocarina did.

    All that said, what you do get is a massive, beautiful world with tons of charming detail, perfectly polished controls, a wonderful soundtrack, and a sense of playfulness that all the new Nintendo games seem to have. Plus, the cooking system is by far my favourite form of crafting I've ever come across. I don't know if I'd quite call it a masterpiece; I think a greater variety of enemies, weapons, and more challenging and complex puzzles would push it to that point. But it's still a very good game. There aren't many that I'd play for over 200 hours and feel as though it was time well spent.

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    The weapons system is a bit flawed, but cmon, there's never a time when I don't have like 15 weapons my inventory. And they're lying around everywhere, not hard to find at all. But I'll agree with the complaint that they do break too often. If you have a weapon at 100%, it should never break within the scope of one single battle.

    But yes, agreeing with Aja, for all the minor flaws in BOTW, there's so much that's good that it barely matters. I've put more time into BOTW just this year than I have with Skyrim over the past 6 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aja View Post
    Plus, the cooking system is by far my favourite form of crafting I've ever come across.
    I learned how to fry a pie the other day.

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